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YouTube Shorts Monetization For Creators!


YouTube Shorts Monetization For Creators!

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YouTube Shorts is an opportunity to tell a story in a different way, they’re bite-sized entertainment which offers you more opportunities to get your audience watching. YouTube Shorts offers you to be creative, and fun and perhaps make some money along the way!

But what exactly are YouTube shorts, and what makes them different from a regular YouTube video? What’s a good posting strategy for YouTube Shorts? Listen in as I answer all these questions and more about this awesome way to post for very little effort and on any schedule!

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Hey guys it’s Nina Zeta with sidewalker Daily and today I want to talk about YouTube shorts monetization there has Been some updates and how you’re going To be able to monetize your shorts as a Creator so I’m going to be sharing the Three ways that you can monetize your YouTube shorts before I jump in if you Are a Creator new to our Channel if You’re listening on our podcast go ahead And give us a follow or subscribe so you Can be kept up to date on all things Creator economy we love helping creators That’s what we do here at sidewalker Daily so let’s go through YouTube Monetization Um from a bird’s eye view the first is Similarly to what you may have seen on Instagram and Tick Tock is the YouTube Shorts fund for creators the fund this Is like a very standard monetization Process that like I said Tick Tock Instagram do they put it fun together so YouTube has a 100 million dollar fund And that fund gets dispersed in terms of Bonuses right so in order to be eligible You have to post original YouTube shorts Content so this is not repurposing from Tick Tock or somewhere else you also Have to be in an eligible country 18 or Up and also follow the community’s Guidelines so the way it will work is That YouTube will be sending out Invitations to different creators and

You have a window of time to agree that You want to be a part of this like fund The cool thing about the fund is that It’s not just limited to creators in the YouTube Partner program so it is open to All and I think it’s something that They’ll be like constantly shifting and Changing now the second way you can Monetize your YouTube shorts content is Through brand deals we actually just did An entire video on how to get brand Deals on YouTube shorts that you can Check out there if you want to dive Deeper if brand deals are your thing but Just like any other traditional Sponsorship you can now go to your brand Partners pitch shorts and say I want to Integrate your product into shorts Here’s the thing about YouTube shorts Now and I think it’s a kind of word on The street type of stuff but the Algorithm is very friendly similarly to When tick tock’s algorithm was super Friendly and everyone was getting a lot Of views people are seeing similar Traits in the YouTube algorithm it still Needs to be tweaked out so obviously Take this with a grain of salt you have To try it out for yourself but people Are saying that YouTube shorts are they Are being able to generate more views I Know here at sidewalker we’ve been Posting shorts and our channel is seeing More growth because of it just in

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Overall views and subscribers so it is Something to note and again as someone Like our Channel we’re all about brand Partnerships and pitching the brand so I Definitely see a big opportunity for Creators to go to their brand partners And create shorts for their brand Partners to post on their shorts feed so There’s definitely something there if You are a creator that does want to work With Brands you’re new to our Channel You don’t know much about us we have a Live free training we host them all the Time you can click the link below to Learn more join us it’s an amazing Training I share tons of good Information mostly coming from the brand Side because that’s where I started off And you’re gonna love it so it’s really Great now the third way to to monetize And this is the new one that’s coming to Really the Creator economy and Market Because it hasn’t been rolled out yet is To collect advertising revenue from YouTube so here’s the thing this is why I think YouTube monetization is probably The best out of all the platforms Because they’re really fair in how they Divvy it up they really give creators a Really nice percentage I believe it’s 45 Of that ad Revenue split so it’s not From a fund right it’s not from a finite Pool of money it’s actually just depends On the ad Revenue that comes through

What’s interesting about the way it’s Going to be doing on shorts is they’re Basically pulling all the ad Revenue Together and then splitting it up Throughout different creators so you Have to join YouTube’s partner program To enroll and to be accepted back in the Day you used to have like you needed Like a thousand subscribers and 4 000 I Think hours watch time now it’s Different for shorts creators they’re Changing up the rules they’re saying you Only need a thousand subscribers and at Least 10 million views on your shorts Which I know sounds like a lot like 10 Million views but again people are going Quite viral quite often and it’s a Collective number of your YouTube short Views so it’s collectively and since You’re going to be joining the YouTube Partner program you’re going to get Access to different monetization tools Like Channel memberships uh Super Chat Super thanks these are all little ways To monetize on YouTube so now shorts Creators are going to be getting access To that as well what’s really Interesting about like getting everyone Together it’s really collectively it’s Basically like incentivizing the whole Community to get behind shorts right They’re like you’re gonna get a really Nice chunk of change 45 ad Revenue split Um but it’s getting everyone to come in

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And what’s also really cool when you Think about this as a passive income you Know as a Creator if you’re going to be Making shorts anyways now that you’re Going to be able to monetize off the Short directly with that ad split with That ad Revenue split with YouTube I Think a lot of creators are going to be Very happy to see the results that come From that the thing with the fix fund That I was telling you guys about first You know people were not seeing a lot of Money coming from this like from a bonus Perspective you get millions of views And not get paid like anything but the Good thing is is that it’s being opened To more creators so more people have Access to it whereas the ad Revenue Split Um this new tool that’s coming out on YouTube is really more of a long term Perspective for creators it’s less like Bonus driven and it’s more about Building a business through a short form Video and being able to monetize from it Directly so when you think about out of All the pop forms who’s kind of killing It when it comes to Creator monetization YouTube is kind of out doing everyone Else right because they have that Revenue split they have the fund and Then of course brim Partnerships which You can do on your own anyways guys let Me know what you think of the this news

Are you creating shorts already is this Something that you already are doing I Know we create shorts on YouTube I’m not Sure if you guys have been seeing them But we do and we’re enjoying it so let Me know in the comments below if these Monetization changes are exciting to you If it’s something that you think you’re Going to be able to directly benefit From can’t wait to hear from you guys And as always like comment subscribe do All that good stuff and I will see you In the next video

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