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HOUSEPLANT TOUR 2023! First Tour of the New Year!


foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] hi friends welcome back to my channel my name is Melissa and I’m planted by Melissa here and over on Instagram as well and welcome to my first plant tour of 2023 I’m really excited to show you guys my space I’ve done some rearranging in here since the last tour I’m going to show you guys my plant room here first and then we will show you some other areas of my home I’m really excited I hope you guys enjoy and let’s get to it I am going to show you guys my cabinet first as you can see my cabinet looks a lot different would you believe me if I told you I had all of my ethereum stuffed in this cabinet and yes I have like four big ethereums like that and they were all crammed in here so I have taken a good majority of the large ones out and yeah I added some plants in here and it looks so much different it is cleaner and my pegboards are out and they did more mold on me which was really disgusting so I think the overall look of the cabinet looks so much better without those in there and I wasn’t using them it got a good clean out over New Year’s and it just looks amazing I just love it first up is this beautiful anthurium there goes chai this is actually a hybrid it is a cross between a crystallineum and a magnifico and these leaves are gorgeous and they’re pretty big leaves look at the veining on that that is just striking so so beautiful I do have a couple inflows on this plant and it looks like it’s probably pushing a new Leaf down in there soon so yes it is definitely like fanned out more I wasn’t sure how this one was going to do just because it is receiving way less light here I don’t have any grow light over top of it I actually might get something and add a light to this area but I’m not sure yet so far it’s doing well it is pushing a leaf even though it is under lower light levels but it has just fanned out and it just has so much extra room to grow I think this Leaf is moving towards the light from the window and then these leaves are actually I think Fanning towards the light with this mother light here so I think it’s doing well so far out of the cabinet and yeah it is just a gorgeous anthurium the syntherium started really really tiny in my collection and I’m proud to see it you know grow up and be how it is today and just like with the last video if you guys have questions on Where something is from if you’re wanting a link to something just let me know leave a comment down below and I’ll be happy to give you a link but I will have as much as I can linked below down in the description box and look at this beautiful anthurium here so this is a clear nervium and again all of my antherium started pretty small so I’ve had this one in my collection for a while look at the veining on that but yes I just love the overall shape and everything it is such a beautiful ethereum it has one two three four five six leaves on it currently besides this anthurium this is a little tiny magnificon it has a few leaves here this one’s taken a while to kind of grow it’s been in my care for a while this is the latest Leaf which is a little bit bigger but again I’m excited to see this one grow up it’s it started as a tiny seedling so it’s taken a long time but yeah hopefully it’ll kind of start growing more this year for me besides that one is my queen anthurium my antherium or aquianum and the syntherium has been with me since 2021 and she hasn’t been the happiest she’s definitely gotten a lot happier lately I’m trying to do better about keeping her more watered look at this beautiful Leaf I still get some crisping here’s an older leaf that has some crispiness but she shot out let’s see there’s several of these that are new like this is a new one I’m trying not to touch the new leaves I can’t wait to get big leaves of this one but she’s definitely happier now that I’m trying to keep her more watered it’s just hard sometimes because my cabinet tends to dry pretty quickly such a gorgeous ethereum behind that one is one that I imported from Indonesia this one is a dresser Lee and it did actually give me an inflow this is one of the newer leaves here it kind of got stuck unfurling and it does have the original leaves that are yellowing a bit that are going it has a couple original leaves back there and then that one and that one are the two newer leaves in my care and then back behind this antherium this is my philodendron Burl marks fantasy and I did recently put it on this pole so it really hasn’t climbed too much yet I just think the leaf shape is so cool on that one I think I potted four individual cutting so I’m excited to see that one climbing and yeah I think it’s going to look really cool once it gets tall and then yesterday I actually um put my pinstripe calithia back here it only has two leaves it has several new shoots coming out you can see I had to chop a lot of growth off it just got really unhappy ever since it came down with thrips this summer it just has not wanted to grow for me the new leaves keep dying off so I just stuck in my cabinet hoping the temperature in here will keep it somewhat happy it is warmer in my cabinet than in my plant room currently since it’s winter so I’m thinking it just doesn’t like the cold maybe out here in my room environment so we’ll see I’m excited to hopefully get that one growing again here is the shelf and you guys I think the most impressive plant growth for me personally has been my varicosum this plant has taken over two years and this is my third time trying to grow it and look at this new Leaf it just gave me and it is working on a new one I just can’t tell you how happy I am to have this plant growing back for me and it’s just growing so well in the cabinet and on this thickly pole I feel like this one is definitely a thirstier Philo and it prefers a more consistent environment so it’s doing well in my cabinet I’m going to keep this one in my cabinet as long as I can back behind that is my Milano chrysum again this one was an import from Indonesia and I have it on a thickly pull as well and yeah I hope to get this one growing really nice and tall for me I’ve had this one since the end of summer and yeah this one did not come in the best shape I had to completely chop it and re-root it so this is all the new growth that I’ve gotten since that propagation oh no I must have gotten some dirt on that leaf from the drippings above something it must have dripped on it I’m gonna have to clean that but this is my Black Velvet this is one of the allocations in my collection that has had a harder time with me and I added lots of corns in there you can see them starting to grow but for some reason this Salon has taken a while to kind of pop off for me so I’m hoping here in the cabinet it does better I feel like so far it’s doing well in here and yeah this lot has been a finicky allocation for me and all of my other allocations are doing really well but this one is a bit harder for me for some reason here in the front I’m going to show you this is my variegated adensonia isn’t that gorgeous this one was from botanica’s and it has a lot of white look at all that white I am going to get this one potted and staked up on a thickly pull as well but yeah I love this plant I just wish it didn’t have so much white on it but it is beautiful this one started from a two-leaf tiny plant and this one here is a philodendron Florida Beauty this was an import from Indonesia as well look at that variegation isn’t that beautiful that leaf too so I think this one is going to be in every other Leaf variegation because it gave me a green leaf then a variegated Leaf then another Green Leaf then a variegated Leaf so I think this one is going to be all green but as long as I’m continuing to give irrigation I’m happy because you know my other one did revert on me so I have this one in here just to kind of appreciate this one a bit more and then it’s going to outgrow this spot very quickly so it’s not going to be able to stay in here very long but for now I’m enjoying it being in here here in the front I have one of my philadendra knit pink princesses this one I grew back from a cutting this was from the plant that grew all pink leaves and so I chopped it back and this is one of the gross that came back from chopping it I have a couple other pink princesses in my collection that I will show you and this is my philodendron mommy or maybe I this one it grew back from a node that I chopped and I have another one that I’ll show you it is giving me a new Leaf this one went downhill it yellowed pretty much a relief so I completely chopped it back and I hope to get this one growing again because it was really beautiful and I’m sad that you know that happened to this plant but it is beautiful this one is a crawler and this one gets the Rippling on the patio there isn’t that beautiful I just think I just really love this philodendron and then down here on the bottom shelf I’m not really going to go over these too much but this is pretty much all of my alocasia quorums and props that I keep in here and these are all my Milano Christen props that I’m going to be taking out of here and potting up aren’t they beautiful look at that color on that that is stunning I just love that color this is a variegated allocation fried at corn and I’m really sad because I dropped this one the other day when I was watering and you see I broke the stem so it’s probably gonna die it does have a new Leaf coming and I cannot believe I accidentally bent that to that that hurt my heart a lot of these quorums are influval stratum it’s what I’m rooting a lot of these quorums in now here’s the other variegated fry deck that I have growing it doesn’t have a lot of variegation on it but hopefully it’ll get some and I do have some monstera oblique nodes in here as well these are from my main plant it threw a runner out so I chop the runner and this is the growth from that Runner and then the rest of these are just various quorums in my collection I had potted some into soil recently and I have some other like various props in there so yeah this is Luna I don’t know what she’s trying to do so that is my updated cabinet so yeah I’m really happy with it these are the Barina T8 lights if you were wondering and I have two fans in here for airflow and yeah it’s done really really well I’m really happy with it my ethereums were taking up so much space in here that I’m excited that these plants can you know spread their wings a little bit this guy still is a little squished but I think he’s fine to stay in here so there’s another look at the cabinet let’s do this window shelf next because I don’t once the Sun starts coming in more it gets really really bright over here so while it’s still kind of morning here let’s do this window and then I will show you my pole area and then we’ll do this one over here I spy kitty cat hi Lulu I had to sacrifice plants to make a spot for the cats because they keep jumping up there knocking my plants over they still knock plants over but they want the sun coming in from the window because it’s really warm and sunny and yeah I can’t wait till it warms up so that they can spend all their time outside like they did over the summer instead of in my plant room messing my plants up but yes so this shelf here is from Overstock it’s a TV stand and I’m eventually going to have to be moving a lot of these plants away because I have Barina T5 lights a lot of the plants are reaching the top where the light is and I’ve had to kind of Finagle a lot of the allocationally so that they don’t get burnt I had to move my mikoiana down because I accidentally burned the top Leaf here which I’m really sad this one it burned because it was like up and it hit the grow light so I’ll start here this is my um calithia Make You Rihanna and it did Bloom for me recently how exciting I’ve had this plant for um over two years I had to completely chop it back and regrow it and yeah it’s bloomed for the first time which is very very exciting I honestly I love calithias it’s just this one is just one of my favorites the back side of the leaves is just beautiful I don’t know like look at this gorgeous plant I love it so it’s living right down here now since it can’t fit on the Shelf anymore beside that one this is my variegated maranta rabbit tracks I recently did a prop and chop project with it so it’s not as full as it normally is and I have lots of cuttings I’m going to be adding back in soon as soon as they’re done rooting I actually need to check on those I feel like I could definitely add more back in there but I chopped it because a lot of the growth came out green it grew a lot um a reverted strand so I chopped it back in order to hopefully promote more variegation and I feel like so far it’s working it’s given me some more irrigation and then once I add those props back in hopefully I can get this plant growing really full and pretty again because it was gorgeous at one point it definitely took a little bit of a hit this is my stromanthi Trio star if you don’t if you don’t have a stromanthi trio star I mean look at that look at that pink Underside that tone this plant is beautiful so a lot of these calatheas and prayer plants they grow through rhizomes in the soil so they multiply on their own in order to propagate these guys you have to separate them from the rhizomes so this plant has literally filled itself out I have not done anything with this plant I actually need to repot it soon because it is getting a bit more root bound so I’ll have to do that at some point here but yes the pattern the color the underside everything about this plant is gorgeous this one is my red maranta and look how full I’ve gotten this one pretty full by propagating I recently upsized it to an eight inch pot and it’s done well since the up size it’s giving me flower blooms it’s putting out new leaves New Growth so it seems happy I was worried it would have shocked a little bit just because it is in the off season but I didn’t mess with the root system at all when I upsized it and yeah it’s done really well since then so yeah I love I love Miranda’s you may see a lot of mirandas if you haven’t watched one of my house plant tour videos I I love these plants so much and they do well for me which I’m really happy about but yes I can’t it’s just so beautiful this is my rattlesnake khalethia and yeah this one has been a pretty easy calithia in my care I was worried I burnt the top of that one too because it was touching the grow light but yeah this one has been really easy it’s got like this burgundy undertone to the back side to it and I got this one at a garden center last year sometime it was in like a four inch pot and then um it’s multiplied and done really well so I’m thinking this time next year it’s going to be a pretty big plant so yeah I just I have to watch out um because of that grow light but yeah I’ll probably have to set this one down here on the floor too this middle row is all alocacias I pretty much kept the same allocations here minus the gloriosum on the end so this one is growing in nicely I actually am repotting this one soon so you’ll have to stay tuned for a video because it’s actually at the end and it’s like pushing out the pot it’s like pushing it so I really need to get it up sized this is a new Leaf it gave me um no this one I think is the recent leaf and this one had thrips in my plant remember this summer this plant has had a long journey with me it’s taken two years to get to this point I rotted it out and it struggled in my care but it’s growing and happy I’m gonna be nervous to repot it I’m gonna do as little as I can with the root system I don’t want to even touch it but yes I love philodendron gloriosum it is beautiful I actually have a hybrid of this one that I’ll show you in my Moss pole area but yes gorgeous plant this one is my Silver Dragon alocasia it is beautiful I have quorums and here planted lots of baby ones and they’re growing too it is really really big like look how full and fluffy this one is so yeah I love alocacias I have the regular dragon scale as well that I’ll show you it’s right there I think I don’t know I love the Silver Dragon I love the leaves this one was always like my favorite over the dragon scale but my dragon scale gave me this big leaf recently and I don’t know something about the dark pattern on this I feel like I like this one a little bit more just because of that leaf size it’s beautiful I think that one might be working on a new Leaf soon yeah I don’t know it’s it’s just such a beautiful allocation and this one is my amazonica or poly this one here and it’s growing really well I have lots of babies I think this is a new Leaf coming in here but yeah this one I have to be careful too because I feel like it’s reaching the top of this there’s like a section in the middle that doesn’t have grow light so I have that one kind of in the center on purpose but yeah I don’t know where I’m gonna put these plants because they are outgrowing the space this is probably my one of my favorite allocations um besides my fried egg is my alocasia capria this is a new Leaf it just gave me which I think is now the winner I think this one has officially maybe outgrown the size this one is huge I mean look at this leaf it is so pretty it has been such an easy allocation for me too after I moved I had it in my cabinet and it lost all of its leaves except for one so I’ve got it to grow back and it currently has without moving it too much it currently has um one lead back there two three four and then a five and six so it currently has six leaves and this one is only in a five inch pot allocations tend to like to be a little bit more on the root bound side so I tend not to upsize these too large we talked about that one and this one is my Maharani and it has one two three four five six seven eight this one has nine leaves it is crazy this one has been with me for about two years as well and yeah it’s let me take this one down because I just want to show you in its entirety of how beautiful this plant is I love the texture such a beautiful allocation look at that so so so pretty yeah this one has taken a while to hold on to more leaves and to get to this point so I’m very appreciative of it and how long it’s taken to you know grow back so yeah definitely one of my favorites the sun is starting to come in so we are going to go ahead and do my hanging baskets and then this top row and I’m going to try not to Blind you guys and starting over here okay I had to do that with two hands so this is my pylia pepperoni whities and I recently upsized this plant to an eight inch no I did a six inch no I did a seven inch I’m sorry because it wasn’t a six inch and I didn’t want to go up to an eight inch so it is in a seven inch pot and it’s pushing out lots of New Growth since I did the repot and it’s mostly two Vines I have the oldest Vine here and then I have another vine on the other side and I have so many babies it has lost some leaves um recently I don’t know if it was from the repot or just the season but yeah it seems to be doing well overall and I’m happy about that it seems happy so I do have a two steaks to support the two tallest finds I have mistake here and stake on the other side and I have like little twist ties tying the stake around the vine to help support it so that it grows straight up so yeah I can’t wait to get this plant growing more and I’ll probably have to upsize it to an eight inch probably imagine sometime later this year I feel like it’s going to outgrow the seven inch probably by the end of the growing season especially over summer so I’m gonna I’m gonna keep an eye on it and see how it does here is my beautiful monstera Aria it is gorgeous the variegation is just to die for on this plant this is the newest Leaf here and the variegation is still kind of coming in I honestly I just love this monstera so much seriously it’s one of my favorites I wanted to show you kind of in some different lighting like look at that it is absolutely gorgeous I did repot this one on my channel she’s stunning she’s my favorite plant in my collection I love her so much okay I’m gonna show you these plants kind of not by the window just because the sun is so bright so this monster elbow here this one actually came from that plant over there that original Leaf so this is the growth that came from that and that’s the newest Leaf it is a very very white so it looks like the next one the stem is still pretty green so I feel like I should hopefully you know at least continue getting the green so far the white has held up you know all of my monsters had thrips over the summer but they pulled through and yeah I’m happy that they’re happy but yeah I love this one this one is my favorite just because it’s special and means so much to me and yeah we have a long story together um this one is another monster elbow this one I recently separated this one has a lot of half Moons on it and that’s the newest Leaf there and I’ll link my monstera elbow video for you guys that want to see my monsters more closely there’s her and I had this one and another one growing in the same pot and that one is right here you guys probably aren’t going to be able to see it this is the one that I took from her so I slipped them to make two plants so this one is definitely more variegated and this one here is my last monstera elbow this one has two Vines growing I had propagated this one and she kind of split down here that you can see where I chopped I don’t know if that’s picking up where I chopped in the center down there you can see and then sew it activated two growth points so I have two Vines growing on her all my elbows came from the same Cellar so they look kind of similar in a way they’re very very beautiful next up is one of my gorgeous Thai constellations that’s the new Leaf that it just gave me and this Leaf here is absolutely gorgeous on this plant so beautiful chai recently knocked this down so it broke and yeah it’s it’s a gorgeous monstera I love Monster Italian constellation and I have a baby one I’m going to show you too but this Leaf here that creamy that is everything such a beautiful monstera and then here’s my other baby tycon that new Leaf is finished right in there it’s so cute so this one has been doing well so all my monsters get a ton of light and I feel like that helps them like tremendously with their growth and yeah this one is really cute too I don’t think eventually I think I eventually might let this one go but yeah I’m definitely keeping my other one okay I have turned the brightness down just a little bit just to finish up over here by the window because the sun is making it very hard to see these plants I showed you all of my monsteras and let’s go ahead and show you my alocasia fried egg here you can see now I’m wondering if I made it too dark it’s really hard to film over here by the window isn’t she gorgeous she did just recently give me a new Leaf here right here but yeah she’s got gorgeous big velvety leaves such a beautiful alocasia she’s never given me any trouble at all like look at that so so pretty I love her so much I think she’s probably my favorite and then my Capri is probably my second favorite alocasia I just love the velvety texture on this one all right so that’s all the top row oh I forgot so this is my serpents back here this is the one that had the fungal infection and it gave me its first new leaf and then it is oh wait that’s the that’s the first new leaf and then this is a new Leaf it just unfurled I hadn’t seen the unfro yet and it has the fuzzy petio there so I think I’m going to get it repotted soon I think um it’s in too small of a pot and chai recently knocked this one down to um and it’s spilled like three times already and then here in the window is my Hoya Sunrise all the blooms have fell off of this one again it’s been blooming all summer for me and the sun stressing on this is beautiful just absolutely beautiful I had this side against the window so the sun stressing gets really prominent so I turned it around recently when I watered everyone so I have that side getting the sunlight now so that side’s going to get really sunstressed I have a baby rescue a ficus triangularis down here it’s just down to one Vine I got this on clearance at Lowe’s so I um I hopefully plan to propagate this to get like a bushier plant going but right now it’s just one Vine but I have it in here in the window getting this full sun I want to turn it around because it was leaning a bit that was the monstera that I showed you and then over here is my Hoya shepher protea this one’s been in my collection for a while it hasn’t bloomed yet I thought I had a couple peduncles but they never pushed out or did anything so yeah like here’s one here up a Dunkle you know if you can make that out so it just hasn’t done anything yet but we’ll see maybe I can get it to bloom for me this year it’s been loving the light here in the window Ashley all my Hoyas you see I have a lot of Hoyas up top all these ones in the window have bloomed now except for my linearis which I think my linearis is going to bloom um this year for me starting on the end here this is my string of turtles or peperomia prestrata look at that it is such a full basket I hope you can make this out okay without it being too dark but it is super long it is super full it pretty much like grows on its own I have propagated it before but ever since I repotted it in that terracotta I do have an old video on my channel of me repotting that it’s crazy to see the growth difference from that video compared to now this one is my Hoya polynura and this one recently I found some peduncles there on the back side of it you can’t really make them out but it is going to start blooming for me soon which is really exciting it’s it grew to nodes on its own so this one started really small as well as my linearis here this one started really small I do have a couple of um what looks to be possibly peduncles but they they haven’t done anything yet they kind of look like I don’t know if you can see that thing there in the center but they kind of dry up so I feel like I want to get this one repotted soon because it gets so much sun that I I feel like I am underwatering these two especially they’re more of like a thinner Leaf Toya and with the amount of sun that they’re getting I tend to dry them out quickly next to that one is my Hoya retusa this one I had put on a trellis and then I didn’t like it growing on the trellis so I’m letting it Trail this one has bloomed for me and it’s growing peduncles again you can see one this one does single flower blooms they’re really pretty it doesn’t do like a normal flower bloom so yeah this one has been loving the light in my window next to that one is my Hoya um Burton a hopefully hopefully you can make this one out okay so this one has lots of peduncles and blooms this is my oldest Toya it’s been blooming oh gosh ever since I would say it’s been blooming for a while here’s a bloom that’s open the blue smell like butterscotch on this Hoya and this one gets really beautiful sunstressing too in the Sun yeah she’s been blooming for at least a year and a half I would say and then over here on this section I have a sad string of Hearts there that is growing back in that that first one I have lots of New Growth starting to push out I’m not sure what happened with that one and then I have my variegative string of Hearts I am going to be repotting this one soon I want to get it into a shallow podge and I want to propagate it to fill it out this oil has become one of my favorites recently it’s in like this cute little sloth pot and it’s recently bloomed for me look at that isn’t that beautiful and it’s got several more peduncles and I got some up there yeah this one’s really really happy I don’t know if I said this was lacunosa but it’s become one of my favorites recently and then here are my String of Pearls I have my regular green one and then my variegated one and my variegated one is seriously filling in so nicely look at how beautiful that is and then my green one has definitely like filled out very nicely too yeah they get so much light over here in the window so they do really well just because of all the sun coming in these plants in my window honestly just thrive look at how beautiful I definitely would love to I had like a different hanging setup here but I feel like I would love to give some more light to a couple more plants maybe I can get some hanging up a little bit higher my goal next year is actually or this year is back here in the window I didn’t really show you but I have a couple whalefin sensitive areas I have a variegated one and a regular one and then I have this Whitney snake plant and then I have several these are really my only succulents in my collection they just hang out here and getting the soft light but I want to eventually take these away I don’t know where I would put them because this is the best light and these guys need a lot of light but I would love to get some of my other Hoyas in this window just because they love the light and I feel like I like my Hoyas a little bit more than these succulents so I don’t know I was thinking about maybe making some kind of succulent Arrangement maybe sticking this outside on my porch and maybe putting my other snake plants outside and then like house them somewhere else over winter not sure yet but yeah I’m not really like loving these right here by the window one more look at this beauty right here I’m going to give you one more look at the window plants so there was my friedic again Luna decided to jump back up there yeah I’ll have to fix all my monsters and then put her back up top on the end but yeah I love this shelf it’s one of my favorite shelves and it’s just crazy to see the growth I feel like my plants have just gotten so big this past year it’s crazy looking back at all the growth that I’ve gotten all right I’m going to be moving on to this corner and then I’m going to be showing you guys my Moss poles next moving along so this is another allocation in my collection this is my big beautiful Regal Shields and the leaves on these are just so gorgeous I don’t know I love my fried egg but then when I see this one I feel like this one is so underrated and the back side of this plant you guys especially in the sunlight you can really make it out but that lime green center is just so beautiful and it looks like she is pushing a new leaf and I do have a corn in here that I added in um not last year with the year before and this one is actually working on a new Leaf too but she has several leaves and she’s been as happy as a clam never has had any issues past nothing just so happy I honestly I love this one so I had her on the other shelf but she got too big for it so we have her in this section which she does get some light from the window and then a little bit of light from this light as well as the light up above so I feel like she’ll be happy in that corner and then I have my squamous back there I have um like a dried moth steak down the center this is one of the newer leaves so pretty this one has the red fuzzy patio there so yeah I really love that one that one I got from her greenhouse back in North Carolina you can get these at The Big Box store like a nice full big pot of them now for pretty inexpensive but I have mine just one Vine growing up so I’m going to let it grow and grow and grow and get really tall here in the front is my philodendron Jose Bueno and yeah I grew this one from a tiny cutting and this is the growth that I’ve gotten from from this plant that leaf there with that half moon is so pretty and I think this is the latest Leaf which is a little bit small I have a little bit of a support stake in there but yeah I feel like this one definitely would appreciate more light for sure she does get a little bit you know like I said from this grow light but I don’t know I’m kind of like I said running out of room so for now I just have that one there kind of elevated a little bit off the floor so the cats can’t get to it but I think it’ll be fine there for the summer and my Moss poles have definitely grown quite a bit more since my last tour video These two have become some of my favorite polls as well as my ad in Sony eye and my Splendid here look at this new Leaf you guys she is beautiful she must have got some dripping on her or something just gorgeous I just love the splendid she’s so beautiful she’s already pushing a new Leaf probably soon too and I do have a couple other little vines in there catching up um I propagated this plant but one main Vine is kind of growing now so yeah she is sizing up nicely very beautiful my neon doesn’t get the best light she’s kind of back here in the corner but she is climbing slowly so yeah I really wish I could give these guys more light again I might install more lights in here we’ll see how it goes but yeah I’m trying to rotate them so I might put a different plant in that corner and bring her out maybe to this way so that we can kind of rotate rotate the light around hey you guys hey stop by in no come on break it up break it up and my adamsonia is still plastic here down so I’m going to be chopping this one soon I do have one other Vine kind of in the middle there and yeah I accidentally broke the top Leaf off she would have had one more Leaf which I’m really sad about but it’s okay she’ll grow back but yeah the leaves are pretty big on this one it’s crazy that this is a monster ad in SUNY eye and she’s probably my favorite pull it’s my marble Queen just my absolute favorite I did chop her and yeah this this plant is just stunning I don’t know what else I can say about this plant that leaf is seriously my favorite Leaf of all time I mean the leaves are so big on this plant and look how thick the vine is isn’t that crazy she has like one long aerial root it’s like a monstera deliciosa and she’s got all that all the roots you can see just going into the Moss yeah she’s definitely my favorite pole she is half plastic as well so as soon as she reaches the top here I will be having to chop her again to get rid of the plastic yeah I just it’s crazy to think that this is a marble Queen the bottom cuttings are doing well I had um put a couple more cuttings in there and they seem to be holding on okay so yeah I’m hoping by the time I have to chop her again those can kind of continue growing but we’ll see they they’re definitely slow here’s my upper primitive blue this again is one of my favorite new leaves it is beautiful so full and fluffy on the bottom I have so many cuttings in here that are going to eventually climb up and I don’t really like this Gap but they’ll definitely kind of cover that and fill that in in time here the new leaves come in so small but the new Leaf is definitely going to expand and get even bigger I can definitely tell she’s going to finish straight soon just absolutely gorgeous such a stunning stunning plant I love that silvery blue next to that one is my monstera silta picana and she has finally finished rated for me look at that she’s got a couple holes and this newest Leaf has a fenestration there definitely still hardening it’s still very soft but she is getting bigger and it’s crazy it’s crazy to think that like how mature plant leaves can get just from climbing and I do have several vines in here that are growing and catching up so she’s probably my tallest wire pull actually my Sibu blue is a little bit taller so I really don’t want to chop her because she is kind of reaching the top this one grows really fast so I might too if I can get one more extension on without this plant toppling over I might do that before I cut her again actually I hadn’t chopped this plant yet well we’ll see I haven’t decided I’m gonna have to decide soon because again she grows fast and she is going to outgrow the pole very quickly I actually thought about um just like twisting her back down and letting her climb back down but I want her to get larger leaves so I don’t want to do that so we’ll see I might chop this top half add a new pole and let these ones climb up and then maybe do this one and start a new pull with that one but I’m running out of room I I don’t really have room to make multiple poles of the same plant so I don’t know I don’t know what my thought process is on that one yet I’m gonna have to think on that more my um Philadelphia’s here I’m letting these tall Vines grow really tall and then I’m going to connect them to the bottom and let them grow up I just for some reason it can’t bend these Vines down without them snapping so they’re starting to get smaller as they’re you know losing that support which is fine but I can’t do anything with this plastic pole because it’s so unsteady you can kind of see it’s leaning a bit I did water these the other day so she’s a little bit top heavy with all the mass here but good news is I do have mikins on a wire pull here that you can see that is starting to climb I took cuttings off of her and then the new growth kind of reverted back to small but yeah I will get one on wire here growing up nicely and then I will have two miken’s poles here in the front this is my monstera escaletto it’s one of my favorite new monsteras because the leaf size is humongous and it does have a new Leaf coming in this was the import from Indonesia as well and this one is on thickley’s bigger girl pull so yeah I just love this monstera so beautiful it’s crazy the size of this Leaf compared to like my marble Queen and monstera it’s just crazy like how massive it doesn’t really look like it’s a big leaf but until you get up to something that’s kind of just as big it’s crazy to think how large these leaves are beside that one my upper premium um panatum elbow is growing this is one of the newer leaves and I have several vines in here that are climbing up and yeah I can’t wait to see this one grow more for me I have several that have some like half moon variegation so yeah this one’s definitely going to be one of my favorite plants back behind that is a variegated adensoniae it’s the Indonesian form definitely some weird leaves yeah it’s just one mind so I actually might propagate that one and [Music] um do something else with it because I don’t really like the way that it’s spaced out the way that it’s growing and I accidentally broke a leaf off too so I have kind of an empty spot so yeah that I’m probably going to chop that one back and propagate and maybe add more so that more can grow up here in the front is my philodendron Majestic it is getting the best light here from this mother light and this one has not grown any since I put it on here and it has been in my collection for months and months now so I’m not sure why it’s taken its sweet time it is just for some reason not wanting to grow very fast so yeah I’m just waiting for this one to kind of wake up and start growing for me I don’t know I don’t know what’s taking it so long next to that one is my sangonium elbow and this one is one main Vine growing up it is kind of spaced out here it’s kind of going in different directions I think it’s leaning towards light from all sources but then I have several other I have another Vine over here growing and then I have several more um cuttings there on the bottom that are growing so hopefully I’m going to get this one like filling in nicely I don’t know if I’ll extend any more on top I might just like Trail it up and down so that I’ll have a really full bushy synchronium elbow plant here in the front is my philodendron glorious one of my like up-and-coming favorite phyllos this is the new Leaf it is beautiful and I have another probably New Leaf coming in soon I do have two more vines in here I have one down on that side and then I have another one there and actually a cutting down on the other side so yeah I do have a few lines that will grow and fill up this pole and then I’ll be extending on top of that one yeah this one is a hybrid this is a hybrid between a gloriosum and a Milano and then my Splendid over there is a hybrid between a um varicosum and a Milano I feel like the glory the Glorious is a little bit harder in the sense that it grows a little bit slower this one acts more like a gloriosum for sure this one um I feel like it’s way more thirsty so I’ve been trying to keep this one a bit more hydrated and it’s been doing better back behind that one is my philodendron campus for Tawana it is growing and getting kind of these mature bunny air leaves here this is one of the newer leaves look at how like those lobes are Isn’t that cool and the vine is getting pretty thick on it it doesn’t want to stay on the pole I’ve been having to pin each new Leaf that comes out it is rooting it’s just kind of rooting on the outside of it it’s not really digging itself into the pole and I feel like the petioles are a little bit long on this plant so this one is definitely an interesting shape it definitely doesn’t need such a large surface area I feel like this one would have done fine just on like using a stake for support so yeah I don’t know what my plan is um once this one reaches the top it still has a ways to go but yeah I don’t know it is interesting I do love it but I don’t really necessarily like the way that it looks on such a big pull I guess and the last one’s here on the end I have my Hartley philodendron this one is still on plastic and yeah I’m probably going to end up bending those Vines back down I honestly I thought about just starting over with a couple of these plants that are still on plastic and just getting rid of the plastic somehow just starting them on a fresh pole that’s made of wire but yeah I don’t know I might just end up maybe chopping it from like here and keeping this thick section and adding a wire and then it’ll eventually grow onto the wire but again I’m not sure I don’t know what my plan is this one on the end is yeah it’s my rapidaphora hayai and I’m going to completely chop this one back and I actually might do a wood plank for this plant you know so it can have something to climb up I tried to make a flat pole with that but again it didn’t really work that well it’s very unsteady I can’t add to it I have it wrapped all the way back down it’s not even on the pole anymore so yeah I’m going to do that as a project one day and here in the front I have my amedria medium silver it has a new Leaf coming in it’s not pretty and it has a couple leaves I think this Salon accidentally got snagged or something but yeah and it has one back here too it’s a beautiful plant I love the Silvery blue it is um somewhat of a slow grower for me though it doesn’t put out a new Leaf very often at least in my experience and this is my jessiana pothos look at that pretty vibrant new new leaves coming in they kind of fade over time I took cuttings off my main pot so the salon will get huge leaves one day since it’s apothos epipermanum but yeah Justin is just gorgeous I wish they stayed this vibrant because they kind of I don’t know they turn like a darker green and it doesn’t look as nice when it starts to fade I think but the new leaves are very pretty it’s more like a yellow tone I guess all right I’m going to take you to this corner and I don’t have technically I don’t have a grow light but I I do want to add more light I’ve decided because my plants down here aren’t getting enough and I’ve noticed the soil sitting a little bit too wet more than I would like and yeah I don’t like that so I have this antherium and the syntherium that I took out of my cabinet and then I have a maranta my calithia orbifolia I moved my variegated Burl Marks here and then I have a monstera and a ficus so I have all these guys crammed in this corner so my orbifolia has been through a lot with me it does have some new growth coming in and I actually have that one back in the corner and then it wasn’t getting enough light and the soil was sitting wet for too long so I think I made it a little bit angry and this is the one that had thrips this summer and it almost killed this plant but hopefully I can get it growing um better for me this summer this anthurium here is my antherium fingers this is a new Leaf isn’t that pretty look at that so gorgeous it does have an inflow which I’m going to try and see if I can collect that pollen on that maybe you can see that pollen on there so yeah this one has a bit out of my cabinet I took this one out first because it was too tall it was hitting the grow lights and I thought it didn’t really like too intense of light in my cabinet and it’s done better out of the cabinet I feel like it’s a lot happier like in my plant room getting a little bit less ambient light so yeah that one is doing well my crystallineum is kind of Fanning out a bit more it was super squished in my cabinet this one I think I’m going to try and divide this plant it like Multiplied on its own and there’s so many individual um I feel like I could probably cut that like three times or break that up and plant them separately but this plant has so many leaves and it was just so squished in my cabinet that it didn’t really grow the best some of the leaves got really wonky and it was drying out so fast so hopefully I can get this one growing a bit a bit better for me I do really like this ethereum but it’s not one of my favorites just because I don’t know I just let it get so squished in there that is my rabbit tracks maranta back there we can see it is pretty big and yeah I recently um propagated it and I’m going to be adding some more cuttings back in to fill it out some more I feel like it’s not as happy being in this corner so I’m probably going to move it I don’t know I feel like I’m not utilizing the space back here because I don’t have enough light so that there’s a spot that’s empty back there so I think I might get some kind of lamp um like a lamp to plug in here and then I’m going to take the lamp and I have like three separate arms and then I think I will shine it I have the synopsis shelf I think I’ll shine up that way and then like two down that way so that these plants can all get some light so I’m going to look for something soon to put there this is my variegated Burl marks it has a lot of like green reverting strands but a lot of it is still very variegated this is a new Leaf that literally just unfurled it is beautiful here’s another one too another new one this line has such prominent variegation so it’s very random it gives me like some all green and some variegated like I said but the vine is still very variegated on it so it’s pretty large it has several leaves I had it on the other shelf there but I gave that one to my Regal Shields so it doesn’t get as enough light it gets a little bit from the window but I definitely want this one to get more light and then on the wall I have my Philadelphian Brazil kind of climbing it’s starting to attach I think a little bit again on the wall because I have this one um over here so yeah it’s starting to grow back I I honestly I don’t know if I’m loving it on the wall as much as I thought so yeah I mean I do love it but I feel like I I honestly maybe just want to make it a trailing plant and not make it climb the walls I just feel like I’m not utilizing the space here very well but we’ll see I like it and then part of me I keep going back and forth I kind of want to take it down just so I can get maybe some shelving units to hold more plants or something just so I can use this wall space better and set up just one big plant there but we’ll see so this is my synopsis shelf I have I’m actually going to be doing a lot of propagating on these soon because some of them are getting very very long and leggy and I want to fill them out a bit more I have two exoticas I have one here this one’s actually growing quite a bit of new leaves this one is beautiful and then I have my bigger Exotica here and that silver basket those leaves are gorgeous I love the Exotica I think it’s one of my favorite synopsis she is big and full I do want to fill her out again she’s actually growing kind of long um she has a new Leaf here and then um here in the middle she’s got a Vine kind of growing down so yeah I’ll probably end up maybe propagating her at some point too this one is my jade satin here this one is very beautiful as well I love the dark green on this the leaves are so pretty and unique this one is getting kind of leggy as well so I might end up propagating that one I do have some props in a container down there that I’m going to be adding back in but yeah I will probably have a propagating synapsis day even my silver lady like this one here is literally one long Vine and she’s all the way down here now so yeah this is one that I’m definitely going to do a prop project on move these out of the way here so you can kind of see I do have one air plant that’s my only air plant Attila Dancy I believe and then I have some Moonlight cuttings there in the back a small plant and then this one is my Platinum syndapsis this one I got from um the import and it is growing it’s kind of growing a little bit laggy so this one might just be a prop and chop project as well I might go ahead and just prop it it’s been stable in the pot for a while this one has a beautiful tone to it as well but I just wanted to fill out more and yeah I would rather it not grow leggy I’d rather get it nice and bushy so I’ll probably prop that soon this one is my moonlight and it’s growing kind of two long Vines down which is very pretty and then it’s getting kind of bushy in the middle so I might um prop and add some back in and then the one that’s kind of long that’s trailing all the way down that one is my argarious and my silver lady or no my um ergires and my silvery and I combine them into one so she’s I kind of like scooped all the strands to one side because the grow light was on this side so she is getting kind of long down here so yeah that is all my synopsis that I have in my entire collection I thought they would look really cute just on the one shelf and I really do love it this shelf is from Ikea and yeah I just want to clean these up a bit and get them kind of more bushy than long and stringy and here’s my Ficus to necky it’s it’s loving um being under this grow light it’s still pushing New Growth even though it’s winter here I do believe I want to get it outside this year so it is doing well in this corner um and it shares the light with my monstera deliciosa this is one of my monsteras uh I can’t remember off the top of my head who this is by now but um it’s doing really well actually my monstera I just noticed has a new growth point right here coming in and so this Leaf happened right after um the fall so I would say around September or so this one unfurled and so that’s a new Leaf since then so I’m happy to see it’s pushing a new Leaf in winter it’s just one main Vine so I think that monstera is going to look so cool once it kind of grows up I’m actually excited to kind of rearranging here a little bit more I want to like redo this corner and I’m actually thinking about moving the Shelf out of my plant room and putting that shelf in the guest bedroom there and um moving all these plants out and then I thought about adding um more of those white shells in here and doing more pulls because I want to like space these guys out a little bit more and just so they’re not so squished but we’ll see that’s kind of what my idea is to do like one pole shelf and then maybe like a ladder shelf to hold plants and then I could have some room to kind of space these out this is another shelf from Overstock and let’s start down here so this is one of my other pink princess philodendrons look at this new Leaf she gave me it is so beautiful I’m so lucky to have so much pink on my pink princess she’s absolutely gorgeous I honestly I love her so much and this is one of my favorite plants as a lately this is my Florida ghost it is growing in so nicely I have this one on a thickly pull and yeah I grew this one from a node so it makes me happy seeing this one girl back she’s beautiful back behind this one let me move this out of the way so that is a frosted heart syngonium I do have a line there off of the steak I’m gonna have to readjust that and get that kind of staked on there in the front to kind of fill in that Gap but yeah this one has like an interesting growth pattern it’s very it’s very kind of interesting how it grows with the Aerials like that so yeah I have this node here that I’m going to secure I just need to like velcro it on like here in the front and then it’ll kind of fill in that space a bit more yeah I really like that syngonium I’m gonna change it out to a longer steak soon and then I’ll have to move it again off the shelf because the plants are just outgrowing the Shelf oh I do have some Painted Lady nodes in here that I still haven’t taken care of um I’ve had these in here for a while ever since I moved and yeah I’ll give you a peek at them yeah I need to get these out of moss and get them out of here so they can start growing here in the back is my philodendron sorderoy it is working on a new growth point I love this Philly dinner and it’s a newer one in my collection I feel like I’m really going to love this one as soon as it starts climbing and getting bigger so so beautiful such gorgeous leaves the Majestic is a hybrid it’s from sodoroy and something else so this is the sorderoy which I like the color and stuff on this one better so I feel like that one I’m going to like a lot more but they’re both um very beautiful this shelf I have another pink princess this is my last and final pink princess here she is working on a new growth that leaf seems so so tiny but yeah this one has um decent variegation on it I have my other Florida ghost here this is the original one and I accidentally broke the new growth off when I was watering it the other day so yeah that sucks I hate when that happens this is a linearis prop that is growing I’m going to be adding this one back in this one is in Fluval stratum and you can kind of see the roots there I’ll probably get this back um added in here at some point soon this is my variegated alocasia fry deck she’s gorgeous that leaf is very beautiful too so yeah I recently upsized her on my channel because I felt like I was drying her out so yeah I feel like that should hopefully help and then I have a new Apple premium plant here this is a cutting and it does have a growth point it’s just very slow it is definitely taking its sweet time so I just have this one under the marina light to hopefully help get it growing more I think the biggest difference before we continue on is I completely like rearrange the plants on here and here in the middle I have thickly poles here because I have three that I extended that you can’t really tell in the back that are kind of up higher and here’s another um anthurium I moved out I just kind of made some room for some other plants I just kind of rearranged a little bit so I feel like it’s helped for now this is my for giddy eye I had this one in my cabinet as well and it was so squished it does have a new Leaf there in the back and it does have an inflow but this one I’m trying to not let my ethereums get too dry especially when they’re pushing new leaves because they really do use up so much water to focus on pushing out that growth so I’m trying to be better about that and keeping them more hydrated this one is my silver stripe this one is on a thickly pull this one is similar to a Brazil but it has that striping down the center do you see that whereas the Brazil has like the green like that so yeah I can’t wait for this one to climb and get bigger leaves I just think that green stripe is so pretty this one is my Florida beauty that had completely reverted I ended up taking a steak just to support the vine and the top leaves are a little bit weird because they were squished where I had it before so that one is definitely reaching to the light up there but yeah when this Leaf goes it will no longer be a variegated plant it’ll just be all green and I did you know chop it back on my channel and none of the growth has come back variegated there is absolutely no variegation within this plant so it is very sad very very sad that’s why I do I am happy I have the one from root Greenhouse but again that one still oop there it goes that one still is not very variegated because it seems to be doing every other Leaf so in my future I do want one that is highly variegated because I just love the leaf shape on these the Florida ghost I just think the I mean the philodendron Florida is I think the leaf shape is just so pretty I just love them so I would love to have a fully variegated one one day so that is it for that shelf this section up top so this is my monster oblique that chai chewed it is growing back he actually chewed it again after the Sleep grew back you can see the end because I actually have this one over here on the window and they keep jumping up there so I ended up moving this one back over here so hopefully it’ll do okay over here it’s not like super close to the light so I feel like it’s not too intense for it so I feel like it’s going to do okay and this is my variegated heart leaf how to resham I think the leaf um Irrigation in shape is so pretty on this plant so pretty I can’t wait to get this one growing up let me move these to the side so I don’t really have to move these ones in the back so I have a variegated micans here this is a Halo mikins you can kind of see that leaf shape there it’s um two lines in here right now but I’ll probably end up like chopping and propping to fill out the pole a little bit more the one in the middle is my monstera Stanley Anna elbow and I’m gonna have to add more moss in there in there soon it’s getting kind of close to the top yeah this one has more green than more like Alba looking leaves but yeah it does have a few in there that are kind of more elbowy looking but that one is on a thickly pull as well as this one here this one is my Global green pothos it kind of looks like that and look how big this Leaf here has gotten already so that one is on their grow pole too and I’m gonna have to add Moss to those soon because they’re kind of reaching the top but yeah I didn’t really have anywhere to put these three so they’re kind of just hanging out here for now and it works um let me back up so you can kind of see it more so yeah it works for now moving down this is the um one of the cuts of my Florida beauty that I chopped I have one here and I actually have another one here yeah they’re all green but I just kept a couple of the cuts again I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this eventually here’s a new Leaf here yeah nothing is variegated I’m not I’m not like expecting any variegation to come back on this plant this one is my sangonium Aria I had a lot of my sangoniums um kind of just like I tried to make them a bushy pot but I’m finding that they really want to climb I don’t really like the bushy look of them anymore so I have my Aria here which is the yellow variegation which is really pretty so I think I’m going to get this one growing either up a steak I don’t know if I want to do a poll for these because I have that one I have the Mojito which is getting kind of tall has like the mottled variegation and that one is just one Vine kind of growing and then I have another huge one up here this is my Baltic it is so full and fluffy I don’t know if you can make out how full that is I like chopped and profit this one to death but it is growing very very tall so I think I might do some kind of like climbing support for these and do something different with them here’s another syngonium in the back that’s my pink Splash now if you can see that back there it has beautiful pink and green speckling on the leaves see I’ll probably get that one climbing too and I have another syngonium here this one is my strawberry ice has some beautiful pink leaves like look at that new one down there isn’t that beautiful so pretty it still has a lot of green it’s not very like strawberry icy but it still gives me some beautiful variegation and I have another me mommy eye cutting back there and then here in the front I have some Hoyas this one is a hoya Chelsea it’s just one Vine I am going to propagate this one this one was in my cabinet but I moved it out and here’s some monster Peru cuttings that are very rooted in here I need to repot these and fix this with my my regular monster approve is up there that I’ll show you but yeah I need to get this one um repotted and staked there in the back I have a rescue orbifolia that is growing back so I just see two growth points um I accidentally dropped it and broke all the stems so go figure I have a hoya here this is a carry eye splash this one was a cutting and it’s growing all these cute little splashy hearts I think the heart leaves are the shape is so cute the little heart leaves I just think that’s adorable and then I have a sangonium with laundry eye back there it has like dark green velvety leaves it’s really pretty I’ll probably get that one staked at some point and then I got rid of my other Hoyas so these are some cuttings that I took from them um it’s like a pubic Alex Flash so I have those rooting in Fluval I did not move these out of the way so this is my silver band Miranda you can see all that sparkling that is sulfur and I have a calithium medallion that also is treated with sulfur so I was concerned some of my plants have flat mites these two being one of them so I’m doing the whole six week sulfur treatment so I have them kind of isolated in the middle of my plant room they’re not really around other plants but they’re still getting some light so yeah we’re just going to kind of leave them here I’m not convinced that I have flat mites but I’m I’m concerned um because the plant just has some weird markings that is very unusual so yeah and I did find some tiny like orangey dots on that one when I was checking it is still growing and pushing new leaves which are a lot happier than the older leaves so hopefully it’ll do okay my prop Box is doing well I have fully acclimated them so they don’t need the lid anymore I just have to work on getting all these guys potted up but I have several cuttings in here I’m going to be adding the golden pothos back in my pots I have some Baltic blue which I’ll probably do on a pole and I have a brandy cutting more synopsis and then I have some extra these are like literally all grown from empty nodes they have a pearls and Jade or enjoy they kind of look like mixed pots I am going to be doing I have decided I want that one to climb on a pole as well so I’ll probably get those cuttings potted up here soon starting down here on the bottom I have um four Hoyas down here and then I actually have a pop of my pileia down in there I took that little pup off of mine and it’s growing quite a bit actually it’s so cute it’s crazy that that came literally off of my plant they’re so easy to propagate that is a variegated compacta and you can see I’ve had this plant forever it is such a slow grower let me move this one for a second oh there in the back I have my albavada look at the tiny new Leaf coming in I still have yet to repot this one I’m gonna do like a hoya care day and like repot some and propagate some so I might do that for a video so yeah it’s just like one long Vine I have my regular Australis here um on a trellis on a heart leaf trellis and this is my courtesy eye here it’s on a heart-shaped trellis yeah so none of these Hoyas have bloomed and the ones like that are getting the the Sun have pretty much bloomed so I feel like the light has definitely helped Hoyas Bloom here’s a manchula this one is on a thickly pull I can’t wait for this one to start climbing and it has a new Leaf there and a new Leaf there and I think I need to leave there so I think I have a few lines in here but I honestly I can’t wait for huge manjula these one day it’s gonna be so pretty I have my philodendron Burke in there in the back I feel like they’re not as popular anymore this new Leaf came out very white yeah I still like mine I mean I don’t know I still think the leaves are pretty on it and it’s like a fussy Philo honestly it doesn’t really give me any trouble so still keeping mine I have my El choco rad back here it is working on a new growth and I desperately need to repot it I feel like I’m stressing it because I’m letting it get a little too dry it has currently has five leaves and a new one coming in and it has the red Underside so pretty so I do need to get that repotted sooner than later and this one is my strawberry shake filo I’m not really in love with it anymore I grew it from this original Leaf which is going I mean it does have some nice variegated leaves but I don’t know I like my pink princess a lot more I’m not really a fan of this one and the Aerials on this plant have just grown like crazy because the humidity and stuff so it just kind of looks it doesn’t look appealing I guess but yeah I definitely would not for me personally I wouldn’t really recommend this one over a pink princess I guess it’s like personal preference but yeah it’s not my favorite I showed you that syngonium and I haven’t actually I have an aria cutting in there here on the back I have a Raffa de for a tetrasperma that is growing so I am going to be getting that one probably staked up at some point soon I feel like it’s starting to give me some Vines so I’m gonna probably do that at some point I have my monster Peru back there and that is the like original bottom growth so some of these older leaves are yellowing but yeah I’m gonna get um this repotted and staked um or maybe do some kind of pull with it with the cuttings that I have there that I took and this is my Hi-Lo Beauty caladium I’ve kept it alive all winter it’s been in my cabinet but I took it out and it only keeps three leaves at a time so it’s pushing a new Leaf this one actually looks like it’s probably going so it’s probably going to kill this one off yeah I think I might um get that one put outside this summer and see how much I can get it to grow out there in the spring but I mean it is a beautiful Leaf like look at that but I guess I’ve never really been a fan of mine just because it’s always been like I don’t know it hasn’t really grown big or grown more so hopefully I can get it growing this summer and then I showed you my Baltic and then the other two plants is I have my biliate which hasn’t grown a lot this summer for me he is on my repot list they have really long pet heels there and yeah he has outgrown his current pot so he’s very long he takes up a lot of space but yeah I am going to get him repotted soon and then there in the back is my only begonia it is my begonia maculada and it’s getting super tall it has beautiful like red um undersides I don’t know if the camera is picking it up very much you can’t really make out the beauty of this plant with it being like so up high under the light but once I take it down and like move it and you can actually see it from like down below it’s so pretty this is my philodendron melee back here in the corner it doesn’t get much light something sticky I recently chopped the head off because the new growth came out really weird so I’m gonna have to move this plant out of this corner I think I just don’t think it likes getting hardly any light back here so yeah I’m either gonna have to add another light or move this one the only other thing in here that I didn’t show you is this is my just Sienna my full basket here I took cuttings off this lunch due on the mossful yeah again the new leaves come in so so pretty oh and I forgot to show you I have a few plants that I moved under here I forgot to show you I have two more Hoyas and then I have another maranta this one is one of my lemon lines here this is my original one that is growing back she’s beautiful I do have several props that I will show you that I took and I am going to be adding quite a bit back in this one that is my astralis Lisa those new leaves are pretty and then I have my this one got re-labeled or reclassified as a latifolia from a macrophila I’ve always known it as a macrofila is pushing a new vine out over there but it has not bloomed for me yet I’ve had this foil in my collection for a while so I’m hoping this year’s the year that it gets blooms I hope you guys have been enjoying my houseplant tour so far we are going to be finishing up here my plant room is done so I’m going to take you through a few other areas and just show you those I did just recently do a tour in September so not a whole lot has changed out there so I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time but I’ll just show you the plants and we’ll be pretty much done so I do keep a money tree here by the front door and it gets some light and I try to keep it rotated so that you know it doesn’t grow like lopsided it did come down to spider mites not too long ago but I did treat it it would definitely appreciate more light but I feel like by the entryway it kind of fits and it just works for space over here in this extra bedroom I have four Hoyas that I’m going to be repotting this summer and I have a few cacti in for the summer and that’s the remaining plant of my pothos and enjoy um pearls and Jade I have a weary eye a compacta I have another lack you know so that one has bloomed and then I have a bilobada so yeah I’m going to be redoing those up here I have some extra plants I’m not keeping they’re just a lot of props and random stuff I’m not really going to go into too much details with those I have some props that I took off of my neon and my syndapsis that are rooting you can kind of see they’re pretty rooted in there I’ll probably take those out soon these here were some cuts off of my monster ad and Sony High pole like the bottom cut of the pole and then I have my neon lemon lime had a racium here kind of trailing down I recently added a grow light up top and here’s another way Hoya see I’m going to be probably like end up taking this whole section and making a separate plant shelf out of because I feel like this space isn’t really being utilized that well and we don’t really use this dresser so I’m thinking about moving this to the opposite wall and then doing a plant set up in this half of the room I think will be the plan this area pretty much looks the same I didn’t really do too much I kind of took some plants out of my plant room and I kind of rearranged a little over here so this is my other Hoya that was treated with sulfur this is the Crimson princess that I was concerned that had some possible flat mites so we’ll see I only did one treatment so far on all these guys so I’m probably going to be spraying them down again probably soon but yeah that that dry stuff is just all the sulfur that is remaining from when I sprayed it here in the window I have a Clay theme Medallion that I cut back that is starting to grow back I have a variegated peperomia and then a pink lady peperomia I have a variegated monster of Peru this one was in my plant room but um I’m trying it over here in this East window light instead of in my plant room it just keeps Browning so yeah I don’t know eventually I don’t know if I can get it to grow nice I’ll like it but because it brown so much I don’t really I don’t really care for that plant anymore I have a couple more Hoyas over here I have a crimson Queen which I took out of my plant room because I just didn’t really have room for it and then I have my um archboldiana here and it recently gave me this long tendril so I imagine I should be getting some more leaves on this one soon but my Crimson Queen here seems happy it’s pushing some new growth since being over here in the window so yeah this is East light so it seems to do okay down here I have maranta props I have variegated in Here regular rabbit tracks I have lemon lime and all these guys are pretty much rooted in here I definitely can add these back in I just have to take the time to do that this is my silver sword that I recently chopped back this is the top cutting um so I have that rooting and some Fluval stratum and then I had some nodes baby plants I have two that I potted into a new soil mix that I wanted to try out and then I have a node in Fluval and these two didn’t really have any Roots so I have those rooting and Fluval those had enough roots that I felt comfortable potting them into a soil mix and the top cut I’m going to root this one in Blue Bowl I have not tried it with um like just like a big cutting like this I’m going to see how this one Roots but yeah I had chopped it back because it got spider mites and I didn’t like the way the growth was growing on it I have my snake plant prop there that’s rooting I have this is the new ZZ plant from Costa Farms it’s the um oh what is this one called it just lost me I can’t remember what this one’s called now at the top of my head I’ll put it on the screen but it has like the light lighter green color and then I have a couple props down here that haven’t rooted yet that came off of that one I have another um Hoya puigalax flash that I took out of my plant room so that one is there I have two snake plants this one is a sayurai or Metallica or cyan silver and that is my oldest one there in the back I’m gonna put these outside in a couple more months and then this is my big long trailing Philadelphia mikins it has had a battle with spider mites these last several months I’ve done three treatments on it and yeah I still keep finding a few I just think there’s so many leaves so yeah I might have to do another treatment I actually might end up propping this some just so it’s not so long but we’ll see I would actually like to fill out the other side and get it cascading down all sides because right now it’s just in the front I have a dracina marginata that is going to go back outside once spring gets here and then I have two monstera deliciosis let me come around this way so this is a new Leaf recently look how pretty and then these are new leaves on this one so yeah I have several monster delicio says like before I have one of my plant room these two and I have these props over here that are very rooted in water this one was outside last summer and then I might put this one outside too I have a lemon lime oriented down here that one just kind of hangs out and as happy as it can be I have some caladium bulbs in those containers I’m going to be planting come come spring here this is my marble cream pathos I took cuttings off this one to do my marble Queen pull and I wrapped my big neon pothos here it goes like here and she goes all the way here and then all the way down she is really long again I had her in my plant room cascading over the cabinet but I just kind of put her here for now just because I didn’t really have a spot for her and she was just taking up too much space so when spring gets here some of these plants I actually end up might putting some of these um outside my staghorn fern I’m going to put back out there I have this one in here for now and it’s doing well I’ve been bad about letting this one dry out so I’m trying to keep this one a bit more hydrated this is the new lemon meringue I believe or it’s an emerald pothos I’m actually not sure which one it is now but it was a new one at The Big Box store so I think it’s the lemon meringue at least that’s the new one from Costa Farms it has like a kind of like the global green but like reversed variegation and here I just wanted to show you this again so I have a golden pothos up top I’m going to be adding some cuttings in and I had chopped that um Maybe a few months ago you can see kind of where I cut them and the growth had started growing back again I have another lemon lime Marietta in here this one is very happy it is a lot colder in this bedroom this gets pretty much low light I do have a grow bulb in there that shines on these plants I have my big tenanti right here she is happy as a clam no matter where I put her she’s just so happy did I catch you this one of the cats wants to chew that leaf how did the cats get that must have been shy um yeah she is happy as can be but I’m gonna move her back by the East window come spring and then over here I have some maranta props I’m going to be adding these props back into that pot and I have one more in my bathroom that I’m going to be adding some in that one’s gotten a little straggly it’s gotten some like Dead Leaves I think it just got stressed being kind of like a little bit colder for some reason in here so I’m going to be adding some props in and filling that one back out moving into my bathroom the plants in here are pretty much the same I have a big golden pothos I need to repot this one in the spring because it dries out pretty fast in here so it is definitely becoming root bound I have not repotted it yet it is in the Costa Farm pot and I bought that in 201 it was an old shopping video I did because I was I took cuttings off this one I was going to do this one on a pole but I decided not to so yeah I need to repot that here is my other lemon lime very big very beautiful and then I have another maranta up here and then I have a calithia Rosa pictia Sylvia this one is very very beautiful I love the pink on that she’s so pretty she’s got new growth coming in such a beautiful calithia she’s been really happy too and that one I’m going to add some props in to fill that one out a bit more alright that is the end of my plant tour I hope you guys enjoyed I will probably do another tour maybe sometime over the summer as I kind of rearrange again and move plants outside for summer and then I’ll do probably one more tour probably at like at fall time just to see the growth over the summer and see kind of what else I decide to do with the space here and as I like move plants as they get bigger I definitely feel like after this summer my plants are really just going to some of them are really going to explode so it is very crammed in here it is very cluttered so I will take you along on that process if I decide to redo that guest bedroom a little bit and I do want to reconfigure the living space by that window a little bit better for next year I want to add more light or for this year I want to add more light and just get it set up a little bit differently and then I’ll probably downsize some multiples of plants that I have or if I decide to take some cuttings then I will probably work on maybe just like downsizing a bit and maybe selling some plants and get getting rid of some plants so that is the plan for this year is to create more space and I don’t really want to get too many plants this year I’m pretty happy with my collection they’re growing and getting big I don’t feel a need to get new different plants I actually have plant mail coming today for my birthday my birthday is coming up my birthday will have passed by the time you guys see this video but I did get a couple plans which you guys will see on my channel I’m going to do an unboxing so that’s two more to add to my collection one is an alocasia and one is a climbing plant so another poll so I don’t want to like keep adding a bunch of plants I think if I get any new plants this year I might get more calithia just because they don’t grow as big as fast per se and I can keep them on the floor because the cats I would definitely love to get more calithia and then I would say more alocasia this year I wouldn’t mind getting smaller plants just be just because I don’t really have small plants anymore I miss my small plants because now all of my plants have gotten huge so other than that I don’t really want too many other plants I do have some philos and other plans on my wish list that I wouldn’t mind getting this year if the opportunity came up but I think for 2023 I’m not going to buy so many so that is my goal anyway again I will have links down below to everything that I could find for you if you’re wanting a link to something I’m using or if you have questions about anything definitely leave a comment and let me know I will also have linked down below my previous houseplant tours if you were interested in watching those and seeing kind of the growth of some of my plants and the progress they’ve made also don’t forget to like this video And subscribe if you haven’t already I would love to have you here thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you guys again very soon foreign [Music]

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