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Easy Midwestern Butter Burger Recipe


A better butter burger butter burger, but better, no scratch that this is the best butter, burger. The butter burger is a Midwestern classic traditionally only with four ingredients like ground beef, onions, bun and a copious amount of Wisconsin butter, simple right, not so fast follow our unique and essential steps to make your own big league butter burger at home. Let’s get it started. We’Re diving right in with some butter, put a stick in the freezer for at least 20 minutes to get extra firm.

This is unsalted and yes, challenge brand is not from Wisconsin, but I couldn’t find a Wisconsin brand at my local grocery store here in Ohio.

Since I want three tablespoons folded into our ground beef I’ll mark how much that is on a stick and grab a box grater and I’ll coarsely grate the butter? Yes, this is probably new to you but check out what happens When you put it through the course grate. We get these little curls that’ll fold beautifully into our ground beef. Now, let’s grab our certified Angus Beef brand 80/20 blend. This is the ratio of fat to lean that should be your go-to for burgers and if it’s not certified, it’s not the best Into the bowl and we’ll introduce the butter, I’m using a bowl scraper to work the butter evenly into the ground, beef and working quickly to avoid melting.

Both the butter and the beef fat so maybe you’re thinking it’s a bit over the top to have this much fat mixed in. But that’s the point of this blend. Beef fat represents about five ounces of this pound and a half of ground beef.

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Adding three ounces of butter puts the lean to fat percentages at about 70/30. Beef will still be the dominant flavor here, but the butter will add a rich creaminess with a touch of sweetness.

Okay, I’ll quickly form four patties and I’ll set them in parchment on a sheet tray, I’ll preseason them with course kosher salt and black pepper, Get them seasoned evenly and on both sides.

Those butter pieces will want to stick to whatever they touch, so the parchment is especially important. Just push any stray butter back into the patties They’ll become friends, and then we’ll put these in the fridge to firm up. While we get a couple, key ingredients ready to roll onions, I love seared onions with a good burger. Rather than slices here we’re going to dice it up When you eat a burger, diced is much easier to eat than slices All right. We’ll come back to the onions here in a minute, get a large cast iron heated and ready on the stove top and get into more of that butter to toast our buns Just paint some circles on the cast iron
This is where our buns will land grab your favorite hamburger bun.

I’m mixing things up a little here and using a split top for this recipe. I think they’ll soak in just the right amount of butter and toast nicely press the bun halves into the cast iron and work them around to grab that melting butter.
Set the first wave aside and get four more halves worked in. It reminds me of pancake morning at our house. Do you use the same technique with the stick of butter where the paper is still on, but you fold it down and paint the hot pan.

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Tell me in the comments: Okay, buns are toasted perfectly nice and golden brown with crispy edges. I’ll get the last one outta the pan and we’ll get to searing the onions.

Cast iron’s still on medium heat, then you guessed it more butter into the pan, with our diced onion for a quick sear Instead of slow caramelizing we’re going for a quicker cast iron sear here Spread things out quickly to get the onions softened. After a few minutes, a pinch of salt and we’ll stir things around, I’m just getting them off of raw When they go from opaque to transparent, pull them off. Before we put these patties in the pan, hit that subscribe button a touch more butter in the pan and into the cast iron with the chilled burgers.
I’ll bump the heat to medium high here and I’ll get a good sear on one side.

Then we’ll flip and sear the other side After a couple minutes, take a slice of Wisconsin cheddar and cover for a minute to melt the cheese Time to build our butter burgers Down with some diced onion and top with our cheddar covered patties.

Some sliced dill pickles to top it off I’ll, tell you onion, pickle and cheddar, pretty simple All right! I’M not gon na miss out on some of that flavor still in the pan. If you wan na so up that rendered fat grab a top bun and go for it, There’s a lot to love about the simplicity of how awesome this is wait till you make this butter burger at home. See you next time, thank you.

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