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YouTube Shorts: Why You Stopped Getting Views


One of these reasons will explain why your recent Youtube Shorts views are going down and you stopped getting views like you used to.

Things have changed at Youtube and it’s a lot more difficult to get Shorts views now than it used to be. Watch this video to the end so you understand what all the changes are and why your views have stopped, frozen, or totally died.

00:00 Why Your Shorts Have Died
00:06 Huge Algorithm Change
01:50 Notification Changes For Shorts
02:14 Massive Competition (not how you think)

I’m going to tell you why your youtube Shorts have died and you’re no longer Getting views starting with the first Reason your shorts may have fallen off There’s been a huge algorithm change to Make a long story short when youtube Shorts were first introduced they really Confused the algorithm because the Algorithm only saw viewers who were Consuming shorter videos 60 seconds or Less and the algorithm thought that That’s all the viewer wanted to see so The algorithm would show them shorter Videos even outside of the short shelf And not show them longer form videos now There’s a lot that happen between then And now so coming up to modern day to Right now to modern day that’s kind of a Weird thing coming to right now they’ve Now built a bridge between long form Content and short form content and the User data shared in terms of watch History before they couldn’t do that They were only seeing that they were Consuming shorts and if they watched a Lot of shorts they saw that they only Liked shorts and that was hurting a lot Of people’s channel when it came to Long-form content well the bridge has Been built they supposedly fixed that But that brings us to where we are today With all of your views falling off a Cliff and that begs the question Is the algorithm still broken did they

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Fix it only to break it someplace else And the answer to that is i don’t know Maybe Youtube shorts is a work in progress They are constantly trying to make Youtube shorts better for us but more Importantly make it better for the Viewer so i believe that they’re Tweaking this and trying to make it a Better viewer experience because after All youtube is all about the viewer Everything youtube does is about the Viewer they want to increase viewer Satisfaction so i believe they’re going To continue tweaking the algorithm to Make it even better for the viewer i Wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually Get this dialed in and some of the Losses that you’re seeing right now End up coming back and you start getting Views again but an algorithm change is Only one reason why you might not be Getting views right now on your youtube Shorts the other reason is they’ve Changed notifications for shorts meaning Your subscribers might not be getting Notifications when you upload youtube Shorts if youtube doesn’t think that They want to watch your shorts what and By the way i know i’m saying shorts a Lot in this video somebody keep track of All the shorts and leave a comment and Let me know how many times i actually Say shorts

In this video about youtube shorts i’m Saying it a lot i get it the third Reason why you’re no longer getting Views in your youtube shorts is because There’s so much competition now with Youtube shorts but not in the way that You might think you see every single Creator on the platform now has the Ability to clip their videos and other People’s videos and turn those into Youtube shorts by simply clipping out Part of a longer form video that means They don’t actually have to make a Youtube short anymore they don’t Actually have to go through the process Of making the short they just clip Something out of a long video in youtube Youtube allows us to do that now and They just simply turn it into a short so Everybody is clipping videos and turning Them into shorts now and that’s just a Lot of competition where you didn’t have That just a few weeks ago before that Feature was introduced there’s more Competition than ever and that’s going To hurt you if your shorts are not Already dominating because you know how To pull somebody in and keep them Watching you short to the end some People are even reviving old channels by Clipping old videos into youtube shorts And then they’re getting views on the Shorts and bringing people over to their Channel and kind of jump starting those

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Old channels again so it’s really Competitive right now now one or more of Those reasons is why your views have Fallen off with youtube shorts but i’ve Got a little hack that i can share with You right now of an easy way that you Can pick up some views if you do it Right and you do it fast because this Little hack isn’t going to last forever Click on the video that’s shown on the Screen right now follow the instructions Learn how to do this hack jump on this As quickly as possible and i’ll see you In the next video

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