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Business Proposal Episode 03 [ENG SUB] | NETFLIX Series | Most Popular Kdrama 2022


Uh [Music] Uh uh spin coater ho won [Music] Kang Hye-jung’s new broadcast you’ve seen, the answers are as simple as you dare [Music] Ah, what would I be wearing for our first meeting ? There’s a bar far away ur yes ah ver wee 5 per ah look for it yes throw it Baba I’m not going to get married so don’t interfere with playback [Music] wait wait wait [Music] leave it there [Music] 222 [Music] Advantage and musical instruments [ [Music] From now on How do I disappear I ‘m making an announcement in front of Nope Uh terrier 222 c It’s called Kim Style Uh Society is tired of paying Yes Mask recovery You know 11 Can you hear 5 com we Ah Colonel Add Um People Minor water starts cc toie 222 [Music] 4 cool cool cool Sookyung 54 Now 1w [Music] we [Music] I wrote it I ‘m going to write it Scary First of all, I’m 10 years old inside.

It’s really love. I see memories in the living room. If you drink 4 2cc, try it. [Music] Ah, honestly, Dewytree calligraphy [Music] 222 delete Ah wer, what’s going on? It’s going to be It’ll be Torah’s appreciation It’ll become pulsar vera right in front of my eyes Yes I’ll probably be busy until the high fever starts Look, go in. I’ll give you this instead. The one I received as a prize from the concert earlier [Music] Please give me a superior day. [Music] Ughhhh 5.

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