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Small Channels.. Use This HACK to get views on YouTube Shorts (How To Increase Views on YouTube)


This video shows you how to get more views on YouTube shorts fast. If you want to increase your views from YouTube shorts implement the tips from this video.

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In this video we’re going to be covering The brand new changes that you need to Be making to your small YouTube channel Right now so that you can get more views On YouTube unless you live under a rock You know that YouTube shorts is now Going to be monetized in 2023 and this Is going to change the lives of so many People especially you small creators Right now so you guys need to be taking This seriously but in order to do that You need to get 10 million views in a 90-day period lucky for you the hacks That I share with you in this video that I’ve never shared before on my YouTube Channel are going to help you grow Faster on YouTube get more subscribers And ultimately get the views that you Need to be able to monetize your YouTube Channel in fact I just helped this Creator gain a hundred thousand Subscribers in just a few weeks this Creator 300 000 subscribers in just a Few weeks and this Creator over a Hundred and fifty thousand subscribers In just a few weeks and you can have the Same exact thing happen to your channel If you simply implement the tips that I Share with you for starters likes and Comments mean absolutely nothing on YouTube you guys need to get this Through your head how many likes you get How many comments you get they have no Factors in whether or not the algorithm

Is going to be pushing out your content So please stop telling people to like Your videos stop trying to get people to Comment below these things have Absolutely nothing to do with whether or Not YouTube is going to be pushing out Your content whether it’s long form Content or shorts content it literally Means absolutely nothing now the thing That does matter is the actual length of The content that you’re creating now Before I share with you exactly what Length you should be creating your Content depending on what nation I need You to smash that subscribe button if You want to grow quicker on YouTube Instagram or Tick Tock I literally Upload a video about how to run these Platforms every single day in addition To that I created a free YouTube growth Course that’ll share with you things Like the best time to post right now and What hashtags put in your title to Ensure that your videos go viral on YouTube shorts because unfortunately We’re not gonna have time to cover those Things in this video you could get that Right now at the link in the pinned Comment below what are you waiting for It’s 100 free so before I tell you what Length you should actually be creating Your content we need to understand why Time because so many creators do not get Watch time right on YouTube and it’s one

Of the reasons that you’re not Successful right now especially as a Small Channel you need to understand Something the amount of watch time that You need to be receiving it depends Based on how long your actual video is Which you should be aiming for is 100 Watch time but basically if you make a One minute video it’s going to be judged Against other one minute videos If you Make a three minute video it’s going to Be judged against other three minute Videos same thing with shorts a 30 Second video a 60 second video 15 second Video those are all going to be judged Against other videos of that length for The topic that you’re producing about But the ultimate goal that you want to Be going for and the thing that you need To realize is you want to be able to get As much watch time possible on as long Of a video as possible so if you can get 100 watch time on a 10 second video or a 60 second video you want to keep making Those 60 second videos because that’s What’s actually going to make you Successful it’s going to allow you to Get more views it’s going to allow you To get more reach in the YouTube Algorithm because YouTube is allowing You to get more watch time but you guys Need to understand something watch time Although it’s incredibly important it’s Going to factor into whether or not your

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Content actually gets pushed out in the YouTube algorithm there is something That is way more important than watch Time right now that I’m going to share With you at the end of this video in Fact this is a new update that has just Come to YouTube shorts that I’ve never Shared with anybody before so you need To make sure that you stick around for It but before we could cover that I want To go over a few things that right now Are destroying the amount of watch time That you’re getting if you are sitting There talking on camera with no clip Changes no b-roll no background changes Nothing like that happening well then Guess what it is destroying the amount Of watch time that you’re getting if You’re talking on camera for five Seconds or more or don’t have a clip Change for five seconds or more or some Drastic change to the story that you’re Telling it’s going to be the reason that You are not successful on YouTube why Because it’s decreasing the amount of Watch time that you’re getting the best Posts on YouTube they have text popping Up on the screen emojis popping up Different things popping up they have Clip changes going on in the background They just have a camera change and this Allows them to increase the amount of Watch time that you’re getting if you’re Comparing your videos to a competitor’s

Videos you might think that you have Better information but if you’re not Packaging it the same way if the pacing Isn’t the same and ultimately if you’re On camera talking for too long it’s Going to be the reason that you’re not Successful this is why so many small Creators on YouTube right now are Failing to grow because you literally Just take your camera and you start Talking to it and you think that just Because you’re talking or saying useful Information that people are going to sit Around and watch and it couldn’t be Further from the truth the other thing That so many people are messing up with When it comes to YouTube shorts is You’re adding music at the totally wrong Times people are adding music in that Does not actually create a mood the only Reason you should have music in your YouTube shorts is to create a mood to Increase the pace to cause anxiety to Cause fear to cause happiness you need To be invoking an emotion when you Actually use music and so many of you Guys are misusing this and that is why You’re not getting the watch time that You need okay so I get the question all The time Rob how long should I be Creating my videos you need to Understand something YouTube is 100 Based on somebody’s watch History the Way that this works is somebody logs

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Onto YouTube they have a unique Identification on YouTube and if they’re On a mobile device or if they’re on a Computer if they’re logged into the same Account well then guess what it goes With them across both devices so the way That this works if somebody logs on and They watch a 10 minute Logan Paul video Well then guess what they’re then going To get recommended more 10 minute videos About Logan Paul or about topics that Somebody that watches Logan Paul is also Interested in this is why when it comes To the length of your video you need to Look at your competitors you need to Look at the other videos that your Audience is watching because ultimately Whether or not your video gets Recommended to those people is going to Be based on that for example I only go On YouTube to listen to podcasts most of These are an hour long or longer so I Only get recommended videos like that on My home page you have the same exact Thing happen to you now if your video Consumption is all over the place Sometimes you watch videos two minutes Sometimes five minutes sometimes 10 Minutes sometimes 15 minutes and it Might be a little bit more all over the Place based on the category but you guys Need to understand something way too Many of you are trying to understand the YouTube algorithm all the YouTube

Algorithm is doing they’re simply taking People’s watch history and recommending Them more videos based off of that and One of the biggest factors with that is Length people that watch five minute Video get recommended five minute videos People watch eight minute videos get Recommended eight minute videos so if All your competitors are creating videos That are a different length than yours Well then that’s probably why you’re not Being successful right now because your Audience isn’t even going to see those Videos because YouTube doesn’t think That they’ll be interested in them why Because of the length of the videos is Totally different than the length of the Videos that they’ve watched in the past So if you guys really want to understand The YouTube algorithm you’re not going To be trying to understand the YouTube Algorithm you’re going to be trying to Understand your audience and what kind Of things you’re actually consuming you Need to get rid of the word algorithm And start parting the word audience There that is what’s going to make you Successful on YouTube now there are two Other things that we need to cover the Last one is going to show you how to get More views and how to get more Subscribers without creating new videos On YouTube and this is one of the most Underrated things if you’re a small

YouTuber or if you’ve started to see Some success on YouTube but before we Get into that I need to cover how Important session duration is in the Past watch time was the Holy Grail when It came to YouTube it’s not really the Case anymore if you’re creating content That gets people to watch one video and Then they get off of YouTube you’re Really not helping YouTube even if you Get 100 watch time on that video what They really care about is that people Are watching more of your videos after They’ve watched that initial video so You need to go into your analytics and You need to be paying attention to what Videos are allowing new viewers to both See something and then return you want To be optimizing for videos that allow New viewers to come back and return Ultimately you want to be optimizing for Videos that get you more than just one View you don’t want a video to cause one View you want to cause two three four Five views because ultimately that is Going to increase the amount of views That you get exponentially and it’s Going to increase your audience size so When you release new videos or you have A catalog of content YouTube is going to Have a ton of different videos to Recommend to this person or when you Upload new content they’re then going to Recommend that content to more people

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Because they know that not only is that Person going to watch that video but They’re going to watch two three four Five six other videos after they watch That video one of the easiest ways for You to be able to do this with YouTube Shorts is make sure that any end comment You have another video that people Should watch and give them a compelling Reason now please don’t put a playlist In there it should only be a video now The last thing that you need to make Sure that you’re doing to get more views And get more subscribers without having To create new content is going back and Adjusting both the title and the Thumbnail on your old videos this is one Of the easiest ways to kick it back into The algorithm to allow you to get more Views and more subscribers again without Creating new content now if you want to Get guaranteed subscribers and increase Your odds of getting those 10 million Views in the next 90 days so that you Can monetize your YouTube channel then You need to keep watching this video Finally I just launched my YouTube Shorts mentorship program which Guarantees that I can help you grow on YouTube in just 30 days if you want to Find out more go to the link in the Description but to put it simply you’re Gonna go through six steps to becoming a YouTube shorts expert then I’m gonna

Make you a personalized plan I’m gonna Tell you exactly what to post what Titles to use what thumbnails to use What descriptions to use what tags to Use what your content should actually Look like how your editing should be and So much more and then for the next 30 Days I’m gonna critique your content to Guarantee that you grow it’s incredibly Simple if you don’t grow on YouTube in The 30 days I’m gonna give your money Back zero questions asked this is not Just a course this is not just Information it’s me actually telling you Exactly what to do critiquing you Consulting me coaching you on how to be A full-time YouTuber how to grow on YouTube how to reach your goals on YouTube and again if you don’t grow on YouTube in the 30 days you get your Money back zero questions asked there’s Absolutely no risk for signing up the Only risk is not taking advantage of This situation right now with YouTube Shorts and growing on YouTube so please Do not be somebody that does that that Being said if you’re not interested just Watch the next two videos I’m gonna put Up on the screen because the other Videos that YouTube thinks you should Watch next thank you so much for Watching Foreign

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