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The BEST Blueberry Pie


Hey bakers, John Kanell, from Preppy Kitchen here And today we’re making a classic Blueberry Pie bursting with flavor, topped and cradled with a flaky butter crust, and it’s just amazing Look at this. It holds its shape, but it’s delicious. Let’S get started.

I made a batch of my favorite: all butter pie, crust, dough and let it chill overnight. You can click up here for the full. How to on that or you can click the link in the description and it will have all the details. But for now we’re gonna roll this out, When you take it out of the fridge, let it come a little bit closer to room temperature. Otherwise it will get a lot of cracking Unwrap. This sucker sprinkle liberally with flour all over the place, spread it around and now we’re gon na roll out from the center add more flour to your rolling pin if it’s getting a little sticky.

And it’s imperative that you, flour, flour, flour and move it around. I like to flip mine over flour, all right everywhere, flour And because this pie will have a lattice top. I made a double batch of dough. You’ll have a little bit left over, but you can bake that separately for a delicious snack or just keep it in the fridge for an emergency mini pie, crust whatever you want.

If you do have cracks developed, just pinch them together, it’s not a big deal. Don’t worry! If the dough is not totally round, it’s really gonna be fine. Once you get to the desired thickness, a little bit more flour and roll it onto your rolling pin. I find this is the best way to transfer dough, But you can quarter it do whatever you want.

Use your dough hover machine. Okay, unroll that unto your pie, and now I like to lift and kind of jiggle it in there. I don’t wanna stretch the dough, because I really think that if you do that, it’s gonna, like kind of tense back up in baking and shrink

Now we can use the knife and just cut around You can use a giant knife because that’s what is available?

Don’t worry about the edge, because we’re gonna be hiding that with our lattice top so just cut around the pie dish. Okay, all of this can be used up for decorations. If we want later This, I’m just going to tap down make sure it’s all there and pop this into the freezer to chill out. While we work on our filling

For the filling I have five cups of fresh blueberries. Look at these guys. You can use frozen blueberries if you want, You have to add in maybe like an extra half cup or so

All right, I really like some lemon to zing up all my pies I feel like it wakes them up: Apple pie, Blueberry Pie, strawberry, the works, Otherwise all that sugar just feels a little bit dull, even if the blueberries have some zing to them And they do. But it’s not like lemon To my blueberries, I’m gonna zest, one lemon.

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Already it’s gorgeous Like yellow the blue amazing. Let’s add in my three tablespoon of this one tablespoon two, I don’t know, Let’s make that three full tablespoons of lemon juice, gonna add half a cup of sugar now get out there, One quarter cup or 30 grams of cornstarch. This is our thickening agent and it’s really gonna help. The pie not be a watery mess. Now we’re gonna toss this up toss those blueberries.This is like such a simple pie: filling just move things around, so all that sugar, cornstarch lemon juice and zest really mixes together. You have a nice uniform and wet gloopy, blueberry filling Okay, that’s great Nice! All right, let’s set that aside and then fill our pie, crust

So, pull that pie crust out of the freezer and just dump in those blueberries, ( soft, happy, music, ), Okay, spread them out a bit, And I like to make sure that all of that lemony thickening agent is kind of out of the bowl into the filling And spread around now, just flatten it out. Just make sure you don’t have any voids in the pie where there’s like a gap in blueberries, because if that happens, when your lattice is baking up, it’ll collapse and it won’t look as pretty It’ll still be delicious, though This can go back into the fridge. Now. Just to keep chilled while we work on our lattice, I have batch number two of pie crust that I just started rolling out Same deal as before.

Keep it moving. That is the main thing with pie crust. You can’t let it sit still. Otherwise things get sticky and you get frustrated This one. I don’t have super control over, but it would be great if it rolled out to a perfect square. So I can cut nice beautiful strips

I don’t think that’s gonna happen, though. Feels like I’m, making a very luxurious pizza, That’s good! Any cracks can get pinched together And right now we’re gonna cut our strips I’m gonna go for maybe an inch in change. If you want thuper thuper thin strips, If you want super thin strips just be careful because they become harder to work with, If you look at those pretty really beautiful pies on Instagram, the key is: how does it bake, You’ll notice, you’ll see a lot of insanely Gorgeous raw pies because they tend to fall apart during baking, Not all of your strips have to be the same size by the way.

So don’t worry or panic if you have some thinner ones or thicker ones.

Just say it was part of the plan all along Before I add my lattice on I’m gonna grate about two tablespoons of butter right onto this It’ll melt in there and make it really just that much more delicious. This is kind of optional, though you don’t have to So to make your lattice you’re going to arrange the first row.

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You can have as much or as little gap as you want. It’S really up to you. I tried to be really ambitious once and do a Chevron pattern during a Facebook live video and it did not go well. I had to start from scratch cause, even though I knew what I was supposed to do. I totally lost track and it was kind of a disaster.

Just to be totally honest, now, you’re gonna lift up every other strip, half way through two three And place your lattice in there nice and straight place back on and then you’re gon na repeat that process with the alternating strips We’re almost done with one side. Okay. So this is a gonna, be one two three four do one little tiny strip here to finish it off. Our lattice is complete. Now we have to deal with the edge

Kind of up to you how to do this, I’m gonna trim my edges Gon na place this into the fridge for a few minutes and see if I can do a braid. If I can’t we’re just gonna crimp, it So bear with me. So okay, I have my three strands. The problem is I’m horrible at braiding, Okay, but let’s give it a try. Ideally, I will start in the middle, but I always lose track when I do that. So that’s not gonna happen. ( gentle, happy music, ), Just moving them back and forth. ( chuckles, ), Okay, so one two I’m getting it and I know the pattern. ( gentle happy music ), It’s gonna be like enough for a third ( chuckles ) Anyways. That’S what it’ll look like if I had the patience to do the rest of the braid, But I don’t I just don’t So. I’m gonna push it to the side and what we’re gonna do now is crimp. Our pie, dough together at the end so that it holds together, Am using a knife to trim some of the overhang

This pie dish actually has a very narrow lip. Most of yours will have a bigger one for your crimping to rest on. You can take some of the excess and just smoosh it on for some extra hold. So now, if you want, you can just give it a little bit of a crimp with your fingers just for the smallest bit of detail, not like that. Braid Just run around with two fingers on one side or a thumb, and your index finger and your other index finger and just crimp crimp crimp. This will help everything stay glued together and I think it gives it a nice, very homey but wonderful, finishing touch. We’Re gon na brush the entire surface, with an egg wash mix, one egg and a tablespoon of cream in a small bowl. So it’s a nice. Even consistency And we’re gonna brush this on the top, The egg wash is gonna, give it a glossy golden color. And also act almost as a bit of glue to hold everything together, It’ll seep into those corners of the lattice, and I like to use a smaller brush for this. So it’s a bit much precise and doesn’t damage the pie crust.

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It’s much easier to add an egg wash onto a chilled pie crust because it won’t move around with your brush. You do wan na try and hit every bit of the pie crust with the egg wash because, in the absence of egg wash it’ll be a very visible as a totally different color and texture. At the same time, you don’t want to smother it in egg wash and have giant pools of egg. I’m gonna finish this off with a sprinkling of sugar. I think it adds a nice little bit of crunch and sweetness to the top. You don’t have to add it, though It’s totally up to you.

This is gonna bake for 20 minutes at 425. We’re gonna lower the temperature down to like 375 and bake for an additional almost hour. So you don’t want the edge to burn That’ll blacken the whole pie. Crust will be black on the outside. If that’s happened to you, let me know in the comments. We can share our pie failures, so carefully wrap some tin foil around the edge. This will protect our pie during baking and let the center become nice and golden without burning the edge You can check on it after, like maybe an hour in total, and just maybe just take the tenting off. If it’s not looking golden enough on the outside Onto a baking sheet and into the oven. Okay, I had to show you it’s very slippery, very slippery. The pie was bubbling done, golden brown It baked for 20 minutes at 425, then 40 minutes for 375, after which I removed the tenting and cooked it for an additional like 10 to 15 minutes. I just watched it When it was bubbling and golden brown. I knew it was ready.

This is gon na be set aside until it is fully room temperature. I wanna eat it all. Oh my Gosh, it’s so hot Forgot. The pan is hot Anyways, not gonna eat it setting it aside. Gently, all the components, tasted, amazing raw – I can’t imagine what it’s gon na taste like cooked Mmmh good. I love the lemon in there. It has a lot of flavor. Well, that’s like secret lover, (, laughs )! If you like this recipe check out my Apple Hand, pies, They are delicious filled with caramel and kind of addictive, So make them at your own risk. If you, like, my videos, hit that like button and subscribe, and I will see you soon –

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