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How To Get 1M+ Views on YouTube Shorts EVERY TIME YOU POST (NEW METHOD to go viral on YouTube)


This video covers how to go viral on YouTube shorts. If you want to get more views on YouTube shorts you need to watch this video.

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99 of youtubers that are posting on Shorts right now aren’t going viral and Honestly aren’t getting the results that They want on youtube shorts because of a Few simple mistakes that they’re making They’re not using the right titles They’re not getting enough watch time And then also they’re missing out on one Other secret hack that i’m going to be Sharing with you later on in this video No seriously it’s literally that simple If you make the right title get the Right amount of watch time and implement One other small thing that i’m going to Share with you later on in this video Your youtube shorts will start to go Viral this has helped so many creators Go from small creators to large creators In fact this creator gained over 2 Million subscribers following the same Exact advice that i’m about to give you This creator over 1 million subscribers And this creator gained over 100 000 Subscribers in an incredibly short Period of time and you could do the same Exact thing all you have to do is Implement everything that i’m about to Share with you because you see the only Thing separating you from where you Currently are right now and these Creators from where they are with a Million subscribers 100 000 subscribers They’ve reached the goal that you want To reach the only difference between you

And them is that they’ve already heard And implemented this advice hack number One is making sure that your videos have A viral component in the title you need To understand something in order for Your video to get clicked on in order For youtube to know who to actually push Your content to and in order for your Content to stand out on youtube shorts You need to make sure that your title is Optimized importantly it needs to have Ten different factors in it one refuting Something two something epic or extreme Three has a time in it four has an Authority in it five invokes curiosity Six needs to invoke fear or negativity It needs to have a deep desire it needs To have a time frame or it needs to be Listing something out if your videos do Not contain all of these things that i Just shared with you in fact your titles Need to have two to three of those Things your video just isn’t gonna go Viral if you study any viral videos on Youtube any viral video it doesn’t Matter what the niche is doesn’t matter Who the creator is they’re going to Implement those things most of the time They’re going to be invoking curiosity Or they’re going to be invoking fear or There’s going to be a time frame in There or they’re going to be taking Advantage of an authority that’s one of The things that so many small creators

Are getting wrong on youtube especially Small creators on youtube shorts if you Want to be successful in youtube shorts You need to make sure that you’re taking Advantage of these things and again two To three of them in every single title That you’re posting because honestly if Your title doesn’t have those factors You shouldn’t even bother posting it and You shouldn’t even bother creating that Video in addition to that you need to Make sure that you’re posting at the Right time on youtube so before i share With you the best time to post on Youtube right now i need you to smash That subscribe button if you want to Grow quicker on youtube tick tock or Instagram i literally upload a video About how to go on these platforms every Single day in addition to that i created A free youtube growth course you can get The link in the pin comment below it’s Going to share with you things like what Hashtags and tags you should be using on Your videos to help them go viral it’s Free right now you can get it at the Link in the pin comment below but it Will not be free forever so please take Action on this So right now there are essentially two Best times that you need to be posting On youtube the first one is going to be When very many of your viewers are Online and it’s going to be the first

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Hour for that if it’s spread out Throughout the day or it’s grouped you Want to make sure that it’s in the first Hour this is where you’re going to see The most success if you’re able to see That if you go onto your audience tab on Your analytics you’ll be able to see This it should be highlighted in a very Very bright purple and it’s when very Many viewers are online that is when you Should be posting in that first hour if You do not have those analytics yet you Need to be posting at 11am or 3pm these Are going to be the best two general Time slots for you to be posting on Youtube because you need to understand Something although 99 of the views that You’re getting on youtube are going to Come after the first 24 hours first 24 Hours is gonna have a huge impact on Whether or not your video gets the Initial click-through rate or the Initial watch time or just the initial Audience recognition that it needs to Get in order for it to get pushed out by Youtube a lot of creators will upload at Midnight or they’ll upload early in the Morning or late at night and it’s a Terrible time for them to be uploading And also this also changes the geography In which your content is going to be Getting pushed out some creators their Videos only get pushed out on youtube Shorts in india where they get pushed in

Some other country where they might not Necessarily want to get views now i’m Not saying getting views in india or Getting views somewhere else is bad but If you want to get views where your Audience is going to be located please Please please make sure you’re uploading At the right time because like i Mentioned before if you’re not uploading At the right time then your video Performance isn’t going to do well also If your title the watch time you’re Getting and whether or not youtube Thinks i have an audience for your Content isn’t on point well then guess What’s going to happen your video is not Going to get picked up at all and the Number one way that you can actually Change this and dictate this is by Focusing on your title i know i shared With you before the 10 things that you Need to make sure that you’re including In your title but i also wanted to add In a few other things One you need to make sure that there’s a Single hashtag in your title at the end Of it on youtube short and specific and There should be an emoji that helps Invoke whatever kind of emotion you want Somebody to feel if you want them to Feel fear it should have that if you Want them to feel surprised it should Have that if you want them to feel happy And warm-hearted then it should be a

Warm-hearted emoji now that being said That is not enough you guys need to Understand something the only thing and The only thing that the youtube Algorithm cares about is one people are Clicking on your video two people are Watching your video and three your Videos topic is something that youtube Knows that they have an audience for now You’re probably wondering rob but how Can i show youtube all these things Number one thing that you can do to show Youtube all these things is start Creating your title and your thumbnail Before anything else small youtubers all Make the same mistake they create a Video then they edit the video and then They create the title and the thumbnail And this is the wrong way to do this i Repeat the wrong way to do this if you Want to be successful come up with the Title and the thumbnail first for a Couple reasons one if your title is not On point nobody’s going to click on your Video two if your title is not on point Youtube isn’t gonna know who to push Your content to in which case nobody’s Gonna be interested in your video and Then three if your title does not match What your video is actually about well Then guess what’s gonna happen people Are going to click off your video it’s Going to tank the amount of watch time That you’re getting and ultimately this

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Is going to be the reason that your Youtube shorts aren’t taking off now one Of the biggest complaints that i get From small time youtubers is they say Something along the lines of rob i Understand that i need to invoke Curiosity i understand that i need to Invoke fear i need to use an authority But how can i actually find examples of This it’s incredibly easy you need to One look at your competitors on youtube Two type in whatever you’re gonna be Making a video about if you’re gonna be Making a video about finance type in Finance hashtag shorts on youtube and Then you’ll see a ton of shorts videos That are on finance you’re gonna want to Write down the title of those videos Also i would make a note of how long the Videos are because this is another thing You guys need to be paying attention to Which is how long you’re creating your Content so many people will create Content aimlessly sometimes 17 seconds Sometimes 40 sometimes 60. a lot of Creators on youtube shorts are making 60 Second videos because they can and That’s not something you should be doing If a shorter video is going to work Better for that topic then make a Shorter video if a longer video is going To work better then make a longer video But please be intentional about how long Your videos actually are i don’t know

Whether or not you guys notice this but My videos are always 10 to 11 minutes Long or nine minutes long you want to Know why because intentionally those are The best times for how i get the most Amount of watch time how i get the Highest click through rate and how i get The highest conversions of people Actually signing up for the free course Or signing up for the mentorship or Whatever it is and i’ve literally tested This over uploading hundreds of videos And you need to do the same exact thing When it comes to youtube shorts but you Are actually in a much better scenario Than i am because in the beginning i had To pay an editor a lot of money to be Able to upload a youtube video every Single day you don’t have to do that With youtube shorts you can build up an Audience now with minimal editing with Not doing too much and also it’s Incredibly easy to be putting out shorts Content as opposed to creating a 10 Minute long video it literally takes Like 10 to 12 hours of work to make a 10 Minute video on youtube and you’re able To make a 60 second video in just a Couple minutes of work so please make Sure that you’re taking advantage of This Because before i share with you the Watch time hacks that mr beast and other Big creators are implementing into their

Content i need you to understand Something this opportunity to grow on Youtube shorts is not going to last Forever in fact i don’t think it’s going To last much longer because a lot of big Creators are getting into creating Youtube shorts and a lot of people are Really succeeding on youtube and you Need to understand something a lot of People think that their niche is Oversaturated on youtube that is not the Case that is never the case Oversaturation does not exist on social Media the truth of the matter is that Your content isn’t different and it’s Not better if you can make better Content you can make different content Well then guess what you’re going to Succeed on social media all you have to Do is look at what people are currently Doing and remix it make it a little bit Better like i was saying earlier you’re Going to want to write down the best Titles from everybody else in your niche And then you’re going to want to apply The 10 principles that i gave you Earlier a lot of creators also just go With the first title that comes to mind Stop doing this my videos started to do So much better on youtube and my clients Videos do so much better on youtube when They understand something write out your First idea then write out four or five Ideas try to make them better and then

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From there choose the best one stop just Going with the first title that comes to Mind normally you won’t get your best Title until three four five ideas deep So please make sure that you’re spending As much time as possible on the title And then get into actually recording the Video and editing the video now when it Comes to actually getting people to Stick around on your video and watch Your entire video you need to understand A few things one the majority of people Are gonna drop off in the first three or Thirty seconds so what does this mean You need to get straight into it you Need to provide value right away now Value you might think is only for Education creators that’s not the case Value could be invoking curiosity Invoking fear giving somebody a really Warm feeling making them say hey what is Going to happen next i need to watch This video or by explaining what you’re Going to be sharing with somebody but Nevertheless you need to get straight Into it because the majority of people That are going to click off your video Going to swipe off your video in the First 3 to 30 seconds which is why you Need to get straight into it because Once somebody leaves your video on Youtube you don’t have a chance to get Them back secondly you need to make sure That you’re adding subtitles into your

Content the majority of people that are On social media especially on their Phones do not have their sound on i’m Sure you’ve all been in the situation Where your sound went off you were at The doctor’s office and then you look Like a nut or maybe you were in school And then you get yelled at by your Teacher or you’re at work and now Everybody’s staring over at you because Your phone just went off this is why People scroll social media with no Volume on they’ll only turn it on if They’re going to actually pay attention To the video which is something that you Could be adding subtitles for to help Exemplify the hook adding a really good Title for so that people actually want To watch and listen to your video but if You do not have subtitles on the amount Of watch time that you’re getting is Going to decrease significantly third And most importantly you need to make Sure that there are constant clip Changes constant screen changes constant Background changes constant changes in Your tone of voice this resets Somebody’s brain and makes them continue To watch your videos and for the love of God i cannot believe i have to say this Make sure your videos are formatted Correctly it needs to be a vertical Video on youtube shorts your text should Not be over the title it shouldn’t be

Half off the screen it shouldn’t be Covering the like it shouldn’t be Covering the comment it shouldn’t be Covering the share i cannot believe that I have to mention this but you’d be Surprised how many creators i look at Their content you could tell they put a Lot of time and effort into the content But it’s not formatted correctly in Which case you just totally wasted your Time because one youtube’s not gonna Push the video out two when they do push The video up people are gonna swipe away Or click away right away because they’re Gonna say why am i gonna watch this Creator’s content if they can’t even Format their video correctly and your Mistakes don’t end there a lot of Creators are also making their videos Too long or too short or they’re using The wrong tags or wrong hashtags on Their video or worst of all you’re not Taking advantage of sounds that are Going to help you go viral on youtube Shorts if you want to know what sounds Gonna help you go viral on youtube Shorts i created this video i’m going to Put up on the screen next i strongly Suggest you check it out if you want to Skyrocket your views on youtube shorts By simply adding a sound into your next Video You

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