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Small Channels: Do THIS and the Algorithm Will LOVE You!


If you want to get ahead on YouTube there are a few key things you can do to make sure the algorithm gives your videos a fair shot!
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0:00 How to get on the ”good side” of the algorithm
0:49 Who the YouTube algorithm actually serves
1:17 How to get YOUR video to show up on YouTube
1:48 How to grow on YouTube from ZERO views
2:32 Picking the RIGHT YouTube niche
3:36 How to ALWAYS get recommended on YouTube

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– I’m not gonna lie to you. If it feels like the YouTube algorithm is
ignoring your smaller YouTube channel, that Might be because it actually is. But there is also a simple way that you can
address this. We wanted to find the ultimate answer to why
channels feel like they get stuck in the land Of no views. So we went straight to the source – Oh my gosh, the algorithm changed. I’m not getting as many views. – That’s Todd. He works at YouTube, and he knows the YouTube
algorithm like the back of his hand. He’s also you know, friends with Mr. Beast. So if there’s anybody that knows how to get
on the good side of the YouTube algorithm, It’s gonna be Todd. Todd actually gave us five YouTube insights
that you’re not gonna hear on any other YouTube Algorithm video. It was his last tip that especially threw
me off. So trust me here. Watch these tips and watch them in order if
you want your small channel to turn into a Big one. Choose to ignore these tips, and the YouTube
algorithm may just keep ignoring you. So let’s get into it. Here’s what creators have gotten wrong about
the YouTube algorithm. – The main job of the algorithm is to serve
the user when they show up. A lot of creators think about things from
the creator perspective. ”Oh, well, I make a video, and then YouTube
pushes it out to a bunch of people. For the most part, recommendations and search
don’t get pushed out. They get kind of pulled from viewers. – So in other words, it’s the YouTube viewer
that actually gets to summon the YouTube algorithm. But if that’s the case, how can you as a creator
make sure that your video is the one to show Up? We use the watch history as probably the most
important signal that we know about a viewer To figure out what they might wanna watch
next. – And here we’re actually getting a little
bit closer to that answer.

It is watch history that you need to be worried
about. If you want your videos to be pulled by the
YouTube algorithm, then you need to get into Somebody’s watch history. And as we know, that’s easier said than done. Now, if you already have a few subscribers,
there’s a good chance that they are the ones To watch your videos, and therefore you end
up in there watch history. But what if you’re starting at zero, and the
algorithm has no idea who best to pair your Videos with in the first place? – When we have absolutely no behavioral data,
we’re going to probably rely more on the metadata, The data that we have in terms of the title
and the description, and I would say search Is probably the first place for fresh videos. You upload a brand new video around Minecraft. We’re going to consider that video when somebody
searches for Minecraft based on the title And description. – Okay, so this is helpful. YouTube search your title and your description,
and these are things you could be focused On to start bringing in those new viewers
when you’re starting from zero. But maybe you feel like you’re already doing
this and yet you’re still struggling. What else could possibly be wrong? Todd had an answer to that too. – I would discourage creators from trying
to like compete in the most competitive spaces In the world. And so rather than go after like, the Minecraft
query for example, you might wanna find a Niche that isn’t already being served by a
million other videos. Spend time looking at what viewers see, and
see where can you produce the best video That’s Gonna be better than what’s already there
because that’s where the opportunity is. – I love it that an employee at YouTube is
calling a spade of spade here. YouTube is inherently a competitive space. At the end of the day, your success on YouTube
is gonna depend on you making videos that Stack up against the competition you have. And it would be so nice if our high-quality
videos that we make could compete in any niche On YouTube, but that’s just not how it works. And so as a creator, you need to be really
thoughtful and strategic about which niche On YouTube you decide to enter into.

But there was something else that Todd said
that caught me completely by surprise. – I wouldn’t rely entirely on YouTube as the
only way to drive attention to your content. Identifying other places where your content
might be relevant. It could be everything from Facebook groups,
Discord servers, Twitter, et cetera. Seed your video in places where you are going
to get some watch history, and kickstart that Signal. – Todd is debunking a huge myth here. Contrary to popular belief, You actually should
be promoting your small videos on other platforms Outside of YouTube. Now, obviously that doesn’t mean you should
go around to every subreddit, and Discord Server you find, and just spam your video
links all over the place. Relevance is gonna be key here. You wanna go to the places where your community
is hanging out, and you wanna provide videos And maybe clips from your videos that can
help them perhaps with a problem they’re having. And if you choose to disregard that last bit
of advice, then I would highly caution you Here because you could end up paying for it. YouTube’s not exactly once again, going to
know who to pair it with. So really, be thoughtful when you’re sharing
your content outside the platform. Crap, I gotta work. I have like three more paragraphs. Don’t buy cats. If you wanna be a YouTuber, that’s the real
advice. Don’t do it. And for those of you who aren’t really keen
on the idea of sharing your videos outside Of YouTube and doing all that legwork, don’t
worry this isn’t something you necessarily Have to do forever. You’re just doing this at the beginning of
your journey to give the algorithm a little Bit of a nudge in the right direction. Once you get a bunch of people that have your
videos in their watch history, and they’re Your ideal viewers, the YouTube algorithm
can step in, and do the rest. – Now these are all valid strategies, but
one strategy I wouldn’t recommend is chasing

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