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BIG Mistakes YOU MAKE with SHORTS!


If you’re a small channel and your YouTube Shorts are not getting views, it’s probably because you’re making some BIG mistakes.
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0:00 Successful Shorts Require 3 ”E’s”
1:08 ”E” #1
2:11 ”E” #2
3:24 ”E” #3

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It’s no secret that short form video has Kind of taken over the internet Critics agree according to Google YouTube shorts alone is now averaging Over 30 billion views daily there’s a Lot going on here users across YouTube Are being bombarded with shorts and not Just by you but from all kinds of people So if you would like to stand out you Have to go out of your way to capture a Viewer’s attention you want your shorts To be so good that not only is YouTube Willing to share your short all over the Internet but people who see it are Willing to grab the link and share it in Text conversations with their family and Friends if this is something you’re Struggling with there is a recipe you Can use in order to get your shorts to Achieve that level of greatness and it Starts by using the three E’s we’ll get Into the three e’s in just a second but Let me know in the comments have you in A YouTube short take off basically the Three E’s stand for entertaining Education and emotion your content Should embody at least one of these Traits if you wanted to have that chance For somebody to share it with somebody Else the more ease that you can stuff Into this YouTube short the more likely It is that people will find it endearing In engaging and be willing to share it With somebody now let’s start with

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Entertainment and this really comes from You understanding who your audience is And what interests them it should be Quick and Punchy and overall just Intriguing to your audience if you can Entertain a new viewer with just one of Your shorts there’s a really good chance That that new viewer becomes a regular Returning viewer this entertaining Content is going to get them to perhaps Watch the short more than once perhaps Hit the like button and all of these Signals tell YouTube that it’s okay to Send this person more of your YouTube Shorts what you’re doing here is forming A bond with them because you are making Content that they’re just inherently Interested in something that entertains Them some examples of this kind of Content could be going over an unusual Story with your audience or if you have Access to something that not a lot of People have access to do some behind the Scenes kind of content and give a unique Perspective there’s also a number of Before and after style posts that do Really well in this space I could Probably think of a hundred more but at The end of the day it’s going to come Down to the research that you do you’re Going to know what kind of content Entertains people if you really take the Time to put yourself in your viewers Shoes and understand what kind of

Content tends to resonate with them but Let’s move on to educational and Personally I think this is one of the Easiest ease to hit that’s because with Educational content oftentimes you are Educating on something that you’re Really familiar with and really Passionate about ultimately educational Content can achieve the same goal as Entertaining content but now it’s going To help viewers understand that your Channel is one worth sticking to Practice explaining something in a way That’s never been explained before if You’re good at breaking down these Subjects in a way that’s actually very Memorable that’s going to play in your Favor for instance you might find a Short that’s about making banana Cheesecake that sounds delicious I don’t know about you but if I found That recipe and I found it very easy to Follow this is a short that I would Probably go ahead and bookmark for later There’s a high likelihood that I’m going To come back to the short once I go to The store and get the ingredients to Actually make this thing and there’s Also a good chance that I share this Recipe with other banana cheesecake Loving friends any type of how-to videos Articles tutorials guides all of these Can be very shareable if somebody knows Somebody else who would benefit from

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That content my personal recommendation Here for educational shorts content is To go out and try to find the problems That your target audience is just Constantly running up against these can Make for excellent educational YouTube Shorts the last and most important e on This list is going to be emotion because Emotions are just part of everybody’s Daily life your content has the power to Appeal to people on a deep emotional Level so long as you understand your Target audience and what they Emotionally respond to now understanding Your audience in this way is not Something I expect you to do overnight It’s more of the advanced level of YouTube and something you kind of pick Up along the way however if you want to Get started I would recommend trying to Develop a psychological profile of your Ideal viewer what kind of humor do they Appreciate what sort of problems are They constantly talking about what Frustrates them what pleases them what Angers them to gain these insights in The first place I generally tell people That they need to be spending a lot of Time in the same places they feel like Their ideal viewer is going to spend Time this could be subreddits this could Be Discord servers this could be online Forums this also means that you put Yourself in your viewers Shoes by

Literally watching the types of videos That you yourself are thinking about Making while you’re in these communities Pay close attention to the comment Sections what kinds of questions are People asking or what kinds of things Are popping up over and over again that Everyone’s really excited about before You know it this psychological profile Is going to start filling itself out in No time once you have this it’s a lot Easier to create shorts that have a Really strong emotional hook in the First few seconds you’ll be much better Able to put together a story or or take A controversy and kind of give your take On it if you understand where your Audience is coming from doing your Research on this is going to help you Make very well-rounded YouTube shorts or Really long form videos as well the Trifecta here obviously is having all Three e’s in one of your shorts but Obviously that’s not going to be easy to Do every time or most of the time but I Will tell you that you will continue Struggling if you don’t have at least One of these present in every video that You make learning how to stuff as many E’s as possible into your shorts is Always going to be helpful but even more So now that the YouTube shorts algorithm Has seen a little bit of an update so Click on this video learn more about

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