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NEW YouTube Shorts MONETIZATION Policy for 2023


New YouTube Shorts Monetization Update on YouTube Shorts Ads, YouTube Super Thanks for Shorts, and YouTube Fan Funding Lower YouTube Monetization Requirements.
Full Interview with YouTube VP https://youtu.be/ay9ATXNhCbE

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YouTube Shorts Monetization is Changing and the YouTube Shorts Fund will be ending in 2023. The YouTube Shorts Creator Fund will be replaced with YouTube Ads for Shorts. YouTube is also lowing the Monetization Requirement with YouTube Fan Funding. YouTube Super Thanks for Shorts is also rolling out to Creators in the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube is also expanding YPP, and creating a Shorts Creator path to YouTube Monetization with a 10M view in 90 days option for YouTube Monetization.

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YouTube short monetization is changing Forever and here’s everything you need To know to get paid on your YouTube Shorts the YouTube shorts Creator fund Will be coming to an end in Spring of 2023 and it’s being replaced from now on The shorts Creator fund will be replaced With YouTube ads for shorts and with YouTube super thanks also allowing you To be paid on your YouTube shorts from Donations from your fans super thanks For YouTube shorts is already being Rolled out to existing YouTube partners And everybody in the YouTube Partner Program will be eligible for YouTube Super thanks on their YouTube shorts as Well as YouTube shorts ad Revenue so if You’re already monetized in the YouTube Partner program you’re going to be Grandfathered in to both of these now if You’re not familiar YouTube super thanks Are donations from your fans very Similar to the YouTube super chats During live streams this is a 70 30 Revenue split between YouTube and the Content creators with the content Creator getting the 70 percent basically If you get a five dollar donation you’ll Be getting three dollars and fifty cents With regard to YouTube shorts ads YouTube shorts ads will be rolled out to Everyone who is already in the YouTube Partner program and qualifies you won’t Have to do anything else or meet new

Requirements if you’re already in the YouTube Partner program however the YouTube Partner program is expanding and Offering an alternative path to Monetization typically in the YouTube Partner program to receive ad Revenue as Well as all the other YouTube Monetization features you need 1 000 Subscribers and 4 000 hours of watch Time however shorts content creators Will have an alternative path to Monetization this means it’s an either Or you can go the traditional route and Get the 4 000 hours of watch time and The 1000 subscribers and that’s four Thousand hours in 12 months or 365 days Whatever the previous 365 days is or you Can can go another route the shorts Crater route would be that you would get The 1000 subscriber requirement and 10 Million shorts views in 90 days however In a recent update to this announcement YouTube has decided to retroactively Allow any shorts creators who have the 10 million views to be included in the YouTube Partner program when this goes Live so that means if you get 10 million Shorts views before the new announcement Rolls live with YouTube ads for shorts You will be also qualified for the YouTube Partner program as long as you Still have the 1000 subscriber Requirement originally this was not Going to be the case but I’m glad that

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YouTube listened to creators and that They changed their mind on this decision Now if that still seems attainable there Is some good news YouTube is creating a Lower tier of YouTube monetization and I Will be doing a dedicated video on that This lower tier monetization will not be The YouTube Partner program it will be Called YouTube and funding and with YouTube fan funding what is going to Happen is you will qualify for YouTube Super thanks super Chats on live streams Super stickers and YouTube channel Memberships all of these have a 70 30 Split and these come directly from your Fans in the form of donations this will Mean that your fans can support you not Only with their eyeballs but with their Wallets directly and it gives more Creators the opportunity to monetize Their content and earn from YouTube We’ll have more details on the exact Requirements regarding this but if you Want a little bit more insight I did a Great interview with YouTube’s VP of Creator products amjad hanif and that is Here on the channel I will link to it in The description down below so you can Watch the full interview and hear it From a YouTube executive now when it Comes to YouTube short monetization with Ads this will be slightly different than The ad Revenue you’re used to seeing on YouTube so it’s important that you watch

The video all the way to the end so you Understand this it gets a little bit Complicated instead of the traditional 55-45 split that creators get from YouTube ads on regular long form videos That are not shorts videos this is going To be different when it comes to YouTube Ads for shorts and will be a 45-55 split With the creators getting 45 percent and There’s reason I said creators instead Of Creator YouTube shorts vertical Videos play in a feed that requires you To continue to scroll through videos ads Will play in between these video Scrolls On YouTube shorts which means that the Ad Revenue doesn’t go to a single Dedicated video and a single dedicated Creator the way that long form videos do Which means that the short ad Revenue Will be a pool among everybody viewed in A shorts viewing scroll session Basically if you watched 30 YouTube Shorts then the 45 percent would be Split between those 30 creators for all Of the ads that generated Revenue Playing during your viewing session be Split among those creators one of the Other things you need to know about YouTube shorts and the ad revenue is That music playing on these YouTube Shorts will still allow these videos to Be monetized with ads and this will be Music that is in YouTube’s music library And you will be able to use up to 60

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Seconds of music just like you can on Other platforms instead of the 15 Seconds that you’ve been able to use up Until now I do plan to make a more Dedicated video about this 45-55 split Because I know a lot of creators have Questions about it if you have questions About YouTube monetization YouTube Shorts monetization or YouTube fan Funding leave those in the comment Section so that I can reply to them but Also so I know how to make the follow-up Video that addresses all of your Questions remember if you’re already in The YouTube Partner program you’re not Going to have to do anything extra to Make money from your YouTube tube shorts And have them fully monetized but if You’re not in the YouTube Partner Program it is going to be important for You to reach these requirements in order To start making money from your content At least until we get the new YouTube Fan funding options which will lower the Bar to monetization making money from Your content is a big deal it’s Wonderful and if you want to know Exactly how to get 4 000 hours of watch Time and get into YouTube Partner Program you’re going to want to watch This video that I’ve Linked In the Description down below that tells you Exactly how to do that stay awesome and I will catch you in the next video take


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