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How To Make $10,000+/Month With YouTube Shorts Monetization (SECRETS TO MONETIZE YOUTUBE SHORTS)


This video walks you through how to make over $10,000 a month from YouTube Shorts. If you want to know more about YouTube Shorts Monetization and how to monetize youtube shorts this is the perfect video for you.

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Are you posting on youtube right now and Not getting paid for it or even worse You’re posting on youtube you’re getting Paid but it’s not enough money and you Want to make even more money i get it we All want to make money as creators and This video is going to teach you how to Make over ten thousand dollars every Single month just posting youtube shorts And the good news is you don’t need a Minimum subscriber account you don’t Need to producing hundreds of shorts Videos every single week and you don’t Need to be putting in that much time or That much effort to be able to make over Ten thousand dollars every single month On youtube in fact there are two ways You guys are gonna be able to monetize Your shorts the first one is through the Shorts fund i’m gonna show you exactly How you can get into the shorts fund how To make money from the shorts fund how Much you’re gonna get paid and how you Can actually make videos for youtube Shorts for the shorts fund without Coming up with your own content and then Secondly i’m going to show you a secret Way that you guys could be monetizing Your youtube shorts that a lot of people Don’t know about because a lot of people Think that the shorts fund is the only Way to be able to monetize youtube Shorts but that is not true in fact There’s another way to be able to

Monetize shorts and you can make way More than ten thousand dollars a month Which right now is the cap for the Shorts fund now i know you’re probably Thinking to yourself right now but rob i Thought that youtube shorts weren’t Monetizable and it couldn’t be further From the truth in fact so many creators Tens of thousands of creators are making So much money off of youtube shorts and I’m going to show you exactly how to do That but first i need you to smash that Subscribe button if you want to grow Quicker on youtube instagram or tick Tock and you want to make more money on These platforms you need to make sure That you subscribe to my youtube channel In addition to that i created a free Youtube growth course that’s going to Tell you how to get your first viral Video on youtube shorts and all you have To do to get it is go to the link in the Pin comment below again it’s 100 free Get into it while it’s free because i Will be charging for it in the future So for starters with the youtube shorts Fund they’re paying out between 100 to Ten thousand dollars every single month If your videos apply to the youtube Shorts fun now remember there are a Bunch of rules that you guys need to be Following and criteria that you need to Be hitting on your youtube shorts which I’m going to be sharing with you in this

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Video because 99 of you guys are Actually messing this up and it’s why You’re not making money from the youtube Shorts fund So in order to be eligible for the Youtube shorts fun you need to fit the Following criteria first you would have Had to upload a short within the past 180 days now yeah that’s a really easy One for you guys to be hitting the Second one is you need to make sure that Your videos are not violating youtube’s Community guidelines if they are Violating youtube’s community guidelines They’re not going to be monetizable Honestly this isn’t something a lot of You guys have to worry about because i’m Going to guess that a lot of you guys Aren’t actually violating their Guidelines third and this is where most You guys are messing up you need to make Sure that you are not uploading videos That have a watermark from somewhere Else this means if you’re uploading Videos from tiktok or you’re uploading Videos from another platform and there’s A watermark this is why you’re not Getting monetized and if you have videos Like that on your channel it’s going to Prevent you from getting monetized in The future which is why i strongly Suggest stop reposting those videos make Sure that there are no watermarks Anywhere on your content because it’s

Going to ruin your ability to be able to Monetize in the future and just to be Able to get into the shorts fun and get Chosen for it And the next one is really easy you have To be over 13 years old i’m going to Guess that since you’re watching this Video you are over 13 years old so to Recap one you must be uploading youtube Shorts secondly you need to make sure That you’re not violating their Community guidelines or their copyright Guidelines third you need to make sure That there are no logos anywhere on your Youtube shorts because it will prevent Your channel from getting monetized Through the shorts fun and then finally Make sure that you’re over 13 years old Now those are just the guidelines for Being eligible to get chosen for the Shorts fund now we need to go in how to Actually get chosen So every single month youtube is going To be choosing tens of thousands of People that are then going to get chosen For the youtube shorts fund and you’re Going to be able to make money off of Certain shorts that being said their Criteria on what it takes to be able to Get into the youtube shorts fun isn’t Clear and it changes on a month-to-month Basis but the odds of you getting chosen Are going to be higher depending on how Many youtube shorts you’re uploading i

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Would strongly suggest if you want to Get chosen for the fun i would be Uploading one to two youtube shorts Every single day in addition to that you Need to make sure that as many of these Posts are going viral as possible what Youtube shorts fund is actually Optimizing for and they don’t explicitly Say this but they’re optimizing for People that are one being consistent With posting on youtube shorts and two Keeping people on the app by uploading Youtube shorts that go viral often now I’m not saying that your posts need to Go viral every single time don’t even Bother going for that in fact strategy Number two that i’m gonna be sharing With you later on in this video which Will actually be able to make more than Ten thousand dollars a month from Posting on youtube shorts has nothing to Do with any of the stuff that i’m going To share with you right now so this Stuff all pertains to the youtube shorts Fun but there is another strategy that You could be taking with your youtube Shorts where you don’t actually have to Get viral posts and you don’t have to Get your videos chosen by youtube to Then enter the shorts fund Now this brings me to something very Important that we need to talk about the Shorts fund you’re going to get paid on Those posts it doesn’t matter when they

Were uploaded so you could uploaded a Video 12 months ago but actually get Chosen for the shorts fund this month or Next month or maybe it was last month That you got chosen in addition to that Whether or not you get chosen varies on A month-to-month basis so just because You didn’t get chosen last month doesn’t Mean you won’t get chosen this month Just because you didn’t get chosen this Month doesn’t mean you won’t be getting Chosen next month so i strongly suggest That you stay patient and stay Continuing to upload youtube shorts so That you then get chosen for the shorts Fund now this brings me to the most Important part of the youtube shorts Fund which is they’re going to tell you After the first of the month whether or Not you qualify they’re going to shoot You an email and there’s going to be a Notification on your youtube channel you Need to make sure that you claim this Bonus if you do not claim the bonus you Will not get it and it’ll disappear Before the 25th of the month if you do Not claim this bonus you are going to Not get this money there’s no going back If you didn’t claim it there’s no doing Anything like that there’s no freaking Out on youtube you cannot do that so you Need to make sure you need to be Checking both your email and your Notifications at the beginning of the

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Month to see whether or not you got a Shorts bonus and if you did you need to Claim it before the 25th otherwise it’s Going to be gone forever now contrary to Popular belief there is another way for You guys to be monetizing your youtube Shorts and you need to take this into Consideration so for you to be in the Shorts fund you have to be getting views From the shorts feed but shorts also Show up in two other places they show up On the home page and they show up in Search results what does this mean for You this means that if somebody views One of your videos from a desktop or Even from a mobile device but they Clicked on it on the home feed or they Clicked on it in the search results Guess what happens an ad shows before You actually see the video guess what That means that you’re gonna get paid ad Revenue from that this means that you Should be doing two things with your Monetizing your youtube short strategy One trying to optimize certain videos to Get on the shorts feed but then secondly Making sure that you’re also optimizing For things that show up in shorts for Example you could do a how to make money With affiliate marketing or you could do How to do hacks on minecraft or anything Like that whatever searchable within Your specific niche i would also make Shorts about that because if you can tap

Into something that gets searched all The time you’re going to have posts that Make a hundred a thousand ten thousand Dollars every single month and they Don’t require you to get chosen for the Shorts fund So if you think about it you can Actually double dip with youtube shorts With long-form content on youtube you Only get paid from ads that get shown Before during or after the video but With youtube shorts depending on where You’re short is showing up you’re either One getting paid from the shorts fund or Two you’re getting paid from regular ads Which is exactly why i strongly suggest You guys take shorts way more seriously If you want to start making tens of Thousands of dollars a month on youtube That being said if you do want to Monetize your youtube shorts not in the Shorts fun but just to regular ads you Need to have over a thousand subscribers Which is exactly why i made this video We’re gonna put up on the screen next It’s gonna show you how to get a Thousand subscribers on youtube in the Next 10 minutes i strongly suggest you Check it out next You

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