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How to GET MORE YouTube Shorts VIEWS ūüí•YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views SOLVED!


If you are struggling to get more YouTube Shorts views, follow this 4 steps I used to get over 1.2 Million on a YouTube shorts video. There are things you need to do before you even thing about creating our YouTube shorts video, while you create the video and after you upload the video. I break down everything in a step by step manner so that it is easy for you to apply this to your YouTube shorts video.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts

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This YouTube shorts video 
got over 1.2 million views.   If your YouTube shorts are not getting views, then 
follow this step by step guide. I will show what   I did, to get more views with YouTube shorts, so 
that you can apply this to your YouTube shorts.   If you do all the steps, you will be able to get 
more views and subscribers to your Tube channel. There are things you need to do, even before 
you start creating the YouTube shorts video,   While you create the video, during upload 
and finally after you upload the video.   I will simplify this YouTube shorts strategy, 
step by step, so that anyone can understand.   Follow these exact steps, so you can also get 
more views on your next YouTube shorts video. Let’s look at what you need to do even before¬†
you start creating a YouTube shorts video. First step is to find a trending topic 
around the niche you are interested in.   The easiest is to go to YouTube and 
type shorts along with your niche.   Then you will see various YouTube shorts. This 
takes a bit of time, so I use this online tool.   It is a keyword research tool that also 
shows the trends graph for a given topic.    I will leave a link to this in the video 
description if you want to check it out. Even if you have a million dollar video idea,   You will not get million views on YouTube shorts 
if you don’t follow this when creating the video. There is one thing that is common in YouTube¬†
shorts that gets over 1 million views.¬†¬† That’s having an audience¬†
retention of over 80 percent.  Audience Retention is the average percentage 
of a YouTube video that people watch.    A high audience retention means that people 
continue to watch your video til the end. That’s¬†¬† What YouTube wants.¬† Check your YouTube analytics¬†
in the previous YouTube shorts videos you created. If the audience retention is low, don’t worry.¬†
When I started, I also had low audience retention   But everything changed once I applied these 
tricks. Do you want to know what I did? Can   You please give this video a like and 
I will show 4 tricks with examples. The first trick is to make a fast pace video. 
Here is an example of a YouTube shorts video   Which got over 31 million views.   You will notice that it gets into the video 
within 1 to 3 seconds and keeps changing scenes   Frequently. This make the viewer engaged and 
wanting to know what is going to happen next. The next tip is to add text.  
It increases the interest and¬†¬† Keeps the viewer wanting to read what’s going on. The next one will make a huge difference¬†
to increase your audience retention¬†¬† So you can get more views with YouTube shorts.¬†¬† See what I did. That’s call pattern interrupts.¬†¬† A pattern interruption is any visual change¬†
that sparks and re-focuses a viewer’s attention.  

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The main purpose of adding these is to 
bring the viewer’s attention back to you   And the content in your videos.
So you can add various transitions,   Zoom in zoom out effects or basically 
change the current flow of the video. Another important aspect is music and sound 
effect. I noticed that if you add popular   Tiktok songs, YouTube trends to pick up these 
type of video more. Whatever music you use,   Make sure to use a copyright free music, if 
you want to make money with YouTube shorts. Once you have your video created, 
there are a few things you need to do,   When uploading the YouTube 
shorts video to get more views. Before the YouTube videos is shown in 
the shorts shelf section of YouTube,   It will be shown to your audience just like 
any other YouTube thumbnail. So you need to   Create a thumbnail that grabs attention. You see 
the click through rate of my video thumbnails. Do you want to know my secret on how to get 
high click through rates for YouTube videos ?¬† I don’t have any fancy image editing software.¬†
I use this web based tool, which gives several   Types of YouTube video thumbnail templates. 
All you need to do is just select a template,   For example like this and just modify 
the text and change any related image.   I use bold and contrasting colors to make 
the thumbnail pop up. I will leave a link   In the description below and you can use 
that to get a 30 day money back guarantee.    So Use it, play around with the features and 
actually change some of your existing YouTube   Video thumbnails and you will see an improvement 
in your YouTube video click through rate. Next, you need to add a compelling title.  If you are uploading normal YouTube videos, 
often the suggestion is to go for keyword   Optimized titles. But for YouTube shorts, 
you need to have a title that gets noticed.   Something impulsive and compelling that will 
make viewers to click and watch the video. Remember to also add the correct hashtag. The 
hashtag for YouTube Shorts is hashtag shorts.   A lot of people make the mistake of 
putting the wrong hashtag in their content.  Adding the YouTube shorts tags 
helps the YouTube algorithm   Recognize that the content is meant to be 
a YouTube Shorts and not a regular video. After you upload, you might not immediately 
see your YouTube shorts video take off.   So how long does it take for 
YouTube shorts to get views?  In my experience, I have noticed that it takes 
several days for the YouTube shorts video to   Picked up by the YouTube algorithm and go viral.
This YouTube shorts video took over 30 days   Before it started going viral on YouTube. Be 
patient and keep creating more YouTube shorts. If you want to know more ways to get 
views on YouTube watch this video next.

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