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How To Make YouTube Shorts From Regular YouTube Videos – NEW UPDATE


YouTube just released a huge update that allows you to turn a portion of a regular YouTube video into a short YouTube video, right from the YouTube app.

This will save you a lot of time and help you create YouTube short clips from your longer YouTube videos.

To access it, open up the YouTube mobile app on iPhone or Android.
Make sure your app is up to date.

Find your regular YouTube video that you want to create in a short form. This has to be a video from your own channel.

You can pull 60 seconds or 15 seconds from your existing video and make it a stand-alone YouTube short.

Click create on the video and choose edit into a short.
Find the section that you want to clip out by changing the in and out points of the clip.

Move the clip around to fit the short-form viewer. Add text and filters if you like and post them on YouTube.

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There’s a brand new option inside of Youtube here where you could edit a Portion of your video into a youtube Short basically the idea here is you Take your long-form content like let’s Say a 10-minute video and take out a Portion of it that could be a short for Example anything that’s 15 seconds sound Bite 60 second sound bite so instead of Using an editing software to do that and Changing basically the shape of the Video all this is now done on the mobile App so as long as you have the updated Version of the youtube mobile app on Android or on iphone you could follow Along with this video so the way to make Youtube shorts from a regular youtube Video is you go to your videos library This has to be on your own channel you Can’t do this with other people’s video Find a video so let’s say i want to go Ahead and choose this video here And as long as you have your app updated You’ll see this option create right here Underneath the video And then there’s this option right on Top edit into a shorts so this is a Longer video but if i press this option Right here what it lets me do is it lets Me take just a 15 second portion or if i Tap right here i could take a 60 second Portion of the video so let me show you Exactly how to do this first what i want To do is choose the 60 second portion

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That i want to turn into a short so what I could do right here on the bottom Is i could choose where it starts and Then i could also choose where it ends So this would be my whole 60 seconds If i want to change the starting point i Could just grab this and bring it in it Has to be up to 60 seconds but it can’t Right now be longer than 60 seconds Then you could take this portion right Here and move it around too if you want A different part As your clip here Once you do that you want to make sure You move the video so it’s actually Vertical and you could see what you’re Talking about in the middle of the video So make sure that kind of works because It’s not going to work for every single Type of video because you’re taking a Horizontal video and turning it into a Vertical video but in this case it’s Going to work for the very beginning of This video so i could maybe take that 15 Seconds or that 20 seconds or so and i’ll make sure i Put myself right in the middle here There we go so now this is good to go i Could press next right here and then on This page i could go ahead and add Filters if i want to in this case i’m Going to leave it without filters i Could go ahead and add text if i want to So for example just type youtube here

Press done you could go ahead and place Your text anywhere you want and then you Have this timeline option that lets you Decide if your text is going to be Visible throughout the entire video or Maybe just the beginning of the video And press done if you press next right Here it’s going to bring it to this Final page so you could give it a title This would be the caption underneath the Youtube short you could change your Visibility so if you want to leave it Unlisted or public you could do that on This page and make sure you check your Audience if it’s made for kids or not And then press upload as short and that Will post it just like this other video I’ll show you on my channel it will show Up just like this as a youtube short on Your channel i hope you found this quick Video useful i’ll see you next time

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