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Heather breaks down the BEST Videos to make if you have ZERO Subscribers. ****** 🔴 FREE WEB CLASS 📍 Learn the One YouTube Strategy I Use that Generates 57,346+ Views Per Day! 👉 http://ThinkMasterclass.com

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🔴 FREE WEB CLASS 📍 Learn the One YouTube Strategy I Use that Generates 57,346+ Views Per Day! 👉 http://ThinkMasterclass.com

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In this video Heather from Think Media breaks down video ideas for new YouTubers. These video ideas are great for new YouTube channels.

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So you’ve decided to start a youtube Channel This year and maybe you’ve been watching A ton Of different youtubers and wanting to Create content just like them but I’m here to tell you that the content They’re creating may not be what you Need to start with so in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you the one Strategy that can take you from zero To ten thousand subscribers and beyond You gotta just press record my name is Heather torres and i’m part of the think Team and we are a team of creators Helping you build your influence with Online video we are on a mission to help 10 000 purpose-driven content creators Build a full-time living doing what they Love with The power of video and we have been Making Waves here on youtube helping creators Not only start from scratch but go all The way to 100 000 subscribers And beyond and you might be here right Now With zero subscribers so welcome maybe You’re under that 10 000 mark And i’m going to share with you a Strategy today that i really Feel can be a simple strategy that’s Going to help you get more youtube Videos done in less time because you’re

Gonna know exactly What to create my question to you is How do you crack the youtube code you Know you think about youtube you think About you know how do i get my videos Seen how do i Become someone who people want to follow Right that’s why we’re here on the Platform we’re here on the platform To create valuable content that can help People solve A problem and that’s really when you’re Starting at zero the first question i Want you to answer Who do i help and how do i help them What problem do i Solve this is something you want to make Sure you’re journaling down That you’ve got that in your mind before You even get started really On making videos now i’m someone who Started on the platform here By doing this one strategy i’m going to Teach you with my homeschooling channel Not only do i Uh teach here at think media but i also Have a Side hustle just like you maybe where i Teach people How to homeschool and this one strategy Is what has helped My channel grow on autopilot like i am Getting views every single day because Of this one strategy getting discovered

Getting found and this is something you Can apply right to your channel As well now how do you crack the youtube Code How do you get discovered how do you Allow your views like people to actually View your videos and really it comes Down to You answering a question you Answering a question type that in the Chat right now i Need to answer questions and how do you Do that Well we have a formula here at think That we call A s q you want to answer specific Questions how do you break through on Youtube this year you need to be Answering specific questions if i were To start a brand new youtube Youtube channel right now this is the One strategy i would use to get Discovered to get views get to my first 10 000 subscribers and beyond So what is answering specific questions Well how do you even find that like what Questions should i be answering heather What i need you to do is write down the Questions that people In your target audience are asking So what are they going to the youtube Search bar and actually typing in well Let’s see what happens when you go to The youtube search bar and you type in

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How to right how-to’s a great way to get Started with answering specific Questions because How to means i have a problem i need to Learn How to do whatever my problem is i need To figure out the answer to my problem Let’s say i had an organizing like i was Helping moms learn how to organize Their home one of my friends says this She is has an amazing channel Uh where she is helping people organize With dollar tree items but let’s just Say i type into the chat How to i’m gonna type into the chat how To and then i’m gonna write organize Because if i’m someone who is looking to Figure Out how to organize that’s what i would Type into the chat and then guess what Happens on youtube well when you type in How to organize youtube Is going to actually auto predict Different Video ideas for you to create so now You know what pops out and you get to See all those different things that People are typing in you kind of get to Choose which one When you’re the user you’re going Through and you’re choosing which one Well As the content creator here on youtube This

Is valuable information why Because it’s telling you exactly what People are writing Into the search bar when they have this Problem and here’s what they’re typing In They’re not just typing in how to Organize that’s still pretty broad what They’re typing in is How to organize your closet right if i Have the problem where Right now i have three kids that are in One room and i have a Tiny little closet i need to figure out How do i organize this closet I’m not just going to the platform Saying how do i organize my home I am specific with an exact problem so You want to answer specific questions What about this one How to organize my dresser drawer wow That’s pretty specific i mean when you Think about your whole entire house Right like right now you’re probably Sitting in your office maybe in your Your uh in your living room or maybe You know you’re in your kitchen you’re Listening to me while you’re cooking Dinner right now there is a lot of Things in your house that you may need To organize right Well every single one of these search Terms Is a video and people are very specific

With their problems did you see that the Difference there One was how to organize that’s the first Thing that was typed in But look how specific people get with Their problems A dresser drawer i mean That’s pretty specific right when you Think about all the things in a home a Dresser Drawer is very specific so you want to Be answering specific Questions what about this one well if You are someone who’s in maybe the Health and wellness space And you want to help people lose weight Well they’re not really typing in How to lose weight i mean that is a Problem that’s kind of the broader Problem But what’s the specific thing they’re Trying to accomplish What do they actually need from You well here you can see when you type In how to lose weight the Video idea that you could be creating Right now if this is your niche How to lose weight in four easy steps Yes i want to know that please tell me How about How to lose weight in one day you can Sign me up for that video i will watch That video if you make that video okay These are the specific questions that

You could be answering When you’re creating videos now i’m Gonna let you in on a little secret Right now think media our main platform Has over 1 million Subscribers guess what kind of videos We’re making These videos we’re answering specific Questions so if you’re just starting and You’re at zero And you’re needing to know what kind of Videos to make I want to let you know that this Strategy this one strategy This could help you get to your first 10 000 subscribers What about uh how to lose weight fast Without exercise Yes i want that one as well all these Ones are really great ideas But you’ll notice here with the blue Arrows is i by typing in that one Key phrase into the youtube search bar i Now have one two Three four five videos That i could create and guess what each One of those videos are doing They’re answering a specific question Well what happens uh here we go your Power question is Uh what is your target audience typing Into The youtube and google search bar what Are they

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Actually typing into the youtube and Google search bar A lot of times we think okay i need to Like sit down and plan i need to like I need to you know i really need to get Into the psychology you do You definitely need to but can i give You a little secret A lot of this is right in front of you a Lot of this Is you actually just asking the people You want to help hey What do you type into the youtube and Google search bar When i started my homeschooling channel This was the exact Strategy that i did i went to about four Different girlfriends that i have that i Knew Were in the process of deciding if they Wanted a homeschool And i said to them hey what are you Actually typing into The youtube and google search bar and They said things that i wouldn’t have Really thought about And i thought huh how interesting i was Able to do how to homeschool On a budget because they had a budget i Wouldn’t have thought of that but that’s What they were actually Asking so your power question is what is Your target audience Typing into the youtube and google

Search bar remember answer specific Questions that’s the key to today’s Training answer specific questions and i Want to share with you A couple of our students from our Academy that are doing this exact Strategy And getting amazing results this is tara Now tara Is in network marketing she does Essential oils and She decided that she wanted to break Through on youtube to be able to Discover more people That would come into her business and Purchase the products Now one of the things in oils is you Have these different types of Diffusers and a lot of times people will Get the oils and they have no clue what To do with them And so tara decided to answer the Specific Question ways to diffuse oils Without a diffuser right because it’s Two different pieces and so she was Answering that specific Question i don’t know if you can see it Here but this video alone has 13 000 views this is tara who just started She picked up a camera and made a video About answering specific questions this Is Mary i love mary because mary had never

Used a camera before in her life Mary is in her legacy years and she Decided that she wanted to take the Thing she was teaching to women At her home into the digital space So mary picked up a camera and she Started creating these videos that were Answering Specific questions like this question How to make No need sandwich bread i didn’t even Know that that was a thing But mary’s audience was asking this Specific question How do i know well oops let me go back Because mary Has a hundred and seventy three thousand Views on this video her target audience Was asking this question this is ken Kent rowlands is a cowboy this is cowboy Kent He loves cooking and he does a lot of Country style cooking Well you’ll notice here kent decided to Just answer The specific question here’s what he Answered easy Tricks to cleaning a cast iron that was The that was it That’s all he had to ask that’s all he Had to answer 3.1 million views Are you seeing the power of this Answering specific

Questions now this is sheri sheri loves Sewing sherry uh decided that she wanted To leave her corporate job and be able To do her hobby full-time and so She decided to start answering specific Questions Now what i love about this is that she’s Just reviewing one Actual sewing machine and if you know Anything about sewing these are not Inexpensive items this is an investment And so she decided to go ahead and Answer the question about this machine i Love that sherry has Now been able to leave her corporate job And do youtube Full-time because she decided to answer Specific Questions this is joey he is an eye Doctor if you’ve been around think media You’ve heard us Uh mention joey a time or two what i Love about what joey does is He answers specific specific questions Man i’m gonna say that like ten times Fast and it’s definitely gonna like trip Me up so if you’re like me you can say It with me But what i love about this is that Joey’s at one million Views on just contact lenses for Beginners His audience had a question i’m new to Contacts

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I need to learn how to do this how do You like open your eyelid and then like Touch your eye how do you keep it all Like moist and what what do you do like I’m a beginner and so he decided to Answer That question one million views It’s not like he’s some famous vlogger Joey Is an eye doctor who decided to pick up A camera And start answering questions and then This is nicole nicole Uh decided to answer the question of Tummy time nicole is an occupational Therapist and a parenting coach And she decided to go after uh This key word phrase here tummy time now If you don’t have a child you’re not Searching tummy time But if you do have a child and you’re in Her target audience You are definitely searching this term It is a developmental thing that kids Are doing And it is highly searched on youtube Well she decided to do tummy time for Newborns And nicole did that video tummy time for Newborns You could see it here and then guess What happened she made a video About that 2.4 Million views why she

Picked up her camera phone and recorded And answered A specific question now here’s what i Love so much about nicole i just Recently pulled these stats from her Uh channel and nicola right now is Generating over 300 000 views on her channel that is Incredible what i love the most About what happens when you start Answering specific questions is you Start to not just grow in your views Which is really important But you also start to create a community On Youtube and that’s what nicole is doing With 5 000 New moms a month actually signing up to Be A part of her community so what action Do you need to take What do you need to do next well your Action is to make a list of 10 Questions what are people typing into The search bar how specific can you be Remember When i typed in how to organize it came Up with how to organize my dresser Drawer so you want to be really specific On the question That you are answering and then lastly You want to create One smart video per week So if you’re going to be answering those

Questions if you’re starting at zero Subscribers If you’re trying to grow your youtube Channel right now this year Then you need to be making one smart Video per week now what do i mean by Smart video I mean put your time and energy into Answering A specific question and this uh little Training was brought to you by Our new think master class this is a Free youtube class And what i love about this new free Class is that we’re talking about what Is working right now on youtube Now i’m sure you’ve probably watched a Lot of videos on youtube But did you know that youtube is always Changing did you know that there’s Always Updates and new things that you need to Know about how to dominate on this Platform well Sean cannell the ceo of think did a Free youtube class you do have to sign Up for it it is not On youtube you have to go and watch this Class separately And what i love is that he’s sharing the Three secrets to use to youtube success And the mistakes that most creators are Making right now Are you ready to start or grow your

Youtube channel Do you feel stuck and need help Connecting the dots Join this free web class where you’ll Learn the step-by-step playbook for Youtube success We’ve helped thousands of purpose-driven Entrepreneurs Just like you grow their influence with Video Register today for this exclusive Training at thinkmasterclass.com [Music] You

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