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How to Make a Banana Split at Home | Easy Banana Splits Recipe


Hello and welcome to you in the kitchen with Matt. I am your host Matt Taylor. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a banana split. Oh yeah, I have many fond memories. Growing up eating banana splits Banana splits actually are one of the most popular desserts here in the United States and they’re really easy to make there’s so many different ways that you can prepare them.

If I can do it, you can do it before I move on Make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bill. So you won’t miss out and you need my new videos. Let’s get started down below in the description box, you find the list of the ingredients, I will say amounts, but the amount is entirely up to you.
There’s two things: a banana split needs: That’s bananas and ice cream. After that, you can put whatever you want.

A banana split essentially is a chocolate sundae with bananas. That’s kind of simple as that so began with a banana And we’ll just peel. This thing make sure your hands are clean, of course, and then we want to cut this banana down the metal right in half.

Hence the name, the split: that’s how the banana split pretty much gets its name as the piece of banana is split in half. And then you want some kind of container. I have this cool little boat that you can get online If you want, which is just a really cool holder, pretty awesome right and now we want to put in the ice cream. Now I don’t normally buy really expensive ice cream.

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I’m totally fine eating very you know like the store brand ice cream.
But do what works for you buy whatever your favorite ice cream. You want to do and use that, Like. I said I’m totally fine by a name brand, cheap stuff like this Kroger brand, And so I’m going to do a couple of different flavors and you can do a lot of different flavors. If you want three or four whatever you want to, do, I’m just going to do three scoops of ice cream and I’m going to do a nice big scoop of this Super dark chocolate.

Right there in the middle Now I will do vanilla I’ll put that right there, Another scoop of vanilla right there Yeah. This is exciting. This is the type of dessert that you, like You skip a couple of meals during the day to save up for it. And then comes the different sources that you can do. Um Hershey’s syrup is very popular, so just use some of that.

Caramel sauce is another popular sauce and I’m just going to spoon some of that on their. And then some strawberry sauce, I like the strawberry kind to go on the chocolate and then my favorite part is the whipped cream All right.

So you got some whipped cream on there and then come in here are some nuts you want. So that’s on there, and maybe we will catch this one off with a Mancino cherry And there we go that is one of the ways I like to eat. A banana split Like I said there are so many different combinations and varieties of flavors that you can do Awesome All right There. We have it simple, easy banana split drop, a comment down below and let me know some of your favorite toppings that you like on your banana split. It’S really easy to do simple ingredients.

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If I can do it, You can do it. I’m Matt Taylor, this has been another episode of in the Kitchen with Matt. Thank you for joining me. As always, If you have any questions, comments or requests, put him down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can Thumbs up down the corner, push it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos Take care Time for me to dive into this. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, Some of that banana ice cream.
Whipped cream and nuts Mm Mm hmm.

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