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YouTube Shorts Hack for FAST VIEWS – EASY!!!


Here’s a new YouTube Shorts Hack for fast views, but you need to jump on this immediately because it’s going to be a new gold rush and everyone will be doing this soon.
Shorts not getting views? Watch this video: https://youtu.be/jKB7Vb-FMuE

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Youtube just made it easier to blow up Your channel using a really simple short Hack that i’m going to show you how to Do in this video and i don’t see anybody Else talking about this yet but they’re Going to so you need to jump on this Immediately because it’s not going to Last forever translated do not sleep on This one early birds get the worms And and the views now by now we all know That you can use sounds and music in Your youtube shorts but this is what you Probably don’t know there’s a tiny Little hack and i just noticed it today Inside of the youtube app and by the way This is currently only available on Phones in regards to how you have to do This if you’re trying to do this on a Desktop at the time of recording this Video it’s only working on a mobile Phone so grab your phone and let me walk You through this simple hack open up the Youtube app go to the home page and go Up to the top where it says explore Tap on explore and then tap on trending Once trending loads up you’re gonna see Trending music games movies etc but what I want you to do is pay attention to the Now tab these are videos that are Trending right now some of them might be Five minutes old some of them might be 30 minutes a couple of hours etc these Are videos that are popping right now And you want to find music tracks that

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Have just posted now this is where the Hack comes in go into any one of these Top videos click into their description And scroll down and if people are Already making shorts using a sound from This song you’re going to see these Shorts showing up inside their Description shorts possibly your shorts Are showing up inside the description of Viral videos now so the hack is you need To be one of the first people to use This sound that means you need to jump On this as soon as possible now videos That have been out for a while they’re Already going to have a bunch of shorts Showing up down here at the bottom and As you can see as you search around some Of these are getting massive views Depending on the popularity of the video Now some people are going to be using This music coming from the audio library If this song has been available but if Not you’re not going to see any shorts Down here or you might see one or two And until this little shelf is full Anybody can show up down here and of Course the higher performing shorts are Always going to move up to the top if You have a high performing short of Course you still need to make a quality Short you can’t upload a bad short and Expect to get views but with a quality Short using the sound coming from a Video that just posted live that is

Bound to go viral you increase the Chances of your short being in their Shelf is one of the first shorts that People see in their description and There’s no telling how many millions of Views those videos are going to get and How many people are actually going to go Down to the description and see your Shorts so you still need to make a good Short so find a new music video that’s Just trending go down and click on the Create button and then choose the option To use the sound then you can make your Short with that sound it’s going to clip 15 seconds of that sound make your short Upload the short and you’re going to be In the short shelf for that particular Video this is really exciting and of Course this is going to fill up really Soon so those of you watching this video You need to get on this immediately Because as soon as news breaks that this Is an easy way to get views the Floodgates are going to open so this is A golden opportunity to get more views Right now today and if your current Shorts are not getting views right now Be sure to click on the video that’s Showing on the screen right now i’m Going to walk you through a few things That might be able to help that and Explain why that is thank you so much For watching and i’ll see you in the Next video

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