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[Full Movie] Monkey King & White Fox | Fantasy Romance film HD


Brief introduction to the story: The magical love movie “Journey to the West: Wukong vs. Monkey King & White Fox” tells the story of the rampant monsters in ancient times. Habitat, not related to each other. However, the Monkey King stubbornly entered and exited the Bull King’s territory arbitrarily, and finally angered the Bull King, and the two demons fought in the Eastern Wilderness. In the fairy world, there is no time for the immortal to pursue the hundred-legged demon king who endangers the world, descend to the wilderness, and recover the spider essence pearl in the spider silk cave, and temporarily live in the spider silk cave. Bai Linglong, the fox demon in Baihuling, also came to the territory of Donghuang in order to kill all the evildoers in the world. At this point, a war between gods and demons is about to begin…

Synopsis: The Fantasy Romance Action movie Monkey King & White Fox” is about a fantasy action and love story. At ancient times, monsters went on a rampage. Different kinds of creatures announced themselves king and queen. In the realms of Donghuang, the Monkey King of the Monkey Mountains and the Ox King of the Horn Hills were close neighbors. They minded their own businesses. Yet the Monkey King is mischievous in nature.

He trespassed into the Ox King’s territory. Finally, he provoked the Ox King. They went into an epic battle at the deserted section of Donghuang. Wuxia Goddess of the World of Immortals thwarted Demon with a Hundred Feet who was wreaking havoc in the mortal world. She descended to the mortal world and took the Spider Demon of the Lair of Spiders under her wing.

She stayed at the Lair of Spiders since then. The Fox Demon Bai Linglong of the White Fox Valley, trying to eliminate all disloyal person the in the world, arrived at Donghuang as well. From then, an epic battle between Goddess and Demons is readily afoot.

Studio: Maibang Film
Director: 薛Xue Shao
Starring: Cheney Yeling, Zhang Zongmin, Liu Xiaoqiao, Tang Weiwen, Jiang Deliang
Genres: #fantasy #romance LoveStory

In ancient times, monsters were on a rampage. Various kinds of creatures declared themselves king and queen. In the Donghuang Realms, the Monkey King of the Monkey Mountains and the Bull King of Horn Hills were close neighbors. They mind their own business. However, the Monkey King is mischievous in nature. He trespassed on the territory of the Bull King. Finally, he provoked the Bull King. They went on an epic battle in the deserted section of Donghuang. The Wuxia Goddess of the World of Immortals thwarted the Hundred Foot Devil who was wreaking havoc on the mortal world. She descended into the human world, and took the spider-demon from the spiders’ lair under her wing. She has remained in the Lair of Spiders ever since. Fox Demon Bai Linglong from White Fox Valley, trying to wipe out all the disloyal people in the world, also arrived in Donghuang. Since then, an epic battle between gods and demons has been in full swing. [GaoBangzhen Presenter] [Co-publisher XueMingwu YueCuiyun] [Produced by LiZuo DongShaobo] [Screenplay by BaoYuanhu] [Lighting by JiChangmin] [Art Director ChenDan] What brings you here tonight? [Cinematography by ChenZhuo LiuChao ZouPeng] You got that good wine, I got you. And I have this beautiful view. We’re not going home tonight, real.

[ZhangZipeng sound effect] What do you think of the comparison between me and your wife back home? [Starring ChenYeling TangWeiwen LiuXiaoqiao] All these beautiful flowers I picked, you are the most beautiful. [Starring ZhangZongmin JiangDeliang ChuYi ZhangHonglei] [Director Xue Shao] You and I tonight, would you mind keeping us company, having a few drinks, and having some fun? what do you think? I, Bai Linglong, vowed to kill all the disloyalties in this world. You are one of those, and I will not let you go. You are so beautiful, even if you leave me, I can’t let you go myself. Pig. shameless. Sir, where are you in a hurry? Some crazy bitch is chasing me. There is nobody here. I don’t see any crazy bitch. If you don’t mind, you can follow me. My house is near. You will be safe and sound in my place. Well…are you thinking that at this time of day, a petite woman like me, would have no business coming to this place? Maybe she’s a crazy bitch too.

Tough time. The north wind is gloomy. My family and I live here in seclusion. We don’t want to get bogged down in this chaotic world. If you don’t believe me, I won’t bother you, then. If you will excuse me. please do not go. i believe you. Miss this place, what is this place? this is my house. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will eat you? not that. No need to enter. Thank you for your kindness, miss. If you will excuse me. Do you think the den of spiders is an ordinary brothel? Do you think you can come and go as you please? Spiders’ den? [Spider’s Hideout] Spider’s Hideout. I’m not interested. You stole from me, get out of there. who are you? How dare you come to a den of spiders? Spider demon. surrender to him. I already ate it.

If you want it, you can wait for tomorrow. why tomorrow? So you can fish it out of my dumpster. It doesn’t matter. I will not wait for tomorrow. I will do that now. Watch this. Who dares to enter my land and disturb me outside my territory? Perfects. What a sight. I quarrel at my doorstep, what do you think of me, Wuxia Goddess? I don’t care who you are. If you cross me, Bai Linglong, I won’t care about your name. How cocky. Watch this. Do you want to fight against me? Maybe hundreds of years later. How dare you run when I’m in the area? Do you even consider me your master? Perfects. I’m so sorry. What if you go one day, will you be a nuisance to this world? If that’s what’s going to happen, then maybe I should get out of you now. Diamonds …
Master’s! I’m so sorry.

I will never do that again. Give me another chance, please. All those people you killed, did you give them another chance? These traitors deserve to die anyway. They just didn’t kill them before me. Bai Linglong. I’ve heard about you. Your bone sword was made from the bones of nine unfaithful men. She was filled with resentment. You are not a bad person. It’s just the ways you do things, so extreme. How I do things is none of your business. A lot of mood from the little devil. I lost to you, kill me, torture me, do whatever you want. I am the goddess of the immortal world. If I were to kill a little demon like you, and the words got out, I would be the object of ridicule. You will regret your decision one day. You are very hurt. Any normal person can die. what do you want? What about this? I will be your master from now on. You can heal in my place.

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I can teach you some skills. If anything happened, you could say that you are a student of the Wuxia Goddess. what do you think? Perfects. what…? Be calm. Aren’t you afraid of me killing you after I’m healed? If I am able to, I will. [Ten years later] You dirty monkey. stay here. stop there. Sister. No “sister” to me. Sister. do not be like that. Ten years have passed. If it weren’t for you, the teacher wouldn’t have suspended me for ten years. Ten years is a long time for me. You are not allowed to talk to me from now on. Sister. what are you looking at? I thought I’m not allowed to talk to you. who are they? They are demons just like us. One is Monkey King Sunhutong. The other is the Blackhorn Bull King. They have been fighting for over a decade. seriously,

They are still fighting. Who do you think will win? This is none of our business. I bet Sunhutong will win. why is that? Obviously, Sunhutong had not used his full strength. But the Bull King had already given his all. Let’s go. We did not do what our master told us. We need to get to Huanghua City before dark. Let’s go. Let’s just stop fighting. What if… I just admit I lost to you. What about that? sunhotong. I will remember you from now on. sunhotong. How dare you flirt with my wife? If I don’t seal you today, what will I look like? How many times have I told you? I was just watching the moon with her on the wall. How was that joking? If this flirts with me first. Nonsense. take this. [Style of benevolence and righteousness] We’ll die anyway. Let’s do it! Sister, they are just civilians.

so what? here you are. Thanks. We are the students of the Wuxia Goddess. We are here to help you. Goddess Wuxia. I heard my grandfather talking about it. He said that she was a goddess of great power. You have done a lot of good for people. This is correct. Please calm down. My master heard that there were some demons terrorizing Huanghua City. My sister and I were sent to find out what happened. As long as you help the Wuxia Goddess, we will be saved. yes! We will be saved. Huanghua City was the city of thousands of people. Who would have thought he would come to this? What on earth happened? Not long ago, a Taoist priest came to town. Occupy the Huanghua Taoist Temple. From that day on, there will be missing persons from our town. And they were all young. Someone discovered that this priest was making medicine in the temple. The blood from the living was used as a food supplement. This evil priest called himself a hundred foot demon. First, he was secretly kidnapping people. Then he became rude as the days went by.

Any time he wanted supplements, he would come to our town. People in our town, either died or ran away. All that’s left is us, the old and the frail. their eyes what happened? Satan dug those. What do eyes want? we do not know. Why didn’t you get out of here? Demons everywhere. People suffer. The location makes no difference. yes. How could this happen? I, Bai Linglong, may have killed countless humans, but I have never killed an innocent person. Help us please. He woke up. Please, get up. Everyone, please get up. Please save us, ladies. Excuse me. As long as this demon was still around, Huanghua City would never have peace. Rest assured, everyone. We already knew what happened, so we won’t be just spectators. I’m going to get to know this demon a little bit. Thank you, ladies. Please get up.

This demon is very powerful, you both have to be careful. I am not afraid of any demons. Just point us in the direction of that temple. Sister, we are almost here. Let’s go inside. Be careful, sister. You just take care of yourself. The Hundred-Foot Devil. get out now. Otherwise, I will burn your temple. who are you? We are the students of the Wuxia Goddess. We have come to fight you. Wuxia Goddess and I never interfered in each other’s business. You don’t have to start a precedent. I have done a lot of bad things. Anyone has the right to punish you. You are out of your league. Cut the crap. take this. Sister. This demon is hard to break. so what? I have never been afraid of anyone. Looks beautiful. Maybe you should just join me. She could be my wife. In your dreams. Hmm. Even Wuxia deities are nothing to me.

You too? Go to the hell. You are poisoned anyway. One kill is better than two. you are dead. Uh. Uh. Why not choose someone in your size? I won’t let this happen sunhotong. Why are you here? Do we…know each other? you do not know me. But I know you. Someone else sticks their nose where it doesn’t belong. I just finished my drink. I’m so sore. Time for some stretching. sunhotong. Want to take Ali? The world has really changed. Even a little devil like you can boast of it. You may want to steer clear of this. What if you don’t want to? If that’s what it has to be, I’d really like to know how good the fight is. Come on. Uh. sunhotong. help me. Girls too much trouble. sunhotong.

I will come and get you. Nice flute. This is not a flute. It’s a clarinet. How are you feeling now? I’m good. you are fine? From the looks of it, you are about to die. I, Bai Linglong, was just a white fox in White Fox Valley. I gathered the aura of the world, the sun, and the essence of the moon, and had the form of a human. It is indeed a blessing. For me, death is not terrible. Bai Linglong. This is a familiar name. Did I know you from somewhere? Thanks for saving me. do not mention it. I may have saved you. But I can’t detox you. Siddhi is the Wuxia goddess in the spiders’ den. Maybe you can take me there. Spiders’ den. yes. It actually helped once anyway. What if you don’t want to? So why did you save me there? You could only allow Satan to kill me. Fine. I will think about it. Is this yes?

yes. Thanks. I have to warn you about something, though. What? It’s… I’m poisoned right now. I can be demonized at any time. So? Demonization will cause me to confuse enemies and friends. I may attack you. So what should I do? I can’t beat you to death. There is only one way. You must transmit Yang energy to me. In this way, I can control myself. Uh. seriously? What are you doing, Sunhutong? I…you find me some food. what have you done to me? I gave you some Yang energy. You took advantage of me. I didn’t do that on purpose. Then you have to take responsibility. no. You didn’t like me. I…I do, I like you. so what? That’s very fast!

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Someone, whom you may know your whole life, you still don’t love. Someone, you can just look at them for a moment, and you won’t forget them for the rest of your life. You cannot measure love over time. I’ve been alive for hundreds of years. I’ve tried everything. But I never got married. If you’re still alive when this is over, I’ll marry you. What about that? really? yes. Do not lie to. I will hunt you to the end of the world if you lie to me. This looks like a trap. Is this a token of love? Whatever you say. Perfects. I am sorry. I couldn’t save my sister. It doesn’t matter. Perhaps this is her destiny. It’s not your fault. When I am fully recovered, I will be challenged more by the devil again. Later. I will help you heal now. bye. Are you well? I’m good. We are not married yet.

relax. I will be here for you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Come on. Take comfort. Hi, I’m a fox, you’re a monkey. What will the child look like on the outside? I have no idea. Maybe…we can try? Hey, why does the bull king always fight you? This damn bull. He thought there was something between me and his wife. He’s always on my tail. Well are you what was between you two? bye. do not you trust me? Of course I do. sunhotong. Let’s see where you are going to run. black horn. you again. Aren’t you tired of this? Hmm. sunhotong. I’m not done with you yet. You want me to let you off the hook? We don’t dice. King of the bull.

who are you? I am Sunhutong’s fiancee. Bai Linglong. This is correct. I’ve always been the only one with a wife. How do you have a wife? are you kidding me? You suspect Sunhutong and your wife. I have a plan. What do you think you two became sworn brothers? He will call you brother. Call your wife your wife’s sister. When we get married, you don’t need to suspect anything. makes sense. sunhotong. Would you like to be my sworn brother? Of course I do. It’s like fate, fighting with you for so long. We will become sworn brothers today. I will be honored. amazing. I, the bull king, the black horn. I am Monkey King Sunhutong. Here by our oath under heaven, above earth, today we shall become sworn brothers. We will share happiness and misfortune together. Either of us must betray the other, to let heaven strike and earth destroy us.

Brother. This is, in fact, a “no disagreement, no agreement” situation. We became sworn brothers today. It was a long time when I was happy. Let’s get dirty tonight. brother. I would like to. But, Linglong is poisoned. I must take her to the spiders’ den. O’Brother. Don’t come here often. This is a great day. You are not allowed to leave tonight. Stay here with me, let’s have a drink. I covered her injuries. Are you serious? yes. This is the sacred medicine of Horn Hills. Calculus of Heaven and Earth. It can detoxify everything. You give this to her. It will heal within twelve hours. Thank you very much, my brother. he goes. bye. do you feel better? yes. Much better. brother. This is a great day for us.

You name it out of her system. You can relax now. Let’s go. Let’s have drinks. Im…go. She is a good child. Let’s go. Welcome brother. I don’t think I can leave it like this. Come on! brother! relax. Let’s go. Let’s drink. Come on. Are you Bai Linglong? yes. I thought you were cool. But you are just an ordinary person. Are you Mrs. Taurus King? so what? It is a great honor to meet you, my sister. you are not married yet. And you already call me sister? You really like this dirty monkey. Sunhutong has tremendous power. And he saved my life. What’s so strange about my liking him? Besides, Sunhutong and Ox King are sworn brothers now. When he and I get married,

Hope we get your blessings. Hmm. Wise thinking. But, don’t say I didn’t remind you. That kid in my belly is not Blackhorn. Who do you think this is? [Taurus dwelling] Linglong. Linglong. Linglong. Linglong. It has just been detoxed. you should take some rest. what are you doing here? Linglong. What’s going on, Linglong? Linglong. what happened? The baby inside Mrs. Oaks King, is it yours? It’s in her stomach, of course it’s her stomach. is this yours? how is that possible? Of course it’s Blackhorn. do not you trust me? Forget about it afterwards. Why don’t you explain yourself even if you have to lie to me. I, Sunhutong, have never known what love is.

But I do know one thing. If you’re good to me, I’ll be good to you. Before I knew you, I was always alone. I felt that nothing in this world belonged to me. After I met you, I knew there was someone in this world worth my attention. Believe me. I thought you were out drinking with the bull king. I was worried about you. It rains if it rains, but the sun shines bright. Thinking of my husband with all my heart, I’m ready to get a headache. Where to find Wangyoucao? Plant it north of the house. Thinking of my husband with all my heart makes me sad and sick. Linglong, what does that mean? nothing. The sunrise is beautiful, but it will eventually set. But the sun will still shine tomorrow. Tomorrow’s sun may be the same as today’s sun. But the time is different. I did not get it. I want to go back to the spider’s den. I will be with you. Hey

Linglong. Is your master old and ugly? of course not. She is young and beautiful. No. Even prettier than you? you are a monkey. [hide spiders] Here we are. This is a spider’s den. Spiders’ den. yes. This place is very familiar. Have you been here before? how is that possible? Let’s go. Oh. who are you? How dare you enter my house? Sir, this is me. Linglong. Perfects. how dare you? How dare you do such a terrible thing? Perfects. This is not her fault. It’s my fault, I was so weak. enough. Zoer. You were my student. I will not kill you today. But after today, you will no longer be my student. If I meet you again,

I will show you no mercy. Perfects. Perfects. It wasn’t really her fault. Please give it a chance. Get lost. My sister! You are Sunhutong. specially. You look familiar. did we meet before? To be honest, you look familiar to me, too. We may have met before. Thanks for saving Linglong. She is my fiancé. this is my duty. Fiance? How do I not know this? Do all of your students have to tell you when they want to get married? Not right. If you really love each other, you need to get married quickly. Why should we? The Hundred Foot Devil is powerful. I don’t know that I can completely defeat him. Linglong is my favorite student. If you can get married quickly before the battle, that might lift a heavy weight off my shoulders. Oh.

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Even if I perish after that, I, Wuxia, can say that I have lived a full life. Fabulous. Let me think about that. Linglong. what are you thinking about? I’m thinking, maybe I shouldn’t have gone back. It’s not your fault. But it all started because of me. Sister must hate me now. If grudges between humans in this world are all destined to happen, then hating someone requires fate as well. Don’t let me hate you. Your master said we need to get married as soon as possible. I know. She wanted to take that weight off her shoulder. So you can deal with the devil without distraction. what do you think? We are demons. We may have a long-lived ability, but you never can what might happen. If you really like me, we should get married now. Surrender yourself? Is this how you treat your guest? You are a two hundred year old demon, you are very nourishing. wait a moment.

im. You don’t know this, but I was the king of the spiders’ den. Since Wuxia captured the Lair of Spiders, I couldn’t defeat her. So I had no choice but to be her student. At first, it was good enough. She was my master after all. Who would have thought that a fox appeared. It was all because of this fox. Wuxia has held me back for ten years. I just walked out, that damned fox did it again. Wuxia has banished me because of her. You cut me off. I must take revenge, otherwise I am not fit to be a demon. Lord, you didn’t know this. That Wuxia came down to the human world from the realm of immortals, she is a true goddess. If you can use it as a supplement, it will certainly improve your strength a great deal. Wuxia has banished me. This may be a big world, but I don’t have a place to stay anymore. If my Lord does not accept me, I may be dead. surely. I can trust you on this. But, if you lie to me, you’ll wish I was dead. How dare I betray you? amazing.

But it is all talk and no evidence. You need to give me a trust token. what about her? What type of code do you need? one of your eyes. What? Eyes? Come on. brother. This is a great day for you. Perfects. How do you like it? What’s wrong with you, teacher? Since I came to the human world, I have always been looking for a loved one. I have lived a carefree life. As they all say, people envy mandarin ducks with partners but not immortals. Of course I am happy for you. Perfects. For years, I have been traveling all over the world, just to seek to eliminate all unfaithful people in this world. It is you, sir, who taught me to treat this world with a good heart. If it weren’t for you, how would you find this adorable pair? Your kindness, I will never forget. Sunhutong has tremendous power. And he saved your life. I really hope it brings you happiness. do not Cry. This is a great day for you.

If your eyes bulge out, you won’t look pretty. This is the day of the demon fox and the great Sunhutong. Maybe this is a good opportunity for us to strike. Do you have any good plans? my Lord. I have a plan. Aren’t you ashamed? Perfects. I don’t have a place to stay now. I thought about it for half a day. I decided to correct it. I wanted to kill the demon on my own. Who would have thought that Satan is so demonic that he blinded one of my eyes. Perfects. I’m so sorry. Please take me back. I swear I’ll do it right. I’ll do everything for you. Perfects. I bet you didn’t expect this day yourself. Perfects. Perfects. Perfects. Perfects. brother. This is a great day for you. seems alive. Uh. go there. I will wait for you here. Thanks big brother.

I will definitely level this demon’s Huanghua Taoist Temple! my Lord. How does this supplement work? How charming! This drug can stimulate the potential of living organisms. If the blood of animals is used as a food supplement, after the animal takes it, it will be understood by mankind. Be a demon. If you used human blood as a nutritional supplement, the human taking the medicine would become a monster. If you use the blood of the gods as a dietary supplement, and the devil takes it, the devil may become a god. What a beautiful picture, my Lord. My Lord, may I have a bowl of the blood of my enemy? Why are you laughing, my lord? I wouldn’t waste this power on a little demon like you. You are! You are of no use to me now. right on time. Satan. What have you done to my master? Your master and sister have already been drained of my strength. They are hanging by a thread now. Linglong. Are you well? hutong. Linglong. How can you do this on your own? Your loss will make me

Alone for the next million years. This madman has absorbed all of my master and sister’s power. What do we do now? rest assured As long as I’m here, I won’t let anyone hurt you. Satan. I let you live one last time. This time, I won’t. sunhotong. Who will emerge victorious is not yet known. take this. sunhotong. I bet you didn’t expect this. This is the day you all die. How… how could this happen? You are a poisonous spider. I’m all poison. I used up all my strength. Now all that poison is coursing through yours. You are about to die as well. No way. I said that I will not allow anyone to harm you. I did not protect myself. And it dragged you into this. Don’t feel bad. We are not done. I’m not supposed to die like this. Five hundred years later, we shall meet again.

I’ll bring that little punch back five hundred years later. You may not know me by then. I failed you in this life. It’s my fault. If you wait for me, we’ll pick up where we left off. Just…don’t forget me. Dirty monkey. [Five hundred years later] You didn’t like me. If you’re still alive when this is over, I’ll marry you. After I met you, I knew there was someone in this world worth my attention. Is this a token of love? my Lord. There is a man named Sunhutong shouting outside. Go tell that dirty monkey to wait for me at the city gate. He possessed me so much I’ll make it right for me. Demon Fox. He has my land now. If you knew any better, you should exit the Donghuang realms now. This belongs to you. I will return it to you. Then you will fix me. You own me so much.

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