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YouTube Shorts Algorithm Explained in 2022


youtube shorts algorithm explained in 2022//YouTube Shorts Algorithm Explained In Detail// Confused on the way the YouTube Shorts algorithm works?! In this video, Andrew shares a new video all on the YouTube Shorts Algorithm explained so you can understand it and why it’s so important. Enjoy this video on YouTube shorts algorithm explained in 2022 if you plan on making YouTube shorts, as this video is the YouTube Shorts algorithm explained in 2022 to help you get more views on your YouTube shorts!!


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Understanding the algorithm for YouTube Shorts is very important if you really Want your shorts to be actually Recommended on the platform So with that said I’m going to be Sharing three parts to the way that the YouTube algorithm works specifically for YouTube shorts here in today’s video and If you are brand new to me my name is Andrew Morrison and I help brand new and Already existing entrepreneurs business Owners coaches consultants and course Creators to turn a YouTube channel Into an online education business that Can grow and scale to six and seven Figures subscribe to the Bell and the Like button below and let’s get into the Video now so the first part to the way That the YouTube algorithm works Specifically for shorts is it always Starts with your audience so generally Speaking when there is no audience for The type of content and your shorts that You plan on filming and creating that’s A huge red flag and generally what that Means is that you are putting out a very Random And Broad content and videos that no one Really cares about no one actually wants To watch and consume for your shorts so The best way to actually grow a YouTube Channel whether it’s longer uh videos And content or shorter content and Videos AKA your shorts the best way to

Actually grow a YouTube channel is to be Very very specific with a specific Audience So say for example the type of Niche and The type of videos and shorts that you Want to Center your channel around has a Lot to do with something around dating Or relationship advice if you can kind Of hone it down to be even more specific Because dating and relationship advice Can be a little bit Broad and so if you Can kind of uh hone your focus down to Say like uh dating and relationship Advice to specifically to men and if you Can kind of even bring it down further To like a certain uh type of man That will actually serve you in the long Run even better so again it always Starts the first part to the way that The YouTube algorithm works specifically For shorts is it always starts with your Audience now the second part to the way That the algorithm works specifically For shorts is it then goes to actually Filming and creating content and videos AKA your shorts that people and your Viewers your audience member actually Care to actually consume and watch those Shorts in those videos to begin with so If you have no idea how to Put together some sort of content plan Or if you are feeling really stuck and Confused on the type of videos and Shorts specifically on what to actually

Create and film just simply ask people Already in that space in that community And that Niche what type of videos what Type of shorts Would like they like to see you have to Remember that YouTube is a search engine It’s a second largest search engine in The world which is owned by the first AKA Google So you have to remember that people are Looking for solutions to their problems And answers to their issues all day Every day 24 7 and so you just have to Put together uh content and videos and Your shorts that are tailored made to Your ideal Audience members and your ideal viewers That you really uh would like to have People consuming your shorts and your Videos and you can simply ask people in This space and in these niches by using Other social media platforms like Facebook groups is a great way to do so Uh telegram I love telegram I find that That it’s a Hidden Gem And that it’s completely underrated There’s so many different groups on Telegram and you can also certainly use Instagram and you can you know look at Huge competitors already crushing it in The niche to see what kind of uh posts Or pictures or videos or reels that they Are already putting out but you never Want to actually copy it always needs to

Be original and you do need to be an Expert in your space in your Niche now The third part to the way that the Algorithm works specifically for shorts On YouTube is you have to film and Create content in your shorts by making It high engaging and high quality so What I mean here is that Retention is very important it’s one of The most important analytics and metrics When it comes time to the platform Actually pushing out and recommending And suggesting your shorts on the YouTube platform so you want to make Sure that people are ideally watching Your shorts from front to end and if not That means that your shorts aren’t Engaging and it’s not high quality You’re putting out shorts that are very Boring And really shorts that no one really Cares about and furthermore the way to Make your shorts also High engaging and High quality is to also ensure that People are you know pushing the like Button and also sharing it uh possibly Subscribing to your Channel all of these Are signals to the YouTube algorithm In the platform that again your uh your Piece of content in your shorts is high Quality and that it should be pushed out And recommended further and if you are Completely brand new to shorts you have No idea how to actually film and create

A YouTube short not to worry I just put Out a video the other day here on my Channel all on how to actually film and Create your first YouTube short so Definitely check out that video after Consuming and watching today’s video Today

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