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Starting The #1 Work From Home Business For Any Beginner (Easy Side Hustle)


what if I told you that it was possible to make up to ten thousand dollars or more per month from the comfort of your home starting with zero dollars by doing something called print on demand well the goal of this video is to start a print-on-demand business from scratch and turn it into a six-figure business I’m starting with zero sales zero products a complete Blank Slate I’m gonna take you guys through the entire process from start to finish and actually make this thing work so for those of you who don’t know what a print on demand business is it’s basically a business model that allows you to start making money with virtually zero upfront costs what you do is use a print-on-demand service like printify to create various designs and then Place those designs on products that you can then sell on sites like Etsy and the best part is that all of this is completely automated you don’t have to handle any physical products it costs next to nothing to start and you don’t even need to build a custom website because we’re just going to take advantage of etsy’s existing customer base visit the website 530 million plus times per month and so the first step to starting any business is coming up with a good name this website right here namelix.com is a business name generator it helps you basically create brandable business names using artificial intelligence and so basically what you do is just type in a few keywords that you know best describe your business and so for my business I think I want to sell t-shirts and you know maybe some other things but definitely t-shirts but the style of those t-shirts will likely be very Urban out I’ll incorporate imagery of cities and possibly even some public domain artwork and so I’ve got those keywords in and now I’ll just hit generate and then choose a name style and so I’ll just click right here on auto okay and then choose how random you want the ideas to be and then add a short business description and so I’ll just write um we sell stylish graphic t-shirts or something and then click on generate and then what this site will do is basically just generate hundreds upon hundreds of unique names for our business and what I like a lot about this is that it even gives us examples of what the logo could potentially look like and so basically I’m just scrolling through trying to find a name that I like um Urban Outfitters that that definitely already exists for sure it does wait a second Yeezy okay wait a second so here’s a name that I actually kind of like right uh chill Bob I mean from a technical standpoint it literally means nothing but I think that the name gives off kind of a like a very friendly chill Vibe which kind of fits the brand imagery that I think I want to go for the only thing that I’m Gonna Change is just add an extra l in the word chill and so now that I have my name I’m gonna head over to etsy.com scroll down to the very bottom of the website and click on sell on Etsy and then open up my new Etsy shop and then after I open up my Etsy Shop the next thing I’ll do is head over to a site called printify by clicking on the link Down Below in the description of this video or the pin comment and then open up an account with printify now for those of you who don’t know uh printify is basically just a free print on demand service that you can use to not only design and create your products but you can also easily connect printify with Etsy Shopify Squarespace and even Walmart and so basically as you’ll kind of see throughout this entire video series we’re going to be able to automate the entire process of creating selling manufacturing and shipping our products all thanks to printify because when most people think of starting a t-shirt business or a business selling some other type of products such as the dozens offered here on printify they oftentimes think that you have to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and then you have to package process and ship all of that merchandise Dice from your house but this is simply not true because printify handles all of this for us we never actually have to even put our hands on a single piece of merchandise and so anyways once you’ve clicked on the prettify link Down Below in the description you’ll then click right here on the button that says start for free and then create a new printify account for free now it’s at this point in the video that will actually begin deciding on what we want to sell and what those things will look like and this is going to be a very important First Step because you want to sell products that people are actually buying otherwise you’re just wasting your time because let’s just say for example that we started selling um catman’s I guarantee you that not a lot of people are buying cap mittens right the market for this product is probably very very small and I know this is true because I just did some research on Etsy and all of these cat mittens have very little sales and so finding the right product to sell is going to be critical and then on top of finding the right product to sell we’ll also need to sell products that are visually appealing in order for people to actually want to buy them it’s kind of like the difference between a pair of Adidas as Kobe twos or just a classic pair of Adidas Superstars out of these two pairs of shoes I know which one personally I’m going with every single time and so let’s walk through this and let me give you the exact blueprint for first of all how to come up with the right product to sell but then how to come up with great designs that people are actually interested in buying for those products so the first step to identifying the best products to sell is to go to printfy hover over catalog and you’ll see dozens of different product options that are available and so everything from t-shirts and different clothing to various accessories like phone cases hats mugs pillows Etc and basically all you’re doing is just picking 10 maybe 20 of these products that you think you might want to sell and then you’re going to go to this website here called etsyhunt.com and create a free account and then click up here on products and then Etsy product database now one very important detail here is that with the free version of this tool they only allow 10 product searches per day and every time you mess with one of these filters like for example let’s say you check the box box that says best seller you checking that box does technically count as a search okay so just be really careful if you’re trying to use this tool 100 free if you did need to upgrade and get like unlimited searches I believe it only costs like four dollars per month and so you could literally just buy it for one month pay four dollars do your research figure out what product you want to sell and then just cancel the service but anyways from this point you’ll just take all the products from your list and then just search each of them individually in this search bar up here and so for example the first item on our list are towels and so what I’ll do is just type in towels into the search bar and actually what I’ll do is I’ll type in printed towels because remember we’re starting a print on demand business and so we’re selling products that have designs on them like actual prints on them and so we search it and the results come in okay and so from this page what we can see is the product itself right the price of it how many sales it has over the last seven days and then how many sales it has in total and these three pieces of information are going to be absolutely key because basically what I can see just based off of the data right here in front of me is that printed towels are not a very popular product and so you’ll just go through each of your products and do the same thing search that product in Etsy hunt take note of how well the product is selling and if it would be worth your time to sell that same product and folks there is no exact science to this so there’s no reason to over complicate the process and spend days and days trying to find the perfect product because the perfect product doesn’t exist all we’re doing is just looking for a product that we know has a good amount of demand and that we can sell and there’s quite a few of those products out there and one of the products that I noticed that has a very healthy amount of demand are t-shirts and so as you can see over the last seven days we’ve got 81 sales 51 sales 50 49 48 and what you’ll find is that many of these products are actually from the same seller and so it’s not like this person here only has 81 sales for that week right if we click onto their Etsy Shop you’ll see that they have over 115 000 sales it’s only this one product that has 81 sales over the last seven days out of the dozens of products that they have all of which are probably also getting sales I mean it’s very likely that this shop is getting hundreds upon hundreds of sales each week okay so now that we know we’re gonna be selling T-shirts now it’s time to talk about how we’re actually going to design these t-shirts even if you don’t have any previous design experience now coming up with the designs if I’m being honest with you can be a tad bit tricky because it’s definitely important to be as you know unique and creative with the designs as possible but at the same time you want to design the t-shirts or whatever it is that you’re selling you want to create designs that you know people are actually going to buy well how exactly do we do that Joshua there is no fancy tool or scientific way for you to figure this out all you’re going to do is just go to Etsy type in the name of the product that you plan on selling and so in our case it’s t-shirts and you’re just gonna scroll through and look at all the different designs and see just based off the number of reviews that the product has how well the products are selling like I said there’s nothing fancy about this right we’re just looking at the data that’s directly in front of us and we’re making an educated assumption based off that data for example which of these two designs do you think is selling better based on the number of reviews obviously the one on the left and so what do you notice about the design of the t-shirt on the left versus the one on the right well for starters the t-shirt on the left is much more simple and it just has text on it right so a funny or clever phrase and then the t-shirt on the right has a much busier design here’s another example right so the t-shirt on the left has a much simpler more clever design this t-shirt is obviously a parody of the very famous Michelangelo painting except with a cat paw and so that’s very funny right that’s very clever and then the t-shirt on the right once again is a lot busier and it’s not as simple and so it makes sense that the t-shirt on the left is getting way more sales and so basically you’re just going through Etsy Page by Page and observing all the different designs that you see and then based on the number of star reviews trying to figure out what’s selling really well and what is it now in terms of what I’m gonna do personally for my print on demand business I’m not 100 sure yet like I told you guys at the very beginning of this video this is all brand new for me as well and so I don’t know for sure exactly what types of designs I’ll be putting on my t-shirts however I am going to experiment with a few different designs and just try a few different things to see kind of what works best I’ll probably end up creating a few different text-based t-shirts uh similar to this one I’ll create some imagery base like more aesthetic t-shirts like this one here and maybe I’ll end up creating something else I’m not entirely sure but this video right here is just part one of a six part video series and so in this first part I’ve set up my Etsy store I’ve created my printify account I’ve identified what type of product I want to sell and now I’m just trying to figure out what my t-shirt designs will be now for the text based t-shirts my plan is to go to websites like Pinterest design inspiration and dribble and basically just look for inspiration and I’m gonna do this by searching for things like topography or text layout designs things like that and when you search these things you’ll find a lot of different creative ways and more aesthetically pleasing ways to lay out the text very similar to what this seller here is doing who has over 115 000 sales and there’s a number of different ways to create these sort of like textile t-shirts you can either use a free tool like canva or perhaps Photoshop to create the actual text layout and then export it as a transparent PNG file that you can then take into printify upload it and then add it onto your T-shirt or you can just design the t-shirts directly and printify by using their T-shirt design tool what I’ll probably end up doing is just using canva and then exporting my text layouts as transparent PNG files and then taking those files and then upload onto printify and then add them to my shirts and basically all I’m going to do is just find clever quotes or try and come up with like funny phrases to add to my t-shirts and then for the aesthetic Style t-shirts like this one I plan on using just various free photography websites like unsplash raw pixel and pixels to find you know free aesthetic images of things like cities or perhaps even cars just different images that kind of have like a vibe to them and then placing those images on my shirts and doing this is extremely easy just download the image from whatever website you’re using this is unsplash.com upload it onto printify place the image on your T-shirt and then just adjust it however you want I think I’m also going to add some text to my aesthetic t-shirts and so for example if I place an image of let’s say New York City on my t-shirt I’m going to add some text below that image that just says New York City here’s the thing right so just like you I am not a professional designer right I know I’ve made videos in the past talking about starting a print on demand business but this is actually my first time doing it for myself okay and so this is all brand new for me as well and so my game plan for the next month is to come up with 50 different t-shirt designs because remember this is all just a numbers game right the more products you have for sale the more exposure you’ll have to the market and then as a result of that the more sales you’ll get some of the top t-shirt sellers on Etsy have dozens of different pages worth of products and so if we ever want to be able to compete against these established top sellers we have to build a large inventory of different product options now now I know that you guys are gonna have a lot of questions but remember this video is just part one of a six part video series I’m gonna be releasing one video each month from now until the month of June going over step by step in detail exactly how I’m building my print on demand business from zero to six figures and if you’re following along then I highly recommend that you start your business alongside mine and then we can just kind of like build our businesses together also if you guys have any questions about starting a print-on-demand business that you want me to answer in later videos be sure to comment your questions down below this video and I’ll answer all your questions in future videos hey you guys are all amazing and I appreciate every single one of you watching I mean that and I hope that you have a beautiful rest of your day or night and as always I will see you again very soon take care

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