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The 70 Best Low-Light Indoor Plants for Your Living Room


how are you
I hope you’re doing really really well thank you so much by the way for subscribing to this channel thank you for getting on the email list at plantarina.com and if you haven’t you should check it out because insane up to 75 off deals you’ll see when you get there but I’m gonna get right into this video because I’m pretty excited to just narrow this down into a plant that actually do well tolerate low light pretty well that you can put in your living room it’s a room most people come to when they come to your home or maybe you have a great room or some area like a meeting area whatever you call your living room is like the public space and you want it to look pretty good and plants make things look very good so I want to talk about a bunch of different groups of plants that will love it with the less light they’re not going to love it they will love those plants because they can live in low light how about that peace lilies I think they’re called to peace lilies because they give you peace of mind right that’s not true that’s not why you call them peace lilies because they’re they’re SP there’s there are flowers that are not really flowers that are modified leaves look like a white flag you want to hold up if you want to surrender so this one is called Jetty peace lily Jetty it doesn’t have any flowers on it right now but you can encourage them to Flower by giving them more light but in low light they’re generally not going to flower as much but their foliage will still look really good they might thin out a little bit but in general they can last a very very long time in lower light and when I say lower light I’m talking about four hours of indirect sunlight per day you know we know that it gets cloudy whatever but in general consistently getting four hours of Sun indirect sunlight and that’s to me low light anything below that is pretty low but it’s just if you have very very low light you should think about getting some kind of artificial lighting that will help but anyway so peace lilies like Jetty and sensation I have one behind me look at this one I’m gonna lift it up look at this the I’m in it for the leaves I’m in this whole game kind of that’s not true I changed my mind a lot but right now I’m in for the leaves they’re very very textured feel that see that lots of texture going on big broad leaves great floor plans great plants to put on this pedestal like I have here hold on a second I’m gonna want to crush this calathea anymore they’re perfect for displaying in your living room because they’re bold and they they dominate your visual right doesn’t make any sense by the way pretty much I would say oh all of the plants that I’m showing you can be found on plantarina.com now I’m pretty sure so they some some plants sell out very quickly just because they’re very popular or they just you need to have that plant so I’m just saying you can check it out this is a calathea mosaic called a network khalethia the same network plant I think it is no net worth net worth Network calathea and it has very subtle markings on the leaves it’s this chartreuse and like almost outlined by an ink pen really detail like a hatch work very impressive I’m looking at it through the light I’m not sure if you can quite see that but again uh this calatheas that have green leaves like this and also like the orbifolia I was gonna can I do this it doesn’t quite fit you have to take it don’t plant calatheas in concrete or terracotta pots I’m just putting it here for for show I’m gonna grab it’s too tight I I feel like I have no space to move that’s the thing okay so this is a giant calithia orbifolia I’m not sure if you can see it because it’s pretty freaking tight in here this has predominantly green leaves and plants with green leaves in general can handle living in lower light I’m going to talk softly now because I think I came in strong like all fired up and I’m just gonna relax a little bit so orbifolia Mosaic there’s the green lipstick calithia there’s there’s also certain mirantas too which I’m going to just patch in to this group of let’s call them prayer plants The Greener and darker Greener they are the further away they can live from the window the colorful ones on the other hand need a lot of bright indirect light to keep that color vibrant and strong and glowing and obvious right because otherwise they just start last lacking luster I’m looking pretty crappy so if you’re going to have calathea in your home think about bringing in the ones that have green leaves like this orbifolia or this or this network network plant so cute right is lemon button fern I’m always having a crush on this one because it just reminds me of spring um you know whatever wants bring to be here now what’s the date of spring ferns generally speaking live in dappled shade Outdoors most ferns don’t tolerate direct light some do Ostrich Ferns do but that’s a different story that’s talking about outdoor plants we’re talking about indoor plants here that you can bring in that don’t need a lot of light in the living room whoa so ferns in general can and the thing with keeping your plants in lower light or lower lit areas is that the lower the light the less often you should be watering them but for ferns you’ll just have to water them when the soil is dry halfway down to the pot like halfway down here because they don’t like it at all they hate it okay I’m not sure if you watch if if you’ve watched any of my other videos before but I did one a few weeks ago and I had a maiden hair fern in there I was really proud of it it’s dead it’s dead two days I did two days I didn’t look at it dead so that’s a bummer so ferns you have to stay a little bit more on top of it just keep you know just keep them watered but they don’t really need much more than that so I’d say like plants that have are labeled high maintenance plants it’s just they just need a lot of water and humidity so ferns can handle it ferns look great big Boston Ferns big Macho ferns big Kimberly Queen ferns they’re pretty the textural and they’re arboreal is that even a word they look like the forest they just elicit a lot of emotion in me because I wanted this bare feet through its foliage that’s weird that’s like a fetish or something I don’t have a fern foot fetish green you see the theme here a lot of these plants are just green so that’s good that’s probably I should just make this video really short if you want low light plants in your living room just buy green plants so no I’m just going to keep going on China Doll plant is really turning into one of my favorite plants because it just feels it actually feels like an outdoor plant like a miniature I don’t know like a like a hedge maple or something just looks really pretty and they’re pretty fast Growers and I the reason I’m calling this a low light plant although it’s labeled as a plant that needs a lot more light I keep it in a darker spot fine not growing as fast fine I don’t have to water it as much fine so you might have to experiment with your own determination on what is low light in your house but China Doll plant can handle it give it a shot look how pretty like movement that’s okay the ferns and the very similar just kind of I have it’s just I don’t know I want to just shake it shake it a lot I’m gonna shake it sanseveria the last video we did we this one we did this Lauren and I made this bouquet so there’s so many types this is a black coral there’s uh of course like because I blocked I blocked out I blocked out it blocked it out xylonica laurenti whales Finn there’s the whole uh bird’s nest series the little cute ones like black star four star Misty so many so many you can’t count so the good news is that every single I feel like this I feel like I’m being covered with plants every single one of these beautiful erect plants can live pretty much anywhere in your living room the thing is there’s a lot of crossover they can go anywhere they just they’re fluid they can live in low light they can live and highlight they can live in direct sun so they’re kind of like the All-Star endure plant they’re perfect for a space that is light limited light challenged this is black coral and um it defines itself right it literally just has this purposeful shape of purposeful habit that it can invite you to flank other plants around it to encircle the like bring around the Sands of area so because it just looks like an anchor plant what do they call that those plants that you put in the center of pots an anchor plant that’s what it is so they’re really really good and then the bigger they are the taller they are the more impressive they are none flowering uh what are these called anthurium non-flowering anthurium just have this wide ability this vast ability to go anywhere to be anywhere to live anywhere I say they’re non-flowering but I see a flower so basically I’m an idiot no it’s the flower actually the flower is really pretty I was going to say it’s inconsequential insignificant that’s what I was looking for but to me it’s significant look how pretty that is so but most people don’t buy bird’s nest in theorem for the flower they buy for their giant leaves and they do get big so if you have a smaller space whose hair is that and you are concerned that sometimes your plants might might outgrow the space the bird’s nest ethereum will do that it’ll take a long time especially when it’s in lower light so these are definitely these house plants are much more tolerant of lower light than the flowering and ethereum like the flamingo flowers you know the ones you see everywhere that are really pretty but they’re just they need more light to flower oh God I just want to Glide I wasn’t this big and just slide along the leaves and go into a swimming pool or something that’s would be fun it would be fun oh yeah there’s a lot more of these types there’s Superba superbum there’s anthurium superbum there’s anthurium plow maniai there’s anthurium I wrote it down because I wasn’t going to remember it cobra and jungle bush fun fun names right it’s like Farsi fun so they all kind of look similar and have the same habit and can live in the light in your living room pothos can handle it the green type so we have pothos Jade Jade pothos the golden pothos even Cebu blue pothos can handle it and this is global green I’m thinking that’s why I’m gonna look around a lot when I’m thinking and even marble Queen it has white in its leaves but generally it can handle it if you find your your plants look like they’re suffering put them closer to any window and they’ll bounce back okay you should rotate them if you’re concerned you don’t have enough light in any room or space in your house that’s where they put those aside I think I covered the pothos moment a moment just to appreciate this plant still it’s the same principle here and maybe I’m just being repetitive green leaved philodendrons any philodendron with a green leaf or dark leaf can be in this group it’s in this club it’s in the low light club the low light living room Club what’s wonderful about these types of plants this this is a rojo Congo did I get that mixed up Congo Rojo Congo I’m pretty sure it’s is it you ever Congo or a green Rojo no I mean a green Congo or a burl Marx Sia is a pearl marks yeah or Marcia is it’s tenante uh all of them all the green ones will do very very well and they won’t take over your space because these get really big they get giant which I love but I also love this size too because it’s you can appreciate it on your desk or on the table you know what I’m saying I love all plans all sizes every single one of them everyone especially the post the philodendron and even the climbing philodendron I can’t say this word Brazil Brazil can handle lower light it might lose some of its beautiful markings but in general even the lemon lime philodendron no forget it that like that wants more light because it’s it’s a lime green give them a little little less water when they’re not getting over four hours of indirect sunlight per day I did it I got the monstera and put it on my lap put in my lap that’s what’s gonna I’m gonna talk about what happened last night and I’m not happy about it just admit it if you don’t lie to me I’ll be I’ll be more lenient how about that now so basically monstera deliciosa monstera adamsonia monstera even dubia a monstera still to picana they can handle lower light I’m putting this lower on the list just just because I like them big and I want them to get bigger so I try to give at least at least six hours of indirect sunlight a day but that being said you don’t have to they will just take a lot longer to grow and that could be a very good thing for you depending on how much space you have right but you see this I was gonna say delicious because you don’t eat them but this really tempting it’s just like I’m gonna say sexy why do I keep saying sexy am I like loving am I like loving plants too much here did I just go like down a weird path I think maybe but it’s so pretty and it’s so soft this new growth on here I’m just kind of in love so I’m about to think um I am thinking I should fertilize this I should fertilize this but I’m not gonna do that right now because it’s not that video but I’m saying monster is like such an iconic plant that how could you not have one in your living room because people They Know It generally they know it they don’t know what they’ll remember if you just remind them so anyway if you want to make people feel smart put a monstera in your living room and they’ll say oh what’s a beautiful Monster oh thank you oh you say thank you okay so yes monstera and if you want your monster I’m like leaning back like I just don’t care anymore that’s not good if you want Vines if you want the Vining monstera ad and Sony eye you’re gonna probably end up cutting it back to keep it from being super leggy unless you like that look so same with this this might there’s one around here that’s very leggy it’s over there uh I just had to move it because I was I need help so you can help your plans by cutting them back don’t be afraid to prune them especially when they’re growing in low light you’re going to have problems I’m going to show you the problem you might have with some peperomia because that is another genus of plants that can live in lower light definitely prefer to live in bright light I don’t know if I said this in the beginning all of these plants want to live in bright indirect light that’s like across the board I did say that sorry if I’m repeating myself I’m just like you know what I’m trying to do I’ll get to the pepperoni after because I’m going to stay in order come on do you hear my stomachs and weird liquid sound just came out of it so the refitifora dragon’s tail is like unkillable this plant’s unkillable and Unstoppable and I have this not this particular one but I have one that’s in my kitchen that’s in the dark crevices by the sink it looks great it looks great it’s growing new leaves and it’s pretty freaking dark in there and this one’s growing here this is I’m at Lauren’s house right now and it’s in the kitchen and you know it lives in the kitchen and it’s this vibrant green the satiny luster thick leaves it’s got it going on for a plant so yeah this is a great candidate for somebody who doesn’t have the light they need they want in their living room maybe you don’t want a bright living room I find when it’s too bright in my living room I can see all the dirt so it’s better we’re fittifora decressiva I find the rifida Flora Tetra Sperma a little less tolerant of lower light parlor Palms parlor palms and I do have a bamboo palm which I’ll show you you know an image or a video can handle lower light most of the other Palms want it bright so if you are you know feeling that tropical mood you get a couple of parlor palms or bamboo Palms because they can they can handle it and they look great they get nice well the Parlor Palms don’t get really Pat they don’t get tall past three feet does that make any sense my can’t speak English anymore they don’t get taller than three feet and the bamboo Palms get about I’d say like six seven feet indoors Max but still that’s pretty tall for a plant inside your house well there’s a dead one over there there’s a dead ZZ plant I’m not going to show you and then why is it still in here okay so ZZ plants are fabulous for low light fabulous for highlight fabulous for structure fabulous because they don’t need a lot of water they prefer they don’t want to be watered really they’re perfect for your living room for a gift for any room in your house that is is anywhere any place anytime they’re going to show up and just do it ZZ plants for sure 100 percent I should have started this easy plant but everybody expects that syngonium parofylum syngonium Plum Plum syngonium White butterfly syngonium uh what’s more green Maria it’s a little deeper red the darker leaves leaved sangonium Arrowhead Vines can handle it and they do they get a little leggy you got to keep them pruned back pruned back over you just enjoy the lugginess and keep them don’t let them dry out too much because they do that constantly and and they suffer I can’t stop myself I had a big big beautiful one I just I think I didn’t water I think I skipped a week it just split down the middle it looks like garbage right now but and I’ll fix it I’ll stake it or something like that yeah you can also stake your plants that are beginning to become luggy you can wind them around a pole a post a board a box plane I don’t know just stake it find something to stake it with and stick it up just gonna List It diffenbachia there’s a little toxic be careful they’re a little toxic so if you have pets young children or people or adults who like to nibble on Plants just keep them away keep those people away from your house actually don’t invite them over ever again but they are structural very pretty very much like Chinese Evergreens which I’ll talk about pretty soon they have these giant leaves so many different patterns and even the ones that have slightly lighter leaves like Tiki camouflage they can handle lower light they get a little like I said everything’s pretty much everything I say goes for every single plant species and or genus I’m talking about they get a little leggy they lose a little bit of color and they grow slower so that’s also true with the different Baki all the different Bacca but they’re really super easy easy easy easy to care for they for they don’t they don’t require a lot of water you know and they just don’t they don’t care about you they really don’t they’re completely independent and I like that in a plant a lot don’t bug me just look good look look good standing there please this type of a dracina like white Jewel I think this is called and I’ve had this in this terracotta pot I barely water it I don’t know where it’s been I just plucked it from the garage they don’t really want to be in a lower lit area they just generally don’t but other ones that have more green a lot of green in their leaves especially the dristinas that have wide strappy thick leaves like this as opposed to the marginatas that have very thin strappy leaves they do better they’re capturing more light from wherever it’s coming from and so therefore they will last longer and live longer in an area that is light light get it light light like light on light trying to think of different ways of saying the same exact thing light light so yeah I there’s one there’s one in the in the entryway it’s too heavy I’m not moving it but you’ll see it doesn’t these weirdly enough like when no one’s here the windows are shut there’s not a lot of light in here so this I consider this living space to be on the lower Light Side of Life so you know always what was that so I can’t even I can’t even say it I can’t say it look on the bright side of low light you know what I’m talking about right okay so yeah Justine is at how green green leaves not variegated white like this one two more I promise just two more but this is an accurate account of the plants you can keep in low light I am not kidding I’m not making this up I’ve lived with I’m not feeding you a bunch of crap it’s the truth for me and hopefully it’s the truth for you you don’t believe me because I feel like I’m lecturing you I feel like I’m a lecturer now you want to talk about the peperomia um cubensis cubensis this peperomia I took from my from my home for my low my low light home and this was in a basket kind of an elevated granny basket that I love it’s so I’m gonna say granny basketball it looks like it to me so this is a peperomia cubensis and I don’t highly recommend keeping a lot or different types of peperomia in low light for too long this the reason why it’s bald here because it was in a basket was hanging down and I think this is where it was like shaping chafing you know but all this is New Growth this was the older growth that’s what happened that just it grew and it’s hanging this is nice and Lush I could and I should but I don’t want to cut this back and then this is going to do the same it’s going to do the same thing this is gonna get covered and die so it is in low light it was or it has been living in low light and so I would suggest only picking peperomia that have the Deep greens and thick leaves like the obtuse folias and the clucifolias right and what other peperomias I think that’s probably it did I write anything down of course not so I’m just rambling sorry I don’t think you’re still here anymore I feel like I’m talking to an empty room right now I am actually pepperonia I love you I love you because you’re not perfect and I’m not cutting you I’m just leaving you the way you are because you’re a star what’s inside you what is that I hope you’re not harboring some I have no idea what that is looks like a giant spider egg Mass I love you though spiders eat bugs right this is the last one Chinese Evergreen to see it back there see I don’t feel like getting up because every time I get up that mic does something strange so this is the most and now I understand why my husband gets so frustrated with me when I put Plants behind his chairs and he’s just like please I don’t want a plant another plant to touch my head I get it because it’s annoying Chinese Evergreens they’re the best they’re the best for low light the ones that are green don’t try to put Chinese Evergreen cherry or pink pearl all those that have beautiful color like beautiful pinks beautiful Reds lady Valentine lipstick there’s so many of them so many just like they’re whoever’s popping out all these new varieties of Chinese Evergreens thank you you just maybe take a break so I can remember what they all are and then pop out some more and it’s like you’re having litters litters are coming out of Chinese Evergreens colorful ones it’s great though so choose the ones that are darker that have darker leaves like Stripes Tigress uh what is the famous One Silver Bay there’s there’s so many others that I can’t think of they have green leaves Maria Cutlass you know what I’m saying there’s a lot so those are perfect butter them less rotate them to for the No Light they’re getting does that make any sense but still rotate them because if they’re getting some indirect sunlight then they they still become they can’t speak anymore if they’re getting indirect sunlight they’re still getting late and they still should be rotated so don’t give up on quarter turn every time you water your plants okay that’s a pretty that’s a pretty like solid list and I think that’s a lot of plants you have to choose from if you’re feeling like you didn’t have enough light to have indoor plants in your house so I hope this gives you some information I’m going to probably give time codes for this particular video so you can just hop right to it or you can just see the list and you don’t have to watch the video how about that just print the list can you I guess you can that’s completely it thank you and enjoy your week and enjoy this this and enjoy your time your down time and enjoy Watering your plants even if you have a lot take put some music on do it in your own way okay because it’s you know this is all a gift this whole thing this whole life is a gift seriously I’m very comfortable I actually don’t even want to get up and see you soon seriously I’ll see you soon May Sunday I’ll see you Sunday I’m trying wow wow [ __ ] that’s

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