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Why My YouTube Video Has No Views (How to Get Views Fast)


Why My YouTube Video Has No Views? You might also have similar experience where you posted your video, and the views are little to zero. Why does this happen? I will explain in more details.

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My Name is Edy Chandra and on this channel I show you how to potentially make money online fast and how you can start earning income from YouTube as a Content Creator. If you’re looking for work from home jobs or online jobs, make sure to hit that subscribe button.

Have you ever Posted your youtube videos and it gets No views zero views and one week later You come back to it you see It only have maybe five views 10 views is so little views Why is that so in this video i will Share to you My experience and my knowledge for Having Over hundreds of youtube channels and What i have noticed On the views the videos and we’re gonna Talk about some Of the misconceptions that people think That Why they are not getting views is Youtube treating them Unfair or what’s the problem right Why you’re not getting views now let me Show you one of my gaming channel It’s called admlb this channel can be Considered a fail channel Because you can see the view is pretty Little And this channel have a lot of video Guys If i go to socialblade you can see i Have 339 videos A lot of videos this channel is not Doing as good as my main channel Adichandra Because one of the main reason is that

One This channel is very very competitive Okay Very competitive channel gaming channel Is very competitive And i wasn’t really trying hard And do some keyword research prior to Uploading the video I mostly do my gameplay and then i just Upload it i put random keyword Just the hero name and then the gameplay That’s it you know sometimes i got lucky I got 7000 views right here Most of the time i just got six views Four views six views You know it’s not a lot of growth right Even though the video is Quite long and part of it maybe It’s kind of boring so people watch it a Bit and they don’t stick for too long And they leave so that’s one of the Reason why You know the start of the video maybe i Don’t put a Trailer how exciting can the video be Later You know you can also put a trailer in The beginning of your video if you want Your viewers to stick until the end Now i consider this a kind of fail Channel one of the main reason why you Don’t get view Is that your video is just too new okay Your channel is very new

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Your video is very new so youtube Doesn’t really know what your video is About and what your channel Is about it usually takes three to six Months to start getting views Let me show you one of the case study Channel okay so this is one Of our case study channel for amazon Affiliate products You can see this channel three months After i Uploaded these 10 videos it have lesser Than 10 views all of them And suddenly after 10 months and 9 Months you can see it start getting a Lot of views right 300 views And this one kind of take off 1.6k views 87 views so as time goes by sometimes Your old video can get a lot of views so You really should focus on creating more Videos don’t worry about Old video and also guys don’t Just make new videos but not improving Upon Your past mistakes so if you see your Old video is not doing Good you can go back to your old video See what’s happening right you can go to Your Youtube studio and see the stats while Your video is not performing well In the future you can try to do better Job Okay in making your new videos you can

Also see your competitors what they are Doing If you see some of my videos right here Some of them you can see that Maybe there are too much competitors for Example how to play esmeralda I can literally type into youtube search Bar and see If there are too many competitors Already as you can see We have three competitors four Competitors Five six seven eight nine ten like there Are So many competitors there are so many We talked in the previous video about Supplier and demand We have only limited demand okay the Viewers Only this much but the supplier is Already this much so it’s very hard for Us to just show up in the youtube search Bar there are so many videos There are so many suppliers already it Means that you won’t Get a chance to even show up in here Especially if these suppliers are a big Supplier right let’s say if you want to Sell Rice but there are already hundreds Different People who sell rice and they have been Around for a long time Guess what no one is going to buy from

You because you are so New and people are not trusting you That’s why it’s very hard to go after These keywords so at the time i was Trying to experiment with my keywords i Experiment with This keyword of course this is in my Native language It is easier to rank high on youtube Because Again one of the reasons why this Channel failed is that i have two Different languages So my subscriber kind of confused are You talking about your native language Or are you talking in English now never never talk two Different languages In one channel guys you’re gonna confuse Your channel and it will not grow So that’s one of the mistake that i did To this channel And you can see that this channel i Rarely post a video Now you know i should spend my time more On my Other channel that can earn me money if I put in the same amount of time my time Investment It’s not going to yield the same result I i better off spend it on my Other channel that is less competitive And also It’s kind of harder to make this kind of

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Video because sometimes you lose after You record the video you got to Redo everything all again so it’s very Challenging though to Have this type of gaming channel and one Of the thing about gaming channel also A lot of gaming gameplay is very time Sensitive like back then in 2020 The gameplay is different from 2021 So it’s always changing so let’s say Maybe in 2020 we talked about a certain Gameplay and then in 2021 the gameplay Has Completely changed it chief and the hero Also sometimes They look different so what that’s one Of the reason having a gaming channel Can be challenging especially if the Games that you play Constantly evolving and changing so your Old videos kind of won’t grow alright Try to create videos that is Evergreen that is going to be around for Many years guys Try to avoid video that is time Sensitive Okay you could have it but Make it like 20 of your videos for Example a video should be evergreen Videos that will not Go as time passed by and the other two Videos you can Do a time sensitive video that’s okay Like a review

A product review video is one of the Examples it’s very time sensitive Maybe two to three years later that Product won’t exist anymore And one of my channel that is doing good One of it is A compilation channel now this channel Is easier to get views why because i Capitalize On famous people i have people reaching Out to me how they can grow their music Channel their song channel I say hey just focus on famous people Man Famous people can get you a lot of views I guarantee you a thousand percent they Are famous people within your industry Let’s say you’re in the music that you Can find maybe Selena gomez song cover Right look at it these people take Advantage of it Selena gomez boy band cover Okay they take advantage of famous People detec They take advantage of selena gomez name And they put it into their keyword title Okay The same thing here this guy our last Night He take advantage of selena gomez Name the weeknd blinding lights Cover so Again teddy swims he take advantage of

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Blinding lights He know how to sing a song you don’t Have to be perfect you can sing famous People songs Also just now my gaming channel i can Play Like famous gamer you know i can use a Famous gamer’s name and then i use them To have their similar gameplay you know I can target famous gamer as well Maybe that’s one the way that i can grow My youtube channel That’s it’s another trick that you Should learn guys Taylor swift love story cover These people they use the exact Technique guys to get 1 million Subscribers again you can watch this Girl She take advantage of the famous people Name let’s say In uh make money industry Elon musk you can see people even this Technique have been used by many Many like news channel a lot of This channel right people take advantage Of this and get a lot of views look at This video guys two days ago This guy is new right only 1.5 k Subscribers But his video have 375 000 views Two days ago elon musk talks dodge coin On Snl and by the way he combined it with

A very low hanging fruits keyword which Is dodge coin That’s one of the reasons the channel Exploded let me show you my Cryptocurrency channel cryptocoin Trading with eddie I have 13 videos guys i have already Have 137 Subscribers in this video my channel is Freaking new i just created it look at It Around two weeks ago all right right now It’s may And look at my videos 1k views Almost 2k views 4k views right New channel doesn’t mean that new Channel cannot grow It can grow again it goes back to the Keywords all right When you’re trying to get views try to Find keywords That is involving famous name or at Least That search term is very easy to rank You can watch my other video here On how to use vid iq to find easy to Rank keywords or how to do some keyword Research with Iq i will you can watch the video To learn more about vidiq and how i use It to find keywords And i will see you on the next video

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