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Multi SUB 速看:霹雳辣警边境上演生死火拼【维和女警:暴力安全区】


Catch them, do you need help? Can you find your way? Yes, $1 . Okay, I ’m over there, right here, ah , ah, ah , ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, stop , who is this ? Immediately , immediately , hit me , stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it , stop it , kneel down, stop it, stop it, stop it, lock you up , stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, come here tomorrow , what do you want? Let’s talk about it later, hurry up, stop, let’s go, hello, I’m Eddie, ah , hi, Eddie, you are Eddie, you are, I’m here to report, my name is Yang Xiaohe, come on, I’ll show you around Hey , master, look Let’s see how it is.

Let’s take a look at our place. The conditions here are actually quite good, right? Boss , we have two police cars . He’s a German product. Hey Ding, good morning. Delicious, of course , we still have some things to say, come on, come here quickly, this is the office, okay , everyone , come to the meeting , let’s have a meeting, let’s go to the meeting, come quickly, let’s take a look , what do you think of this office, is it okay? There is also this desk , yours, you can work here, okay, I will tell them to come in, ah, wake up , okay , brothers, come in quickly, the meeting is over, the meeting is over, do n’t dawdle, hurry up , the meeting is over, the meeting is over Don’t dawdle , hurry up , hey, sorry , I didn’t mean to come in quickly .

Okay , brothers, let me introduce this is the peacekeeping police sent by the UN peacekeeping headquarters. It means that our military supervisor is not dead. Yang , Yang, Officer Yang , Officer Yang is here to help us rebuild The law enforcement force is fighting against vicious crimes. Well, everyone, welcome , come, applause , welcome, hey, hey , have a snack, thank you, everyone. My name is Yang Xiaohe. I am very happy to meet you here. My partner, Police Officer Harrison , has a temporary mission assigned by his superiors. After the mission is over I am new here and I am not familiar enough with the local conditions, but please rest assured that I will do my best to help the local people solve their problems.

I am very happy to cooperate with you here to build a peaceful and stable area . Welcome , well said, thank you, thank you all Uh, it’s not bad, isn’t it ? This is the police station. Yes, the former police station exploded . This is the original waterworks. The house is big and strong. When it’s time to get there, plug things up and block the faucet. Hey , put away the supplies and do n’t worry . Ah , give this to me , it’s all right, stop making trouble, stop making trouble, stop lying, stop playing and do business , go faster, hurry up, do n’t lie, slow down this way, this way, come, come, go, go, go, go, go Hey , okay, okay , hello, hello, I’m World Food, hello , hello, hello , er, let’s help you move into the warehouse, no need, no need, they can just move it, okay, come with me , we’ll clean it up for a long time Yes , everything is ready , and the supplies can be placed right here.

How is the place not bad? Hey , the place is big and there are many shelves. We are usually so obedient. What’s the matter? What are you doing? How can you just pick up supplies? Come in and show you around . This is the place for purchasing. There are so many people . Good morning , buddy . It’s tea picking. This is the new police officer Yang. Fruits, just take a look , Yang Xiaohe, if you have the skills, don’t come back if you have the skills, stay in the place where the birds lay eggs, and you ca n’t send them to the temple. What’s wrong with me ? Please shut up, please shut up, you are not qualified to pester me here. I am a writer, so why do you feel sorry for me? You voted for him for my passport.

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Why are you pretending to be a good person ? If you are disabled, disfigured, married, and unable to marry, you can take care of him for the rest of your life. Do n’t say nothing, let’s say a few words. When you grow up, you will have your own ideas. You always want to live. It’s already started. Usually it’s issued at this time. Hey, it ’s all mine. He is an accountant who knows how to count. He is a teacher . My children should learn to read. He is also a cook. He is very famous for making curry, sweet potato and chicken nuggets. Okay , Officer Yang, yes, yes, Officer Yang , and he is small, but he knows martial arts and has a very strong body . Strong, one person can fight several times, you know how powerful these people are, they are all volunteers to help, right , don’t crowd, everyone line up, everyone, don’t rush, don’t crowd , line up, record one, hurry up, don’t shoot anymore , line up and I’ll get the supplies Hey brother, did you get it just now? Brother Yang , is that cousin just now, asynchronous in the same night, twins , twins of the same father, right? Go, hurry up , get out, go away, what are you doing? What are you doing ? Thing, he’s my wife, do n’t mind meddling, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah cover put down the uzi can’t grab put down put down the uzi stop what the uzi is for give me the uzi don’t grab it here We have to get the things back.

How do you want to get them back? The national looting law does not blame the public. Another way of thinking is that things have to be sent to them anyway , which is more efficient. In today’s situation, either go find the things, or I will report to you alone. Post material review , anyway, the materials are all on this site , right big guy, hahaha , what Patsy said is right, I saw such a fat dancer at the bar yesterday , when she danced like this, she asked you to wait, let you wait Let you wait, let you wait, wait, ok , ok , stop, stop, wait, I can’t say it I bought the triangular materials, this one, this one, you can’t take it, you can’t take it, and this, you two, give it all to me , don’t leave, hand it over, hurry up , go to the next station and forget it, don’t take it this time No , hand it over, hurry up, press it, come out, don’t run, go back , go back, go back , go, go, it ’s you who took my daughter, obviously it’s you who took you, you misunderstood me, I didn’t catch him, beat you up, let the police officer Give me back the police, Mr.

Zhang , calm down and listen to me, you misunderstood, we didn’t arrest your daughter to find someone, you are the lifeblood of our family, we can’t live without Aunt Nika , your daughter was exchanged for molestation and injured, now Just in the hospital, nonsense , after you say that, who would dare to be here at this time, ah , calm down, I don’t want you, okay, don’t make any more noise, be quiet, be quiet , who would dare to move? Qibu Town is a special security zone planned by the United Nations , looting supplies and selling here Stolen goods condone prostitution, you can be arrested, then you say, you arrest us, you arrest my youngest son, and his dead ghost father lying on the bed, you arrest them, anyway , we will live if you can’t get out I can’t go down, I didn’t catch him , I said, it’s not me , everyone be quiet and listen to me Now there is a new rule above, we won’t feed anyone in the new cell, if you are ready, go back and notify your family to feed him every day You deliver meals, stay when you are ready , leave if you don’t, this matter will never be so simple Officer Yang, we are here to receive you, take you away, let me go, let me go, come out quickly, come out , take the two away, hurry up You cut it, follow me, follow me, you cut it, leave it, it’s all your fault.

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My father’s medicine money is gone again. I know you need the money. Go back and tell me, ah , if you don’t plan to live with us for the rest of your life, do n’t come and smash my job. You see, you see , if you don’t plan to let me go forever, you don’t come to find my cockroach. How do you know how to call and let the princess bake it ? Is there one of you, no , no, why don’t you talk? He ’s angry with me, no I have learned to have a bad temper. Say you, ah, am I in a bad temper? How are you and my father? Mom , what are you making up there? You are a ghost to ward off evil spirits . A local vampire seed will appear in the next few decades. It is specially attached to the old man’s body, resistant to blood absorption, shameless and eternal It ’s scary , it’s scary, what’s the matter, send me off, yes, thank you, you ’re welcome , cuties , here we come, Sister Xiaohua, we’re back, dad is back , dad, dad, hahaha , is it true? It’s a treasure, it’s a castle, it’s a castle, it’s a castle, it’s very good , good Let’s go and pack up and we’re going home.

Slow down, okay, hahaha, let me go, let me go, let me go, let me get out of the way, okay, these two are the ones who were reported missing before, and the other two are not I know , but they look like beggars. The initial judgment is that the victim died of an allergy to corpse blood . Write it down and I’ll take a look. There are traces. Is it really a vampire ? Go find you, is n’t it a bit like this ? Look at this, this . That is, savings , there is such a disease. Yes , I suspect that the blood-sucking case may be related to this disease. Maybe someone in the town suffers from vascular disease , but due to the lack of professional medical assistance in the town, they use the most primitive method , which is blood-sucking to relieve it.

Symptoms Is it possible that our medical conditions are outdated? It’s not impossible . They also captured my family. Vampires live in it. There are the same traces. Take a picture and record it. It’s not safe to rescue him. His condition is the same as the previous deceased. It should be Continuous crime, it seems that they are mainly targeting beggars, they need to be carefully screened, do n’t go calm down, calm down, master , let go, let go, let go, let go, let go, let go , let go , let go, you know what you are thinking, you want to catch them and continue to work as cattle Ma , that is Raqqa who will never go back with you.

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Don’t listen to his nonsense. He tricked our relatives here just to suck their blood . You are the one talking nonsense. You are lying. I am not lying. My wife Nana was deceived here by you. This is not the case at all. Calm down, everyone. Listen to my explanation. My little daughter and my little daughter are also gone. Stop them. Ah, it can’t be like this. Open the door and don’t go through. You can’t enter, you can’t enter, you can’t enter, you can’t go out.

Get out , get out, get out, get out , come here, Nana, second sister , get out, everyone , don’t be afraid , we have so many people here, he only has a few bullets, if we don’t rescue our loved ones today, our streets won’t stop Of the dead, you catch him, catch him, catch him, don’t let go , hurry up, or I’ll shoot, I can’t go back, come on, back up, do n’t be afraid , catch up, I can’t go back, back up , get up, let me come, empire, empire , empire, wake up, wake up Wake up, are you okay? Get up, come, come, get up, thank you for coming this way, this way, well , let them decide their own fate, it ’s okay, I’m so down on you, you give me back my RMB , why did you take him away, you put you Just give it back to me, Nana , come here, come home with me, come home with me, Nana , come here, Nana , Nana, it’s not safe for you to come here , do you want to go back with him, Nana , don’t you want your son? This is me and me I feel the stripes Washing dry that woman’s heart Even trying to take my daughter He just wants to get fatter Let him come over to me Come home with me Oh let’s go home too Oh they’re all gone Come back with me You see, I’m wronged, it ’s okay, let’s go, let’s go, go away, you are in the way , go away, what are you doing , did you hear me, go away, do n’t block the car , get out of the way, get out of the way, stop playing, who is Yao Qingfeng ? Inside, you wait here for me first, do n’t [ __ ], master , stop , boss, give me a lie, stop, okay , you are the Chinese chief, go to the north alone , go, you can ask me to hit the horse, be Mr.

Li, give him to me , and make sure you drive, thank you You, but I don’t need you to guarantee my safety , General, look, look, do n’t bump into Officer Yang, what I just said still counts, go back , call the police , catch them , go, go, Officer Yang, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah sell it with the next boat Officer Yang hurry up brothers stop them run come run over don’t run anymore let ’s go it’s okay I can’t leave I know you you are ID plan right the money is all It’s yours, kill you and I’ll go, ah, ah , are you okay , go , go , come on, come on, come on, come on, hahahahaha , come on

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