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YouTube Shorts not getting views? How to get MORE views on YouTube Shorts 2022 !


Wondering ’Why I am not getting views in YouTube shorts?’ Don’t worry!

In this video, we answer:
👉 How do I get more views on YouTube Shorts 2022
👉 Plus give you amazing strategies you can implement TODAY so you never have to ask ’why aren’t my Shorts getting views’ again!

We dive deeper into why are YouTube Shorts not getting views in the blog: https://rachforaday.com/get-more-views-on-youtube-shorts/

⚡Resources mentioned ⚡

How to change YouTube Shorts thumbnails: https://youtu.be/C3NJfKufxjM

How to get more views on YouTube using Pinterest: https://youtu.be/LuSe19-0hI4

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Hi, I’m Rach!

I’m a digital marketing professional helping you create content about what you love that gets you loyal followers, and views months after posting.

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Why are my youtube shorts views down and What you can do today to actually Explode your youtube shorts views today We’re going to dive into all of these Strategies that you can use along with Giving you some real life examples so That you can apply them and implement These strategies today and finally see Some views on your youtube shorts again Hi guys it’s rage welcome to rage for Day before we jump in don’t forget to Like subscribe and do all of that fun Stuff now let’s dive into the video so When your youtube shorts views are down And you want to make sure that you’re Absolutely exploding your reach the First strategy that you can use that has Helped me time and time again is making A video on something that lots and lots Of people keep asking you about what Your industry is and what you talk about In your content or what your niche is if You don’t have a massive following or You’re just starting your youtube Channel you might be like i don’t get That many questions yet rach regardless Of my channel like my instagram’s too Small my tick tock’s too small i’m still Not getting questions not always at all Here’s what you can do to find what People are asking for within your Industry you are going to pop the topic Of that video onto google you’re going To scroll down to the super magic box

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That is people also ask it’s going to Tell you the exact words people are Typing into google when they have Questions about a certain topic so you Are guaranteed to know that there are People currently searching for that Topic searching using those exact words So when you make a youtube shorts video On it we’re going to use those exact Words you are going to copy and paste Them and put them on your youtube shorts Title and the reason why this is genius And why it’s going to give you so many Views is one not just people scrolling On youtube shorts are going to see your Video people who type those exact words Onto youtube search are going to find Your video people to type those words Onto google search are also going to be Suggested that video because youtube Shorts show up on google as well as full Length youtube videos and a lot of People are more willing to watch through A 30-second video than they are willing To watch through a 30-minute youtube Video so you have three different Avenues where people can find your Content so as you can imagine that’s Going to give you tons of views all Right so let’s jump into strategy number Two as we talked about your youtube Shorts are going to show up when people Are just scrolling through tons of Different youtube shorts they’re also

Going to show up on google and on Youtube search when they show up there It’s super important that your shorts Actually have thumbnails and if you Don’t know how to change your youtube Shorts thumbnails don’t worry i have a Whole video on it right here that tells You exactly super fast super quick how You can change your youtube shorts Something else now how should you design Your youtube short thumbnails and you Should not design them the same way you Design full length youtube video Thumbnails youtube shorts are a lot Easier to record they’re a lot easier to Upload You’re probably going to record and Upload way more youtube shorts than full Length youtube videos so you want to Make sure that the process of creating Youtube shorts thumbnails is super easy Super fast you don’t want to be spending Hours every day creating thumbnails for All of your youtube shorts i create a Super easy template on canva all i have To do is change the text on screen maybe Change the colors on the background if i Want to pop in an image and that is it Takes me seconds to put together and i Add that to all of my youtube shorts Because i want to make sure that when People are searching for these things And my videos are popping up they’re Actually clicking through strategy

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Number three that you can do to increase Your views on youtube shorts right now Is plain and simple clickbait if you’ve Been creating all these youtube shorts With really detailed titles and detailed Descriptions and making them really Pretty create a youtube shorts with a Really clickbaity title it’s going to Stand out amongst all the rest of the Content that you have so people are more Likely to click on it when they come Across your youtube channel just because Hey this one stands out from all of the Rest i need to check that one out and That gives you instantly some views now Before we go any further let me just Clarify one thing clickbait doesn’t mean Lying it doesn’t mean deceiving it just Means adding a shock factor starting With the thing that is most likely to Shock people if you manage to grow from A thousand followers on tick tock to 30 000 in Overnight because one of your videos Went viral nobody needs to know that it Happened because your video went viral All they need to see is i went from 1 000 to 30 000 followers on tick tock Overnight and the fourth and final Strategy you can use to absolutely Explode your youtube show to get tons More of you is cross-platform traffic You’re gonna use pinterest to promote Your youtube shorts and any and all

Youtube videos you have that you want to Up the views in first you need a Pinterest business account which is Absolutely free to do second you’re Going to create a bunch of pins using Canva and third you’re going to conduct Keyword research to find what people are Searching for on pinterest and how your Content can answer their questions and Show up first when they’re searching for It i can do an entire video all on Pinterest cross-platform traffic and Specifically promoting your youtube Videos if that’s something you want to See of your notifications on and i can’t Wait to see you in my next video bye Guys

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