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YouTube Shorts Algorithm Explained for October 2022 (SECRETS to Gain 10M+ Views in 90 Days)


This video covers the latest YouTube algorithm update for October 2022. If you want to understand how the YouTube algorithm works so you can increase your views on YouTube shorts you need to watch this video. This video will also help you get more subscribers on YouTube in a shorter time in 2022.

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The YouTube algorithm has been changing A ton and we need to go over the changes That have recently happened because for A lot of you it’s caused you to see a Decrease in both the amount of views That you’re getting and the amount of Subscribers that you’re getting but if You simply make the changes that I share With you in this video you’re going to See both of those metrics go up in fact I just helped this Creator get over 150 000 subscribers this Creator over 170 000 and this Creator over 200 000 Subscribers in just a 30-day period and The same exact thing can happen to you If you simply implement the tips that I Share with you in this video for Starters YouTube has stopped caring so Much about watch time they actually Began caring about a different statistic And a different analytic that you need To make sure that you’re actually Looking at but before I could share that With you I need you to smash that Subscribe button if you want to grow Quicker on YouTube Tick Tock or Instagram I literally upload a video About how to grow on these platforms Every single day in addition to that I Created a free YouTube growth course you Can get at the link in the pin comment Below it’s going to share with you Things like the best hashtags to be Using right now in your titles to help

You get more views because unfortunately We’re not gonna have time to cover that In this video so instead of just Focusing on your watch time right now Which by the way you should be trying to Get as much watch time as you possibly Can on the longest video possible if you Can make a six second video or a 60 Second video and have them both get 100 Watch time on the same subject then you Should be making the 60 second video Because that is going to help you get More views because ultimately you’re Keeping people on YouTube for a longer Period of time that being said watch Time is not the only thing that matters Now in fact a lot of your competition is Beating you with the new metric and That’s why you’ve seen a decrease in Views and that new metric is binge Sessions you need to make sure that People aren’t just watching one of your Videos they’re watching multiple of your Videos and the easiest way for you to do This is to end your video creating a new Problem that the viewer needs to solve Let me give you an example if you are a Finance Creator talking about crypto or Talking about Bitcoin and how the price Could go up or something along the lines Of that you should say but although Bitcoin’s good you need to be worried About this or you need to be worried About that and then have a new video and

They could go to the link in the pin Comment below and then watch that video Or you can put it in the description or You could put it in the end card if it’s A longer form video that being said what You need to do is build up a ton of Pieces of content like this because Ultimately it’s going to allow you to Not make as much content over the Long Haul now a lot of you know if you’ve Seen my videos before I strongly suggest That you focus on both the quality and The quantity of your content but Shortcutting the quality isn’t a result Of just posting more so many creators Are perfectionist but you’re really Doing by being a perfectionist is you’re Just procrastinating you don’t want to Put out content the only way to get good At creating content is to create content So you need to make sure that you’re Creating enough content to actually put Out quality so many creators say I can’t Put out that much quantity because then My quality is going to suffer and it’s Just an excuse I put out a video every Single day I’ve been able to grow like Absolutely crazy I’ve been able to quit My job to make YouTube videos in a Really short period of time in fact when I only had 20 000 subscribers I was Making over fifty thousand dollars a Month you can do the math on how much You probably think I make now but that’s

What it is you guys are so focused on Coming up with quality Quality quality That you’re missing the point you need To be focused on quantity because you Will never get to the point of quality If you don’t put out enough piece of Content that being said once you put out A ton of different pieces of content and You create binge sessions you don’t have To upload as frequently because you Upload once and it starts a new binge Session for all those new people or if Your videos are getting recommended then It starts a bin session for all those People so basically instead of getting One view you’re getting two views or Three views or four or five or however Big of a binge session you can create so You need to make sure that you’re Creating content with that in mind that Being said that’s not the only change That you need to make with this new Algorithm so let’s dive into the other Things because honestly they might be More important the next thing that you Need to make sure you’re taking into Consideration is the actual viewer of Your content way too many of you are Creating content from your perspective Or trying to do it from the audience’s Perspective instead you need to pretend That you are the actual viewer what does This person search for what does this Person really want what are they going

To be interested in what kind of videos Are they going to be clicking on and Essentially there are two different Paths to finding this information one You could go into your audience Analytics and see what other channels They watch and look at what videos from That channel are popular in the last 7 To 14 days or you can look at other Popular videos that these individuals Are watching and that is the type of Content that you need to be creating for Example if everybody in your Niche is Going to the left you shouldn’t be going To the right you should be going to the Left but you should be giving your Twist On it you guys need to understand Something in the information age it is Not about information it is not about Who said what it’s about you saying what You’re going to say with your own twist On it now I’m not saying that you need To say something completely different But you need to understand that you need To be touching on the topics that are Actually popular you need to be talking About these things because that’s what The viewer is actually interested in way Too many creators are making content From their own perspective from the Content that they want people to be Interested in instead of exploiting what People are actually interested in you’re Going to only be successful when you

Create content that people want to see And this all starts with your video idea And you need to understand something Those of you that are creating content Right now for 99 you especially use Small channels the way that you’re Creating content is you come up with a Video idea you create the video you Create the thumbnail and then you create The title and that’s the wrong way to be Doing things you need to come up with The title and the thumbnail first Because ultimately if somebody doesn’t Click on that video they’re not going to Watch it and if nobody’s going to watch Your video you can’t start a binge Session you can’t get the watch time That you need and you’re going to get no Views and ultimately get no subscribers Now we’re all here because we want Subscribers we’re all here because the YouTube shorts fund is coming and this Is the last opportunity for you to grow On YouTube to be able to make a Full-time living by uploading shorts Content because I’m telling you once This thing comes all the big creators From all their platforms are going to Come out of YouTube because they’re Going to realize it is going to be the Easiest way to monetize yourself as a Creator so you need to make sure that You take this period in time seriously Because I’m telling you it is going to

Get way harder to grow on YouTube in six Months in 10 months in 12 months Honestly even in three months it’s going To get way more difficult so you need to Make sure that you’re implementing Everything I’ve already shared with you And this one last thing which is going To make a huge difference in how many Views you get in the short term and that Is that you pay attention to the watch History of the people that you are Trying to reach and that’s honestly not Only their watch History it’s also their Search history basically what YouTube Tube does every single time that you Watch a video every single time that you Search a video that gets saved and that Gets put into an algorithm to try to Suggest you future videos they’re going To do this based off the topic they’re Going to do this based off of the length They’re even going to do the space off Of the channel through which you watch a Video if you don’t know when somebody Watches one of your videos a week from Then it makes you eligible to get seven More Impressions now whether or not Somebody actually clicks on one of your Videos it determines how many views you End up getting but what I’m trying to Tell you is that YouTube is a momentum Based game when you have momentum you Need to make sure that you are doubling Down on it you need to make sure that

You’re striking especially if it’s a Video topic I see way too many small Creators will make a video it’ll go Viral and then the next video that they Upload has absolutely nothing to do with What that video was and it’s one of the Biggest mistakes if you make a video About Jordan Peterson where you make a Video about the Jets or you make a video About Chanel or fashion whatever it is And it does well the next video that you Make needs to be about that same thing And probably the next video that you Make needs to also be about that same Thing I’m not telling you to upload the Same video over and over again but you Should be talking about the same topic Because ultimately what’s going to Happen is YouTube is then going to Suggest that future video to those Individuals and also people that watch That future video for the first time are Going to get suggested your old videos So instead of just having that Opportunity for somebody to watch one of Your videos you get the opportunity for Them to watch two of them or three of Them now there are several factors that Actually go into whether or not YouTube Is going to push out your content so I Need to make sure that you’re Understanding them one whether or not The audience actually liked the video if They liked it will be based on three

Things one surveys that you have Absolutely no control over that YouTube Is sending out two the amount of watch Time that you get on the video and three The click-through rate that you get on The video so ultimately you can optimize Your YouTube channel by just focusing on The topic that you’re using the length Of your videos how much watch time They’re getting and the click-through Rate which ultimately breaks down to Choosing the right content ideas Creating great videos for them getting Rid of the fluff making sure you’re Having things pop on the screen you’re Focusing on that watch time and then Continuing to refine and optimize what Type of topics you should be creating Content about because ultimately that is What’s going to allow you to be Successful on YouTube if you’re not Seeing the success that you want to see On YouTube right now it’s because you’re Missing one of those criteria and you’re Not plugging into the algorithm the way That you should be I’m telling you YouTube shouldn’t be hard when I upload A good YouTube video things go great Sales go great My Views go up my Subscribers go up when I don’t upload a Video it’s hard I don’t know what to do So you need to make sure that you’re Getting into the momentum of actually Being in the shoes of your audience and

Saying hey this is what these people Watch this is what they want to see this Is what I need to be creating now if you Want to get guaranteed subscribers on YouTube like all the creators that I Share with you in this video well then Keep watching finally I just launched my YouTube shorts mentorship program which Guarantees that I can help you grow on YouTube in just 30 days if you want to Find out more go to the link in the Description but to put it simply you’re Gonna go through six steps to becoming a YouTube shorts expert then I’m gonna Make you a personalized plan I’m gonna Tell you exactly what to post what Titles to use what thumbnails to use What descriptions to use what tags to Use what your content should actually Look like how your editing should be and So much more and then for the next 30 Days I’m gonna critique your content to Guarantee that you grow it’s incredibly Simple if you don’t grow on YouTube in The 30 days I’m gonna give you your Money back zero questions asked this is Not just a course this is not just Information it’s me actually telling you Exactly what to do critiquing you Consulting me coaching you on how to be A full-time YouTuber how to grow on YouTube how to reach your goals on YouTube and again if you don’t grow on YouTube in the 30 days you get your

Money back zero questions asked there’s Absolutely no risk for signing up the Only risk is not taking advantage of This situation right now with YouTube Shorts and growing on YouTube so please Do not be somebody that does that that Being said if you’re not interested just Watch the next two videos I’m gonna put Up on the screen because the other Videos that YouTube thinks you should Watch next thank you so much for Watching Foreign [Music]

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