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The latest action-adventure movie “Savage Valley/YRG BATON” Savage Raid! A near-death adventure camping


Out, out, out I like partying and drinking But I feel like my life can’t be limited to this I play motorcycle. Run a factory Just to make friends with more interesting people I have many friends A lot of fun stuff happened here, too But all this time I’m not inspired at all by my industrial creations This is where I usually work How is it here? With almost every tool in the world On the way here I’m trying to figure out who I should call for this event Until we got here A few people come to mind I’m gonna get them all back I didn’t want to go at first People say I’m a social terrorist But I’m not This is me.

Be afraid of noise well But Cheng Zhi said It’s a totally different experience He said to keep an eye on his theme I am a small business owner in foreign trade But it’s been six months Let foreign trade do for me What did Chen Zhi invite me to join him yesterday Let yourself go I don’t care if it’s a reliable activity It’s good to get out of here I’ve known him for, like, 10 years He’s a good brother to shut up about Maybe when I get back The company has turned a corner This time to attend the event I really don’t want to go sightseeing What does he mean But he told me There must be at least three girls there Well, then I’m definitely going They all say Chen Zhi is a man with a special heart Chen Zhi Chen Zhi Then why can’t I be his last What about the girlfriend? I just want to Through this activity Closer relationship between Chen Zhi and me Well, it’s my little secret Just don’t tell anyone Zhig and I are very close He takes care of me in life I always thought of him as my big brother I think he is a man of life There was a particular admiration for him So this time out, I said yes And Cece’s friend Xuan Xuan was there Of course I went along for the ride By the way, play Anyway, I’m gonna go This is my daily routine Hello Look at this Xuan Xuan Ready to sew this into a pocket And then there’s another one Surface slag What a cute little dog I want to say thank you for having you We, Director Liang Don’t pat yourself Ah, good mountains and good water Ah ah Slowly creeping forward Hahaha Don’t be afraid you know Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid Here, here, here, ouch Welcome to Luanchuan Juxian Valley I said how could you be here this time Why can’t I come Gentlemen, it’s a winding road and a little rain Be sure to be safe The road is slippery follow my car and Be careful not to crash Pay attention to safety Don’t worry, it’s an old driver Received.

Received. You guys have to be safe There’s a car coming the other way Pay attention to safety Hello family We’re at camp now Let me show you That’s our leader packing up here Handsome Uncle Pan Chenzhi says hello hi You make me feel pretty too much Over there I’ll get you one Then you should do it yourself Here we go eat fish eat fish Oh , here we go. sister Xie Xin Over here is Uncle Xing Uncle Sun Jianan Look at the camera Mua And brother Yang is adorable, isn’t he Next t o her is super, super beautiful Cece And there’s a guy over there taking pictures Is the most literary sister Lin Daxin Big heart sister Come over for dinner. Come over and say hello Hello family we have arrived at Xiasi village now This one behind me Hey , Chen Zhi, what do you see on that tree Hello Xiao Yang then you pick a few for me to taste ah Gao Yuge A surname Let’s talk about your feelings I think so.

Everything else is fine This is the climb For a man with old arms and legs like me It’s still a little difficult. Please give me some Hey, what did Cece pick I want ginseng, too oh ah Hey, sweetie, let’s see who gets there first. Prep 2 is here ah Ran me over and killed me Hello brothers and sisters Today is September 28, 2020 Uh , 10:30 Excuse me, sister It’s not that you’re not good This guy’s got such a good eye Recording a video diary for the first time we This little woman Give me a second, guys Thank you for saying There are shooting stars. Oops Chen Zhi, come out quickly Liu Xuan could see it You see mom Oops Xiao Liu Xiao Liu Give to give Stop filming You watch me use it when I’m done Look at my yellow plane. Look at my yellow plane Ah, he has a Qingdao dialect I mean, that guy’s a dirty guy What do you call a wild man Oh, it looks good, butts bare over there Ha h a ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m sorry it’s so cold I’m gonna go inside ah well Ouch And then what? Jiangnan elder brother small white Only you can laugh at the effect Jiangnan brother that really nice that what And then I say aah And then your dad would normally Your mother and your brother and me Maybe I should put you to bed What time is it? It’s a mountain day tomorrow Go to bed, everybody Take a rest on the mountain road tomorrow Good night, everybody.

Night. I’ll sleep if I’m sleeping How’s it going, guys? All right, all right, all right Good. How’s that feeling? Good, good Eat it Breakfast Let me see what we have for breakfast today Oh, not bad . Very tasty Very good gone I read it carefully He had surgery earlier and it’s a little red and swollen How are you feeling now, sister Taste good Eat less and save some for them I think so. I think he had an inflammation last time We can’t keep going like this Want to know Everybody you see these two days have been very happy ah ah I see the mountain and the river Well, there’s a little twist here Gao Yu told me just now that Xie Xin was not feeling well And it’s pretty serious I may not be able to go down with us That’s what I think We had a good time these two days We can go back if you want Activity in this way Wouldn’t it be better if I held it more often next time Yeah, it’s all right Yeah, I listen to you, too Oh, no.

I just woke up in the studio and you don’t do that Let’s play for two more days That sounds sincere Let’s play for two days Listen to the sincerity Sincerely your last two days I’ll drop Sheshin off and you can continue playing Not a fellow countryman I think so I don’ t trust either of you I came with Sechin I must escape her back All right, that’s settled Yeah, I think it’s a good line Please write it down Okay, I’ll take a look I’ll have a look, too How’s it going ? So we discussed Let’s go back to the old line and take you back to the old line Well, the state of your body Do you think you two can go All right, then that’s settled Rest assured I will take good care of his Xuanxuan How can you pack Xie Xin’s luggage for her All right. Yeah, I drink hot water or something. Whoops Lijie, are you all right Be safe on the road Drive slowly Okay, let’s talk about it when we get home Hey, Johnny, you’re all packed up Call when you get home.

Go slow on the road, brother Have a safe flight. All right, all right. Bye Bye bye Good bye. Slow down, slow down No wonder Xie Xin said he was reluctant to climb mountains The climb was a real struggle You really have to do what you can to hang out Take another walk in the mountains today See if you can find anything new So tired Ah orange I don’t want to go Come and give me the bag I’ll carry your back My legs are about to break Ah, sister Xin Do you know what kind of tree you’re looking at Know dead trees Ha ha so flat It’s not your turn This is a walnut tree and you can see the shape of the leaves ah Come on, let’s go Hey , wait.

Let’s hurry up I’m gonna play some music to get us all excited Jiangnan you don’t fix that useless Let’s switch Hey Xuanxuan, hey brother help y ou get it Oops Your man is getting too old I can’t find you Xiao Liang, am I old? Oh Jiangnan elder brother I have toothpick you use Burn my struggle Hey Zhi brother you look for this mountain really pretty Yeah, it’s a nice view. Yeah Lin Xin ah It’s a pretty unique view.

Take some pictures fast Come on, come on. There are two lindens Went to the front Oh, my, my, my Ah Jiangnan brother hurry up I can’t. gonna look great in pictures Oh, look. And Bodhi The linden tree belongs to three plants Look at these big wild two This tree is at least 1,000 years old Oh, my God, that’s really rare ah What are these two little houses for ah You don’t want to touch it because it’s a tree temple Oh, this is also a temple Where am I going to shoot it Don’t clap your hands Be careful at night when you wet the bed Don’t listen to his carelessness I think you guys are tired Well, maybe we should just stop here for a while Do me a favor Is there any water on the plateau Yeah, give them a dri nk first. Okay I’ll have one, too I’ll put my bag down Oh, I’ll do it Not trabecular You record today We’re here today and I’ll record you Come or not Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what did I find No, no, no, it’s just leeks.

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Have a taste Hey, this leek is so hot That’s it’s wild leek all natural and harmless You won’t find it in this town And an aphrodisiac Wild leek aphrodisiac Yeah, bring it in. Oh, no. Ha ha ha Sister Da Xin I don’t know if there’s one Really nice looking plants you’re sure to love What? It’s called a cash cow well Cash cow Where is it? Where’s home? I’ll go We’re just hanging out at your gym Let me check this out ah I’ll do a magic trick for you. Watch Wow! Is it nice? How many things? This plum jade My client used to give me a piece as a decoration I’ll search the Internet Get this thing polished Add another base It’s worth at least seven or eight grand what How much Seven or eight thousand Well, let’s stop staring I’ll pick it up next time All right, wait. I’ll go ch eck it out I’ll go You one by one Brother Jiangnan wait for me Sister, let me go and have a look, too I’m not going.

Go ahead, Linlin Well, then you guys stay here How are we going to bring back all these rocks That’s it. What kind of rock? Make a whole bunch of them The elder sister Oh, come on, sister Your skin is so good You don’t look like you’re about 35 So will you when you’re my age I don’t know for sure. Forever 17 years old It is moist every year is Ah, sister. Yeah. Orange juice is always lukewarm to me She does that to every girl No, I don’t think so I thought she was nice to me Right? Yeah. Ah sister You’ve known Cheng Zhi for a long time What kind of girl does Cheng Zhi like How do I know what kind of girl he likes Well, do you think we’re a good match well-matched I’ll check over there George, hurry up.

Come on Kiki Just wait a minute They’re not even having a good time What about the waiter Did you like anything Orange juice Hey, what’s up? Come here Hey, come here and take a look Now we don’t know for sure what it is, do we so i’ll give Professor Liu Xin a call Ask him what the hell is it Professor Liu Hey, are you busy, Professor Liu So a bunch of our little buddies don’t go to the mountains And then can you hear me Professor Liu hello I can I can Well, a group of us went to the mountains I just found this thing in the river Would you like to show me what it is It doesn’t look like any ordinary thing Please take a look Yes.

Send me your pictures All right. All right. Just a moment, Professor Liu I’ll send you the pictures when I’m done Well, that’s hard work Well, here’s the deal Professor Liu texted back Sincerely, I can say that for sure This is natural gold It’s called a dog’s head There must be a vein of gold in the mountains This piece contains very little impurity Very rare gold dog head That’s a lot of money. At least a down payment for two homes in a second-tier city It’s OK This cow is very big can Come and have a look You can buy one in a second-tier city A down payment on a house Look at each other a few times Reminds me of a post I saw in my car There’s a girl who has this in the house But I don’t have a boyfriend because I’m over 200 pounds His relatives are always introducing him Then he went on blind dates too But it never worked out Then he disappointed Crying at home every day his mother mood is particularly good Great state of mind Just tell him Don’t cry, little girl One day we’ll meet a greedy one hahaha Elder sister You said they were boring You told them to split the bandana Why are they going in there Oh, look at my skin You can’t take a bath You can’t change your clothes Dirty to death Why don’t you tell them we should go back the car’s dead I said what’s the point Come on You said it might help Or you can yell Wolf Warrior louder and we can go home Brother Jiangnan Let’s go back.

No one’s leaving until we find a few pieces today Come on, come on All right, all right Don ‘t worry, Nango Take a good look Look around for it I don’t know why you keep turning over this rock I ‘m not saying you are almost done, Jiangnan Don’t worry. Wait I wonder if there’s any in this river Don’t you dare go down there Go down there yourself I’ll give you a light right here I want you to be careful Look who this deer is. It’s ready to go hahahaha I don’t want to take a big risk I want to be honest I mean, that’s a big adventure Willing to bet to lose haha ​​big risk big risk Great adventure Big adventure Big adventure That won’t do Your sister Lin Xin just went in by herself Yeah, I was right next to that temple Hey , let’s not touch that yet Let’s see where he can run to get ready ah ah Ah ah It’s dark over there.

Think about it. I’ll go Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Oh, come on . The rules of the game I’ll go for you ah That’s not fun anymore It’s past 10:00. Forget it Oh, come on. We’re not having fun yet You’ve been picking rocks all day. You’re not tired I won’t be tired for another day tomorrow Oh, why do you always bully us girls Let’s not go any further inside tomorrow Let’s go back Sisi We’re no match for a rich kid like you You all know that my company has no business in the first half of the year We need to find another Kobolds I’ll never get my full year’s deficit back Yes, Sisi Well, you know I do live TV Well, we all have a hard time making money Just stay for two more days Now let’s go and sleep I’m going to get out of bed You see how scary I am What’s wrong? What’s wrong the There’s something there He just kicked me in the leg ah Don’t be ridiculous Don’t be afraid of the autumn rain, honey.

I’ll go and have a look Okay, okay, don’t be afraid All right, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid Xiao Yang There’s no shame in a man crying Exactly . You’re a bit of a coward Stop it. Yeah. It’s Xuanxuan. You see, I still do it for you Yours well There are some animal bones over there They’re lichen and they’re dead for a long time Your shoes are stuck in the rocks That thing What are the big boys afraid of It’s too dark for me to see I have night blindness Why didn’t you tell me about your night blindness But it’s okay. Eat more c arrows in the future It’s normal for your age By the way, no injuries no die Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Looks like there’s no one there Probably all the way down the mountain Oh, yeah If you remember We saw those last night Accelerated bone Well, when you say it I think I remember us coming up the road The house is empty Yeah, look at that All these doors are open Oh, good news.

So we’re going to camp out here today I don’t even need to put up a tent Let’s go and have a look I don’t think we should go You guys look creepy No, no, no one Camp here tonight Where hahahaha I’m kidding you right now. Oh, I scared you I’ ll go check it out You two play while I see if you have any It’s good. this Hey, there’s a second floor. This one hello Walk fast How could there be ghosts Scared. You see him go Don’t be afraid if it’s a little hot grandma What are you doing here Is there anyone in the house What are you doing by yourself We’re here for a tour oh Big brother You belong to the family.

Yes, yes It belongs to my family. We still have people living in this car Ah, just us I’m here with my mother I’m deaf and blind I’m here to take care of her Uh-oh, that. What about the rest of the village? He’s been out for five or six years We’re the only ones left here right now Let’s go in and have some tea. Come on, brother that I want to ask you about that How do we go in the purse It’s possible to go straight in this way Go south Let me get you out of here No, no, no, no, no, no Just go straight down this road All the way in All right, all right, all right, all right.

You All right, all right. Let’s take our stuff Excuse me. Excuse me, Grandma go There’s nothing to walk about An old granny and you two Do you understand why you’re thinking Oh, what old arms and legs Ah, I can’ t move it You guys are looking and I’m not looking Ouch up Let go What are you doing, Xin Xin Look for the upcoming light What are you doing with the beacon Oh, look at the stone and the mirror will shine Don’t go It’s going to be used at night and it doesn’t even have enough battery power Oh, that’s just two lights, isn’t it Besides, our baby is almost wrong Here it is Told you so Just be careful.

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All right When did you know The mountains are dirty, tired and boring Why are you so upset I want to go, too Well, look at those three The highly motivated trabeculae What do you do? How can I have an opinion when I’m making a documentary Make up your own mind By the way I don’t think you’ve taken a video diary of me in days Dude, don’t talk to me about the video diary I really don’t know where Look at that now We’re three and a half against three and a half What do you say we study Oops I’m not making a [ __ ] documentary if you don’t Shall I record it I am more than 200 yuan I really don’t want to record it Just let them step on you Come on, not while I’m there Come on! Dry with oil Lily I’ve been meaning to ask you if there are too many people now You don’t touch his stuff Maybe you and I shou ld go Thank you for the years no I was out And so on I went to the river to carry rocks, too Jiangnan, will you do some work Haven’t I been working on it The potatoes are not ready yet Potato how good Jiangnan brother You add some material here, you live Can you get me a pair of chopsticks Ok OK NO Dude, don’t you two scare me hahaha Oh, don’t be surprised.

He’s trying to tease you Ha ha You see that’s enough for today Noodles are ready Serve dinner Hey potato Where is this food fragrant The potatoes are ready Watch your back I really want to take a shower I want to take a shower, too Well, that’s not easy I’ll get you a Finnish sauna later Isn’ t it just a matter of a few more rocks and a tent Wang Jianwen You’re not sleeping at night No, let’s squeeze in I’ll play along Sun Jianan What is Finnish sauna You’ll find out later I think we have the luxury of it today Have a plum jade sauna True or false Can I wash it now I want to do it now Get it Wow! Too comfortable Be honest.

When do we go to bed What’s the matter? Can’t take it anymore Your schedule has been disrupted There’s no way to go back there Let’s do it another day tomorrow We leave the day after tomorrow whether we can find it or not Ah, big sister. You can take that [ __ ] out and practice it Ah, but he finished it The cameras are all set up. Enough traffic. What are we talking about Bring back the high head scarf and look at it again Where is it? What’s there to see I’m gonna take this if you guys are talking about [ __ ] heads well I slept, too Then I’ll sleep, too Look at that. Don’t look at that. I’ll go myself Isn’t that the end of it It took a while ah It’s at the bottom.

It’s a hassle How are you and Cheng Cheng doing now That’s about it Just get it How do we win this You’re gonna get into a tent after you sweat tonight Hey, why are you such a rascal? Eat sweet potato rice closed ah What’s wrong with me 12 No call Don’t call 90 Can’t get on the roll What’s wrong? 9 What’s wrong with 0 ah You don’t have to do it ah Slow down. Slow down I’m a ra nger here Go back, go back, go back Do you have an open flame What’s the matter? It’s forbidden to use open flames in the forest You don’t know How do you prove you’re a forest ranger It’s true This area is the National Forest Farm The mountain is off limits to tourists That’s why you need to leave at first light You don’t record me and I don’t touch our stuff Heavy rain receive Make sure you watch your shift tonight Keep that ranger away from our camp Ok, copy that.

Hello, guys I just found out Turn into the national Forest farm Approval from the forestry department is required So tomorrow morning We have to evacuate with the rangers To be honest, it’s been a long day for us I estimate the next two or three years I don’t even want to climb anymore Good night and sweet dreams, everyone The discovery of dog’s head gold on this trip was an unexpected blessing Too bad we can’t find the second piece We’re going out tomorrow Next time Come back to this place Always bring a metal detector pu re pure pure The amount high ah Ah ah Oh, how well you know him I’ll find out if I do a search Oh, no.

Jenan This is not good. Don’t mess with that [ __ ] The dog bandana came for nothing When it’s lost, it’s lost Is it okay to make all of you unhappy Don’t just Oh, you don’t care about the tens of thousands I care Lin Xin Lin Xin Out to cheat on philandering men What’s the matter It’s okay. Go back to bed and talk about it tomorrow The dog’s turbine is missing ah I lost my sleep Yeah, well, why don’t you ask ah What do you mean? You think I took it We’ll find out if you took it Just search it I search, too Not you listen You know everyone’s losing now You have no fear of winning Or else To lose is to die otherwise send Don’t you want to see it This date out of the end, isn’t it Take the trouble I ‘m going to bed. Xiao Nan, you are out of line Oops Get out today I was gone for five minutes Do you think it could be But do you know that you not So you can grow wings Yeah, how am I supposed to know where your stuff is It must be your mother’s Don’t bite me Simply inexplicable I think you guys just hello Who took your stuff Five thunder strikes every day The nurse is so pissed off Come on, you They denied it And you don’t have any proof Hey, what can I say to you When I bought the camera I’ll tell you the next property You don’t listen hum We can’t do that.

We can do it with him . What Not much fun if you ask me Let’s get out of here tomorrow How do I dismantle this You got to teach us something How can we if I don’t teach us Nothing’s wrong. Come and help Brother by brother Can you hurry up? All the seals are boring What’s wrong? Gao Yu’s own bag hung up by himself ah Do you think this is my bag No, not in the ledger Brother you learn this you ask me I haven’t seen it before Hey, I lost my bag What happened to your bag Now this is all that’s left.

I can’t find my bag Stop it and look for it I’ve been searching two or three times and I can’t find it You can’t be fooled by this stuff I didn’t take it anyway ah What if it was the one from yesterday Where are the people? Come down and have a look. Xiao Liang Go over there and see if there’s anything I just checked We can’t play.

What are you guys doing We lost our bags What are you doing looking through my bag when you lost it What about one of us stealing from one of us? Well, not big brother Well, last night you asked us to leave early We’re all packed up now All we need is this bag I didn’t take any of your stuff Well, that’s weird. Well, then who took it Yeah You know how to handle the old man Pick out the expensive ones and keep them Go back and look for it again I haven’t looked for it two or three times We’re the only two people on this whole mountain You tell me who can take it To put it bluntly, we’re all men There’s no fun in saying it out loud I thought it was weird that the ranger showed up We’ve lost our chicken head The family’s bag of menswear objects and equipment is gone This can’t be a coincidence Well, you tell me I don’t have any Oh, it’s gone.

It’s gone. What’s the big deal Just pack up and get out of here if you ask me One of you has to tell them to stop fighting Who is going I’ll go That’s how we get our stuff and we’re on our way I’m talking to you Hello Big brother ah Knock it off. Knock it off. We’re almost done When are we leaving All right, all right Forget it. Forget it. I’m out of luck. Let’s go Let’s go. Let’s go We’re never going to see this place again unconsciously We’ve gone so far No cell phone service either Keep warm Just take me to see Take me to have a look Hey, isn’t this my bag Tell me that thing didn’t actually take it away I told you to divide up the food It’s all gone Are the main clothes handsome or not Be careful You guys slow down and be careful Slow down, slow down, slow down Come on! Hey, hey, hey Thank you brother Here we are There are many wild animals deep down These years Pigs and sheep in nearby villages have been attacked Let’s go No, Grandpa What a beast that is so powerful Is it a bear coming to a lion We don’t have a lion here Really uneducated Do you really not You are a man of culture Your senior sister really does not live You never saw me in Animal world when you were a kid Ai Xuexue Let me carry a bag for you ah I’m tired of being asked to fetch water cake [ __ ] Whoo whoo Why don’t you take it easy Go, go, go, go, somebody’s here by the river The lamb was hurt That’s a really bad leg.

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Come on, come on Slow down, slow down, slow down Come , come, come feeling Ah ah ah Don’t move. Don’t move. It’ll be all right in a minute ah Ah, the calf of the lamb is particularly bad Ah, there’s no signal at all unsalvageable We had to make him a stretcher out of this bamboo Oh, let me get him out of here Ah, ah, ah Ah ah Whoa whoa whoa slow down It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay Oops Let’s go here, let’s go there, let’s go there, let’s go there Right away, right away.

Hey, you got a lot of guts You go up and down the back, up and down What’s going on Slow down, slow down. This way, this way, this way Stop it. Stop it 123 good It’s off. It’s off good Take a good, long walk We have to do something This is the way to go Couldn’t get out for three days If you ask me I walk fast by myself I’ll be the last to get help I can bring someone back tomorrow I’ll meet you guys tonight You’re right here Don’t go anywhere I don’t think so. The beast came and took the bag last night I need you to leave again He will come again We can’t even save ourselves Gao Yu has a point Do you think this is all right, Brother Sun You can walk with us another day tomorrow And then it got closer to the outside You go get help again That way we’ll be safe for us Look at this All right Now it’s like this Look who still has a signal Mine doesn’t Neither did mine You don’t have that either That’s what I think From now on Everyone, try to pay attention to their phones It’s best to keep your phone in your hand Once there’s a signal to believe it is confirmation Forget about it Big brother how far we are from the outside At least 20 miles Not far I’ve got a flying machine here that can go about 10 kilometers Well, you’re not going to fly soon leader It can still fly Ah ah Ah ah ah It’s up to you to give me five Self offender Be punished Go to bed early It’s dawning and raining You will be hard There’s a beautiful woman up ahead Coming up later Ah TF TF, there are lights in here It’s okay.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid What’s wrong? What’s wrong The doctor’s battery is out. Bye Go with me We’re going on a road trip tomorrow Hi, hi, hi, hi Come and see with me Come on in, Sister Li, be careful Look over here Run, run, run away and don’t come back What a waste Is this still on top And I was right I haven’t eaten meat in days. Let’s go A dog from the country Say less about tomorrow There’s something over there let’s go There’s blood in here. What I’ll go ah What do you know? You’re trying to get us all killed Why do I think I’m killing everyone A wounded beast is more aggressive You know what? You say I am not so surprised ah Big Brother Chen What’s wrong with Brother Chen Look over there I don’t know what it is, okay This is the only way we can do it To make noise to drive away Ah ah Ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah salute Ah ah Big Brother Sun what are these footprints that big What’s in it Is it Brother Sun, tell me the truth.

What is this We’ve always had legends about wildlings There was a science team here in the ’70s We’ve seen hairs and footprints like this But they never found it Later, some mountain people saw it Sometimes it’s one big one small two Sometimes there’s only one I also heard that no one has seen it in nearly 10 years Dude, no one’s seen us in 10 years So there’s a good chance we’ve got one The wildlings we hurt He took everything that was missing before So what now I think the James Bureau is now It’s everybody tuning up their bodies Find a way to take Xiao Yang quickly evacuate together Then let’s pack up and get out of here Yeah, here we go. Is George all right? Put it down, put it down Want or not Why don’t you guys leave You’re too tired to let them go So Then get rid of everything you don’ t need and pack light So what’s a dud You’re the most useless piece of chess Just get your bags out of here Keep your survival stuff and throw the rest away To prepare 123 Slow down and slide carefully Be careful You need to be careful right now A little bit Oops Give it a rest Take a rest I can’t either.

I have to pee. Whoa, whoa, whoa I have to pee How to do Just go pee in there Inside, there are cliffs on three sides We’ ll be here for you Watch out for snakes ah Xuan Xuanxuan , you go Xuan Xuanxuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuanxuan xuan Xuan Xuan Here’s a hairpin It’s the girl’s, isn’t it? Yeah Thank you for taking it off hahahaha Ha ha ha Are you all right, senior not I What do you see what There’s some pants I can put on for him I have it in my bag nothing It’s okay.

We’re all here I I want to go h ome. I want to go home. I told you not to stay here You just don’t listen I want to go home I want to go home I want to go home You need to stop being such a mess I’m gonna lose my ex-girlfriend this morning Elder sister You’re not coming back I want to go home. I’ll definitely take you I want to go home. hahahaha Xiaoyu’s sister-in-law I’ll be sure to take you back See if I have any in this bag I think we still have to get Xuanxuan back One of you guys is going with me Brother Sun, come back with me when I trouble you Let’s go. Let’s go Xuanxuan , slow down, slow down, slow down Xuanxuan Be careful. Be careful. It’s the one ha Ha ha hahahaha Ha ha Everybody stop crying and listen to me From now on Each of you must stay within sight You guys Go and find some bamboo sticks to defend yourself Hurry to I still think so I ‘ll go out and look for it I can have someone here for you in the wee hours Just remember to wait for me where you are Don’t go anywhere We need to make a decision quickly Xiao Yang’s wound is inflamed The fever has started now I came out to bring the medicine It’s all about treating minor ailments Let’s do it this way Let’s let Brother Sun go first The rest of us stick together When help arrives Let’s take Xuanxuan back I I want to go out with Brother Sun What did you say? Say it again I want to go out with Brother Sun Sun Jiannan Don’t you think I don’t know what you think Everyone is here You’re deserting? I don’t want to die in this line of work Which one of you can still walk ah What none There are Touch I’m home-cooked, too When I was a kid.

Like to eat a dish called salted vegetables My dad loves them, too Now let’s do the math I’ve had it for three years I haven’t been back in eight months and seven days The last time I heard from my dad He sent me pictures of two plants Do you know what it is I don’t fe el like eating anything right now, okay I just want to go home now I’m going with them nothing Why don’t you sing us a song well Look back It was me. I’m sorry to you. Ha ha ha ha ha [ __ ] I was wrong hahahaha Ha ha There’s no way out here Come out Come out Come out Come out Out of the Come on ah Run, run, run, run Run fast Run and hold me hahaha hahaha hahaha Leave him alone and run, run, run ha ha aha Ah ah Ah ah Ah ah ah ah Oh, help me.

Don’t die. Help me Help me Ah ah I’m here What is not competent is this autumn The prosperous times are confused Stab tears It’s like water and fire in my heart Fervent impulse The outside world will be yellow after all body It passed me by Get out of here Be careful, everybody. A surname Big Brother Sun Ah, bad old man. Ah, where are you Ah, where is this Who doesn’t ‘t feed who What’s your name? Oh my God It’s nice not to run on it Look at that.

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