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HOUSEPLANT TOUR!! | my ENTIRE houseplant collection | spring 2023


[Music] thank you [Music] hello my beautiful buds welcome back to my channel Sprouse with joy my name is joy and if you like to talk about plants you’re in the right place and today we are filming a grand old house plant tour this will be my second house plant tour ever and I did one oh gosh maybe like a year and a half ago let’s just say a lot has changed around here since then I love creating houseplant tour videos because it kind of freezes everything in time as my collection stands right now I’ve been wanting to film this video for a long time but I have been delaying it because I don’t know I just felt like things weren’t quite perfect they weren’t quite the way that I wanted them to be yet but honestly I decided you know what I’m just I’m just gonna film it and things are going to change and that’s okay and that’s kind of part of the fun disclaimer I have a toddler and a newborn and a husband so there’s going to be clutter somewhere inevitably my house is not in perfect condition but that’s just part of life but you know I’m just doing my best enough of that let’s just jump into the houseplant tourHOUSEPLANT TOUR!! | my ENTIRE houseplant collection | spring 2023 baby [Music] okay so I think I’m gonna start with my Hoya this is the majority of my Hawaii it’s not all of them but most of them live here in this south facing window actually these two south facing windows and they absolutely love this space this one is kind of a problem child though it’s my hoya carnosa compacta it has dealt with a lot of pests in its time and as you can see there’s some sulfur fungicide remnants kind of on it from treating it for flat mites and yeah it’s had issues but it is growing right now which gives me a lot of Hope because it is a sunny day in a south facing window honestly this might be kind of backlit um this right here is my hoya carnosa Crimson princess and she is really like going off right now with lots and lots of beautiful spring growth there’s new growth here obviously this is like a runner but it will develop leaves and she’s a little bit chlorotic I think that this light actually might be too strong for her because she’s kind of bleached out but maybe I’ll move her someday I don’t know but she’s growing which is a happy thing I’d say and then over here is my Hoya fijiyai I got this as just like a couple of rooted cuttings and it has been growing pretty nicely so far which is really exciting I think it’s really beautiful and I’m gonna be like going pretty quick here because I’ve got a lot of plants to get through uh and then right here is my Hoya Australis Lisa and she has a new Leaf coming in that’s looking very red and beautiful right there and right here I’ve got my Hoya obovada which for a while was pretty stagnant but thankfully just put out this new leaf and so I’m hoping that he’ll start taking off for me I recently repotted them too because he was like falling out of his tiny little plastic pot that he was in and it was not good and right here is Michaela polymera which has honestly been a dream for me he’s been super super easy I have no complaints about him and I just love the nation here and there’s a little bit of splashiness these are pretty recent leaves that have just been coming in like they’re they’re not hard enough yet they’re still growing over here is my Hoya lakinosa silver or super silver or something like that it’s also kind of Gone by the crony on it I don’t I don’t honestly know what the difference is but people are telling me that chronion has been reclassified to lackinosa potentially so I don’t know but yeah it’s super pretty I got this one for really really cheap actually like maybe twelve dollars I did not have a label on it or an ID I just had kind of had to figure it out on my own later on but it has like this beautiful silvery speckling to it and honestly some leaves are completely silver some leaves are more green than silver and just kind of have splashiness but this one has been a super vigorous grower for me probably one of my fastest growing Hoya hand down for sure and this right here I think might be probably one of my favorite Hoya if not my favorite it is my Hoya velosa um I just love the way that the leaves are and the undersides are like kind of fuzzy which is super fun and I love the venation the leaf shape all of it is super fun and this little corner over here okay honestly I feel kind of bad because this place gets virtually no light like I get some like very very low light somehow she’s still growing though it’s my Miranda Lucan or the red veined one it gets virtually no light right now which I think is why do you see like how this Leaf right here is super pale I guess you could say compared to like this I think that that’s because of light I think that if you were to give this plant a lot more light the leaves would come out really dark and if it doesn’t get enough light which surprisingly this Leaf is actually quite large for not getting a lot of light and she’s still growing it’s just you know they’re not quite as vibrant in color so if you want want your plant to look more like this you know I’d recommend putting it in higher light because when she was in an east facing window all of her leaves consistently came out like this but now that she’s in a super low life situation she’s still actually growing pretty well it’s just the leaves aren’t quite as bold I feel kind of bad about that occasionally I will kind of Setter in front of the south facing window to catch some light and just get some more energy I just really like the way that she looks over here so he’ll probably end up rotating some plants in in this area and then down here behind the baby swing is a philodendron green Congo I believe this was actually a piece off of my mother-in-law’s plant I feel like he’s been putting out this new Leaf for forever but it’s going to be a massive one it looks like this is a plant that I put outside for the summer last year and I might do that again this year because he really really enjoyed that and then over here is a west facing window and I just have two many orchids living here I don’t know like they’re Botanical names or anything like that uh I’m assuming they’re like a phalaenopsis variety but like I don’t know anything but they’re budding for me it’s starting to flower again so they’re honestly so so adorable I feel like I have sort of underappreciated orchids but maybe someday I’ll get more into them and then right here is just a golden pothos cutting living in water I sometimes just like to have a few cuttings in water and random places I think you know they’re pretty low maintenance and they look really cute over here is one of my pride and joys she is in my synopsis pictus Exotica she is honestly such a prolific grower and the leaves are so big and gorgeous and yeah probably one of my favorite plants in my collection okay and then this corner is the other side of the dining room with several plants over here so starting right here this is just one of my my toddler’s supposed to be napping but she just opened the door and it’s coming for me it’s nap time baby girl anyway this is right here is one of my Philadelphia seams I have quite a few I mean technically varieties of Philadelphia but this is like your most typical heart leaf philodendron that’s like green and it’s super cute super low maintenance right here is Monster adamsonia I also have several of these but this is like the narrow form I think it’s different from the other monster adventsonia varieties that I have and it’s really not my preference I think I’m probably going to end up giving this away to a friend that will probably give a Better Home and I might replace it with like a small snake plant or something like that but I don’t know we’ll see can you hear her singing oh my word and then this right here is another philodendron heterasium but it’s like the lemon lime cultivar it’s pretty cute but she’s like super duper thirsty all the time this new growth that has come in is pretty small but it’s very dainty looking which I appreciate at one point this plant did have a bout with root rot in reality it was actually in reality it was actually dry rot because I horribly underwatered it while I was pregnant with my now five-month-old son this right here living down here is my super blue pothos which it does get some decent light like in the late afternoons from that west facing window over there that you saw by The Orchids there’s just like a beam of light comes from across the room and hits all these plants but it’s really not for a super long time so the rest of the day they do get pretty low light so they’re definitely not growing as quickly as they could under different circumstances but overall I mean they’re living and they’re still growing so I like them here I like how they look this right here is another philodendron heteresium variety and it’s the Brazil fill it in Brazil this is probably one of my fastest growing plants in my collection even though this is a like more lower to medium light circumstance most of the time again it gets pretty good light for maybe an hour a day but like you know nothing crazy but even in spite of that it really grows like an absolute Beast probably another one of my favorite plants in my collection just because he just thrives and is so beautiful I love the variegation on this plant it’s super underrated too because it’s more common and accessible but anyways I should probably start going faster this right here is my synopsis pictus arjurious I do like this plant a lot as well although she tends to put out a lot of Runners that I have to trim off and she’s also perpetually thirsty because I think she needs to be repotted and she’s in terracotta so she just dries out really fast and I just need to address it but it’s something I’ve been procrastinating and this right here is my gapursha zabrina admittedly she has seen better days uh she’s gotten spider mites a number of times and also this plant is kind of a little bit of a diva so like if you miss a watering or anything like that she is quite unforgiving but she does have this new Leaf that just came in which is again kind of helpful you know even if a plant isn’t doing incredible as long as it’s continuing to grow I find that comforting personally so that’s good I do love this plant I think it’s beautiful if I’ve ever dyed I do think I would probably get another one even though she has given me about a hard time this right here is my manjula pothos which I think might be one of my favorite if not my favorite like pothos variety although I will say it’s a Super Soul grower and so I think that I want to try growing it up some sort of a pull be a plank or Moss Pole or something like that so I have taken some cuttings of this and I’m planning to create another pot that will grow vertically instead this right here is my philodendron mikans which I believe is technically another heterasium a variety but it’s absolutely beautiful with its velvety leaves has also been a super hearty plant for me super forgiving with any sort of underwatering or anything like that right here’s my refitaphora touch for Sperma just kind of going up the wall here uh I always say this is honestly one of my top plants that offer jungle Vibes just because of the way that it grows it’s just this super fun pop of foliage going up your wall and then right here this is actually my very first Monster deliciosa it has grown very gangly and it’s been through a lot because for a while Jenny my cat would like be murdering this thing with her claws and just attacking leaves so we have a lot of leaves that are very beat up it’s very gangly because I just didn’t really brace it well enough like I watered him like four days ago and he’s already drooping so he’s probably due for a repot even though he’s a little bit funky though I think he’ll always have a special place in my heart because he was my first monstera and I’m pretty sure he used the borsigiana like small form because I mean he his leaves really haven’t sized up significantly foreign it is not perfectly aesthetic by any means there are dirty dishes Etc but again it’s just life but it has south facing Windows which I love so right over here I just have some random propagations going some for friends some because this is my synopsis pictus silvery Anne and she had a case of root rot that came out of nowhere so we’re just rerouting her now uh and then right here is just my climbing aloe super fun just funky looking plant hello Alphonse this is my cat here’s another synthesis pictus arduously propagated off of the mother plant out there that you saw this is an opuntia Cactus I don’t know the specific variety um you might be due for a watering now we’re in the way of the shot buddy yeah it’s I love this Cactus it’s so beautiful I found it at Home Depot for like seven bucks and it was a steal and then right here is just another lemon lime philodendron situation that I propagated for a friend so I’m going to be giving that to her sometime soon right here is a peperomia obtuse Folia and I think it’s technically variegated but this is probably one of my most neglected plants in my collection it has so much dust I don’t have much to say about this other than the fact that I need to treat it better I don’t know I don’t know if I’ll ever like re-buy if it ends up dying I don’t know it’s not my favorite but it still is living down here uh yeah and right here is just a lovely ZZ plant that basically never does anything even though I mean it’s right by the south facing window when it gets a fair amount of like indirect light right here sometimes so I don’t know I would have thought that it would be great more than this but that’s fine I mean it looks it’s it’s fine it’s it’s a good point right here’s my Glacier yellow Fusion yes it has had spider mites like a thousand times sits inside and does horribly over the winter time but then I put it outside during the summer and it just explodes with growth so I just don’t really pay any mind until spring and summer and then I just set it outside and it’s happy so it’s one of those plants it kind of goes through a cycle of being happy or not happy I don’t know these are some marble Queen poses pieces that I’ve like recently divided and I’m probably gonna give to friends but they’re just sitting here for now right here is a hoya latifolia Alba marginata it used to be the macrophila album arginata I believe but it got reclassified I have never gotten a peduncle before so I don’t really know what to look for but whatever is popping up right here doesn’t look like leaves it looks like a peduncle to me so this might be my first Hoya to flower for me and here let me let me show you it’s just a little baby peduncle I think it definitely looks like that to me and I am so excited oh my word in this corner right here there’s just a couple of propagations Brewing they’re just Philadelphia ghost propagations this is my rickrack Cactus whom I love it has a lot of new growth happening all the time it’s kind of a crazy funky plant but it has made me fall in love with jungle Cactus and I would love to get my hands on more jungle Cactus for sure and then this right here is my peperomia reticulata or reticulata whatever or Red Lawn peperomia it is I try giving this plant a makeover and it kind of worked for a while but it just kind of flopped back down again so you know it’s fine it’s not my favorite if you couldn’t tell I guess peperomia aren’t really my favorite for the most part there are some exceptions but it’s just not they don’t really speak to me as much but yeah he’s fun he’s very fun I I like the red backs to the leaves uh right here are just some begonia Immaculata Whitey eye propagations so I’m definitely I’m gonna give these away to friends but again they’re just kind of living here as a place to exist in the meantime and right here is a syngonium neon Robusta or sangrian podophile Leon Robusta this one grows kind of funkly I mean the leaves are just so crinkly and awkward and I’ve checked this plant over and over for past but I haven’t seen anything so I don’t know but she’s fine and she has very pretty pink Leaf so I like her over here this actually a golden pothos and I need to like rotate it back around when I put it back up after watering it was kind of hasty but it lives on top of this cabinet over by this right here is an east facing window and so it gets like decent light down here up top obviously it doesn’t get as much light um but I don’t know I’ve been thinking about buying a new tofos it’s like already super long and Lush because this plant actually came from a propagation of a different plant that I had and it’s grown a lot but it’s just I want I’m impatient I want it to be super Lush right away so I might put this somewhere else and get a new plant for this section that will already just be like super Lush just cascading down so I don’t know this over here I believe is the philodendron Mia um it gets like some decent light from the east facing window like right when the Sun rises a bunch of light will just beam right here but for the rest of the day it’s pretty low light so you know I consider this plant to be in a fairly medium to low light situation for the most part uh but yeah she does while she’s very nice next to the coffee bar area and then right here is just a Travis can Tia that I have living in water that I propagated from a hanging basket that I had on our front porch over the summer time I gave it was a massive plant so I gave the hanging basket to my best friend because she wanted to just keep it in her house which I said go for it but I took a few cuttings first and put them in water and maybe I’ll pot it up maybe I won’t it’s just been living in water like all winter and has been perfectly happy so I mean a little bit crispy but that’s just what else do you expect from Travis candy [Music] [Applause] hanging right here is just my pothos my frozen dude pothos that oh my gosh are you kidding me I see a mealy bug on it so I feel like this plant has perpetually battled mealy bugs I I’m so done with it in some ways but you know whatever this right here oh by the way this is my living room so we moved on to my living room this is a west facing window right here so it gets kind of like decent indirect light from the west facing window but nothing crazy uh right here is um this is actually a new home for this plant it’s probably not going to be the permanent home but I just stuck it here as a place to put it this is a Phil dungeon silver sword pot I just put in a bunch of propagations and it’s you know a living its best life right now with this sunshine on it but I don’t know I I really don’t think this will be the final resting place for this plant but it is a spot for now all right here’s my ugly Nina Maria which is honestly like really going off right now um this is just by my TV so sorry for the Clutter and stuff but okay right here look at the new leaves that are all popping up this is actually right here and here too this is my only oh this was also a super new Leaf that just came in it’s not hardened off yet but yeah this is the only ugly Nema that I have in my collection currently I really should add more eye cleaning into my collection because they’re super relaxed plants at least this plant has been really relaxed for me right here is the Marvel Queen pothos that I was talking about you know I divided the plant up and some part of me kind of regrets a little bit just because I feel like the plants that I took out of that one big plant underwent some Shock so they’re not doing the best ever but I do think I prefer the shape of this it’s not quite as bulky and overwhelming as the old plant was and then right here is my tradiscantia chrysophila um in between this is west facing window and a North facing window obviously it gets most of the light from the west facing window and seems quite happy with that I just need to water her more frequently so that she does not crisp as much but I often kind of forget about her to be honest but you know she’s cute she’s cute all right this is kind of the other side of my living room and there are a number of North facing Windows kind of on this side of the room but they really don’t provide a lot of light at all because this is where like our front porch area is so yeah there’s hardly any light really reaching these plants realistically hence the grow light although admittedly I am really tempted to maybe get another grow light uh just because I feel like this is not enough for all of these plants like some of the plants that are on the fringes really don’t get nearly as much light as they probably need if I’m being honest but you know they’re living they’re living but right here is a philodendron pink princess that I mean if I’m being honest the leaves get caught like all the time I probably need to like stake it up more but I did propagate this plant and I kind of started a new plant that I’m hoping to make into like my new main plant if that makes sense and then this one I might chop up and give away cuttings uh this right here I got is a sansevieria laurentia although sansevaria have since been reclassified to dracina so I don’t really know what the specific name for it would be as a dracina okay this right here is a begonia maculada Whitey eye and I don’t know what it is I mean you saw the other propagations I took of this plant I had where I still have really you’ll probably see it later a massive one of these that was kind of my original plant I chopped it up and made a lot of pots of it this is one of the pots that I made from it I consider the studio like my new mother plant or main plant that I’m going to keep and honestly she’s growing in so nicely up here is my anthurium Claire perfume this was the first anthurium that I got and she’s currently flowering which is kind of fun I don’t know if I’m gonna collect pollen or anything like that but maybe I’ll try this is my Miranda lucanora lemon lime so it’s kind of like my other one this is the red veined one this is the green one the Green version I think I’m probably gonna chop it up soon because if you look at it it has had a lot of leaves like yellow off at different points which is normal but it’s starting to get kind of leggy this is my begonia Ariel and so this is the other begonias species that I own it does not like me nearly as much as the begoni macchiato Whitey eye um but you know he’s still growing honestly like say this is a new Leaf this is a new Leaf so that’s pretty happy but a lot of leaves tend to like crisp up and fall off so he’s kind of looking sparse in some areas there this right here is my gapersha or calathea or NADA and this one has been kind of a roller coaster for me this was my very very first calathea or you know plant of that variety that I owned and so as you can imagine it nearly died and was not happy with me until I kind of figured out it’s care and I still haven’t completely mastered it I mean as you can see there are some crispy edges honestly like if you miss a watering while a new Leaf is coming in which I did accidentally you’ll probably get the crispy edges that’s what happens to me but um this plant went down to like one or two leaves at one point but it’s since grown back to this point which is wonderful so I’m hoping that he’ll continue to like me I think that he actually needs to be repotted soon because look at all those fuzzy roots coming out the bottom this is another monster at in Sony eye that I have potted with a wooden pole that I’m hoping he’ll eventually it climb up this is the philodendron pink princess propagation pot that I was referring to earlier so I think that this will kind of become my new mother plant it’s got lots of New Growth happening this is my gapursha lancifolia and it’s not doing well because I missed all watering and so yeah that’s it’s sad I typically try to stay on top of these but sometimes you just can’t keep up with everything in life and these plants just tend to be a little bit less forgiving if you’re in a really solid routine with them great but if you let them dry out too much they get really unhappy with you hence these leaves have yet to unfurl like I wanted it you know a couple days ago but these loose I’m guessing will probably just end up dying off I definitely thought that I talked about this plant but I don’t have any footage of that so this is my capricia macriana this is one of my absolute favorite plants in my collection it’s my philodendron squamous serum and it has fuzzy petios which is a super cool trait I would love to collect some more philodendrons with this trait but currently I only have this and then I have this philodendron fuzzy petiole which you’ll see later but it’s not quite as fuzzy I’d love to get like I don’t know the children serpents comes to mind those are super cool or the varicosum but I don’t have either of those yet maybe someday um but yeah just look at how massive this Leaf is like next to my head like guys yeah it’s a great grower right here’s my tenancy setosa um she really does not get nearly enough light probably so she grows kind of slowly for me but overall it’s a really beautiful plant it also tends to get a lot of these extra floral nectaries that are kind of icky um sometimes they’re negative of a pest but sometimes they’re just what the plant does so you know there are lots of these dots here which I don’t love but I don’t know maybe someday I’ll move her to a different location and see if she prefers that prefers having more light but as of right now you know she still puts out growth occasionally it’s just a little bit more slow [Music] so we are beginning the journey up the stairs but first this is an east facing window I have another little cute little Brazil right here and then I also have a variegated philodendron heterasium that I got from a friend it was like rooted cuttings and I’ve recently kind of potted it up so you can see how beautiful that little variegation is let’s go upstairs and up here this is another east facing window this is a static horn Fern that I mounted I think it’s just the platisserium bifurcatum it’s like the most basic staghorn fern that you can get then right here is my hoya carnosa Crimson Queen this plant is super duper hearty honestly I really don’t need to water her all that often it takes her forever to need watering which is kind of nice very drought tolerant plant right there and then this right here is not really a tolerant plant I feel like she gets thirsty pretty frequently it’s my syndapsis true Beyond Moonlight I just picked her up from a Walmart um but she’s got a new Leaf coming in right there which is super cute but yeah she’s also quite prone to putting off Runners so I probably need to trim this one off or whatever okay and my daughter is napping in here her Nursery has some south facing Windows which is a bit of a shame because I don’t really have plants in there with the exception of this one I pulled this out before her nap and it’s my like lemon lime philodendron like the upright one but I’m actually kind of growing it trailing or down but this guy is constantly putting out New Growth I typically put it outside for the summer and it goes absolutely crazy but typically it is like the only plant that’s in her room it’s just sitting on the dresser kind of I don’t know maybe three feet away from that south facing window so it’s pretty happy I would say foreign this right here is my bedroom and it has two north-facing windows and one small west facing window on the opposite end of the room this little corner is like probably my lowest light Corner in my whole house where I have plants um this is just a try to scanty I think zabrina that I just have growing in water at the moment this actually came from my hometown in South Florida it’s came from my mom’s backyard so it’s kind of sentimental in that way I’m also generally not the biggest stratoscantia fan ever so this right here is just a peace silly Domino that has also it’s generally seen better days but it still kind of puts out growth and it’s it’s fine but I neglected to water it one too many times while I was pregnant my son had really bad morning sickness and it just hasn’t really recovered from last since so it’s a little baby then this right here is my jade pothos and it’s honestly thriving I have it kind of climbing up this wall and you can see up here it’s trying to attach to the wall a little bit but I like just kind of pull it back occasionally so it doesn’t you know totally attach but it likes the support which is really cool and it still puts out growth even though it’s literally like 10 feet away from a North facing window it gets so little light but it’s still growing and really happy surprisingly and then right here is just an Android pothos that it’s a little bit less happy than the Jade pothos but she’s just there and grows very slowly this right here is just my dresser it’s super cluttered so don’t mind that I have another Miranda here which it’s super leggy but this is just the Miranda cruto Viana I believe I think I need to water you you’re a little bit thirsty now um but she’s putting out some new growth which is good but I honestly I mean this is another one I think I want to chop and prop and just you know because she has lost a lot of leaves and has just generally been really leggy for me and a little bit sad recently um I part of me wants to chop and prop this make it all nice again and then give it away to a friend and then maybe get the variegated version because I’m just generally more attracted to the very gated version but I don’t know that I want both the Green version and the variegated version so I don’t know we’ll see I haven’t totally decided to have my humidifier going it’s just sort of white humidifier right here is my big old monstera it is a huge hassle to water but I love it I mean it’s so beautiful and it yes it takes up a lot of space but I still really like it obviously I was saying I have North facing Windows right here but this is a grow light to try to compensate for that I also have another room light on the floor right here to kind of reach the bottom plants but honestly I’m considering if I were to get a greenhouse cabinet I’d probably put it right here and kind of move this shelving space to another area but just because like it doesn’t get a ton of light anyways I may as well and like maybe with this girl like over there I don’t know I’m not totally decided yet but I’ll start over here so this is another plant that I love for obvious reasons It’s My monstera Thai constellation and she is putting out a new Leaf which I’m super excited for this plant is obviously a super slow grower well maybe I shouldn’t say Obviously but I know it’s pretty common for people to experience this plant as a very slow grower I don’t have her in like the most light ever so that probably doesn’t help like it’s it’s under a girl light but like it’s not super strong or anything like that although I will say I noticed earlier I don’t know how well you can see this but look she’s got some roots that are growing like up out of the pot which is so funny um so I don’t know that she would need a repot again so soon but I mean she’s crawling out the top there this right here is my little philodendron Splendid which is super duper cute I really really like this plant it’s a super fast grower I’m probably gonna chop and proper though this right here is my homilamina cumulus red velvet and it was a very experimental plant for me it’s my first Homo Amina and it’s not looking the best ever I did repot it recently in the root system honestly did not look very good um so I don’t know but I do think it’s a really beautiful plant I just hope that it survives this right here is a gift from a friend it’s a syngonium strawberry milk and it’s super cute and it has new growth coming in right there all right down below here so occasionally I do rotate the slightly over here so this plant gets more light but honestly I me and this plant haven’t really been getting along recently so it is what it is but it’s my stromantha Trio star um this plant has gotten spider mites so many times and just looks so awful I feel so done with it but he’s hanging on I would consider getting a new one of this plant but I mean at least he does have some new growth happening I don’t know how well you can see that but it’s a tiny tiny little leaf coming in which is good but yeah I don’t know I’m not this is a plant I’ve been kind of annoyed at recently even though it’s beautiful this is my epipenem panatum alboviragata I love this plant I’m obsessed with this plant it’s one of my happiest plants right now I’d say there’s new growth happening all over the place like a new Leaf coming in there and there this is a pretty new leaf and look it’s starting to finish straight which is so fun I love the variegation on it more fenestrations right there and it’s starting to kind of attach to this plank too you can see there’s some aerial roots that are coming out and trying to attach this is just an airplane I believe it’s a talanzia bulbosa this is not going to be the permanent home of this plant I just kind of stuff it there as a place to keep it Out Of Reach of my cats because they can and will destroy this but I think it’s really beautiful I just need to figure out where I want to put it this is my very gifted string of Hearts which I recently chopped and propped it’s just super cute I love the color on this one and then this is my antherium crystallineum this is I think the most recent Leaf no this is technically the most recently that I put out it looks a little bit sad but it also gave me this Leaf around the same time and it looks a little bit happier so that’s that’s better but look at these like nice juicy roots that are starting to come into the edge of the pot I don’t know how well you can see that but it is so fun and right here is my syngonium erythropylum probably one of my favorite if not my favorite it gets like super glittery and the red backs are super pretty and this plant has just grown super super well for me my philodendron iridescence white princess she’s got some bottom leaves that are yellowing off but I think that she’ll be okay I think it’s just because I repotted her recently and she might be throwing a tantrum but this is the new sleeve that she’s put out um she also put out this Leaf in my care and it looks like she’s got a new Leaf kind of approaching as well she is pregnant as they say over here kind of shoved up against the north facing window um it’s my philodendron painted lady look at the variegation there so beautiful and look at that new Leaf coming in it’s honestly such a beautiful plant I love it I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with it as far as like putting it on a pole or just letting it sprawl around I don’t really know yet but we’ll figure that out down the road I guess and then over here we’ve got my monster self-vacana which this plant I purchased it and it ended up having root rot um which was unfortunate so I had to completely re-root it um but thankfully I mean she is growing pretty steadily as just the growth is still pretty small so I don’t know I haven’t decided maybe I’ll you know get her to climb something or something like that but at the moment this is just kind of what she’s doing and she’s relatively happy here is yet another monster at in sonyai but I have it kind of trailing and then this is my syndapsis loosens which I love how the leaves are like kind of matte super fun and it also has a new Leaf coming in right there down here we have my philodendron fuzzy petiole which is a little bit crazy I think that he might be getting thirsty I might need to give him a water but yeah he’s a very unruly plant but he’s beautiful and I enjoy him I just might need to like kind of get him more under control if you know what I mean this right here is another one of my favorite plants it’s my philodendron Florida ghost come on this paint has been super easy I definitely need to put it on like a plant stand or something but I just haven’t really found the right one but I think this was the most recent Leaf it’s already started you know it started off more creamy but now it’s you know getting down to that green color again and then right here is a new caterpill which will be a new Leaf as well but I just think that this plant is so beautiful I love the leaf shape I love its habit of you know going from cream down to Green it’s really really beautiful I wear the west facing window is I have a couple of random plants this is just my neon pothos it’s just chilling here this is relatively low light because it’s a west facing window on this wall but you know it’s not getting like direct light just very indirect light from that and the rest of the room is North facing windows so there’s some light that bounces around here but it’s also pretty low light this is the bassinet for my son but up here right in this west facing window I have just a normal string of hearts and it seems to like that I have it here so that it’s Out Of Reach of my cats because this is one of the plants you know they don’t typically touch my plants but string of things they will murder so I have to keep all those pretty much out of reach [Music] foreign guest bedroom or kind of plant room too because it has a foul facing window right here and a west facing window over there and so it gets quite a bit of light and the plants in here seem pretty happy with that but I film in here quite often so it should be familiar to most of you but this right here is my philodendron out of bath once another one of my favorite plants for sure I’ve been air layering it with the intent of you know chopping it and then kind of starting a new plant I purchased it already on this Moss pool but I’m not the biggest fan of this form of moss pull so I want to try something different and then with the rest of it I’ll probably just kind of root them and either sell them or trade them or give them away that sort of thing and then over here we have the begonia maculada ydi mother plant that I was talking about I’m most likely going to chop this one up make some more plants give them away right over here by the south facing window I have a random array of plants and another live away humidifier this right here is my Philadelphia summer Glory which I think is such a beautiful plant but I’m definitely going to need to repot it into a rectangular planter pretty soon because it’s approaching the edge of the pot now but what I love about this plant is that the leaves come in like this gorgeous pink color and then they kind of turn more rose gold and then they turn green and this is a hybrid between the philodendron gloriosum and the philodendron McCoy’s finale this is I only know this is just like a cuddly Cactus because it doesn’t have any spine suit at all it honestly kind of looks like it’s plastic I definitely need to repot it into some better soil because this is just what I purchased it in but I just got it from Walmart randomly one day right here is just a random haworthia that came as a part of an arrangement with a bunch of other plants I think I got it as like a wedding favor or something like that but I ended up separating it out because the other plants weren’t doing very well and this one has grown really well for me I don’t know the specific species of horthia that it is but is just a haworthia and it likes living in that style facing window and is very low maintenance right here is another cutting of my philodendron Florida ghost and then also in the south facing window I have my Ficus Elastica taneki such a beautiful plant I don’t think I can ever move her though because I feel like she would throw a tantra with her to move her yeah she just lives there and then I also have just some random succulents that just kind of live right here I just threw a bunch of like old succulent leaves in there and they’ve just kind of grown but you know they don’t look very great and I barely water them probably not great but yeah it’s fine for now okay and then right here is my 10 Anthony Burley Marcia eye this has to be my lowest maintenance plant in the marantisier family so beautiful super chill she just looked right there and I also have this philodendron Mame and there’s a new Leaf coming in this is also a crawler and this plant stresses me the heck out because it was pretty expensive when I got it um and it’s gotten spider mites before and stuff like that and it’s kind of a slower grower too but he’s just trumping along and he’s really beautiful with kind of the Silvery watching us here right here is my philodendron dark lord which has also given me some issues but he seems pretty happy I reported him recently and I see like roots coming in over here on the sides and I have him going up a pole now so hopefully he likes that structure right here is my Hoya elliptica I intend to move it down to um that south facing window in my dining room I just need to make another macrame hanger so I can hang it up but she’s so beautiful this right here is my monster Peru I’m also air layering her because you know she has obviously gone beyond the top of the Moss pole and I don’t really know what I want to do with her yet but she’s really pretty she’s really easy other than the fact that she does not propagate well like at all and then right here I have my Hoya matilde this has probably been one of my easiest Hoya for sure have her going up this trellis and yeah she grows super easily super readily is really really an elegant plant this is my sangonium Aldo I’m really hoping to get her climbing up this plank she hasn’t really cooperated quite yet but she’s still growing which is good and one thing I love about this plant is that unlike the monster Peru this plant propagates so easily like definitely one of my easiest plants to propagate that’s awesome and I’m realizing that it you probably can’t see it right now because the sun is just going like you know right onto it from the west facing window so I don’t know how well you can see that but that is that plant and I see like a few little new leaves coming in and stuff she’s always kind of growing a little bit which is fun this right here is my alocasia Black Velvet it is one of two allocations that I own it was my first alocasia and she has done really really well for me for the most part um I mean I think that she has some issues with these leaves like maybe it’s like a bacterial infection or I don’t know something like that um but she’s really really beautiful she seems to really like this bright spot and then down over here in this little corner we have a syngonium confetti tri-color I believe um super cute little plant this right here is yet another monster at insomnia this I chopped all the way back and I propagated the pieces from downstairs and the piano that you saw but this is like the plant I just let it grow back basically from chopping it all the way down to the soil and it’s honestly really beautiful and I’m intending to trade this with someone once the weather gets a little bit warmer this right here is my mystery plant it was labeled as a syngonium I really don’t think this is a syngonium guys I’m persuaded that this is probably a monstera of some sort it just the growth habit looks way more like that to me but it’s a really cool Plant this new sleeve right here kind of melted off a bit and I think that’s because when we got it it was like 10 degrees outside and we had to make a Mad Dash of the car but there’s definitely some like cold damage issues going on I’m considering chopping and propping this plant and just kind of starting it over up a pole or something like that and if it is a monster I’m very curious to see if we would maybe get penetrations or something I don’t know and then this right here is my rabbit foot Fern and I just kind of stuck it in this head planter it’s probably not going to be its permanent home but it’s just where it is for now and I love this wolf Fern it’s so cute it’s already started putting out like this new growth right here and the little feet the rhizomes that kind of crawl out of the pot haven’t really taken off quite yet but it’ll get a little fuzzy feet that come out the size of the pot and I’m really excited about that here’s my second philodendron how to resium or heartly filled in Dream It’s just trailing down right here and then this is my sangonium confetti not tri-color but just regular confetti and some of the new leads recently have a lot of pink on them which is super cute um she’s going pretty well for me this is just a super splashy Hoya pubic Alex [Music] I’m not sure if it’s like the Royal Hawaiian purple variety or not but when it gets a lot of sun stress which is not really right now but if it’s like in a south facing window it’ll come out with like super purpley leaves which is pretty cool this dangly mess right here is just a regular old syngonium photophylum white butterfly um but I don’t know it’s kind of fun to grow it in different ways so I’m just letting it Trail down for now these are just variegated string of hearts propagations and then this is my Hoya linearis which has not been growing as much for me recently but I still really really like it a lot I just I just hope that he starts growing again soon and then right here is my string of Hearts silver Glory which the leaf shape is less like a heart and more like an apple which is kind of interesting but it is very very silvery which I love I can’t complain about that foreign [Music] with plants this is my attic which is definitely an ongoing project to organize this place but right here is a sanitizing window here’s another monster deliciosa I may or may not give it away soon I just kind of stuck it up here there’s a place to put it because I was rearranging some plants and then there are some plants and these prop boxes I’m not going to show you every single one of them like if there are any repeats but I use these also as kind of a rehab center for some plants that aren’t doing as well or need to like root up or anything like that so I will show you those plants so right here in this first prop box we have oh I guess this is my philodendron brantanum I’m always worried about this plant like not doing well and she tends to do better in high humidity situations so I just I recently repotted her and then I stuck her in here for now um and then I might kind of pull her out acclimator again but I just while she was getting used to the repotted situation I just put her in here and then right here it’s my philodendron gigas which is super cute at some point relatively soon I might pot it up with a plank or a pole or something of that variety but I just love the Velvet leaves the super baby plant and then in this corner I just have some watermelon pepperoni propagations because I decided to get rid of my old watermelon pepperoni and plant that wasn’t really doing super well we’ll see if he lives on through these little propagations here or not okay and then in this box we have um so this is my alocasia cupria which I suspect honestly might have root rot it’s been declining but I just stuck it in here because it was declining a lot and I’m just hoping that it recovers um and then here I have two uh syndapsis Jade satin cuttings so this has like a new Leaf that just popped out it’s rooting really nicely in there and this is the other one with a new Leaf So eventually I’ll pot these together in soil this is a really pretty painted lady top cut that I have right here right here is my Hoya Marillion eye I have to kind of move things around I guess um but it’s looking pretty cute and then right here is my variegated Hoya kronosa compactor oof that is dry I definitely need to give that a water but yes well I think that’s pretty much everything I have not done a formal count of my houseplants in probably like a year and give or take a few kind of depending on like what you count on the propagations and stuff like that I have about 143 house plants in my home which is quite a lot but honestly I’m so grateful to the houseplants in my collection for just making my space feel so much more peaceful and homely to me especially because I grew up in South Florida I grew up with a lot of greenery and now I am in Ohio and we’re like just coming out of winter time now but really I feel like these guys help me get through the winter yeah I found I just need nature I love this hobby I’m assuming you might like this hobby too if you’re watching a house plant tour or at least you’re curious about potentially getting into it so my health plan collection is always kind of growing and changing but if you want to take that Journey with me please feel free to subscribe and I love talking with you guys down in the comments below so I mean there’s no pressure but if you want to engage I’d love to engage right back with you whether you’re just getting into the hobby or you’re kind of exploring it a little bit tentatively or you’ve been in a hobby for deck decades I would love to get to know you guys I’d love to have you come along with me so yeah I hope that you guys have a wonderful and blessed day bye-bye [Music] thank you

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