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YouTube Shorts – Why Your Shorts Aren’t Getting Any Views


If you’re not getting views on your YouTube Shorts, there are 5 reasons for that. In this video I walk you through those reasons and what we have found with our Shorts Experiment that will help you get views on your YouTube Shorts.

0:00 Reason 1 you’re not getting views on Shorts
1:01 Reason 2 no views on YT Shorts
1:55 Reason 3 there’s no views on your Shorts
3:54 Reason 4 you don’t get views on Shorts
4:43 Reason 5 why you’re not getting views on Shorts

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If you’re not getting views on your YouTube Shorts, There are five reasons why this is happening, and one of these We have uncovered in an experiment that is absolutely HUGE! Now, the first reason why people aren’t getting views on their YouTube Shorts Is that they’re treating it the same as long form video. So what do I mean by this? When you’re making your long form videos, you get a little bit of extra Time to be able to get into your content than you do with Shorts. Now this has dramatically changed over the years. You had five to 10 seconds to grab somebody’s attention A couple of years ago, then it went to about 8 seconds, and now you have about 5. But with YouTube Shorts you have one to three seconds to grab their attention. So that means you have to get into a straight away. And this is even a learning curve for me as well. And now because of this I’m into the content On these videos even quicker, which you may have loticed… Loticed? Which may have loticed… Let’s try that again shall we..? Which you may have noticed recently. So make your videos sharp, have great pacing on your videos And make sure to remove everything that isn’t needed. The second reason why you’re not getting views on your YouTube shorts is And this one might sting a little Because your viewers just aren’t into your content. If you’re not straight into your content like we talked about in the last Tip on you implemented all the other tips in this video, Then the only other reason left is that your audience just doesn’t Like your videos. I’ve experienced this on a channel I’m running some experiments on right now. Now I don’t want to go into too much details As I’ll have a whole video covering Those whole experiments, what we did, all of that good stuff to help you. So watch out for that video in the coming weeks. This is one of the areas we’re testing to see if I need to tweak my content. Now we’re going to implement all these other tips too.

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But again, if we do all of these other tips, then there’s nothing left But the content just isn’t what our audience is looking for. But if we change everything else and nothing else works, Then the last thing we need to do Is to change a content for something that our audience will watch. Now the next reason you may not be getting views on your YouTube shorts Or you’re getting some views and then they die off Is because you’ve got low average audience retention. YouTube shorts will get an average audience retention of seventy 8090 Or even. Over 100% on those videos, But you’re getting an average audience retention of over 100%. That means they’re going back there. Watching those videos multiple times, and that’s a very good thing. The more you can do That, the more success you’re going to have with You Tube shorts. So as I mentioned in the first tip, make sure you’ve got good pacing That you’ve got good edits on your straight into your content. You have zero room for tolerance with shorts, as they are under 60 seconds. You have to do everything you can to keep. Your viewers attention, quicker edits and faster pacing have helped These videos alone on this channel Increase the average view duration by up to 50% alone, So changing your editing style, making it that bit faster and sharper Will dramatically help your videos and you should be doing the same on Your longer form videos too. Just as we’re doing here, this works across the board whether you do Long form video or shorts all across YouTube, The better your edits are, the better your channel is going to grow. Now if you get views on your shorts and. All of a sudden they drop off. The reason for that is probably because your average view duration has dropped, So you may get a spike in views And then all of a sudden nothing from what we’ve seen so far. As long as you can keep your average view duration above 70%,

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You’re going to get constant views from You Tube shorts on the short shelf. We’ve also seen videos get a spike In views very, very quickly, but then they die off just as quick. This is because the average view duration was way too low, So You Tube have killed off the video and not putting it on. The shorts shelf, so for now, until we get more data, Get your average view duration above that 70% mark as much as possible, And if you can get that above the 100%, the more you do that, The more you can go viral. The next reason you’re not getting views on your YouTube shorts Is because you may not have given us enough time in our shorts experiment. I wasn’t expecting get views on our shorts for up to two to three weeks Now he actually got views from our third video, which is great. Reasons why this video took off that we’re testing. And of course I’ll let you know all about these when we finish our experiment In a couple of weeks, so make sure to hit that subscribe button If you’re new here and if you are already subscribed And you haven’t hit that notification Bell, do so now to be notified When we upload that video to help you with your shorts as well. So you may need to give shorts a little bit more time to hit the shorts shelf. Keep being consistent, and implement the tips on this video, Especially the last one that’s coming up so that You Tube shorts Can help you blow up. Your YouTube channel. This last reason why you’re not getting views On your YouTube shorts on the one that you can change the most Is your title just isn’t grabbing attention. As with all videos on YouTube, your title is vital for the success Of your YouTube videos and again shorts is only making this even more important. This is one of the areas we’re really testing on. Our shorts channel experiment and one thing I can tell you is that naming Your videos all the same title but changing the number of the video. Just doesn’t work, so we’ve done that on the short side that we’ve set up And now we’re changing those titles to something that’s going to grab

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Even more attention and the beauty about this Is that you can change your titles on your videos as many times as you need, So give your video title, give it a couple of days, And if it doesn’t work then change the title. Give that a week or so, and if that doesn’t work Then change the title again every time you do change the title. Make sure that you’re focusing on a great title that’s gonna grab attention. You can do this on your videos As many times as you want and you can do it on multiple videos. Then once you start getting views on that video track your average Audience retention and make sure it’s 70% or above. If not then adjust the edits on your videos So you’re making them sharper on keeping your audience on their longer Track your analytics. Adjust your content accordingly. That’s the name of the game. So where do you think your issue is with your shorts? On? Which of these tips are you going to put to work for you? First, let me know. In the commentary below and I’ll see if there’s any other ways to help you. If you are new here Or you just haven’t subscribed, make sure to hit that subscribe button. Smash that notification Bell because when you subscribe the YouTube Angels look down on you and help you grow your YouTube channel. And if you’re unsure about shorts in any way, make sure to watch this video here. Walk you through step by step how to set up shorts On how to get the most views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

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