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YouTube Shorts: Why You’re Not Getting Views


No views on your YouTube Shorts? This video shows you why you’re not getting views on your Shorts and how to fix them! If you’re not making Shorts yet, this video will help you avoid the most common pitfalls. ⚡ Shorts Hack! https://youtu.be/C2NcAP2ANVg

Getting a lot of views with YouTube Shorts takes a little tweaking and planning. Once you watch this video and the one linked directly below, you’ll be ready to start making Shorts the right way and the right length. Good luck!

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If you’re not getting views on your YouTube Shorts, one of these 3 reasons is why.

I’m gonna give you three reasons why you Might not be getting views on your Youtube shorts and i’m gonna tell you What mr beast had to say about why he’s Making shorts in landscape mode because You’re supposed to make them vertically I had the chance to ask him directly About what his strategy is And he told me so make sure you stick Around to the end of the video because I’m going to get into that so let’s go Ahead and jump right into the first Reason why you might not be getting Views on your youtube shorts but be Warned that this might sting a little Bit so put on your big boy pants put on Your big girl pants or Put on your shorts and let’s get into it The audience is just not responding to The shorts that you’re uploading the Youtube algorithm Follows the audience youtube says this Directly and every single time you Upload a piece of content be it a normal Video on your channel or a Short youtube starts to test that video Out with different audiences well as Soon as you upload that short if those Audiences do not respond positively to Your short They stop testing that out because they Get negative signals that people are not Interested When this happens your shorts don’t

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Surface and they don’t end up in the Short shelf And if they do end up in the short shelf And they don’t perform well there either They get taken out of the short shelf And then they don’t surface even more so The first reason is People are just not responding to what You’re making but i’m going to give you Some tips on how you can improve that To get people to watch your shorts now Youtube shorts is short form content When it comes to short form content If you notice all the shorts that are Successful if you look at all the tick Tock videos or instagram reels that are Successful Most of them have very fast paced Editing the hook at the beginning is Incredibly strong because you have to Pull the viewer in Immediately you have seconds to pull Them in and get them Interested so you have to make Interesting videos so be aware of your Pacing Make better edits make your hook at the Beginning of the video incredibly strong It could be a verbal hook it could be a Visual hook whatever it is It has to pull them in and here’s Something that a lot of people are not Talking about And that’s that youtube specifically

Recommends that shorts are 15 seconds Long That’s right 15 seconds long and i know You’re saying okay but i can upload a 60 Second short And yes you can even though the shorts Camera does allow you to shoot 15 Seconds That should be key but youtube also Allows you to upload up to 60 seconds But they say even with both of those the Ideal length is 15 seconds to make sure that people Watch your short in its entirety Let me say that again youtube recommends That your shorts are 15 Seconds long so it’s possible that your Shorts are entirely Way too long and people are just not Completing your shorts and that’s a Negative signal to youtube so Shrink it down focus on your hook focus On your editing focus on your pacing And shrink that short down to a good 15 Or 20 seconds Make it snappy and make it interesting And the second reason why you might not Be getting views on your youtube shorts Is simply because you haven’t given it Enough time yet some people upload Shorts and it goes directly into the Short shelf that’s going to be based on Performance Some channels take days some channels

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Take weeks some channels even take up to A month there’s a lot of variables at Play here including Video performance so if you upload your Video and it doesn’t do well out of the Gate Youtube might come back around and test That out later with some other audiences And there you might see a spike and some Positive signals going off to youtube And then they might put it in the short Shelf so be patient If we’ve learned nothing else as Creators on youtube it’s that youtube is A marathon it is not a sprint And this also applies to youtube shorts And in case you don’t know the short Shelf is where all of the traffic is If you hear people talking about they’re Having explosive growth with youtube Shorts It’s because their short is ending up in The short shelf and i talked about this In a previous video my last video Actually and i’m going to put a link to That down in the description as well and At the end of this video Where i answer a lot of questions about Youtube shorts and go into this in more Detail So make sure you check that out the next Reason why you might not be getting Views on youtube shorts and what mr Beast is doing is all kind of tied in

Together The first thing i want to mention is That a lot of people are putting the Wrong hashtag I see people putting hashtag short when It’s actually plural Hashtag shorts so make sure that your Hashtag is correct but i do want to Mention That if you have a banger of a short It’s not going to matter if you have Hashtags or not because a great video Will still end up in the short shelf if It’s vertical in under 60 seconds And this is a two for one tip because it Ties into mr beast and what he’s doing But i see a lot of people Uploading horizontal shorts that’s a Mistake you don’t want to upload Horizontal shorts you want to upload Vertical shorts if you wanted to go into The short shelf and you’re saying okay d But mr beast is making horizontal shorts What is going on there And you’re right mr beast is making Horizontal shorts And when he pulled me up on stage in Clubhouse to ask a question I asked him directly why are you making Horizontal youtube shorts what is your Strategy there And he said he’s just testing it out He’s testing out horizontal shorts he’s Testing vertical shorts

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And he’s also testing the time he’s Testing 8 seconds 10 seconds 15 seconds 20 seconds it’s mr beast and derral eves And what they do is they test everything Because they want to completely optimize Every piece of content that they’re Uploading but I’ve seen a lot of people looking at What he’s doing and they’re thinking That that’s how you do it and they’re Uploading horizontal shorts And that’s never going to end up in the Short shelf so don’t make horizontal Shorts don’t copy mr beast he could Literally upload Anything including a potato just sitting On a table and he would get a million Views He has the viewership he has a community He has the name and brand recognition That we don’t have the smaller creators So don’t do what he’s doing he’s testing Things out he’s trying all sorts of Different things Make sure you upload your shorts Vertically and if you want to deep dive Even further into this Tap on the video that’s showing on the Screen right now this is the video that I made Where i answered your questions about Youtube shorts and i go into more detail About some of this stuff So click on that watch this and i’ll see

You in the next video

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