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After the king forbids music in his kingdom, his right hand takes over the throne and leaves him to die in the desert. But a group of musicians who secretly kept practicing the art of music aids the king for the final battle to get his kingdom back…

Gobi : Birth of a Legend (2018)
Genres: Drama, Action, History
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[Music] So [Music] Ah [Music] Compassion is said to have originated From the sound of music thus when a Descendant of khan fiddle players was Crowned And ruled over his people Peace Lasted for many years Sun rose as it rises in the eastern sky The tales will be told in the starry Night sky People who respect the melody Worshiped their khan fiddlers And lived happily ever after But one fateful day Black sun Rose in the east And blood splattered under the night Moon Blood thirsty kingless minister Rebelled against the lineage And took the throne from the rightful Heir Once eagler took control of the throne He ordered his army To kill every fiddler in the kingdom and Not to spare Anyone’s life [Music] [Music]

Kill anyone who makes a sound of music And execute whoever rebels against my Degree Burn them Burn them all No more music from this moment on [Music] I am the king Destroyed all the fiddles and fiddlers In my kingdom Don’t even spare a single soul i am [Music] [Music] [Music] My king Please have a drink before the great Hunt here you go Bring the king’s bow May your arrows hit their every target May your blessing come true [Applause] Um [Applause] Wow [Music] [Applause] Uh The hunt suits you my king I praise your skills That is strange Forgive me my king Your skills were too great And it has taken Two lives

How strange How is there a pregnant gazelle at this Time of year It is indeed very strange my king My king Is it a sign i should have an heir You’re at your prime And the queen is still young The queen woman who can’t bear a child Even if she is still young should be Compared to a dried-up riverbed [Music] Um [Music] [Music] [Music] Fiddler tell me if a beauty That suits me Has been born in this world yet [Music] [Music] Princess eager of minister kantai has Turned 16 this year People say she is the fairest of all the Kingdom [Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] You have become a good archer

I have made This for you wow How beautiful [Music] Minister kontai Who worked for the musical kingdom Find him for me Forgive me my king How could i find those who have vanished Into the desert His fair princess If she loves me from her heart [Music] My sins from before Will be cleared But the queen My king quiet You can count yourself dead if you can’t Bring me princess igaro yes My king Please allow me to present this pure White bow For your last test [Music] Oh wow what a beautiful bow this is Oh mommy can you believe how beautiful It is Please test the accuracy another target My dear the bow is a weapon with its own Spirit eye Your job is to own that spirit eye as Your own You need to practice with moving targets To earn that spirit eye if you don’t you

Will never be the greatest archer Tomorrow start with moving targets [Music] [Music] We’ve been without music for 20 long Years How long will we be sitting in silence Like this That is true [Music] Oh Oh Horrible We have seen the kingdom fall with our Own eyes Remember how king eagler took the throne What’s going on [Music] Does this happen in the play [Music] [Music] [Music] My king I have carried out your decree Accordingly Does the princess Know what happened To her Family Forgive me my King young people are easily distracted She is calm and unaware When should i bring the princess in Probably not for a few days

Tell queen ezra jean to look after the Princess Understood my king [Music] [Music] Bring the princess into the palace [Music] Thanks to you It looks like i’m not needed here Anymore The king decreed To bring young girls minister jumla yes Ma’am Have you grown closer to the king since You brought the young girl Of course not my queen It is still up to you to grant me favor Or punish me However Because of my loyalty to you May i deliver some news to you Please forgive me Minister kontai’s tribe was enjoying a Play without music and then i massacred Them all Although the princess is young If she were to find out about this She wouldn’t be nice to king eagler Please consider this [Music] [Music] [Music] Ah [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] Not bad Let’s go join her As you wish my king [Music] Huh [Music] She’s pretty good for a young girl it’s A nice opportunity to get to know each Other [Music] So [Music] Your last arrow my king [Music] Who are you to challenge me Ever since i came to this silent castle I have only been able to practice my Archery I need to know where i am Why am i here Sure Velvet black Um Mommy [Music] What happened to you My daughter oh mommy please forgive me Um [Music] My king as to your decree I shut the scene and wailing woman up

Right away Please forgive me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] My king [Music] [Music] [Music] My king Um [Music] [Music] [Music] Uh Hmm We are ready for the execution my king [Music] You’re the only beauty who can cure or Destroy my heart [Music] [Music] Let it be my first And last act of mercy Be wise princess Hmm Be grateful for the king’s mercy my Princess Uh Fearful of your wrath Even prey falls dead at the sight of you But today i just witnessed a weakling Attack the great king

Remember How you used to be like her I remember I still am the same go and teach her How she should treat Her master Teachings take time I do not wish to wait I know how the spirit Of your children abandon you That is why I do not wish to force her to love me Getting older And softer are you Shut your mouth You barren woman I want My air Do you not know to show respect with Sincere greetings to the queen Taking me away from home Murdering my dear mother Is there any sincerity in this place of Course There is I would like to leave here then Stop acting Like a spoiled child I want to leave I am here to teach you the way of Palace life Kneel I know of how wise your father was What did you just say

What have you done with my father Punishing the guilty is the law Because your father rebelled against the Kingdom He was sentenced to death And you need to know what princesses are Born Only to please the king I can’t tolerate Your behavior anymore Forget about Leaving this place Let’s see how long you can keep up with Your attitude God Please my queen Tears won’t bring you back your father Oh the eternal sky that greats me with Your sunshine My heart is broken as if shattered by a Massive hammer My soul is torn as if pierced by a Thousand arrows I was born of your flesh Welcomed into this world with open arms But i’ve lost you My beloved I lost myself To a cruel king To warm his bed Please come back to your daughter As a fierce arrow My brother Please return to your daughter as a

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Sharp edge of a sword my father [Music] As long as i draw a breath as long as i Draw a breath If i can’t defend you If i can’t avenge you My shattered heart will never be whole Again And my wounded soul will never be healed I shall be your arrow i shall be your Blade I shall become music to reach you I shall become a legend [Music] So [Music] Mr umlaugh It was easy to find minister kantai’s Tribe with your intelligence I am sure you are aware how difficult it Was to find their hideout So tell me if the king was pleased with His young princess Yes he was But the young princess is Bad tempered Also the queen ezra gene is Unpredictable if she is cornered Just in case From this moment on If anyone anyone tries to rebel Against the king Bring them to me alive Got it

We work for you with our deepest loyalty But you are still the same Just do what i tell you A better life is coming to us all pretty Soon When the timing is right i see Nike We are still killing the roots of music Do not let the princess see blood [Music] My poor velvet black I assume you have a child of your own I beg of you Please let me go i’ll ride back to my Birthplace I can only look after your horse You can come here any time you wish Tomorrow could be the day after please Only you can help me leave this place This is the kingdom of eagler khan Who wiped out the music There is only one rule in this kingdom No one is to violate the king’s rules And no one must leave this kingdom If anyone disobeys She must die Let me remind you again Only the king and the queen Hold the ultimate power in this kingdom Did you say the queen yes [Music] Please forgive me my queen From this day on I will obey your commands

I thought you were as hard as your bow And straight as your arrows What changed your mind even the hardest Bow Can be bent I just thought Since i’m living here i should follow The rules Then you should listen Remember that those who are destined to Be a queen to a king are both fortunate And unlucky Be as cold as ice and as fickle as the Clouds You now have to wed eagle con but there Shouldn’t be any wedding Only then eagler khan will bend to you Please my queen Even though my parents are murdered i Still have people to go to first you Must listen to me carefully Eagler khan believes you were sent down From the sky To give him his air Why is that I was younger than you when eagle khan Took me to his bed And i lost my fate to be a mother Ever since Igloo khan’s been searching for someone To bear him an heir Are you planning to use me To get your revenge against the king No you are so naive

I have been with igloo khan for 20 long Years But never have i seen him this nice People lose their most precious things When they act nice As long as eagler khan is still alive No one in the kingdom is safe not even You Be careful Not to fall in love with the king I am not as nice as i seem Funny So As long as eagler khan is still alive No one in the kingdom is safe not even You [Music] [Music] [Music] Don’t [Music] Khan [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] He is the brutal person who destroyed The bloodlines of the khan fiddlers Please don’t ask about them again I will do my best You can start practicing with the moving Targets tomorrow [Applause] The moans of suffering heard within These walls And the smell of tears and blood Is suffocating me Even though the golden sun rose and the Silver moon shone down upon me my heart Is suffering And my soul is tearing apart I cannot take it anymore I can’t take it anymore Huh Laughs Leave me alone I don’t want to see you No one disobeys the god’s wishes You must be my queen I would rather die than give you your Air Put aside my kingship I am on my knees Begging you Begging you Wish of me anything other than death Please then let me go i’m back of you

[Music] Aren’t you going to let me leave [Music] If you can’t grant me my wish I must show you how great of a warrior i Am Everything happened exactly as we Planned idler khan is left alone without His new queen Princess igorel really ruined Eaglercon’s wedding Yes an eagle khan was furious Please tell me what i should do next my Brother It’s fortunate for us that eagler khan Is fond of princess igarel We should rush but we need to be careful We should meet again Your teachings didn’t affect her You turned her into A vengeful witch please my king You should cure her broken heart And remind her of her parents and Homeland If you nurture her will she will turn Around And might even care for you You should amend her broken heart With the sound of music What did you say you dare to play with My life To have an heir You must risk your life [Music]

To have an heir You must risk your life [Music] Um [Music] Um [Music] My beautiful velvet black I have made This The bow is a weapon with its own spirit [Music] [Applause] [Music] It just took off flying [Applause] [Music] So [Music] Looks like the king let you hear the Music Yes my queen How wonderful this music is This cold palace felt like a warm place With the sound of the fiddle Also igler khan whom i thought was a Heartless warlord no longer seemed so Cruel All of a sudden I felt fond of him I’m a fool To believe you could help me Why is that my queen I did everything you asked i left him

Without a wedding i brought out his Hidden music into the open and i see you Were on his side Music can even let you forget your Hatred And revenge Please tell me what should i do [Music] You wanted to kill igloo khan But you couldn’t [Music] Because this king is a devil Who was cursed to become an immortal That no arrow or sword [Music] You must break that curse [Music] Here Kill the fiddler [Music] Hey [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Get up You’re the only one who’s gotten that Close To taking eagle khan’s life forgive me My queen i was captivated by the music I’ll remind you of only one thing Go and beg eagler khan to show you his Music again I’ll figure out how to keep him away

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From his fiddler Pathetic woman [Music] So I’m glad to see you’re in a good mood It’s nice to see you this way I would like to thank you For showing me How it’s done Then you must bed your new queen To have your air soon Truly nice I had made mistakes in my past that fear Stayed deep in my soul And i took it out on you You used to say so without holding back Because you used to tell me That i hated you But From this moment on I’ll try to be nicer to you The music has touched the princess’s Heart But you Need to prepare a gift to touch her Heart yourself Let her know that you are her master A man that owns her forever Only then will your fear vanish and you Will prosper In a young girl’s warm welcome Where does this music come from You Really don’t know

Under your decree i am one of the Thousands of children Who grew up without even a lullaby my King Hmm [Music] Again [Music] So [Music] Uh [Music] To [Music] So [Music] Foreign [Music] Please Stop playing fiddler [Music] I’ll be able to get away from this place If only i shed my own blood The wind blows freely And the river runs around and about The tree leaves shudder and harmony And the stars shimmer in a cold dark Night and a hot day the golden sun’s Rays touch the ground with the sound of A jingle To feel all these with your heart You must stay alive No no No

I feel drawn to eaglercon Ever since i heard your music But he is my foe Who murdered my family The king who banned music from the Entire kingdom I cannot stay with him anymore I am the same I cannot kill myself But I still believe If there’s a way to get in There must be a way out of this place I have suffered for 20 years to see Iglorcon’s death but now it is time to See the end of my suffering please my Queen don’t The king will die if the fiddler is dead Didn’t you want this yes i did I i still do But if we kill the fiddler The music would be lost forever If that happens wouldn’t we be just the Same as igla khan You couldn’t kill the fiddler and you Couldn’t even see him please Forgive me my queen Um [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I have been here for 20 years I knew every corner of this palace

Except where he hid the fiddler i even Prepared a tunnel in the need of escape I guess you can make use of it now Follow where the sun sets A person named buri will be waiting for You where the desert and mountain meets He’s a chief for my tribe who’s been Fighting to keep music alive Much gratitude my queen What about you I thought that killing igloo khan would Bring back peace But you’ve stopped me from killing the True heir of the khan fiddlers just ride Without hesitation Brother worry will take good care of you Spread the music Through your fiddle My queen i respect your selfless Kindness horses are ready for you Leave now My messenger will reach brother burri Before you get there Go leave [Music] What Are you Doing here I wanted to see your precious gift for The princess And i wanted to see how nice you’re Going to treat me I always knew You carried

The dagger To take my life But That dagger Has killed you instead So Yes Ah [Music] Onward You must not let them escape Forward [Music] I am the only remaining descendant of The khan fiddlers I am the son who was left to face the Suffering Praise the burning fire to the sky And use the smoke descend as a messenger Cleansing the shadows of hardship and Detaching all the poisonous things Spread the sound of happiness and joy All around the world oh god of music [Music] I didn’t know how amazing of an archer You are Oh thanks to my father He taught me that the bow is a weapon With a spirit eye But my archery is nothing compared to Your fiddle plane My father taught me that the fiddle is An instrument that is alive Maybe because it is alive

All the melody from it touches my heart And it makes me feel connected to my Parents It is possible to feel the spirit eye of The bow and connect to it Is it also possible to connect to the Life of your fiddle No The life of a fiddle is born with the Fiddler [Music] [Applause] What’s that barbarians run hurry let’s Go [Music] So [Music] Oh [Applause] Uh Um [Music] I’m going to catch you I loved velvet black As much as my parents Uh Uh Wow [Music] Kill them Follow them Get them all Mr [Music]

[Music] So That might be the place We know what gene told us about We have forgotten how to mourn our dead And we don’t know how to cherish And love our living this is the world That eagler khan created He wished to wipe out the whole Kingdom of khan fiddlers And wanted to rule the kingdom forever He attacked Everyone Who cherished music And he killed All who fought To save it After losing his trusted warriors My father escaped the battle with a few People Our tribe also fled to the mountains And lived Under the starry sky That dreadful night we were ambushed by Pursuing soldiers The ruthless king eagler wanted to take My sister as his queen My father was able to hide my sister but The eagler took her life by mistake Eagle’s plan to wed into the throne was Ruined Furious eagler then decided to wipe out The whole kingdom of the khan fiddlers At that exact moment my unconscious

Father got up and to save me from eagler Khan He started playing his fiddle to summon The gods of music And curse eagler to transfer his life to Mine Night air should not perish Then Eagler locked us both in his dungeon To keep himself safe That is how i The sole surviving descendant of the Khan fiddler I’m still alive [Music] My father had the power to see his Kingdom in his visions When he played his fiddle His power might have been transferred to Me through his fiddler When the time is right Princess eagerl The fairest of all the kingdom Will liberate me From eagler khan’s grasp This is how our fates have crossed each Other You should rest now I used to dream about seeing the trees Sprout Flowers bloom [Music] Rainbows under the sun and foal running Free through a pond

Sweet dreams [Music] [Music] [Music] Come and play [Music] [Music] Yes [Music] Now [Music] Oh What a wonderful fiddle you’ve made It is believed that the horse’s Blessings dwell in its tail And the beauty of melody is in the Tuning Remember your velvet black with this Middle [Music] All i foresee Is my death The bloodline of the con fiddlers will Perish if you die yes It will perish forever The life of the fiddler is born with the Fiddler [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So

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[Music] [Music] So [Music] Uh Bring them to me [Music] Um Take good care of my precious life There’s no need to hurry My king I do not wish to stay here any longer Since we have found what we are Searching for I too have found what i was searching For Since i have found it i am eager to Return to my palace in my throne but i Think i would like to Stay in the country To rest my back a little This is your precious life isn’t it My back will rest well if i fed worms With your rotten body But i shall hack your fiddler into Pieces and throw them to vultures Die now [Music] [Music] [Music] Hmm [Music] Announce to all that king uma has come No need to grieve my princess

I dragged you all the way here in the Sake of not leaving your seat empty Please I didn’t know you were a dirty worm Crawling its way to the throne If not me Someone would have murdered eagler khan Anyway Because of my cleverness i saved you From eaglercon Before anyone else did You should show me your gratitude i’m Appalled i fell into another enemy’s lap Once i was freed from the other Don’t be Queen ezergene wanted to kill eagler Khan all this time To fulfill her wishes I provoked you to do it you fell for my Plan and brought the king’s precious Life out into the open And now he’s dead Since your fate took this turn of events Please Join me in your seat as queen I will make you happy Help me I am allowing you to go be on your own Since i promised to make you happy But patience Has its limits Until then go on with wandering in the Sands and staring at the horizon Everyone

Gets their Karma Don’t be so full of yourself You know what happened to eagler khan When he destroyed i am not eaglercon and You were not the one to teach me As soon as your bastard is born I will throw it to the beasts And then you will be mine forever Foreign [Music] [Music] Forgive us my king [Music] Where am i You are in a tribe Who saved the music Who are you [Music] At that time when minister umlaus served You with his life To my misfortune your error took away my Eye [Music] It is not only us who tried to save the Music [Music] There are many others out there Only a true king can unite All of these scattered people Minister yula announced that he was Going to restore the music But he slaughtered everyone who believed Him and so they fled to seek refuge with

Their fiddle You are the person who destroyed the Music and its beauty But now you can bring it back Believing this I couldn’t bear to walk away when you Were dying [Music] Hmm [Music] [Music] Sire Princess igrill is coming Um [Music] Ah [Music] All right follow them Hurry [Applause] How come a dead person is alive And playing fiddle In my palace [Applause] Although You killed the fiddler Maybe you didn’t kill off his air but [Applause] Was i then Taking care of my worst enemy’s precious Life right next to me It looks that way sire igloo khan’s Precious life is growing inside princess Igril’s womb

He came to save his precious life and he Will only wish to kill his enemy [Applause] What will you do sire [Applause] You miserable fool How dare you pity me Forgive me sorry i will kill princess Eager [Applause] I will kill her just like this Only then eagler khan will die and i Will be ruler of the world [Applause] [Applause] I will send my great army [Music] [Music] Oh Pursue them [Applause] [Applause] Here they are Hurry [Music] Judge them Kill them all [Music] Ready Release Do not miss Hurry up They’re coming through [Music]

Send in reinforcement I will find princess eager and feed her To the vultures [Music] Uh Ah [Music] Ah What are you still doing here Come [Music] [Music] Hurry up children follow me to get up Build up here defend [Music] Uh Hurry Go now and save the music We will defend the front Khan fiddler’s heir is growing in Princess igor’s womb protect her how About you mckee hit them hard [Music] [Music] Warriors Keep the line and defend [Music] Hold them [Applause] So [Music] [Music] [Music] Baby

[Music] Music [Music] Uh [Laughter] [Music] Hmm [Music] [Music] [Music] Those who make the sound of music Will be punished with death [Applause] Um Make way Move The princess is probably amongst them Look closely [Music] [Music] Hold him there [Applause] I am going to kill you [Music] Yay I know exactly where my arrows land [Music] And now I know exactly where i should shoot Um [Music] [Music] [Music] All the blood you shed and the

Sufferings you brought Took me closer to the throne Ruling on people’s suffering is not a True kingdom why haven’t you realized This sooner You didn’t realize you were pushing your People to the darkness When you destroyed their music Now i can rule those Simple-minded people however i please And it’s all thanks to you I have come out on top without having to Stain my hands with blood I now king king [Music] [Applause] [Music] Um [Music] Please Forgive me my eager out You have come to illuminate the darkness But i have killed Your beauty I have destroyed Your music Don’t die Please Don’t die If only your tears ran down as pearls i Would love to string them all night long If only your broken heart Poured down like Precious gems

It would come down as the sound of music The life of a fiddle is born with the Fiddler I am a dream That was sent to you By the almighty please let me get out of This dream Would please keep this dream alive and Promise me The Bloodline of the con fiddlers Will be Forever [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Hey [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] The life Of a fiddle Is born with the fiddler Spirits of music Have returned to us [Music] So [Music] [Music] Hmm [Music]

Me [Music] Since then the sound of music has echoed Through the kingdom The people of mongolia Treasured their horse head biddles from Generation To [Music] Generation the wind blows freely and Mountains rumble in a low hum Rivers run around and about and the tree Leaves shudder in harmony And also the stars shimmer in a cold Dark night In a hot day the gold and sun rays touch The ground with the sound of the jingle To feel all these with your heart people Must stay alive Compassion is said to have originated From the sound of music [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey [Music] So [Music] So [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

So [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] You

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