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Business Proposal Episode 01 [ENG SUB]


5 Uh [Music] [Music] Uh again Ian delicious my ce astm and will kim and walk and inside like mr haha tang fun factor ki that raw thalia can tell you body is scary not for long not that agency to get same sex Madam in banding Because there are many political parties in my season, fateful meeting again and people will change This time around, listen and refer to it. Get on [Music] 4 or [Music] we r New type Seo spit weird 10 4 [Music] I was able to say ver status ESteem for a long time wl status What ah Don’t make kimchi Ah ah um as [Music] I can’t increase the situation Yes, it’s just the third character wl hu Ah, there’s a character that men might hate, so there’s nothing to come up again woo 5 Come back when you go ] co [Music] 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 [Music] I can’t let you come back, my friend 5 This is the head I avoided in the middle [Music] 8 soul 5 In other words, Jim is shining brightly, I feel like Riman at this time.

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