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YouTube recently admitted that they had to change the algorithm to fix a problem for views, but did it cause a problem for creators that have been struggling to get views?

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This is a problem many youtube creators Are struggling with why do all of the Views i get on my youtube shorts not Transition over to my long-form content Well finally we have an answer youtube In their own words literally broke the Algorithm You probably already know who this fella Is right mr beast 100 million Subscribers yada yada but that’s not who We’re interested in today this is todd From youtube and he probably knows more About search discovery and the youtube Recommendation system than anyone else In existence the pair recently sat down Together at vidcon which is massively Sponsored by tiktok these days to chat About youtube the whole conversation That covered several topics over 45 Minutes is available to watch on youtube And i’ll leave a link to it just below You like button but what i want to focus On today is an admission from todd but When it comes to discovery youtube Shorts and youtube long-form content Don’t necessarily communicate with each Other and this in a nutshell is why one Of the foundational elements of youtube Recommendations are personalization Youtube will look at what’s in your Watch history and recommend content Based off of that data Youtube have pretty much perfected this Personalized recommendation system

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Through a near infinite amount of data Over a long period of time For long-form landscape content but what Happens when you throw a massive Curveball into that recommendation System Well that’s exactly what shorts did for Over a decade youtube viewing habits Were quite predictable people watched Maybe several videos over the course of An hour or two but then and all of a Sudden people could watch 50 videos in 10 minutes and that changed the way the Recommendation system understood the Viewer when when the algorithm saw a Viewer oh look the last 200 videos this Viewer watched were all under a minute This viewer is like they only want to Watch short videos and so it it Basically stopped recommending those Viewers long-form content it wasn’t long Before youtube users started to notice This and complain about it and that Obviously leads to two major red flags For youtube first and foremost youtube’s Algorithms or the recommendation system All of a sudden was failing in its Primary objective to serve the audience Content they want to watch and as a Result of this viewers are likely to Spend less time on the platform and you Can imagine that the data sets coming From youtube shorts was sudden and Massive billions of new daily views

Interfering with existing personalized Viewing preferences so what was Youtube’s solution to all of this well It was really quite simple the algorithm Doesn’t know how to handle shorts and And treat that the right way so we’re Gonna split off Uh the history for the viewers so when a Viewer goes into the main youtube we’re Gonna not pay attention to what shorts They watch because we don’t want the Algorithm to get the wrong idea so a Simple and convenient fix for the viewer But a baffling and frustrating penalty For creators does that basically mean That a viewer could watch 999 youtube shorts on your channel but Not get recommended that one long-form Piece of content if a viewer does Discover a channel in shorts And then goes back to long form right Now that the system doesn’t actually Know that they what they discovered that Channel um because we disconnected it This goes all the way back to 2020 when Youtube first introduced short form Content on the platform back then i Questioned whether these two very Different viewing experiences could Coexist i thought that youtube might Develop a completely independent app so You might end up with youtube youtube Kids and youtube sure but alas i was Wrong and youtube integrated shorts into

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The main app and to their credit it’s Been more or less seamless With these one or two exceptions so if You are wondering why the success of Your shorts content seems to struggle With the transition to long form content It’s because from a recommendation data Perspective youtube ignores anything Positive your shorts are doing Essentially your long forms are starting From scratch but None of this means that your long form Videos will never get any views put Simply and has always been the case long Form videos actually need to be good They need to satisfy the viewer and once Those videos start doing that youtube Will serve them up to the right audience The responsibility still lies upon you To make good videos and it might be that You’re a very capable skilled shorts Creator not as good at making long form Content or vice versa they are very Different creative disciplines i mean I’ve been aware of youtube shorts for Probably longer than 99.9 Of you who are watching this video but It doesn’t make me any better a short Creator we’ve not got enough short views On this channel because we’ve not Dedicated enough time and effort into it So yes you may be getting a lot of views On your shorts but if you’re not getting Any views on your long form content it’s

Because those videos aren’t very good Yet and then let’s think about this Disconnect between long form content and Short form content in terms of discovery There isn’t much of a bridge from short To long forms so doesn’t that mean Theoretically that you can test Experiment and post as many shots as you Want and it won’t impact the rest of Your channel i’m not sure if i’m Confident enough to suggest that as an Actual strategy it’s just a rob wilson Musing but what todd did say is that They’re looking to rebuild that bridge Back into the system so you have been Warned but if all of this has wetted Your appetite to start making shots on Your youtube channel then check out the Complete beginner’s guide over here Because you’re gonna start seeing a few More shorts on the vid iq channel

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