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YouTube SHORTS Monetization – How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts Ad Revenue?


YouTube Shorts Monetization is a topic that is constantly debated with a lot of people wondering how to make money with YouTube shorts and can channels earn YouTube ad revenue? So in this video, I’m going to go through YouTube shorts monetization and show you that you can earn ad revenue, what you can expect to earn, why so many people create these videos, how they get their channel monetized, and how you can do the same.

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If you want to know how to make money with YouTube shorts and get paid ad revenue you must watch this entire tutorial as I am going to show you YouTube shorts monetization examples of channels being paid ad revenue.

A lot of people say you can earn YouTube Shorts ad revenue and that’s simply not the case. I will show live examples of my Shorts videos and how much they have made. I will also go through and explain what needs to happen in order for you to be accepted into the partner program and what other channels are doing to get accepted.

I’m also going to show you a channel that is getting over a billion views a month and making money on YouTube by being monetized and earning with YouTube shorts content.

If you think you can earn with YouTube shorts hopefully this YouTube shorts monetization tutorial sheds some light on how it’s done and how you can do the same.


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My name is Alen and my goal is to help you grow a successful YouTube channel that can generate a full-time passive income online! I run a couple of successful YouTube channels that get 1000’s of daily views and 100’s of subscribers. On this channel, I want to teach you how to do exactly the same and how to optimize your channel for both growth and earning potential. Its taken me years to figure most of this out and countless videos of testing to get it right and I’ll share all these tips with you on this channel.

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This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video today. This is in no way intended to be financial advice. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this video will require hard-work, experience, and knowledge. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.

This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t verified and/or personally used myself.

Youtube short monetization on this video We’re going to take a look at how to Make money with youtube shorts ad Revenue and why all these channels are Constantly posting these youtube shorts And absolutely crushing it with ad Revenue we’re gonna go deep into my Channel we’re gonna look at the last two Youtube shorts that i’ve posted on my Channel and how much money i made with Ad revenue we’re gonna break it down to Find out exactly what my rpm was on These two videos then we’re gonna take a Look at some of these channels and You’re gonna learn why they are posting So many of these youtube shorts and more Importantly what they did to ensure that Their channels got monetized so that They can make money with youtube shorts Then i want to show you a channel that Is getting over 1.44 billion views every single month Who started their channel not long ago Got it monetized and they’re absolutely Crushing and we’re going to walk you Through everything step by step and We’re starting right now so the biggest Question i get when it comes to youtube Shorts monetization is can you make ad Revenue with youtube shorts and the Answer is Absolutely yes if i scroll down i’m in The analytics i’m in the back office of My youtube channel which is called smart

Video tactics and if you’re not Subscribed go down the bottom guys Subscribe because i’m here to help you Make money on youtube get your channel Monetized get your watch hours and get Your subscribers and also teach you how You can do this without showing your Face without potentially using your own Voice and get your channels monetized so When we come over to the back office of My smart video tactics youtube channel You can see here that i have made these Youtube shorts not that long ago and This one over here and you can see here Guys that this video is being monetized This is monetized with youtube ad Revenue if we come over to this video You can see that this channel is being Monetized the biggest difference between The youtube shorts video and my other Videos is that the cpm and the rpm is a Lot lower you are going to earn a lot Less than you are with your standard Youtube videos however i’m going to tell You why it’s really important to have These videos in a second which is going To help your channel Get monetized what we’re going to do is We’re going to take a look at some of The analytics of this video and then i’m Going to show you how to apply that to See what other channels are earning so If we click onto the analytics of this Youtube shorts video they got

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2427 views if we click onto this what This is going to show you is exactly how Many views i got so 2426 how much watch Time i got from this particular video Subscribers and how it’s helped my Channel grow and how much money this Video has made me now you can see that Seven dollars and 15 cents for this Channel is not a lot however if i was to Post a lot more youtube shorts on this Channel it will continue to grow and get A lot more views my channel has Predominantly been a channel where i’m Posting mainly longer format type Content so i would need to start posting A lot more shorts for me to get a lot More traction you can’t just post one or Two and expect to get millions of views Consistency is key so let’s break these Views down and let’s break down this cpm Or this rpm this is what i earn seven Dollars and fifteen cents is what i i Earn so if we grab my calculator bring It over to here and we do seven dollars And fifteen cents and we divide this by 2 426 views We go to equals that means from here What we need to do is times this by 1 000. now what this is going to do is Show you how much i made per thousand Views now this is quite high a lot of Youtube shorts are not going to make Anywhere near this in fact their cpm is

Probably going to be closer to a dollar And even less which means the creator is Going to make a lot less money per Thousand views what we’re going to run With today is we’re going to say That the channels that i’m going to show You on this example are earning around 25 cents per thousand views which means That the rpm Is just under 50 cents now you saw that With my channel over here my rpm was 2.90 which is absolutely extremely high But the view sample size that is only Quite small with 2426 So let’s just think that the creators And the examples i’m going to show you Now are only earning around 25 cents per Thousand views now when you come over to Youtube shorts this is going to explain To you why all these people continue To put up these different youtube short Videos and i’m going to tell you why They also create longer format videos And how they get their channels Monetized let’s start with this example Here it’s a channel called niche lmao Okay so it’s a channel if you come over Here they create funny videos comedy Videos now you can see that 17 hours ago Just this video got 2.7 million views This video got 1.8 million views and so On when you scroll down you’re going to Find that a lot of these channels also Have

Longer content one over here another one Over here another one over here you’re Also going to find a running theme with These different types of channels that a Lot of their videos this one over here Is 12 minutes but a lot of the other Ones are only going to be just over Eight minutes long because they don’t Need to be any longer for them to add Even more ads during the video here’s One that’s only eight minutes and one Second here is another one that’s 11 Minutes 12 minutes 9 minutes or almost 10 minutes 13 minutes etc you can see That they do a lot of youtube shorts but They also create these why do they Create these because these videos can Bring them a lot more ad revenue and When you scroll down these are the Videos that are going to get this Channel monetized you see you need 4 000 Watch hours in order to get your channel Monetized in the youtube partner program And getting views from youtube shorts Does not count your subscribers count But your watch time does not count so in Order for you to apply to be to get your Channel monetized you need to have these Longer videos this is exactly why these Channels have these longer videos so if We come over here and click on sort by Go to date added oldest you’re gonna Find that immediately this channel had a Lot of youtube short so they’re getting

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Their subscribers and when you keep Scrolling down you can see they’re Posting a lot of youtube shorts they Once they get their subscribers and They’ve got a lot of views coming in Then they start to post this longer Content which gets their channel Monetized very very quickly as you can See once their channel is monetized then They start to absolutely crush it and Make a lot of money let me break down One of these videos let’s take a look at The Video that was added one of their newest Videos let’s take a look at this video 2.7 million views if i bring my Calculator this is going to explain why These channels are producing so much Youtube shorts number one it’s extremely Quick to do and they still make a lot of Money so when we look at this we can see Here 2 million 700 views so 2 million Seven hundred thousand What we do from here is we divide this By one thousand views and now what we do Is we times two thousand seven hundred By say um point two five which is twenty Five cents so this video has made this Creator as much as 675 That’s just one video and we know that These videos run for 60 seconds or less That’s not bad because these videos Wouldn’t take too long to create i mean Sure that may take one to two hours but

When you’re making as much as 675 Dollars and this is for a video that’s Had two million seven hundred thousand Views and when we go to most popular You’re going to find that there are Videos here that have over 150 million views it’s no wonder when You take a look at this channel Why they’re predicted to be making so Much money now if we take the 25 cent Rule that i spoke to you about a little Bit earlier if i grab my calculator and We take a look at What they get every single month which Is 724 million views so 724 million Let’s take a look and divide this by a Thousand and let’s see whether or not These youtube shorts are worth their While and we times this by 0.25 remember This is probably going to be a lot Bigger or the rpm is going to be a lot Higher because they’re also creating Longer format videos but let’s run it on 25 cents that’s 181 000 That this channel is more than likely Making every single month Not bad just for creating all these Youtube shorts that’s the first channel That i want to show you another channel Is this one over here called jack pain Here is somebody else that’s also making Or creating funny content as well and

You’re going to find a common theme guys Take a look at this again a longer video Longer video when you scroll down here Longer video longer video it’s very Important that you create these longer Videos so you’re getting your watch time When we take a look at his social blade He’s also getting 58 million views every Single month which means that he’s also Making Tens of thousands of dollars guys again Not bad for a channel that’s creating a Lot of youtube shorts when we take a Look at Sort by most popular you can also see 98 Million views on one of his youtube Shorts and when we take a look at when This channel started you can see this Channel’s been going for three years but Didn’t make a lot of content quickly Went to two years but you can see when He first started there was a lot of Longer content and then he’s Transitioned into the youtube shorts Because they’re quicker to make and he’s Absolutely crushing it if you’re more Into your fitness you can see here is The channel guys she this um lady over Here talks about fitness and yoga and Pilates and you know eating healthy and She’s creating a lot of these different Types of youtube shorts when you scroll Down and take a look at this channel This channel was monetized using longer

Format videos guys i went through and Had a look if i take a look at date Added oldest you’re going to find a lot Of these videos that were longer format Content guys and this is how this lady Got this channel monetized now when we Take a look at this channel and we get Date added newest we can see it’s all Youtube shorts and she’s getting Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Views when we take a look at her social Blade 102 million views every single month not Bad because she’s creating very very Quick content the channel is monetized And she is get making money with youtube Short so if you’re into your fitness you Can absolutely do it with fitness as Well here is another channel over here Guys if you want to start a vlog type Channel you can see that this lady over Here talks about different things that She does what she eats makeup etc if you Scroll down they also talk about where They go what they do again common theme Guys a lot of them you will find people Posting longer format videos and they’re Absolutely crushing it when we come up To socialblade and take a look this Channel as well 31 million views and a Lot of these channels when you take a Look guys have taken off over the last Year when they started posting these Youtube shorts and they’re making a lot

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Of money with this if we come over here Guys and take a look at this other Channel this is called icy cool over Here this channel has over two million Six hundred thousand subscribers again When you scroll down and take a look at This channel this guy talks about very Interesting things if you have a look he Finds all this interesting stuff On youtube or on google and then talks About it if we take a look at his social Blade stats if we come over here and we Scroll down you can see again a 102 Million views and he would also be Making tens of thousands of dollars Every single month i hope you understand Why all these people are creating these Different types of youtube shorts Because just like i showed you on my Channel You can make money with youtube ad Revenue the other thing is these guys Could also be part of the youtube shorts Fund where they’re also making some Really good money online on top of that A lot of these channels can make money From sponsorships they can also make Money for putting in affiliate links Inside their channels and they are Creating this longer format type content As well but i want you to take a look at This channel as well okay it’s called Peter bo cook i’m pretty sure that’s how It’s pronounced

4.72 million subscribers guys and you Can see that i went over here to have a Look at its most popular videos over a Month ago 73 million views a lot of Videos over 70 million views this Channel is absolutely crushing it on Youtube when we go to sort by and date Added oldest it’s only been around just Over a year and it’s this little boy That they make videos on okay and this Channel is getting an astronomical Amount of views but also when we take a Look at the date added oldest decade you Can see that a lot of the videos were Actually longer format videos because Remember you need That watch time and what you want to do Is when you come over to socialblade and Take a look at this channel i mean this Channel gets 1.448 Billion views every single month without Bringing out my calculator i did the Sums earlier this channel is making well Over two hundred and fifty thousand Dollars every single month and you can See that it only took off in march 28 uh March the 28th 2022 when they started Posting a lot of youtube shorts because When we take a look at this channel and We go to date at an oldest you can see It’s only been around for over a year And they are absolutely crushing it so i Encourage you to come over here and take A look at some of these different types

Of channels now if you want to create This type of content with youtube shorts But you don’t want to show your face You don’t want to use your voice or you Don’t want to create any of the videos I’m going to show you where you can get A whole heap of examples of that at the End of this video but more importantly What i wanted to reiterate is that you Need to make sure that when you’re doing This you’re creating these youtube Shorts you must create the longer format Videos where you’re going to get that Watch time again you need 4 000 hours of Watch time and you need that 1 000 Subscribers Every single one of these channels that I just showed you guys started with zero And consistency is key you need to make Sure that you’re posting content all the Time in order to grow your channel some Of these channels have been running only For a few years and they’re absolutely Crushing it there are some channels like This ladies fitness channel when you go To date added oldest it’s been around For 12 years guys but at the end of the Day right now she works for herself and She’s making tens of thousands of Dollars every single month so Consistency is absolutely key when it Comes to youtube so if you enjoyed this Video make sure you go down the bottom And just comment let me know what you

Thought of the video and make sure that You smash that like button in Appreciation and subscribe to the Channel because i have some more awesome Content coming your way now what i Encourage you to do is watch this Playlist over here because i’ve got a Lot of examples of how you can make Money using youtube shorts How you can get it monetized and do Exactly what these people are doing to Absolutely crush it on youtube i’ll see You on the video until next time you Take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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