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Copy This $250/Hour Canva YouTube Shorts Method for Beginners to Make Money Without Showing Face


camera is this graphic design website with literally thousands of different templates for you to choose from but inside of this video I will show you how to use canva to create absolutely free viral YouTube shorts that can potentially get hundreds of millions of views and then I’m going to show you exactly how to monetize those YouTube shorts without having to rely on the YouTube Partner program that means that you don’t necessarily need hundreds of thousands of subscribers on that YouTube channel in fact you don’t even need a thousand subscribers in order to monetize those YouTube shorts with canva and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that step by step so let us begin with the step number one which is to obviously sign up to canima.com so you want to go to canva.com you want to create an absolutely free account now I do recommend having a premium account on Canon which like 10 bucks a month but you don’t necessarily have to do that you can start from for free and you can use their free templates and still achieve great results but after some time I do recommend reinvesting a little bit of the profits and buying the 10 bucks a month Premium plan but anyways once you create an account you want to go to the next platform which is going to help you actually monetize your YouTube short can wine that platform is going to be gearbest now gearbest is a very similar platform if you Amazon it’s a platform where people can buy different products different gadgets this is mostly like for for technology type of gadgets but you do have like home and garden categories you do have a health and personal care but mostly people come here for technology type of gadgets like phones computers laptops airboats and so on and so forth now what I want to do is you want to search for gearbest affiliate program which is over at the affiliate.gearbest.com because this platform allows you to have unlimited earning potential and earn a 50 commission plus get free products whenever you sell something on the platform so you can get a 50 Commission on every single sale that you generate through your affiliate links if you refer someone that buys a thousand dollars laptop you can potentially get up to like up to 500 commission for that one single sale which is obviously a lot more than what Amazon is paying off so Amazon is paying their Affiliates around five six seven sometimes up to ten percent commission per sale but gearbest is paying out a few fifty percent per sale which is obviously a lot more so that’s why you want to sign up to your best affiliate program by pressing on the join now button over here you will enter your email address create a password complete some basic information about yourself like your first name last name and stuff like that and then your account will get in into a review and after a couple of hours it should get accepted you should be approved into the partner program so you can start promoting these different products from gearbest now there’s a lot of these different gadgets and there’s two different ways that you can do this the first and the most basic one would be to just create YouTube shorts that are like these types of videos like 10 mini gadgets that you can buy on Amazon 10 minute gadgets that you can buy for Christmas 10 minute gadgets that you can buy for better productivity and stuff like that and then you can just make shorts about those products like that’s one of the ways to do it and then you can find all of those products and gearbest and then you can promote them as an affiliate but the second strategy that you can use is to just go over to YouTube and search for dash cam videos those are videos where someone actually puts a dash cam in in their car and then some crash happens or something crazy happens on the road and they basically publish that online and there’s a lot of these different channels that boost compilation of those videos and they are actually monetized like there’s nothing wrong with actually posting these videos on your channel and if you open up for example this one I think this one has the most videos their most popular videos have millions of views as you can see there’s a lot of people interested in watching these videos like car crashes and stuff like that for some reason that’s really interesting to people and you can see dash cam lessons another channel of 500 000 subscribers their most popular video has almost 30 million views so what you can simply do is you can find channel like these channels like this that post dash cam videos like car crashes and funny things happening on the road or whatsoever and then you can right click on their videos you can copy the link address for their videos and then you can open up some YouTube to MP4 downloader so you can go to Google Search or YouTube to MP4 you can paste that YouTube video link inside of this box and you can download that a compilation video to your computer so I’m gonna download this one I’m gonna download lower quality but I do recommend you download the highest quality possible because it’s gonna be better for your Channel Channel now once you have the video downloaded to your computer what you simply want to do is you want to go over to canva you want to click on custom size over here and then you want to select the custom size 1080 by 1920 and that’s going to open up this playing template where you can start editing that YouTube short so what I recommend you do is just pretty much drag and drop this YouTube video that you’ve downloaded to your computer drag it so it fits the scene properly just like this and take the most interesting part so for example I’m just gonna cut the first clip I only need this first clip and that’s literally going to be above less than 60 seconds which is a YouTube short so this first one should be about 20 seconds long so as you can see this is 21 seconds long I’m just going to click on done and we can also add the copyright free background music you can add all sorts of different things on the left side you do have audio files which you can upload or you can just go to the YouTube audio library downloads and copyright free music and then upload it for your YouTube short and you can of course edit all of this you can even say for example dash cam I can add some tags that can be like get the best dash cam and 30 off Linked In the description and then I can of course change some change the font I can add some effects for example I’m going to add yellow background I’m going to make this a little bit smaller and then we can also add some animations because people that watch these videos these dash cam videos are mostly interested in getting the dash cam themselves as well and these videos can get millions of views so what you can do is you can add a simple animation as well so you can add a call to action like this while someone is watching this dash cam video which has a potential to get millions of views and then you can just click the share click download download it as an MP4 video and have it onto your computer and then upload it to your YouTube channel with a link to some dash cam from gearbest you can go to gearbest you can search for dash cam and you can see that some of these literally cost like 35 bucks it’s pretty easy for people to buy this and you can get a bit up to 50 commission for each sale which can be around 10 15 bucks per sale and if you think about it and if you do the math even if you get a thousand views on your dash cam video just a thousand views on a single one of these YouTube shorts 0.01 of them actually buy you will still make decent profits compared to the amount of work that you are putting into this because this literally takes less than 10 minutes but if you also want custom-made 100 unique user generated content my team and I do have done four YouTube shorts as right now so you can click the first link in the description box down below to access 30 180 or 365 different done for your YouTube shorts which you can re-upload to your own channel and give 100 of the profits those are videos that have never been uploaded to YouTube before they’re not being resolded whatsoever so it’s 100 unique user generated content filmed by actual people with a Mass Appeal intention for highest viewership possible so once again that is going to be the first link in the description box down below if you want to learn more about that those are done for you viral YouTube shorts but either way there are so many of these different valuations where you can create these different YouTube shorts that can one and promote different gadgets and products from gearbest as an affiliate and earn up to 50 commercial from every single sale and it’s all absolutely free so really hope you got some value out of this video if you did make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music]

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