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BREAKING NEWS: YouTube is PAYING Creators MORE in 2023!


YouTube Has Just Announced Some of Their Plan to PAY Creators MORE in 2023! ***** FREE ON-DEMAND CLASS 🎯 Learn 3 Secrets for Growing Your YouTube Channel in 2022 👉 http://ThinkMasterclass.com

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YouTube has just announced that they Will be paying creators more money in 2023 and starting in mid-January there Will be new requirements to get into the YouTube partnership program and they Just announced that the revenue sharing That they will be doing to pay shorts Creators will begin on February 1st 2023. YouTube also revealed how much Money you could earn with YouTube shorts And what’s gonna happen to the YouTube Shorts fund and so much more so let’s Just get right into it YouTube released This today these are new ways to earn on YouTube and I’ll leave a link in the Description down below here they said That Revenue sharing for shorts ads will Begin on February 1st 2023 for those who Sign the appropriate agreements Beforehand so make sure when this comes Out that you sign it you update it and You do everything you need to do so that You can get into that shorts ad revenue And start making money from your shorts And stay tuned because I’m going to Share with you on how to actually get Notified so when this does come out you Can sign it update it right away and Start making money as soon as possible So here is what’s new and this is really Interesting because they said to keep in Mind that some features are launching in Select markets before others so if you See some people making money with the

YouTube shorts when it comes to that ad Revenue and you don’t have access yet And you’re in the YouTube partnership Program just wait they are going to roll This out to select countries at first And select creators but typically they Do this pretty quickly so just sit tight Hang on and hopefully you’ll get it as Soon as possible now like I said joining The YouTube partnership program is Changing so here are the new Requirements that they lay out for you Right here starting in mid-January 2023 Newly eligible creators will be able to Join the ypp by either one getting 1 000 Subscribers with 4 000 public watch Hours in the last 12 months this is the One that we are used to so this is not New for us this is how we’ve been able To get into the ypp but the new one that They’re doing is this or number two Getting 1 000 subscribers with 10 Million valid public shorts views in the Last 90 days now this is exciting Because even though this isn’t coming Out until January they’re saying that as Of October 2022 eligible shorts views For creators not in the ypp are going to Count towards your eligibility so if Your shorts Creator get posting right Now because this is going to count when It rolls out in January you could Potentially just get monetized right Away if you have enough shorts views

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Within These past 90 days keep in mind That any public watch hours from shorts Views in this shorts feed will not count Towards the 4 000 public watch hours Threshold and at this time all new and Existing creators in the ypp will become Eligible for Revenue sharing on ads that Are viewed between shorts in the shorts Feed so if you’re already in the ypp you Do not need 10 million shorts views to Start throwing ads on those shorts you Could post your very first short and you Can start monetizing it right away the Important part is that you’ll need to Review and accept the relevant agreement In order to share ads revenue on shorts And again I’ll share how to make sure That you see that when it comes so how Is this going to work how much money are You going to make YouTube gave us some Really good information right here they Said that each month revenue from these Ads will be added together and used to Reward shorts creators and help cover Cost of music licensing from the overall Amount allocated to creators they will Keep 45 of their revenue and then 55 is Going to stay with YouTube and they’re Saying some of that is going to go to Paying the music Creator since we can Use their music and they’re going to Cover that cost to license the music so That’s why we aren’t getting as much as Our long form videos if you don’t know

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We get 55 when it comes to those long Form videos but for these shorts we’re Just getting 45 and this percentage does Not change even if you are using music In your shorts that they have in the Creator music now this Revenue will be Distributed to creators based on the Number of views their shorts get in each Country so how this works on YouTube is When you post a short and it goes into That shorts feed you are going to start Seeing ads as a viewer when you’re Scroll rolling through shorts now if You’re a Creator and you’re getting Views through the short speed it doesn’t Matter if the ad is playing right before Your video right after your video or Even a few videos away from the one that You posted they want to make sure that All creators in the ypp are getting a Cut from this ad Revenue no matter where Your video kind of Falls within next to The ad now this right here is really Interesting when the shorts ads Revenue Sharing begins on February 1st 2023 it Will replace the YouTube shorts fund now I posted a YouTube short and you can see It got 8.5 million views we only made 212 dollars but that’s actually not from The YouTube shorts fund not just from Ads playing from people watching it on a Desktop now the very first time this Thing went viral you can see it got Almost 3 million views and we got paid

From the shorts fund one hundred dollars Which if you’re used to long form videos And getting three million views that is Not a lot of money at all so if YouTube Is going to take away the shorts fund What can we expect how much are we going To make from YouTube shorts well this is What they said they said that we expect A majority of shorts fund recipients to Earn more under this new model moving Away from a fixed fund towards ads Revenue sharing ensures that creators Share in the platform’s success as YouTube shorts and the community grows So do Creator earnings now the reason They’re saying the majority of shorts Fund recipients are going to earn more And they’re not saying that all of the Shorts fund recipients are going to earn More is because some of the people at The top level actually are making a Whole lot of money with the shorts fund Because they’re pulling in most of that Fund onto their channel so if you’re a YouTuber and you’re not in that like top One percent of the shorts views creators You should be really excited because we Are going to be making a lot more money With this new model another thing to Note is that when this releases we Probably aren’t going to be making as Much money as we will be in a year to Five ten years down the line this is Because as YouTube shorts and the

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Community grows so does Creator earnings So basically as more people start Consuming YouTube shorts and advertisers Start paying more to be in front of YouTube shorts we as creators are just Going to earn more and more money also Super thanks is going to be available on Shorts globally starting on January 10th And at the same time they will start Bringing Brands and shorts creators Together as a part of YouTube brand Connect this is going to make it so much Easier for shorts creators to start Making money with brand deals like we Mentioned earlier in order to actually Start earning money you have to sign the Brand new ypp agreement that they’re Going to be sending out now a few tips Here to make sure that you don’t miss it Is number one to always check inside of Your YouTube Studio but the best way to Be notified about when this happens is To make sure that your email is Connected so you get notified when this Gets released all you got to do is Inside YouTube Studio go down to Settings and then you’re gonna go to Channel we’re going to go to advanced Settings and then we’re going to scroll All the way down to manage YouTube Account from here on the left hand side Go over to notifications and if you Scroll down under email notifications And under your preferences make sure

That you have General product updates Checked as well as Creator updates and Announcements checked and this way you Will get notified when this gets Announced really there’s two big Opportunities right now on YouTube YouTube shorts is one of them but There’s actually another big opportunity So click on the screen go check that out And I’ll see you guys in the next video

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