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How YouTube Shorts Monetization will Change YouTube Automation


How YouTube Shorts Monetization will Change YouTube Automation
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In this video I talk about the new 2023 YouTube shorts monetization update where you’ll finally be able to make money through ads on YouTube shorts. This is a game changer. This new update is rolling out on YouTube in early February 2023 and it will change the YouTube Automation game forever. Watch the whole video to find out how I’m planning to make a lot of money with YouTube shorts.

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This is going to be your final chance to Blow up and do it quickly there’s a Massive update coming YouTube very soon We’re just gonna change YouTube Forever The big question is are you ready to get Rich off this opportunity this will be The biggest ever chance for you to make Money with YouTube Automation in a way That’s never been done before while your Competition is out there trying to do All these niches that are bound to fill You can now take this opportunity and Make thousands and thousands of dollars Per month which means that you can get Results like this this or even this now I want you to imagine very very Carefully if you would start making that Money how would that change your life You should take your girlfriend on a Vacation to the Maldives will you retire Your parents what exactly would you do Well now’s your chance alright let’s Reveal what I’m talking about here over The last few years short Forum content Has been blowing up like crazy with the Likes of tick tock Instagram reels and Now YouTube shorts taking over all Platforms now YouTube shorts have been In the news recently because of the Updates they’ve been planning to do Currently you can only monitor size your Content any partner program which Applies to normal videos and the shorts Fund but in a recent update YouTube

Announced that they’re going to monetize Shorts in 2023 they’ll do that with the Short monetization program this opens up Many many opportunities to make money With YouTube automation with just shorts Only and there are people that are Already preparing for this this right There is a finance Channel called Trading phase if I click on one of the Videos you can see that they’re making Videos about trading which is in a high CPM industry you can see they’ve got Videos with 600 000 views 163 000 views 100 000 views another 100 000 views in The last month of the 1.8 million views Which is pretty crazy well actually it’s Not that much check this out this Channel is called five minute crafts Shorts now this channel is about to make So much money next year they have 320 Million views in the last month with a 50 Cent dollar RPM that is already 150 000 in just one single month and then We’ve got this channel called Dylan Anderson this person simply gives Commentary to specific videos pretty Easy format here’s how it works when This family went to go put their Grandmother’s ashes where she always Wanted to be they tossed them into the Water and then noticed the ashes spelled Out I heart you they all notice it at The same time and started freaking out With some of them tearing up at the

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Thought of her sending them a message an Incredible moment for this family now With that format this dude is getting 723 million views per month let me tell You some people are about to get Millionaires from YouTube shorts alone But hey Tick Tock is still out there Right well yes but no YouTube is Actually beating Tick Tock as of right Now and it’s about to get crazier next Year YouTube recently announced that Over 1.5 billion people recently watched Shorts in just one single month now with Tick Tock that’s about 1 billion however That’s not the game changer Tick-Tock Monetization is extremely poor Tick Tock Creators don’t make a lot of money Directly from the platform they only Made money through brand deals affiliate Marketing selling their own stuff Basically external monetization however On YouTube that that’s about a change You can directly make money by simply Uploading your short to the platform so Here’s what’s gonna happen a lot of These Tick Tock creators will stop Posting on Tech talk or they’ll simply Shift to YouTube as their main platform Because they’re gonna get paid a ton of Money we get it YouTube short is going To be great and you can make money However how does it apply to YouTube Automation if you want to get a full Video produced normally that might cost

You let’s say 50 up to a hundred dollars However with shorts you can make Extremely short content which is not Going to cost you any near as much as a Normal video yet you can make more money With them I’ll break down the exact Prices later in the video so the Opportunity alone already is great but How exactly does this change YouTube Automation so as a consumer the way that We interact with technology is changing All the time content is available Everywhere 24 7. so just by grabbing Your phone opening some app you can see A lot of content people’s attention Spans have been getting shorter and Shorter and because of that YouTube Shorts can be a great opportunity Because you can make Snappy videos where You can easily get someone’s attention And have them watching all of your Shorts in a row this will easily create Session time which shows YouTube that Your channel is great long form videos Used to consist of an intro a core part And then an outro you need to make sure That you grab someone’s attention and Set the expectation correctly for the Entire video so that they can watch it With shorts this is completely different You need to catch viewers attention in Just two seconds otherwise they’re gone Then you want to make sure to Simply Provide the value right away within the

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Next 10 or 15 seconds and that’s your Video done now does that mean we have This new opportunity that you should Completely shift from normal videos to YouTube shorts or not well I’ll give you The answer later on normally with YouTube automation you’re going to need A scriptwriter a voiceover a video Editor any thumbnail designer which will Usually cost you anywhere about 50 up to A hundred dollars on average however to Automate a YouTube shorts Channel you Can do that much easier usually in order To create a short you don’t need a lot Of voice overs a lot of video editing You don’t need a thumbnail you don’t Need anything like that meaning your Cost for YouTube shorts are going to be Much lower so it is decisions you need Are going to be less and the amount of Money you need to spend on the video is Also going to be less because the videos Are simply much shorter you can also Decide to do the work yourself on a Short simply react to one of these clips Just like Dylan did then you might Already have a successful format that You can later on Outsource to make it YouTube automation now all of that Sounds fun but how exactly does this Monetization work because with normal Videos you click on the video there’s an Ad in front of it and that’s where you Make money with shorts that is not the

Case because the interface where we Consume content is much different so how Does it work alright so we know that When you click on shorts it simply plays In a feed or you can simply continue to Scroll down and it never stops now in Between a scroll if you swipe down You’ll see another video that’s where They’re gonna put ads now that means That the ads aren’t specifically placed On one channel or one video they’re Simply being shown in the short feed This means that the generated Revenue Will be shared among the creators that The consumer watched in that short Session with the normal partner program YouTube keep 45 and gives 55 percent to The Creator with shorts that the other Way around so you keep 45 YouTube keeps 55 so with all that being said here’s Why you need to start with YouTube Shorts right now there’s lower Competition and high discoverability YouTube absolutely pushes your content Like crazy just like Tick Tock used to Do back in the day there’s more time to Improve your craft at creating shorts They take less time to make thus you can Make more of them thus you get better Much quicker posting shorts will now Also benefit your long form content so If you have a normal YouTube channel by Now starting shorts your shorts will Allow to push traffic to your normal

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Videos and that wasn’t the case before However the best one taught from YouTube Recommends you get going on shorts Because you’re going to do a lot more Crazy stuff in the future and he’s an Insider so you better follow his advice So here’s what I’m gonna do when I’m Gonna launch my shorts channels when Making content I’m gonna aim for 100 Retention so that I get pushed like Crazy I’ll do that by making a loop at The end of the video and also making Sure that it’s quick and snappy you Don’t want your shorts to be 59 seconds And pretty boring slow no you want to Keep them short but extremely engaging So that people want to watch them again And again that is what will make the Shorts algorithm go crazy and push your Video out to a lot of people then I’m Going to create a binge watching effect By making sure that all of my newer Videos and my older videos line up with Each other so that someone can simply Start scrolling through my content and Enjoy every single video because I stick To the same content format I’m gonna Decide what to make by answering these Simple questions number one what exactly Are my viewers searching for number two What do they really want out of my Content number three which exact videos Do you want to click on is there a Specific format that I need to follow

That performs better than the other if Yes I then found it I’m going to Continue to do so so that I can create That binge watching effect so I Definitely think that YouTube shorts is Gonna change the YouTube automation game Check this video right there if you want To learn more about YouTube automation Foreign [Music]

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