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MAJOR YouTube Shorts Monetization UPDATE.. NEW WAY For Small Channels To Get Paid?!


This video covers the new youtube shorts monetization update. If you want to get paid from youtube or learn how to monetize YouTube shorts you need to watch this video. It fully covers how to get monetized on YouTube through the youtube shorts program without 4000 watch hours.

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If you haven’t heard yet YouTube just Released a massive update when it comes To making money on YouTube shorts that Is going to allow you to both monetize Your YouTube channel and make tens of Thousands of dollars a month from shorts If you implement the things that I share With you in this video because there Have been several things that have come Out about this some of these things are Rumors some of these things are true and We’re going to dispel what is actually True in this video what is a rumor and How you can make sure that you’re Preparing to be able to take advantage Of this because not everybody is going To be able to take advantage of this if You do not implement the things that I Share with you in this video because There’s so many common things that You’re probably doing right now on your YouTube short channel that are going to Prevent you from monetizing it in the Future and these details have just come Out that being said these new updates Are going to allow you to monetize your Channel with less than 4 000 watch hours They are going to allow you to monetize Just by uploading on YouTube shorts and For those of you that use music in your Videos this might be a really good thing Or a really bad thing but more on that Later first I need you to smash that Subscribe button if you want to grow

Quicker on YouTube Instagram or Tick Tock I literally uploaded a video about How to grow on these platforms every Single day in addition to that I created A free YouTube growth course you could Get a link in the pin comment below it’s Going to share with you how to get more Views on your YouTube channel so that You can actually get into the YouTube Shorts monetization program once it’s Released which by the way I’m going to Be sharing the release date later on in This video again you could get that at The link in the pin comment below which Is going to help you get more Subscribers more views and ultimately Quit your job and become a full-time YouTube creator now here At the program the program is going to Be released in 2023 so you are on the Clock right now because the way that you Get into the program is you need to have 10 million views on your YouTube shorts In the last 90 days now that clock is Going to be beginning October 1st so you Need to make sure that you’re geared up To get 10 million views in the next 90 Days if you want to be eligible to join That because the views that you’ve Gotten in the past those won’t count Towards this 90 days it’s going to start October 1st now those videos that you Made in the past that then begin to Continue to get views after October 1st

Those views will count but you need to Make sure that you are actually getting Views in the next 90 days from October 1st to December 31st to be eligible to Then join this program which again is Beginning in 2023. now the ad Revenue Structure is a little bit different than It is with long-term content long-form Content right now is 55 towards the Creator short form content is going to Be 45 towards the Creator the reason Being is that YouTube is going to allow You to monetize content that has Licensed music in it when it comes to Shorts so if you have been using Licensed music you will be fine do not Worry you are still going to get paid You will get paid that 45 that extra Amount of money that 10 wiggle room it’s Going to go out to the actual music Creator and for a lot of you you’re Going to be able to monetize your Content with music you get long form Content or short form content in a way Different manner in the future which I’m Going to share with you later on in this Video now you’re probably wondering Rob What should I be doing if I have Copyright music on some of my shorts or On some of my long form videos is that Going to affect me being able to Monetize my content in the future what If I’m using copyright content and is This update even good for small channels

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Or is this only going to be good for big Channels so let’s dive into that YouTube Also announced today that they’re Launching something called Creator music Where you are going to be able to License artist music this is going to be Really good for two people one creators That want to get paid while using Licensed music which actually makes Their videos better and secondly the Musical artists that are creating this Type of content that are now going to Get paid on YouTube and it’s going to be Way easier for them to get paid the way That music artists basically got paid From YouTube in the past was not that They had a licensing deal with them but They actually had to go through a Separate Avenue which would then go After all the creators that had licensed Music on it and then they would get paid On the back end from that creators Aren’t going to have to do that anymore Because they’re going to be able to Directly monetize their music on YouTube And this is going to make it easier for One creators to get more views and make Better videos and for musicians to Actually be able to monetize their Content which is going to be amazing for Everybody this is a huge step in the Right direction both for musicians and For creators to be able to use both of Their things to make a better art form

And allow us to create better content Which get more views and both the Creator and the musician end up making More money from it so at this point You’re probably wondering Rob this is Great we’re going to be able to get paid From YouTube shorts what do I need to do To make sure that I’m actually going to Get paid as much money as humanly Possible so that I can be able to quit My job to become a full-time YouTube Shorts Creator or a full-time YouTube Long-form Creator so you’re probably Wondering this so I need to share with You the exact outline of what I would be Doing if I had zero subscribers right Now 100 subscribers a thousand Subscribers had I not quit my job yet if You don’t know I quit my job working for Garyvee because I became a YouTuber you Can do the same exact thing both with Shorts and with long form content right Now but there’s a three-step strategy That I would strongly suggest you Implement if you want to be able to Monetize your shorts next year so let’s Dive into that so that you know exactly What this three-step strategy is first And foremost I would be focused on Search content on shorts right now this Is one of the biggest opportunities when It comes to YouTube shorts because YouTube shorts are getting pushed out For two reasons one they’re getting

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Recommended on the shorts feed which Basically just looks at your past watch History and then recommends content and Then secondly they’re getting Recommended in search if you don’t know This the majority variety of searches That are happening on YouTube right now Are happening on a mobile device and you Can now get paid for those views via Search so what I strongly suggest that You do you need to make sure that you’re Ranking for search when it comes to YouTube shorts for two reasons one it’s Going to get more of your videos Recommended on these shorts feed two It’s going to allow you to get more Views from browse features and from Search when it comes to you actually Creating content you need to understand Something millions and millions of People are searching for things in your Niche every single day and if you are Not creating search based content your Content is not going to get recommended To them and secondly your content is not Going to show up within the shorts Search feed so you need to make sure That you’re doing this why because these Are views that are happening 24 7. it Doesn’t matter if you’re creating new Content it doesn’t matter if you’re Sleeping it doesn’t matter if you’re on Vacation creating content like this is Going to allow you to get views 24 7

Forever and in the future this is going To allow you to get paid a ton of money From YouTube shorts so I strongly Suggest you do it this takes away all The guesswork you don’t have to worry About going viral on YouTube shorts you Don’t have to worry about coming up with The perfect title or the perfect Thumbnail or the perfect idea instead You can sit back relax know that you’ve Built up a catalog of content you’ve Created a ton of really good content That is going to get you views in the Future and it’s going to allow you to Make money no matter what now I know That sounds great but there are two Other things you also need to make sure That you’re doing to gear up to be able To monetize your YouTube short Channel And to be able to essentially quit your Job and make a full-time living from YouTube shorts so let’s go into those And thing that you need to make sure That you’re doing is producing short Form content in the near-term future AKA In the next 90 days and the second thing I would do once you have videos work on Short form content I would then create Long-form pieces of content about that So that you can also get paid from the Long-form content and I would do the Reverse of that if you’re a long form Content creator right now I would begin Creating shorts with literally the same

Exact title on the same exact topic as Your best performing videos I would just Create a shorter version of it again This is going to allow you to get paid From both angles there’s no excuse for You to not be taking advantages right Now this is literally one of the biggest Land grabs ever in YouTube history where They’re going to allow new especially Small creators to get paid from YouTube And there’s one other thing that you Need to understand about this what you Need to understand is that this is a Land grant the creators that hop on this That take YouTube shorts seriously in The next 90 days get the 10 million Views regardless of how many subscribers That they have they’re going to make the Majority of money from this program you Need to be ranking for search you need To be creating great valuable content Within your Niche and you need to Understand that the opportunity need to Grow on YouTube shorts is not going to Last forever and you need to take this Seriously right now I’m telling you I Told you guys early about Instagram Reels a lot of you gain hundreds of Thousands followers on Instagram Completely changed your life I told you Earlier about YouTube shorts a lot of You have gained a lot of subscribers and Gotten a lot of views but it doesn’t end There you need to make sure that you

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Take the next 90 days seriously and on Top of that I’ve been screaming about Tick Tock for the last three years and The people that took that seriously have Literally made millions of dollars been Able to quit their jobs now I am Screaming about YouTube shorts because I’m telling you this is a land grab you Need to make sure that you are ranking For search you need to make sure that You are aligning yourself to get views 24 7 forever in the future within your Niche to guarantee that you were able to Monetize your YouTube channel now if you Want to get guaranteed subscribers on YouTube and you want to make sure that You get the amount of views that you Need in the next 90 days you need to Keep watching this video because I’m Going to share with you exactly how I Can make this a reality for you in fact I hope this Creator get 10 million views In the last 90 days this Creator get 10 Million views in the last 90 days and This Creator got 10 million views in Like the last week or so so if you want The same thing to happen to you you need To make sure that you keep watching this Video finally I just launched my YouTube Shorts mentorship program which Guarantees that I can help you grow on YouTube in just 30 days if you want to Find out more go to the link in the Description but to put it simply you’re

Gonna go through six steps to becoming a YouTube shorts expert then I’m gonna Make you a personalized plan I’m gonna Tell you exactly what to post what Titles to use what thumbnails to use What descriptions to use what tags to Use what your content should actually Look like how your editing should be and So much more and then for the next 30 Days I’m gonna critique your content to Guarantee that you grow it’s incredibly Simple if you don’t grow on YouTube in The 30 days I’m gonna give you your Money back zero questions asked this is Not just a course this is not just Information it’s me actually telling you Exactly what to do critiquing you Consulting me coaching you on how to be A full-time YouTuber how to grow on YouTube how to reach your goals on YouTube and again if you don’t grow on YouTube in the 30 days you get your Money back zero questions asked there’s Absolutely no risk for signing up the Only risk is not taking advantage of This situation right now with YouTube Shorts and growing on YouTube so please Do not be somebody that does that that Being said if you’re not interested just Watch the next two videos I’m gonna put Up on the screen because the other Videos that YouTube thinks you should Watch next thank you so much for Watching

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