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Small Channels.. DO THIS To GO VIRAL on YouTube in 1 Minute (New Algorithm)


This video will show you how to go viral on YouTube as a small channel. If you want to get more views every time you post on YouTube shorts OR you want to go viral on YouTube shorts you need to follow this blueprint. Essentially, it’s going to increase your views on YouTube and increase the odds of you going viral even as a small channel.

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If you watch this video all the way Through to the end I guarantee you’re Going to have a viral video on YouTube In fact I’ve helped so many creators do This I’ve helped this Creator get over 300 000 subscribers in just the last few Months this Creator over 200 000 in this Creator over 100 000 subscribers and They were in the same exact position That you’re in right now in fact it’s Easier to go viral on YouTube than it Ever has been before especially for Small creators all of these creators Were in the same exact position that You’re currently in they were struggling They didn’t know what to post didn’t Know what to do with their titles didn’t Know what to do with their thumbnails And every step that I outlined with you In this video it’s going to change one Of those things in fact I’m going to Give you a five-step blueprint that is Guaranteed going to make you go viral on YouTube if you watch this video all the Way through the end and you do not skip One of these steps or give up before you Actually end up going viral but before We could dive into that I need you to Smash that subscribe button if you want To go click on YouTube Instagram or Tech Talk I’d literally upload a video about How to grow on these platforms every Single day in addition to that I created A free YouTube growth course you could

Get a thunk in the pin comment below What are you waiting for it’s 100 free It’s going to share with you the the Best honeypost and the best hashtags Used on YouTube which unfortunately We’re not gonna have time to go through In this video so please go to the link The pin comment below and get into it Right now it is 100 free Step number one and this is by far the Most important thing that you have to Get through your head while you’re a Small channel do not fall in love with The content that you’re creating fall in Love with your audience because your Audience is constantly going to be Changing sometimes they might like 30 Second videos 15 seconds 16 seconds the Topics that they’re into might change Nevertheless you need to make sure that You’re constantly adapting to what your Audience actually wants to see because The YouTuber that knows Their audience The best is going to be a YouTuber that Gets the most views stays on top for the Longest period of time because the worst Thing and you do not want this to happen To you you do not want to go viral on YouTube get a lot of views and then fall Off because trust me to have something And then lose it is way worse than just Never having it at all so please you Want to make sure that you fall in love Most importantly with your audience not

With the content that you’re creating Because otherwise you’re going to end up Being one of those content creators that Never adapts I’ll give you a prime Example I started off posting only about Tick Tock content then it became Tick Tock Instagram YouTube and had I not Done that I would have lost money I Wouldn’t be growing as quickly as I am Because things have changed people got More interested in Instagram people got More interested in YouTube and they Weren’t only interested in Tick Tock so By only focusing on that one thing and Focusing on the content that I like to Create or felt comfortable creating I Would have missed out on so much growth So much money and you’re probably doing The same exact thing with the content That you’re creating right now step Number two and this is something that I Guarantee 99 you are doing wrong you Need to create the titles for your video Before you create your actual video the Title is gonna form several things it’s Going to inform your hook it’s going to Inform whether or not people want to Watch your video whether or not the YouTube algorithm actually wants to push It out and you need to make sure that You’re doing two things correctly when It comes to your titles one they need to Be sensationalized it needs to be bigger Better than everything else that anybody

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Else is doing it needs to be more Extreme that’s what leads to curiosity That’s what leads to people clicking and That’s what leads to people actually Watching your content let me give you a Prime example if I made a video how to Get a hundred thousand followers on Tick Tock in a year or how to get a hundred Thousand followers on Tick Tock in 30 Days which one of those videos did you Think would get more views obviously the One that’s 30 days so so instead of Going just for practical you need to be Going for clicks you need to be going For sensationalize but you need to then Deliver in the video and tell people how They can do it and basically what you’re Going to be doing is you’re going to be Giving people what they actually want or What they actually need by showing them What they want they want it to happen Really quick but you need to actually Tell them it’s going to be hard work It’s going to be them posting it’s going To be them being consistent or whatever The case is for your specific type of Content and that is what’s going to make You successful in addition to that there Are three other things that I strongly Suggest you focus on with your titles One things that are focused towards Beginners two adding caps as certain Words in your titles to really emphasize Them it makes them stick out against

Other titles and then third I would Strongly suggest challenging beliefs let Me give you another example how to catch Fish without using bait how to grow Muscles without working out how to lose Weight without running whatever it is You know whatever Niche you’re in it Could be anything how to get rich Without investing in stocks there’s so Many different things no matter what Nation if you’re in finance if you’re in Comedy and if you’re in all these Different things if you challenge Somebody’s belief it’s going to increase The Curiosity more people are going to Click more people who are going to watch Your video you’re going to get more Views you’re going to get more Subscribers you’re going to have videos Go viral more often now there are three Other things that we need to dive in That are incredibly important and I’m Telling you if you skip just one of These things it’s going to be a reason That you don’t go viral you don’t get The subscribers that you want you don’t Get the views that you want and it’s Going to be the reason that you comment Below instead of saying something like Rob thanks for making this video or it Worked where I got that type of result You’re going to say something like this Doesn’t work and then I’m going to go Look at your channel I’m gonna see that

You didn’t implement the last three Things I’m going to share with you I’m Going to be pissed because you wasted my Time because I knew that you didn’t do That because if you did do that you’d be Seeing results like all the other people That have implemented these things step Number three you need to be focusing on Your thumbnails they need to be focused On a few different things and it needs To be focused for a mobile device way Too many people create thumbnails given The size of the thumbnail that they see On their computer screen that’s not what It’s going to look like on a mobile Device you need to be focused on a few Things one bright colors two big bold Font three emotional faces within your Thumbnails and you need to make them as Simple as possible just make them the Best point of the video have them invoke Curiosity and this is going to help you Get more clicks it’s going to help you Get more reach and ultimately your Videos are going to go viral quicker Another Pro tip that I have for you what You need to do when you create your Thumbnail you then need to put it next To six other thumbnails that are Trending from creators that you’re Competing against AKA your competition And you need to ask yourself would I Click on my video before everything else And this is going to mean there’s more

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Emotion there’s more curiosity there’s Brighter colors things stick out more And if you answer yes to that then great Use that thumbnail if you answer no to That go back to the drawing board and Make a better thumbnail trust me whether Or not you go viral and your video views And the subscribers you’re gonna gain Are dependent on it step number four is You need to make sure that you’re Broading out the actual content that You’re creating way too many of you Especially small creators you go way too Niche you should go Niche to get a Little bit of traction so you can Deliver something but then you need to Broaden out do not stay a within that Little Eeny beeny Niche that you have It’s not going to help you grow it’s not Going to help you get more views it’s Going to hold you back and you are going To do this it’s a mental game I’ve done This I focused only on Tick Tock ignore The Instagram and YouTube and guess what The second that I started to do that Literally my views on YouTube have gone Up four to five x by simply creating Content about different platforms that I Already knew how to grow on you probably Have the same exact thing within your Niche if you’re focused on something too Small broaden out going to the broader Spectrum of your Niche it’s going to Help you get more views you’re going to

Appeal to more people you’re going to Get more views compounded and I’m Telling you if you look at the biggest YouTubers on the planet whether it be in Your Niche or just the biggest YouTubers In general they all do this they go After incredibly broad things and that Is what’s going to make you successful So please make sure that you’re doing That but I’m telling you you cannot skip The last thing I’m about to share with You because this is really important and That is that you need to make sure that You’re focused on the actual hook in Your content AKA if it’s a short video The first three seconds if it’s a long Form video the first 30 30 seconds and The way that you’re going to make this Better is by implementing a few things One you need to have it be bright the Beginning of your video needs to be Brighter than anything else two I would Recommend adding in a little bit of Music for dramatic effect so long as it Adds to the video it doesn’t take away From the video the music shouldn’t be Really loud the music shouldn’t be Something that doesn’t provoke an Emotional response and you need to make Sure that you’re doing that things in Addition to that you need to actually Set a goal for the video you need to set Stakes for the video now I know what You’re thinking a lot of you that do

Comedy a lot of you guys that do Entertaining content you’re gonna say Rob I can’t do that with my content it Doesn’t work with my type of content you Are wrong you set the stakes you set the Goal of the video through your hook Through the camera angle through what You’re showing you need to make people Wonder what the heck is going to happen In this video or if it’s a podcast clip You need to say something that’s going To be something that people are going to Choose aside for they need to either Love it or they need to hate it either Way they’re going to watch it the worst Thing that you could possibly have if You’re a content creator is somebody see One of your videos and not feeling You want people to either hate you or You want them to love you and you Shouldn’t care whether or not they hate You or love you because guess what They’re watching your content they’re Going to continue to watch your content In fact I see the same people comment on My videos all the time saying hateful Things and it just makes me think to Myself you’re watching my videos what Are you talking about you say that I Talk too much on my YouTube video which You literally clicked on to listen to me Talk so what are you talking about you Guys need to make sure that you’re doing These things in the beginning of your

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Videos I’m telling you it’s going to Increase your retention rate because the Majority of people that do not watch Your video all the way through are going To be people that drop off in the Beginning and they’ll probably never Click on another video so make sure you Set the stakes make sure you set the Goal give them a reason to actually Watch and you’re going to be doing this In the hook of your video it’s going to Help more people watch the entire video It’s going to increase your watch time Which basically is going to increase the Amount of views and the amount of Subscribers that you get on your videos And you will never have a viral video Without it that being said if you want To get guaranteed subscribers on YouTube Right now like all the creators that I Share with you in this video well then Keep watching this video because I’ve Got a great Opera opportunity for you Finally I just launched my YouTube Shorts mentorship program which Guarantees that I can help you grow on YouTube in just 30 days if you want to Find out more go to the link in the Description but to put it simply you’re Gonna go through six steps to becoming a YouTube shorts expert then I’m gonna Make you a personalized plan I’m gonna Tell you exactly what to post what Titles to use what thumbnails to use

What descriptions to use what tags to Use what your content should actually Look like how your editing should be and So much more and then for the next 30 Days I’m gonna critique your content to Guarantee that you grow it’s incredibly Simple if you don’t grow on YouTube in The 30 days I’m gonna give you your Money back zero questions asked this is Not just a course this is not just Information it’s me actually telling you Exactly what to do critiquing you Consulting me coaching you on how to be A full-time YouTuber how to grow on YouTube how to reach your goals on YouTube and again if you don’t grow on YouTube in the 30 days you get your Money back zero questions asked there’s Absolutely no risk for signing up the Only risk is not taking advantage of This situation right now with YouTube Shorts and growing on YouTube so please Do not be somebody that does that that Being said if you’re not interested just Watch the next two videos I’m gonna put Up on the screen because the other Videos obviously YouTube thinks you Should watch next thank you so much for Watching

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