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[ENG SUB] – The Whirlwind of Sword and Fairy – Kill the demon king with the Purple and Green Swords



The Whirlwind of Sword and Fairy (2022)
Director: Ken Yeung
Cast: Pemain:Chan Ho-Man, Raquel Xu, Xiong Xin-Xin

A hundred years ago, in a war between the immortals and the devils, the ancestor of the Immortal Sword Sect fought for seven days and seven nights against the leader of the devilish race, the Emperor You, and ended up in a terrible defeat. A hundred years later, Zhang Zhilin becomes the new head of the Immortal Sword Sect and uses the Purple and Green Swords, which can kill the Demon King, as bait to lure the Emperor to show himself.

A hundred years ago, the ancestor of the Immortal Sword Sect, Master Zhang, fought with the leader of the Inhumans, Emperor Yu, for seven days and seven nights, and sealed the Inhumans’ weapon ”Jiu Li” in the Immortal Sword Sect.

A hundred years later, Zhang Zhilin, a disciple of the Immortal Sword Sect, becomes the new head of the Immortal Sword Sect and uses the Purple and Green Swords, which can kill the Demon King, as bait to lure the Emperor to show himself.

Zhang Zhilin drew up a plan to let the subordinates of the Emperor steal the fake Ziqing Swords. Zhang Zhilin’s uncle fights against the Emperor, but he is outnumbered and the seal of Jiu Li is broken! Zhang Zhilin and Shen Yun know that the situation is urgent and close down to cultivate the double swords of the Purple Sun and the Blue Underworld.

After much suspicion, Shen Yun sees Zhang Zhilin sacrificing his life to save him, and the two of them grow closdr with each other and finally succeed in combining their swords, sweeping the sky and defeating the Emperor!

[SCRIPT – The Whirlwind of Sword and Fairy (2022)]

Kyushu It is a beautiful world In ancient Chinese mythology There are feathers with changeable wings Meizu Sharks living in the West Sea The magnificent Heluo tribe Kyushu night The vastness of the galaxy When Gu Xuan dominates the sky The power hidden under ancient ruins suddenly awakens Sister Nanxing Aren’t you dead Is this the monster you Master it, hurry sir, inform the master. The prince has left the palace. Come to the funeral. Immediately send someone to meet the prince. Yes, the palace of the Grand Master has died. It’s an amazing evil, how could Taishifu’s daughter die? I bumped into someone without even apologizing to you you just hit me

And apologize to me, did I just bump into the girl? Maybe it’s just looking at beautiful women, so plus you’re petite so I didn’t find the girl, oops, hawthorn candied hawthorn candied 1 penny 1 chain selling sugar-coated hawthorn 1 penny I brought it to you sugar-coated hawthorn Thank you Sugar-coated hawthorn 1 penny of the sister series Nanxing, wait for me Don’t cry Sister Nanxing loves intoxicating hawthorn the most, take it to her a little bit and walk slowly, this grandfather was born, right? Come here, come, come, come, come, second exit, come, the girl eats the king’s meal, it’s so bold This is the capital, I have no money, my wallet is gone Hey, why are you doing this to a little girl

What you eat is on my account and then the girl still wants to eat something and you order it for her. I understand ok you’re so sweet to me old man like my dead father you’re welcome I sit down to be honest actually I didn’t eat enough why don’t I eat more second the plate comes slowly don’t hurry the girl eat slowly the old man ran out of food more than 200. What 200 Only two yellow and white As long as I can help this girl It’s also the virtue of old age, come on guys don’t go in a hurry My name is Wang Gang from chasing old man Cloud Mountain, who are you? I’m your father Bill, please That’s good Give the old man not enough money. Lots dad, it’s up to you what’s the matter

I can see more craftsmen in it. No matter what, we just can’t make enough money for our meal. You haven’t eaten yet okay, brother Gang girl, hanging dinner, don’t go Wang Gang is not the type to owe money. Dude has a pharmacist really, you and I are two kids on the eastern road away from home. It is normal for us to take care of each other. Hello, I can hardly stand. Um uh, do you have to go? And no but girl, dude, it really matters. Then I, Wang Gang, can’t go far. Otherwise, you will follow me to Uncle Nan’s house first. I took the money and gave it back to you. It’s not too late to leave. Uncle Nan Girl, what is your relationship with Ms. We have known each other since childhood. My father had just passed away and brought me back to Mount Cheon. After that, I trained all day and rarely returned to the Grand Master’s Palace. T haat right ha ha ha ma um mmm, so sweet and delicious I have seen mr what is

Under the spine Miss Wen passed away specially Come to supervise the family and it turned out to be Ji Liang Shuji Please change to Kira or go to Miss Xianxi first place. It’s good, please come first Life here, what kind of style Don’t panic, gentlemen, this is a fantasy You’re waiting outside the door Hey or good Hmph Miss Wang inside, please What’s going on I miss it Grandpa depressed Impossible You weave a gang queen I met Uncle Nan It’s a bar I came to steal your face I have a message for Uncle Nan Sister Lan Xin this time you come home to drop

in the sky . You go down first Thank you weirdness Why are you uncomfortable? Well, in the past, this landmark was just like my home. Now it’s cold Nobody arranges meals I just ate half a car, right? Are you hungry again? Yes, we are mainly chasing Dis Yunshan to practice Qi depletion of energy, nature is easy to be hungry. The magic weapon I wield is rather special. Need to eat more Magic weapon you practiced Is that violin you’re wearing? No that’s what my dad asked me to take with him he said I’m not quiet enough bring your daughter’s home stuff for my daughter’s house to be quieter I thought you were carrying a dog when I just now saw you a dog yeah sister in law why is he here on the floor the first? Hello my voice what’s wrong with my voice yeah how can you do it I don’t know well again you know Si Ming

He was rampaging in the street and hit me on purpose Ah, now you said the instrument I wielded was not Qin then he dares to ask what magic weapon I wielded? I’m just me pure steel in and out pure steel pure steel in and out no wonder I downed a whole bottle of social eggs that will crack your throat so you can heal yourself if you ingest poison? Digested with food d in the body. No, no, ah, madam, what’s wrong, madam, drink medicine, madam, I don’t drink anymore, madam, I don’t want madam, come on, don’t you meet Isn’t that Aunt Nan? He’s crazy It seems like there are many secrets hidden in Taishi Palace Perhaps your sister Nanxing’s death There are also other abnormalities Ah What with the incense incense You dare to ask the inherited fairy from He Men Ying Zhong Ling, the elder disciple of the Immortal Sect of the Thousand City Palace sure dares to He asks fairy to come here what’s the matter.

The fate of the imperial master’s daughter and Prince Fu Shu before their marriage shocked the court. The matter is important and suspicious. Cause of death By order of the teacher So you are the bird The bright bird It’s also for men Yes Jade leader Good Jade Clan’s Bird Can you find anything that’s not at all You didn’t find anything weird Why are you still moving? Is it true that the lady’s ghost refuses to leave? Sister Nanxin, I came to see you. If you want to go, please give me instructions. Excuse me. Curiosity. Why was it blocked? The werewolf just returned to the speech and said that it did not welcome the Elder Prince. To allow the heart to leave sadly rises Miss Nam Hing Minguang salute

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Angry south chasing the fairy Why is he gone Yes man his master has a place like this How come I never come to this place. Just the age of the business it looks like an agency device what the hell this place is a spectacle would not be a decent place to do it. This girl likes this kind of sexy place, what are you afraid of? It turns out that your Excellency is the devout Tuoba Yuxiu Prince, you Tuobai Yuxiu that Tuobai Song Yu and the mop tray are your brothers. You look so good and Mi is controlled No wonder he was treated like this under Meizu Xiuling to break you up What is Meizu Xiuling? Sister is the surprise to condensate and fade in a certain environment Mostly human Good at all kinds of secretarial

Spirituality is just one of them But you can control the illusion of Zhongfu Disciple Di Chuan It’s a rarity It should be on this Kyushu Road It’s been so many years You seem so serious about starting to work Well, why did that old girl kill us? Perhaps it is just a test in the ex’s control, the girl is facing the direction and the end. A Meizu cultivator truly possessed extraordinary spiritual strength. How many Chinese girls have I bothered you Why did you come here In fact, the male lady is not very elegant I came from far away to teach him I never thought I had just arrived in Beijing I heard the news of his death I can’t reconcile myself I don’t want to believe it Track down a secret It seems that everyone here is more or less related to Nanxing’s death so far Nanxing’s problem is, is he really dead? I hope the warm sister is alive Where did the black mark on this hand come from? This must be the result of Mu Guan being unwilling. How is the condition of the doctor’s wife? you go tell mr just afraid of madam ya time is running out

Lady you are Luozu take advantage of her solemn secrets I wait stubbornly to Yujin can you help me then you have to exchange with me and say daughter what mother can do just for you let us start what I just saw Warm sister Sister Lan Xin Are you not my patient sister Impossible Impossible Who are you What kind of a beast are you You grew up so big You’ve never been stabbed What are you screaming about? It’s the middle of the night If you and me have skin What about me I just want to check your wound Oh I love you how you breed this I don’t know either I don’t have anything to stick to Do I yeah What about this I’m just what I am, inside and out pure Only there is no one like me in Chasing Cloud Mountain

Um this is an accident you are so weak you are still holding your breath to save me I am so touched look at the wound first. The living exception recognizes it oh oh oh what ah ah this is over or not but the way you just came to save me in a rush I’m still a little scared by the way how do you know where I am oh I guess you’ll be hungry in the middle of the night if you’re looking for something to eat and you don’t have Money you will steal it so I went to find you I have no money are you rich? Oh you turn your face and don’t recognize anyone Ah I’m a little hungry when I tell you hmph Excuse me I don’t know what that roast duck is Roast duck good awesome buddy

Why does it taste so familiar You bought it from a stolen restaurant pitcher Hmph You, you prince, go steal I don’t want to eat it. give it back to me Eat, eat, you want to eat slowly and take care of your injury. He is a pharmacist to discuss this matter is true, the farmer has a new discovery so I called everyone to come and discuss it immediately. Some things I can’t figure out I came here again last night I found the smell of plants here That’s what the hell is that? The roots of these plants are very deep, the growth is not the light of a day or two to be exact, Miss Nanxing’s bed needs to be replaced with a soil sofa The new plant experiments are still growing Strangely enough, they will wither soon after I just heard that the body of the divorced Lady Taishi Zheng Mujiang can be It has something to do with this leaf wilting this turkey and this plant are really weird

I remember that Mr. Zhang and I had seen it with our own eyes before. The rapidly growing vines behind the ears of Nanxing grow similar to this plant. There must be some connection only if we see the real man who is in Muguan? Mogoan was closed before he finished he must be hiding something then open your eyes and find out what is the evidence since then you can know the actor is really dead and still fake death or how can you be active in this matter? Very easy to get started Are you really the lifesaver? Miss Zhong, this is due to the differences in ethnicity and culture. Our Yuzu Si Ming is naturally very familiar with funerary matters. Oops, there is no nonsense, do this It seems that this thing is not shameless and can always win prizes At this crucial moment, I have to look at the private life of my next language family Since she is Sister Nanxin that day, the same monster as Sister Nanxin What is it Look at Everyone, there were many failures in the male corpse, but only this face is well preserved, based on my years of experience, this is caused by long-term immersion in the potion.

Which should be every year someone puts it on someone’s face Adjust it and keep what you mean It’s just a raised doll Could it be that monster that day It’s Sister Nanxin That’s it Prince yeah. I know I look at how delicious you eat. Not in vain, I did my best to help you steal these things. Stealing, you are, in fact stealing again. I’m like this, you still hit me, I don’t care if that slap now is just a greeting I want to be with you for life, you hey, don’t make a problem hmmm, don’t run away, don’t run hurt him, let Gao’er look at how you all look

Fit and amazing. Using dolls to pretend to be my star sister Don’t be afraid I’ll heal you soon You just called me now Do you always love me This guy For the next killer is visible No malice Must be towards Nanxing girl You’ve been working hard Plan evidence There must be a reason But it doesn’t matter My name is Chambord Accidentally sometimes there is only one page urge to insult the tent and that is when I met Nanxing he has had foot problems since childhood hidden in the palm forest by family he is my only friend but soon after he discovers my master and my presence he sees me as a monster he hates me to the bone I can’t get close to my heart, so I can only accompany it from afar. After that, I found that the heart is not very human. His body gradually began to dream. Only one head stayed close. I can’t lose the stars, I can

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I took his head away I made his body Qimu with his head So Shiner could be with me forever I stole the Nanxin girl’s head Sister Nanxin’s life is bitter This is what I have to do Nanxin can’t leave me I can’t You can’t then be offered to Nanxin for a test Girl Gan g Why does a grape crab grow on the head of a Nanxian girl I don’t know I never know before the economy if I’m not mistaken? The day of Mrs. Taishi’s divorce. How did you know that you didn’t know that male girls had the ability to predict the future before Mrs. Taishi divorced. He told the miracle doctor Qiu Lingyi that he used his soul. Go and replace the Nanxin girl with a beam of soul left in the body after divorcing the lady. Thais The remains of the Nanxin girl are back in their heads The head grows vines Tread the soil Under the bed of the Nanxin girl Grows new plants I expect the male girls’ illness must have something to do with these vines No wonder it still gets I used to use Xiner to test you

, I just want to use your power Find out the cause of Xiner’s death Sister Nanxian has the ability to predict the ceremony How did you find out that Qiulinghe was the one who arranged for Helotu Doctor I came here from a long way It is precisely because male girls can cure the past Small in the future I came to find my life You know what About my sister’s illness? What’s the matter I don’t know He should know that Wake is his only daughter He should know I’m going to ask Uncle Nan if he wants to tell you Why are you hiding him now? What should we do then there are only ways you need a loyal girl with the help of a spiritual master even though the prince commanded you that you are good at creating illusions with incense as beauty and the spiritual teacher is good at controlling the mind this requires both of you. Join forces Go to Taishi’s dream to find the answer Uncle Nan came to see you in the second year of high school I specially brought Longxi town I hope Uncle Nan sleeps peacefully Thank you gang girl Now only the girl has a heart Go back first

, I’ll be with Uncle Nan Uncle Nan, you should get better soon, I had a lot to tell you now good girl, let’s get started ok, I’ll take Mister Wind Lady, our white-haired hearts are gone I send black hair What do you expect from me in the future? Lady, you don’t have to be so sad star Just as fate has ended with us, Mr. Shiner has not been in bad health since she was a child What is the disease? Tell me quickly, well grandpa his eccentric doctor unfortunately has this kind of psychic ability. provocation dirty things hmph it’s mara it should be the fallen mora who killed him he didn’t blame him definitely not his master you think again who is he tell me who could be a monster huan xing’er’s abilities contracted him a strange disease and stole

Hey, in order to preserve the reputation of the star, I dare not speak, I dare not let the devout prince know The lady you just said Myolie didn’t offend him But how do you know that little pineapple Hmph I naturally guess who you are Ah ah what a dream it was Is your command, open the window, long sleep, very sleepy, yes Lingbi, why do you always head upstairs. The maid was in a hurry when I entered the door just now. Accidentally scratched the hairline, Qinger’s daughter, came back to see you do things My daughter died wrong My daughter still has a lot to do If you still want to work with this project If you can’t fly together See what you look like now It’s just insulting I respect

Zhao Taishi under one person and more than ten thousand people born a monster like you dad, why do you say you are the daughter of a daughter not my daughter I don’t have a daughter like you you just make me feel ashamed come on shoot him daddy tell Xiner why all this just because I when Seeing you I will remember my blood flowing in your body Rao Siming, who are you? Go quick stop me, ah ah ah go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go wow your town is pretty it’s not a lot you you herring why don’t you have night pot? I didn’t know there was still a role. I think I can improvise like this. I am already a big double-layer dreams can be spoiled. Also known as Mr. Yirong’s disciple if it is not for this salted fish.

So can I fail Besides, how can I be distracted at a critical time? What can I do now? If he finds out Nampov Like Lu Friendship We’re all done Stay away from master first Stop yelling here Come on faster Go first Go first Can you carry me What I want to check later But it’s hard to bring Bring it Don’t blame yourself too much if It wasn’t about the few mines in the house sir you gotta take down this restaurant we don’t even have a place to live now ah now ah you still hate us well how can I put hope pin it on a few of you hahahahaha come drink come come why call me one But with me I want to deal with you formally Oh I think you said this time you’ll go alone

The target is Nantai City I don’t want to make Uncle Nan angry anymore but he is the key to everything that has to start with him now only you can go to Master Tai your sister nanxin and the only one I can count on now only you I know you want to help your sister but what I want to help is us And you, Sister Nanxin Actually we never met any love for children only for some reason He is my wife whom I have never seen, so it is my responsibility to find out the cause of death This is the only thing I can do for him. I think you said I should do it, go to Fumanzhai to buy some typical products and then spray this on the rating and give it to him after taking it for a while you ask him about the guys, he will definitely know what this is. Replaceable frosting plus the extraordinarily violent drug taste of, well, come on

Shortly after I’m done ok I’ll be back when I’m gone. Ask the prince the masculine girl she has never met you why do you still want to search for the truth about a man’s death? Could it be that you want to deal with a Taishi Nan spiritist, you can understand if we fight for gain, I was also considered by the people of thousands of cities Life is like Cao Ji I need your help what do you want me to do Wait until after Samara gets drunk Try to insert the remaining spirit of Nanxin into The body See if I can ask for something Marriage To show weakness Like sparks This step is not necessarily weak Let me try Thank you monk Please start a lot of fame I just realize But you can’t Reply What does it mean What does it mean He can’t reply

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You still don’t want to reply It’s just a leftover Invest force with the Luo tribe secretary and it will dissipate if you’re not careful I’m still frustrated Is there a way I can talk to him But he has to enter my body first Ma There’s no other way? If you can’t figure out why you died like Muropas it’s hard to live alone Do you want to watch him torture yourself to death? You just have to help him You can help him Tell me why you died Time is running out of non-humans It’s hard to go What do you mean Swing Great and not great You left that sentence with his remaining soul exhausted You must be trying to tell me, right? A star A star A star

stellar stellar stellar What did you bring the baby to the ward? Star Star What did you do to Xin’er just unexpectedly asked some questions, the remnant male remnant girl led by the repayment to show you or what did Miss Nanxin say before the Remaining Emperor was exhausted? Non-human Mei Fei Mei What’s so dark about this I don’t know either I always feel like I’ve overlooked something important. The girl is no longer, Prince, aren’t you worried? Lipstick inside and outside his body not exposed to all poisons shouldn’t be a problem no matter how strong a girl is she still has weaknesses no matter how strong he is infected with chromium like this he is still afraid of soft living beings living a soft thing How I kept ignoring this not only good and put him at risk. Killer scene in Taiwan

How did Mister Tan become like this? Go find Hey, wait for me, you’re high Prince, you’re urgently looking for the gangsta girl, is it because you still want the girl to do something for you? Now this attitude Prince is still satisfied Everything I do Everything I do Everything I do For my pious people As a prince How can I nurture the love of only children Prince Have you ever thought that gang girl can be with you. To him over and over again Such an arrogant Where do you not blame him yet Fairy looking for a girl to come There is another place that has not been found This master Ma ha ha ha ha Girl in disguise Hurry up and hand over Taishi Taishi’s schemers Who? Why did I never get it

, He transformed his soul force into a body that reduced spirituality so you can’t feel it my name is Nanfeng I am in the end I was planted in the hands of a little girl who destroyed half of my genes How many of you are in good standing You are only a half sister now Spiritual strength is rather weak Kabir it’s up to you to deal with a few of us say where the hell don’t worry he’s still alive I won’t kill him lightly this girl the star said he’s gone he’ll be my daughter from now on my retirement hahahahaha I’ve lived so long I really believe in myself as a human being I was a little touched when I heard That’s how do you know he’s feeding me a snack Let me reveal my true self in public If you really think of yourself as a person how can you treat your daughter like that? A vine grows on a man’s head, this means that you are blood wives, you are of the same surname, you marry a human and give birth to a male half-sister, so he was born with mansions but he has superpowers.

I already used your daughter. Spiritual strength to seek leniency in power I am the imperial master One person less than ten thousand people How can you slander the old man again You can’t bear it anymore because of your desire to explain You are waiting for men to gradually lose their intelligence Imagine day by day Finally, one head left Only those woods and vines through the bed, everything he regrets even if there is nothing left of him but the remnants of his soul, he doesn’t even want to introduce you as the real killer. Shut up Oh, I hurt the star, no why Help me advance, help me push the secretary, help me build a career This is his supreme glory I am a human being, I am the Grand Master of the Great Yin Dynasty. No one wants to leave the priest ide Myolie, heart enough

Enough legs, legs are melted by Qingding fire, nature can also enter the water again, let me help you Fairy, what’s best, go, ha ha ha ha ha I don’t even want to go out alive Why the hell did you deal with My sophomore year like this? Doesn’t he want to be my daughter? But my daughter has no legs, he said he will marry you, I gave him Xing’er’s wedding dress, you can see how much I love him in order to make him like Xing’er, I will use this Qing Ding-like sacrifice. Fire broke out in his legs, dad ma ma ma ha ha ha ha ha ma

You who kill my clan kill my love Will the gongs and drums go together Sky of the tall dragon What you wake up daddy wake up daddy wake up, wake up don’t you wake up Didn’t you say you want me to be your princess? Dog okay I scared you before I always thought I only loved a thousand people Only the country is involved Only after this time I found I love you I want you to be my princess Do you know I can protect you

My whole life is the happiest thing Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha What ah ah what ah ah ah ah ah what ah ah ah ah ah ah what ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah what wrecked Hong Kong girl Prince is a special bloodline of the human race although he is naturally weak but the garden is not easy to squander Do you have a way to repair spiritual history? May 9 What you need Help the girl What do you want me to do Life for life? I will not drag your body and turn it into the history of protecting the prince’s garden and bringing it to Xiuling God Zhon glian will return to the oath goodbye to you here continue to travel in the cloud enjoy the beautiful scenery farewell to the fairy this time there will be a later period

I plan to go abroad too Take a good look at the world for Xiner Everyone, be careful Leave it alone Gao Er Where are we going Of course I went to Qiancheng I’m lucky to have the help of my master and brother In addition, I chase the clouds and mountains to collect the spiritual energy of heaven and earth To improve your body back in Qiancheng, of course you have to thank me back to Qiancheng I will immediately make you the Crown Princess of Qiancheng and then after that the wedding candle you just started today It’s Crown Prince Tuo Bai Yuxiu. Hmmm then I can tell you from today on, you can just treat me alone and not even look at other girls Ah, can what I just said be the answer? Of course I’m not already your princess Come and let daddy kiss her Why are you such an unreserved girl? What a handsome hesba Do I have to be tied up? Ah no ha ha ha ha.

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