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Monetization of YouTube shorts is almost here! But can you get monetized faster by creating shorts over long form content? I created a shorts only channel and posted a short a day for 30 days. See what I learned about growing a YouTube shorts channel and what it could mean for monetization!Visit http://www.jennjager.com to learn more.

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Are YouTube shorts the shortcut to Monetization I have the answer or at Least I think I do a little over 30 days Ago I embarked on a secret experiment Where I created an underground YouTube Channel entirely made up of shorts and I Posted a short to that channel every day For 30 days now this was part of a Larger experiment where I was comparing YouTube shorts to Instagram reels to Tick tock videos to see which platform Was easier to grow an audience on and That video is still coming up next week But at the very end of my experiment Something big Happened YouTube finally Announced the details of their Enrollment qualifications for the YouTube partnership program for short Creators and I have a lot of thoughts About it based on the experiment I’ve Been running for the past 30 days and The details that YouTube has finally Revealed and I have a lot of data to go Through as well so let’s just break it Down first let’s talk about the type of Content I was creating I went for very Typical lifestyle content that you would Find across any normal social media Platform that would appeal to a very Broad female audience the categories Were hacks pets makeup hair and food and I wanted to see how fast I could grow That channel organically without telling Anybody about it not my friends not my

Family not even you guys after each Video was live for seven days I looked At the metrics of that video including How many views it got how many Engagements which would be likes Dislikes and comments and then also how Many Subs were gained from that specific Video and then I didn’t look at it again After that seven days because I didn’t Want the older videos to be skewing the Data on the newer videos as the Experiment went along so after 30 days Here’s where we landed Channel wide I Got 78 989 views with an average of 2633 views per video some of the videos Fell really flat like this collagen Hacked and then other ones did pretty Well like this video of me giving my cat A pill on average three percent of the Viewers that watched my content engaged In some way by either liking disliking Or leaving a comment but only 0.01 of Those viewers hit the Subscribe button But that wasn’t the only thing I was Keeping my eye on as the experiment went On I started comparing my metrics on This shorts channel to the ypp Requirements for long-form Content which Is a thousand subscribers and 4 000 Hours of watch time or 240 000 minutes Of watch time and I actually felt pretty Good about it I was at a little over 11 Of the subscriber requirement for a

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YouTube partnership program and I was a Little over 10 of the watch time Requirement but when the shorts criteria Was announced my enthusiasm was a little Bit let’s say tempered monetization with Shorts content on YouTube has been set For a thousand Subs just like the Traditional YouTube partnership program But 10 million views in 90 days on the Long-form content side of things you Need 4 000 watch hours over 12 months But 10 million views on 90 days to me Sounds kind of hard and when I did the Math I wasn’t wrong well I was at 10 to The subs requirement I was let less than One percent of the views requirement and If I continued at this rate in a 90-day Span I would be at 30 of the subs goal But only two percent toward the views Metric and I know what you’re thinking Eventually I would hit that 10 million View threshold because old videos Continue to gain views over time so once You have enough videos on the platform Eventually you would be hitting that Many views however short form content Performs a lot differently than Long-form content over time here’s a Look at one of my better performing Videos on the shorts Channel you see a Huge Spike here when the video hits the Short shelf and then over time there’s Just very very few views let me contrast That to a video from my other YouTube

Channel Jen Jager Pro tutorials this Video does have that initial Spike but Over time it continues to gain views as New people discover my channel and my Community grows but can’t you grow a Community with shorts I don’t know about that let me show you Something else Here’s the lifetime view of the Analytics on my shorts Channel if we Head on over to audience you can see I’ve only got 33 returning viewers this Blue line represents new viewers and the Purple line represents returning viewers And you can see here that YouTube is Very obviously pushing out my content to New viewers which is amazing however It’s not showing that content to people Who’ve engaged with my content in the Past and I know that because there are Only 33 returning viewers on this Content how is that possible if I have Over a hundred subscribers and so many People have already engaged with my Content it’s because when you’re on the Short shelf and consuming shorts on the YouTube platform you’re not choosing What video comes up next YouTube is just Serving you content it thinks you might Like but it’s really just like this fire Hose of content that maybe you didn’t Select in addition I also found that the Engagement rates and subscribe rates for Short content seems to be a lot low

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Lower than long form content again let Me show you this here we are back on the Jen Jaggers Pro tutorial Channel now Just for comparison I want to show you These three videos here these three Videos in total add up to approximately The same number of views I got on my Shorts Channel but check out the Engagement and subscriber rates on these Three videos as opposed to the shorts Channel for just these three videos on Gen Jagger Pro tutorials five percent of Viewers engaged in some way with this Content and three percent subscribed Compare that to the three percent of Viewers who engaged for the same number Of views on the shorts Channel and the 0.01 viewers who subbed on the shorts Channel so in my experience it’s much Harder to get shorts viewers to engage With your content or even more to Subscribe to your content than it is for Your traditional long form content Viewers and YouTube seems to be Acknowledging this with the thresholds For their shorts monetization program Because there’s such a huge disparity Between the number of Subs you need to Get and the number of views you need to Get to qualify now the people at YouTube Are not stupid I’m sure they have a lot Of statisticians and very smart people Making these calculations and deciding On these parameters for the shorts

Monetization program in my anecdotal Experience with the number of creators I’ve worked with I find that people Usually hit the sub count requirement And the 4 000 hour watch time Requirement for the traditional Partnership program at roughly about the Same time some people hit the watch time First some people hit the sub count First but usually like within a couple Of months of each other those two Metrics are hit for the monetization on YouTube so I have to believe that YouTube thinks that you’re going to be Able to hit the Thousand subs and the 10 Million views at about the same time That’s what I think I’m not entirely Sure so here are my big takeaways about YouTube shorts and the monetization of YouTube shorts I think if you want to Get monetized on shorts you’re gonna Have to work a lot harder than I did I Think you’re going to have to post more Than one short a day to reach that Metric in 90 days I also don’t think You’re going to be able to rely on your Community of viewers to help you get There because that Community might not Even exist most of your viewers probably Are going to be new viewers and even if They’ve subscribed to your channel it Doesn’t mean they’re going to get served Up your content in the short shelf when They’re on there so that’s also an

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Uphill battle so is it going to be less Work to monetize with shorts content as Opposed to traditional long format Content I can’t really answer that for You if you’re going to try to get Monetized with traditional long-form Content you would need to have a five Minute video that was watched 48 000 Times in order for you to get to the Watch time requirement is that easier Than 10 million shorts views I don’t Know but I’d love to hear from you guys Are you having awesome results with Shorts do you think that you’re going to Qualify right away for shorts Monetization when it rolls out Mid-January I truly want to talk to you I’d love to have you on my channel if You know anyone that thinks they’re Going to hit that requirement let me Know connect with me because I really Want to talk to you about it and I know My audience would love to hear from you You guys thank you so much for hanging Out with me today stay tuned for the YouTube shorts Instagram and Tick Tock Video that’s about to drop next week in The meantime I picked out some other Videos I know you’re gonna love I’ll see You again

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