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How to Download A Youtube Video 2022 (New Method)


How to Download A Youtube Video in 2022, in this video I will show how to download youtube video. maybe you want to download youtube videos to learn something out of it, or you are using the youtube video download tool to save them to play later – this can help you. I like to download my own YouTube videos.  

[2022 updated]: you can use this software to save your online video from 1000+ sites easily: http://bit.ly/3gMSb2g

Here’s how to download and convert any video to MP4 or other 200+ formats: https://bit.ly/3xbD6JA

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[Music] Hi Everyone welcome again welcome back to My youtube channel and today I’m recording a video about how you can Download youtube videos And how you can save them on your Computer and how you can Download them on your phone and so on But anyway before we dive into this Video if it’s your first time visiting My youtube channel Please don’t forget to press the Subscribe button and also don’t forget To press the notification bell So every time i upload a new video and a New content You come by you check it out you see What new but the first thing i will say Is there are many ways how you can Download youtube video And one of the first method i’m going to Show you right now about how to download Youtube videos Is uh the easiest one how to download Youtube videos the first thing you go is You go to your youtube studio once you Go to your youtube studio And you can see the dashboard you can See here there is content you can see This playlist and so on All you want to do is you just only Click on the content So once you click on your content

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Section so it will give you like a lot Of A lot of your video like you already Have so let’s say we just want to Download this very video about Uh this sony um sony hey Hey so natural color blah blah blah and So here when you see this place where These options Once you click on it options and you can See here The title view on youtube share link you Just see only The download section right here so just Click on the download section Once you press the download and you will See right now as you can see on the Screen The video already downloaded on my Computer and i can use it for anything i Want these One way how to download youtube videos And the other way how to download Youtube video that is also kind of like Easy But is more about the youtube premium i Gonna show you what The youtube premiere is like and how you Can also use it to download Youtube videos is one of the easiest way So right now we are on youtube and this Is what i will show you And how you can also download youtube Videos as you can see

Here you have like a lot of videos on Your own On youtube but you want to download Videos on youtube so This is where you go once you click Youtube premium and once you have A youtube premium account as you can see Youtube premium And youtube music free offline and in Background and so on If you get a youtube premium this is one Of the best way how to download Youtube videos and you can see here Hearts free Background music and you can see here Download you can also see here You can also download music and movie And so on and this is the easiest way And this is the best way To download youtube videos and i hope You guys enjoyed this video if you do Enjoy this video please don’t forget to Press the subscribe button And also don’t forget to press the Notification bell so every single time I upload a new video any new content you Come by you check it out you see what’s New but Until next time hope it doesn’t mean see You in the next video bye Ciao [Music] You

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