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1984 : NEW WORLD ORDER Movie – David Icke, O.H. Krill a


1984 : NEW WORLD ORDER Movie
Director : Chris Turner
Writer : Chris Turner
Stars : David IckeO.H. Krill

New World Order: The Conspiracy to Rule Your Mind chronicles how the ruling elite have established global domination and the ability to effect the thoughts, decisions, and world view of human beings across the globe by systematically infiltrating the media, academia, industry, military and political factions under the guise of upholding democracy.

Learn how this malevolent consortium has dedicated centuries to realize an oppressive and totalitarian rule through any means necessary, not limited to drug trafficking, money laundering, terror attacks and financial crisis within the world economy.

Worldwide tyranny is already in full effect, the food we eat and the air we breathe are not off limits. Will we be able to stop this madness before we become an electronically monitored, cashless society wherein ever man, woman and child is micro chipped?

The New World Order is upon us – preserve your liberty by being PREPARED! ”The Orwellian Apocalypse is truly upon us, this is REQUIRED viewing” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies.

”The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.” – Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.

”Fifty men run America, and that’s a high figure.” – Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK.

”The case for government by elites is irrefutable” – Senator William Fulbright, Former chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you
[Music] [Music] thank you [Music] throughout Time many writers have seemingly predicted
the way our society would evolve they wrote Books about how it would become more restrictive
be more controlled essentially becoming a Dictatorship disguised as a free world the
question remains however who exactly are these Visionaries such as Orwell and how did they
acquire such knowledge he was by all accounts An extremely nice guy he worked for the BBC
for quite a long time he produced over I think It was 125 shows for them interviewed some
real top people some really interesting people For that show for his shows um strangely no
record of his voice exists even though I worked For the BBC for all that time um one of the
reasons for that is because his throat was Damaged in the Spanish Civil War so his voice
was slightly strange what was he doing in The Spanish Civil War a lot of very clever
people got involved in the Spanish Civil War Which was and can be proven to be led by Freemasons
they were very proud of the fact that they Were involved in that Uprising there are texts
showing that they were pleased that they had Got 5 000 um people within the military they
actually stood there and said it and wrote Transcribed those details down so we know
that there is a secret society that was involved In Revolutionary factions in Spain Giorgio
Hall was one of the guys involved there so Involved that he you know he got his throat
shot H.G Wells was a man who was seriously Into all the world of the esoteric secret
societies you know he got involved with rosicrucians And all kinds of different things Jules Verne
definitely a man who was involved these These Are people that as as you rightly point out
were involved in the esoteric involved in The secret societies highly involved in politics
H.G Wells certainly I mean there’s a man who Coined the term New World Order um so there
were definitely H.G will spent a lot of time In in Russia but the Communists came back
and gave a glowing report some bad some good But mainly glowing spent time in America with
the higher politicians there was deeply influential With the UN the beginnings of the UN in fact
a lot of people think that the UN was formed From his very own ideas and that’s that’s
actually you know historical fact that he Was deeply involved with that so it was bilateral
you see bit like your your new labor project Yeah they were trying to draw together all
kinds of people from different perspectives To answer the question how can the Empire
survive in the 20th century and go forward In a position of dominance and HG Wells was
in there and he of course came with his scientific Idealism his scientific utopianism personally
I would call my almost sort of bordering on A sort of a social fascism which he had here
um and that was really that the individual Exists for the state Conan Doyle is another
one Conan Doyle was a Freemason highly influential Built what they learned into their stories
as George Orwell did knew full well that a

Lot of these secret societies intentions were
as they saw it good but to to create this Utopia on Earth to have this New Jerusalem
and I think that a lot of that comes through In the in the books the thing that people
need to look at when they’re looking at 1984 And and other examples of novels or prophecies
or whatever that projected forward long distances And have proved to be accurate in terms of
what’s happening today they need to ask themselves How could they all those decades ago and more
predict that things were going to happen with Technology that hadn’t even been invented
then how would they know that well it’s interesting That George Orwell was working for the BBC
at the time that he wrote 1994 and apparently Wrote some of it it actually at Bush House
the headquarters of the world service so um I think he he had a certain insight into some
of the rather more should we say extremist Elements within the ruling class in this country
and I think he was aware that there is quite A nasty strain of ruling class people in Britain
who have a lot of power and who have a complete Disregard for human life and that was seen
in the second world war to be something which Was just simply a German thing I think yes
obviously it was largely a Nazi ideology was Totally finishes towards human life but I
think they were they were documented particularly In the United States with George Bush’s family
and Prescott Bush there was support for the Nazis Within the Western World and certainly
within Britain we had a king who had to be Sort of quietly shuffled out of the way he
was pro-fascist and I think that there’s clear Evidence that there’s still some kind of covert
fascist uh influence within the British ruling Class all the things that are going on and
all the levels political technological secret Society operations Black Operations are leaked
to us in the movies um I don’t really have A complete understanding of why they choose
fictional means I mean you know the jury’s Out all I know is that they do do it with
online media playing such a fundamental role In our everyday lives the effect of viewing
alternative information in documentaries and Presentations can have profound implications
and while you may want to inform everyone In your circle of friends and family you may
have some resistance to your attempt at Enlightenment You get hurt because you suddenly found you’ve
been told this slight massive lie you know And and most of the things that you you believed
in you know of you know have just been shattered So as soon as you find someone like that out
you start investigating more and more and You think well what else have they done what
else have they’ve been up to you know and And I went down the road and I started looking
at all this kind of agenda and one of my favorite Books when I was a kid like was like you know
1984. [Music] um and I had read a Brave New World but didn’t rate it as much but when
I started looking at certain things to do With that and certain things that were going
on in the world a couple of things started

To click [Music] um someone who is completely
welded to this so-called five cent solid reality And believed that it’s real and believes that
this world is all there is or believes in Some religious deity or whatever um it’s gonna
be one hell of a shock when they realize um That their whole belief system was fraudulent
their own belief system was uh completely Illusory and it’s basically like sitting in
a room and other people in the room in the Little room are telling you that this is all
there is there is nothing else or there’s Something else beyond the room is some religious
deity and you get brought up in that room You s your whole experience and knowledge
and everything comes from that room and then Someone comes along and takes the lid off
have a look at that darling I mean it’s going To blow your mind in it uh the I think the
first reaction is incredulousness well that Can’t be you know I didn’t hear that on CNN
or Fox uh my parents didn’t tell me about That nobody in school told me about that but
if you can get past that and some people cannot But if you can then you start researching
on your own you suddenly find that the whole World and the history of the world is very
different from what you’ve been taught I say That in my work I’m always emphasizing that
light both conceals as much as it reveals And I’m kind of shocked that you know people
haven’t noticed this simple dynamic light Conceals as much as reveals could it be then
that the Illuminati are using light because For the same reason as a policeman when he
shines light in your face he’s blinding you That light has this principle to also blind
you in the United States after all we’ve put People in prison for our conspiracy and yet
when we talk about a conspiracy at the corporate Or government level they tend to poo Pooh
and say well they can’t be any such thing But hogwashed so who is running the show you
might ask well that’s the tricky part this New world order is centuries in the making
and just when you think you’ve identified The bad guy he’s hung out to dry in an attempt
to maintain face as the agenda is all that Matters and no one is more important than
the agenda this is a team game and the team Serves the agenda no matter what it’s like
a global spider’s web the center of the spider Or the the spider in the center of the web
is in Europe it’s in pla on operational level It’s in places like London and Rome and Paris
and Germany this web goes out across the world And each strand in the web is an organization
or a secret society that answers to the spider The closer The Strand is to the spider the
more secretive it is the more exclusive it Is and if we’re talking about names what these
guys try to do in the most secretive of their Organizations is not to give them names at
all because it’s much more difficult to research Something and uncover something doesn’t have
a name you want to try it so you have to give It a name you have to take that power away
from this technique of no naming and give

It a name it doesn’t matter if that’s what
they call it or not you’ve given it a name And therefore you’ve given it an existence
which you can then start to uncover it so I call it the Illuminati and that’s a name
that’s that’s often been used it’s been used Officially by an organization called the Bavarian
Illuminati which came obviously out of Germany Through the Rothschilds and the guy called
Adam Vice hope but that’s not the Illuminati I’m talking about there’s a strand in the
web the web I call the Illuminati um goes Back thousands of years and Beyond so Illuminati
is a modern term that’s what we’re discussing Is a term for this idea that all the secret
societies of the world are all joined up at The hip and control from the top in all the
years of researching that I’ve done I haven’t Yet found that man with the white cat and
I don’t personally believe that there is a Man there with a white cat stroking it telling
Mr Bond that he’s going to die um I really Don’t see that personally what I do see I
do see men conspiring at every level whether It’s in the schoolyard or whether it’s down
at the Freeman Sonic club or whether it’s At Parliament or congress whatever it is men
conspire there isn’t just one Psychopathic Super criminal at the top which you know is
about as ludicrous as saying that there’s A lone assassin you know was involved in the
JFK murder no no no there’s a bloodline there’s A generational thing going on here there’s
a Dragon Court in operation and they use the Dragon symbol and they use the serpent symbol
it’s right there in your face because that’s Their logo why should they not use it you
know a football team uses their logo the police Use their logo the religions use their logo
the medical profession uses their logo so Does the Dragon Court the Council on Farm
relations um and the trilateral Commission In America they are not known by most people
in the public but they’re knowable they operate In public because that’s that’s the the spider’s
web starting to interact with mainstream Society Just a little bit back from that is the Bilderberg
Group and when you think that the the real Action is played out through these really
exclusive secret societies close to the spider That dictate to the entire web the Bilderberg
Group is a strand in the web and they they Have what what I call um defend the first
Domino they know for instance that if the First Domino goes down it’s another Domino
another Domino and it suddenly you you you’re Starting to move for instance if you allow
alternative healing to become widespread in Society and accepted the next question is
how does it work so the first Domino goes Down okay alternative healing we accept it
works we’re gonna it’s gonna compartment Society Next dominant how does it work next Domino
well reality is not like we think it is so You defend the first Domino and so with the
the spider’s web they want to defend um the Outer reaches of the the web so you don’t
start to get deeper into it so they’re quite

Happy for people to think that the Bilderberg
Group is is it that’s where it’s all being Orchestrated through because they’re out here
they’re not where it really is well they won’t Tell us themselves what the objectives are
in fact what they say is that they’re um just A private club that wants peace and this kind
of thing ultimately if you look at what they’ve Been pushing for it’s consolidation of power
to themselves if you look at the policies That come out of Bilderberg albeit unofficially
through Chatham House Rules which means that You’re allowed to promulgate these policies
but you’re not allowed to say where you heard About them and it’s all to do with consolidation
of power for example there’s no Whisper of Forgiving debt to third world countries now
I would say that that is a place to start In many ways we are in in debt to the third
world countries for the way that we’ve abused Them over the years over the centuries even
and the idea that they should owe us something I just find ridiculous now this is this sort
of idea is never to be found at a Bilderberg Meeting uh the other thing is that they are
uh essentially looking at potential new leaders That is to say they are screening vetting
interviewing uh potential new Prime Ministers Presidents around the NATO Zone and it is
clearly um tied in with NATO as well the Secretary General of NATO always seems to appear magically
a Bilderberg conference the year before he Gets nominated and um they do seem to waive
this kind of what I call a magic wand of power They bring someone along to a Bilderberg meeting
and uh amazingly enough they become the next Year maybe the leader of the opposition and
then of course possibly the Prime Minister And someone who’s in charge of the country
this is the way that Tony Blair was uh slowly Went on the ramp to success and to be prime
minister of Britain was I mean he was a Bilderberg Conference the year before he was nominated
to be party leader of the labor party for Example I noticed that this year at the bilderbergers
event um the top guy of Google is going to Be there I don’t need to say anymore we’re
fill in the gaps with that one why on Earth Would Google why is it so powerful you know
fill the gaps in so these things are definite There are definitely men trying to control
the situation trying to run things for us I wouldn’t say that there is one top man I
wouldn’t say that there is one top club but They all seem to be like interwoven that’s
there that’s what the evidence shows the rest Of it unfortunately becomes part of the imagination
the trouble with Freemasonry is it’s very Difficult to actually pin it down because
nobody in within Freemasonry will confirm Or deny any allegations that are made about
it now this we will not confirm or deny approach I think is always to any journalist should
immediately raise suspicions if someone will Not confirm or deny anything then there better
be a very good reason why they won’t because The job of journalists and the job of all
organizations should be to tell the truth

Now as soon as someone is not confirming or
denying anything then what they’re doing is They are imposing what what would normally
be something to do with private privacy on A public body so we’re often told Bilderberg
is a private meeting the only trouble is that The people at that private meeting are all
almost all if not every single one of them Is a public figure with a great deal of public
responsibility so what they’re trying to do Is dress up these supranational pressure groups
and very powerful organizations that formulate Policy and saying it’s just a private meeting
well it’s just poppycock well if one makes A state at your Freemasonry you find it’s
just wrath with all kinds of symbolism that Involves Illuminati symbolism Knights Templars
Egyptian Greek so they have a distinct historic World view the problem with Freemasonry is
that it has a large Outer Circle and a small Inner Circle now the Outer Circle does lots
of good things here in the United States they Have burn centers and hospitals for children
and they they’re very Civic minded and that’s All well and good uh the inner core may have
a deeper agenda but of course if you ask a Freemason is there an out of corn or Air corps
I guarantee you he’s going to tell you no Because he’s either a member of the outer
core in which case he does truly does not Know there is this inner core elite or he’s
a member of the inner core elite and has taken A Blood Oath not to reveal that so it’s the
secrecy of this that causes allowed people A problem you know ever since the days of
John D queen Queen Elizabeth you’ve probably Heard of him right Elizabeth’s astrologer
we know that the the elite in this country Have worked with deeply esoteric principles
whether it be the military intelligence services Um or the Freemason freemasonic circles there’s
there’s esoteric knowledge behind a very great Deal of what they do I hear so often people
say so and so is it it’s the Freemasons it’s The this it’s the that it’s not any of them
exclusively this analogy of the spider’s web Is crucial to understanding it um the the
spider at the center of the web all the strands Going out from the spider um that are different
organizations and secret societies but the Key is the web that that holds it all together
so if you go high enough or using the same Analogy deep enough into the web then the
Knights of Malta are the Freemasons the Freemasons Are the Jesuits because they’re one unit working
together under different names Freemasonry Is very very important because it’s so vast
around the world and it’s a coordinating organization That gets the same things happening in different
parts of the world because it itself is a Web it’s these are webs within webs well the
bloodline question is fundamental again and The symbols of the bloodline one of the most
important symbols of the bloodline can be Seen and is seen by thousands of tourists
in the front of Buckingham Palace it’s the Red Lion and the white unicorn the reason
for bloodline is simply this the atmos were

Always few and you can’t run the world with
just a few people no matter how evil you are So you have to have a administrative body
you must have lackeys you must have minions You must have lieutenants I think that you
would have to look to business these days And I think that you will find that that battles
still ensue that that religions still want To fight politicians and politicians want
to fight religions and that businessmen are On both sides um I think that you will find
that the best places to look are not necessarily The elected politicians but those unelected
ones that we call civil servants you will Find that if you want to talk about Bloodlines
there are some incredible Bloodlines within The Civil Service these are unelected officials
which tell our elected officials supposedly Elected officials in our supposed democracy
um what to do well the big the big battle That’s going on in the ruling classes the
political classes at the moment and the and The opinion formers is over uh what is this
new world order going to look like I don’t Think anyone is saying that the world is going
to stay the same because we’re seeing we’re Seeing economic meltdown we’re seeing increased
political integration but there’s a contest For what kind of New World Order we’re going
to have now personally I think we’re not in Any situation where having some kind of world
government at the moment would be a good idea Because it seems that the ruling classes and
the the more right-wing elements of the ruling Class have really taken over that idea this
is a mentality that would quite would be quite Ready to take down the whole planet in one
battle between what would be perceived as Good and evil uh and that’s clear in some
of the mentality of of Christian leaders like Tony Blair who will quite happily bomb 10
000 people to save them for civilization the Project um and we see it in Afghanistan where
the pursuit of the Taliban well there’s a Whole village in the way and unfortunately
you know it got bombed but it’s it’s that Kind of mentality on a larger scale it’s the
same it doesn’t matter when you’re playing The top game whether it’s a hundred people
in a wedding party in a village whether it’s A convoy of refugees in Bosnia um whether
it’s a a hundred thousand whether it’s 3 000 People in a skyscraper even if they’re your
own people um there isn’t your own people At that level for me I don’t want to sit and
go you know these are the guys I mean you Can sit and you can say well look yeah it’s
the Rothschilds it’s the Rockefellers right It’s the carnegies it’s the Freemasons um
yes it is it’s also IBM it’s chill and Packer It’s sun it’s it’s um it’s the tech companies
it’s the it’s it’s mobile it’s Exxon what Has happened is the New World Order now is
also multinational companies that operate Above governments so when you look at who
actually does and what’s a really good provable Point is who does the census for the US it’s
IBM and they also get to GPS your front door

As a bonus right who does the census for Australia
it’s IBM and who does the census for communist China it’s IBM so here you have a company
that operates above government and uses people’s Details supposedly in countries that are meant
to be in Conflict so there’s the new world Order at play you have this illusion that
you have China and America actually conflicting And fighting or you know like alleys but not
really allies yet the same company is doing The census like so who’s really running the
show though alternative media is on the increase The mainstream networks and Foundations have
their own agenda and they continue to tighten Their grip around the unsuspecting public
using icons of film and TV to subtly promote Certain behaviors you might think more people
would be aware of the deception but the New World Order is Relentless in its Endeavor
and the people are cleverly distracted like An audience in a hypnotist’s sideshow often
journalists are blamed for the content in The newspapers and then broadcast and and
stuff which is broadcast too and actually They are just Pawns in some ways in this game
which the increasing is happening in the mainstream Media where big corporations are um simply
bought and sold on the open market for uh For their political influence and that’s happening
increasingly I think there’s a less and less Trust in from the British public in the press
and really that decay in the accountability Of our media began uh probably in the mid
early 1980s under Thatcher if you don’t agree With Fox News right you’re out of the hive
right so you you how can you not believe mainstream News right so the the high of mind is always
working it’s it’s working in many programs All the time so if you don’t believe the war
on terror there’s another program that’s running Right if you don’t believe um you know taking
vaccines is good for your for your children Well you know there’s another person that’s
that’s not a drone or a worker bee that needs To be brought into the collective so there’s
all these programs that are working to bring You into this this ought out of chaos world
right and the function of it is that you have No function that’s the function the function
is that you cease to operate as an individual And um and you do as you’re told because what
that’s what the hive dictates what the queen Bee does or wants the queen bee gets and the
queen B2 can also be replaced because it doesn’t Matter about the queen it matters about the
hive and how the hive functions I think that We have a world full of children but it’s
about time that they started to work things Out and stop listening to a lot of the junk
that’s affect them because I don’t think that The junkies necessarily been fed to them in
the food although it is without doubt I think A lot of the junk is coming through all the
mediums radio TV internet newspapers whatever Medium that’s where the Junk’s really coming
from it is such a fundamental Foundation of This whole conspiracy keep from people by
controlling education by controlling the mainstream

Media information by controlling mainstream
science big time through funding not not least Funding you keep from the people the true
vast infinite all possibility nature of reality And you tell them this is what it is and they
live their lives thinking constantly can’t Be done I can’t do this that’s impossible
and it just keeps them in the pen when it Comes to the theme of mind control or even
Mass control and it’s you know it’s um it’s Mechanics it’s almost hard to find examples
because it’s all that it’s ubiquitous almost Every word that’s used you know not only the
portrayal of certain archetypes animals women Men um races but even the certain the use
of certain talismanic words you know and I’m Including faster bigger better greater you
know younger healthier you know [Music] um All sorts of talismanic words and and I used
to teach children this to observe this you Know waking them up to the fact that these
terms are being used a lot in the media but Again seeking for example it’s every second
it’s not one example it’s multiple there’s A whole barrage of this you know coming out
of Hollywood coming out of Madison Avenue What’s happening in the mainstream is that
idea that I represent you Jon Stewart represents You X represents you is is is a Pied Piper
concept does he really represent you do you Want such a person to represent you and if
you do then is he not completely now in control Of your allegiances and your affiliations
you see and they can steer them in a very Much a Pied Piper Way wherever they want to
go sometimes this way sometimes that way like Those cops used to see at the corner or in
the center of streets with the white armbands This is the road they don’t want you to go
down but this is the route they do want you To take and so through this particular mechanism
and I do see it in shows very much like The Daily Show and also in the more pernicious
types like the Bill O’Reilly’s you know syndrome But people need to become very observant of
this glue and back not that these people don’t Have important brilliant things to say and
after all they’re journalists they collate And submate and they it’s good to poke fun
you know and be the Court Jester but you’re Still in the court you’re still serving the
boss war on terror fear of is he a terrorist Is he a terrorist am I going to get blown
up on the Underground you know you’ve got Fear of those of your fellow human beings
this is a fear in the feeling Realm and then We’ve had imposed upon us a fear of um our
life system support systems fear of the environment Can I trust this water is it fluoridated can
I trust this food is it irradiated you know That’s a fear of life the the life systems
yeah but that fear is based for example like Global warming the whole debate about climate
change and global warming on our thoughts What do we understand uh the truth to be well
the question of fear is very important in Fact it might even be fundamental because
as Frank Herbert the author said fear is the

Mind killer and so the constant rug pulling
economically socially military you know is Is a key part of all of this coming from a
psychological background I always distinguish Fear from anxiety I think it’s important because
fear ultimately is something external you’re Afraid of things that are external you’re
anxious about something internal so yes there’s A certain um architecture of fear and the
installation and influx of fear on the external Level you know oh my goodness the economy
oh my goodness uh you know strange enemies At the gates oh my God towers are burning
etc etc etc my focus is much more on what Is the con competent of that within the psyche
and when you get into the question of anxiety You then are really you know following an
important thread there because the anxiety Question is age old again you’re going back
to a very long time you know before this era Before the 20th century into how anxiety a
person has been kept In Perpetual anxiety Of course people in the lower class will say
well there’s nothing more anxiety than not Being able to you know make your own ends
meet and not being able to feed your kids And potentially having to go off and die on
Foreign Wars Etc et cetera et cetera but more Specifically anxiety is what you’re doing
to yourself anxiety is based on your relationship Between you and your own psyche they take
an already fragmented already traumatized Already insecure person and barrage him again
and again and again until his entire thinking Is shut down what happens is that his concept
of time becomes a traumatized fragmented you Know disabled he’s anxious about the future
he’s forgetful about the past what also happens Is that his brain is over stimulated now what
happens now he’s over stressed physically His body breaks down in other words his immunity
on a total again we’ve talked about the war Of Consciousness or I’ve talked about the
war of Consciousness in my work this is what It’s all about we’re getting to the heart
of the matter here once this immunity wholesale Is lower than you have the perfect slave and
he can be led towards a global village or He can be led in the complete servitude in
fact he can even be led to die you know in A completely willful State he can willfully
go to die for your causes what the conspiracy Because the people behind the conspiracy understand
how this works their bottom line their Foundation Of this entire conspiracy is to disconnect
mind from consciousness which is like going On the internet and instead of the guy at
the keyboard deciding where he goes the computer’s Now deciding even more than that the computer’s
now deciding what you think of the websites When you get there in other words the computer
is taken over the machine if you want to call It that is far more than that but the machine
has taken over the techniques of control used By the New World Order are becoming more advanced
with huge technological advances in medicine And computers these two areas are key in the
manipulation of the human consciousness while

Human beings have the ability to use such
technology to better our existence there will Be and always have been those individuals
and corporations who wish to use it as a tool Of control and discipline you basically have
got IBM actually started as a census company In 1896 by gentleman called Hermann Hollerith
um it became as it started basically as a Census company so what they did is they got
a contract with the U.S Census Bureau um they’re Then involved that into an actual tabulating
machine what a tabulating machine was is really A computer um in its earliest form so the
the punch card system was basically a software Engineered program in a sense where the Nazi
regime would would come to Thomas Watson from IBM and say look what we want is a punch card
system that can document race lineage occupation Location you know infantry create the punch
card systems for us so kind of like in in Software engineering you go to your program
and you say look this is what we want right And the end result is you know verification
validation and the software program is produced So what would happen is you’d have different
Punch Cards depending on what the Nazi regime Actually wanted now what makes IBM totally
guilty in this basic transaction is IBM didn’t Actually sell the hollow Earth machines to
Nazi Germany they leased them so he had over 2 000 you know Hollerith machines on basically
all you know from Auschwitz to all the camps And being able to actually process 64 000
cards per hour right you could basically within One hour fine all the Polish people who were
you know let’s say of one particular occupation Um that were Jewish or would Gypsy or African
negro so what you could then do is utilizing That data you could then basically start metering
out the people and utilizing the information As power so the census itself wasn’t only
limited to you know horse livestock cow you Actually had the Germans were out to find
out the commodity for butter like where was The butter stored and the Danes were the actual
guys that were hoarding all the butter so What people need to do is look at IBM of what
they accomplished with processing power of 64 000 cards per hour and now we have the
blue Gene processes that can process 22.8 Trillion computations a second right so just
have a think about that people have who’ve Accepted this conspiracy talk about the microchip
being a device to track people I keep saying All the time there’s never one reason for
anything that these people do yes on one level It’s about tracking people absolutely but
it’s not only about that it’s about getting Access to the body computer system which is
a electrochemical organism and manipulating It mentally emotionally and physically through
the chip when you look at the Eugenics program In the 40s it was a case of let’s get as much
information of you as possible now we have IBM releasing things like the DNA transistor
which is just you know the light probably Announced I’d say um about a month or so ago
when they can actually reverse engineer your

Genome for roughly a thousand to a hundred
dollars so once you’re biometrically Harvest Everyone you’re right and you’ve got your
iris scan your you know your retina scan your Gate your odor scan your autobiometric sorry
Etc right from there on what do they want They want more so they want your your heart
rhythm Scan they want your brain scan they Want you so it goes from external Biometrics
to internal Biometrics and then eventually The Holy Grail is your genome right so once
they’ve got the genome IBM has then gone on Record that we can actually now tailor vaccines
to your genome when you start going down that Way of thinking you know that is going down
an orwellian nightmare that is going down To become Hitler’s wet dream you know hitting
around with this technology you know he he Started to put in how can we track individuals
how can we track things he wanted to have Systems to put barcodes if you like or numbers
on each individual item why well there’s a Lot of spectacles a lot of objects that were
discovered and found when they started eradicating People starting off by identifying them once
you’ve identified them you can segregate them Once you segregate them they can only go to
shops at certain times of day they can buy Certain products you can only smoke in certain
areas you move down that to a certain degree You start moving things up but over time as
these things become acceptable we’ve lifted Up eventually to the fact of would you mind
just leaving your we know you’ve had a long Journey which you just mind leaving your clothes
on the Peg and remember the number on your Peg lights Ronald go and have a nice shower
nobody would have thought anything different And anybody who did expose that was seen to
be some kind of kind of conspiracy theorist Or freak and yet history shows us the same
and now we’ve had Rwanda we’ve had china we’ve Had Russia you know in Far bigger scale than
ever we ever saw with with Hitler if you can Tailor a vaccine to a genome you have a Eugenics
program it’s like the the thing that can cure Can kill so the the question is why is IBM
doing this and and history has played itself Out and it’s playing itself out again and
the the motives have not changed it is exactly The same motives and and I guess the purpose
of the research is to showcase um when IBM Actually went to Market to get the DNA you
know from people they hid behind National Geographic so it wasn’t IBM that went into
Market they went let’s find out where your Lineage comes from let’s find out where the
African tribes are yeah africanly South American And what it was was a cloak and dagger military
operation to get people to hand over your DNA like I mean this is your DNA we’re talking
about and and you’re going to trust it with With documented Nazi war criminals like just
it’s I’m speechless sometimes yes it’s true The elite or big into Eugenics which can be
here in Texas we’d say who’s your daddy okay And they have the idea this was all started
by Aristocrats and people who thought that

The ruling classes somehow had more brain
power and somehow were more capable of running The world than just the the other commoners
and of course this is a very dangerous Philosophy For one thing all you have to do is look back
through history and find some of the most Shining examples Beethoven Mozart some of
the greatest Minds in history came from poor Background and when you do press this agenda
of trying to establish a ruling aristocracy Aristocracy that can run the planet then all
you have to do is look at the uh Hitler’s Nazi regime to see the end result because
then it started slowly well we need to get The mental defectives and the people who were
too ill out of circulation which to say well We don’t want a breeding so they begin their
sterilization program and finally they said Well we just got to get rid of the the real
riffraff so they started their euthanasia Program and pretty soon they were marching
people into the ovens at the concentration Camps this is what comes of that type of thinking
people like George Orwell were talking basically About bar-coded people other people who’ve
talked about this in novels or said you know In statements to various people that this
is what’s coming because they know they have Over the decades predicted technology or predicted
changes in society that required technology Like the microchip that no one even thought
of in the mainstream then for me when I actually Saw very chip going into market and testing
the waters in regards to you know the human Microchip what I actually did is I sat back
and I saw you know like here’s a company that’s Actually going to Market with a human implantable
microchip and the event itself was publicized Televised and from my perspective I thought
okay here we have you know human beings actually Being reduced to inventory right and what’s
going to happen so I gauge that the feedback I thought you know the church is going to
revolt uh um civil Libertarians just going To go crazy are we going to burn the building
down right and nothing happened nothing happened So that’s how the movement was born it was
a case of not something that I really wanted To do it was just something that had to be
done because the the the structures or the The people that you know we think are looking
after us realistically aren’t because um when When you look at constitutional lawyers you
you look at the church system you look at Um civil Libertarians and there’s few of them
around the world this is the final frontier Of human tracking and for it to be dismissed
when it’s the same company that’s manufacturing A microchip for your dog right spins a company
off to put a chip in a human like just wake Up folks well already we have RFID Inc so
therefore we have a the ability to tattoo Rather than implant chip so when I say in
planting chips think of pets so your pets Escape so you don’t know where the pet is
we need to be able to track it someone finds The pet being able to work out where and where
that pet is is something that most people

Would do it’s almost normal now to microchip
animals there’s reasons for microchipping Criminals for microchipping Alzheimer’s or
people who don’t have any motor you know motor Control over their bodies there’s reasons
to you know sort of the chip all sorts of Different people from clubbers in Spain to
officials in Mexican governments to all sorts Of different security reasons as to why maybe
a good idea and there’s lots of arguments For and why these things should happen and
we start thinking well would I want to carry A microchip around in me few years ago the
Hollywood documentarist Aaron Russo was approached By Nicholas Rockefeller one of the Rockefeller
family and told you really do good work you’re Ready to make good documentaries away why
don’t you work for us and help us shape the Future of mankind and according to Aaron Russo
he asked he said well what is the game plan What is the agenda and according to Russo
Rockefeller replied to microchip the population And can have the rich people control the world
so there’s the game plan okay of course they’re Not going to say we want to microchip you
so we can control you no no no it’s going To be for the to save the children or to save
your favorite pet there’s always going to Be some rationale for why they want to use
this probably will come in the form of credit Right now I’m one of the biggest problems
in the credit card industry is is identity Theft somebody using your credit card so what
better way than to say well protect your credit By having a chip and plant it in your wrist
or your forehead or somewhere your neck this Is this is very dangerous stuff because if
you ever saw the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Uh they could make a chip that they could
trigger and it could explode give you an aneurysm And kill you right then so that’s real control
so I think we should be very very cautious About any effort to microchip the population
the long-term goal is to tag you is to make You electronically aware so that way you are
meshed into a network so when you actually Look at the word online online actually means
to be under the direct control or connected To a Mainframe so the the semantics the science
of semantics that tell us what the word means So when I take an RFID chip I’m online I’m
connected a network what is a network I’m Worked into the net what is a net a net is
something that catches you or in snares you What is the web worldwide web what is a web
it catches it in snares without nanotechnology And microchips they could not build their
total Central Global control system of every Man woman a child on the planet so it appears
when it’s necessary in Internet Protocol version 4 which is the current web that we have you
had a 32-bit address which means you have So many IPS and we’re basically running out
of them right so they’ve created something That’s called Internet Protocol version six
now what that will do is that will allow for Every single product right on the face of
this Earth including going to grains of sand

Even and specks of dust is possible to actually
be RFID slash EPC tagged so if we’re sitting At this table that particular bottle would
have its own web page right that would have Its own web page the table would have its
own web page and I could query that particular Product how it arrived here who is drinking
it in proximity to me because I won’t have Other RFID products so what you’re doing is
you’re building this meshed world this internet Of things where any object is communicating
with any person at any time but the thing Is who is it communicating to and the thing
that it’s communicating to who who are these People it’s Sun Microsystems and it’s IBM
and what will they do with this data so that’s What we’re saying is yep there will always
be a benefit approach the Genome Project cure Cancer kill Alzheimer’s it’s it’s it’ll always
cure I haven’t seen any killers of you never Will see any Killers because that’s the lie
it’s it’s the benefit approach the question Now is what are we going to do about it what
can we do about it there have always been Those who wish to control Mankind and they
see themselves as illuminated to some degree But this right to control to dictate is not
something that should be forced upon us we Have the right to free speech to protest to
stand up and say we won’t take this there Are many who are waiting for a revolution
waiting for the people to Riot to fight back On a physical level and these people appear
to be the very individuals who control Us In the first place if riots take place and
the people take this fight to the government Then expect a lot of casualties and little
support from those still inside the proverbial Box many believe this revolution will take
a different form and the fight will be won In other arenas we all know this we all know
what’s happening the the trick is to get that Awareness from deeper levels of self into
the conscious mind because of course the the Human human consciousness it’s like a an iceberg
I mean only a fraction of our Consciousness Is conscious awareness like me talking to
you now we um carry fantastic amounts of information Understandings awareness at deeper levels
of self and it’s it’s bringing it to the conscious Mind that is the key because this conspiracy
overwhelmingly is subliminal manipulation I believe you see that the so-called Dark
Brotherhood the Illuminati and so forth and So on are not as much a problem as the members
of our of our own Community so-called who Can’t get into Focus who continually are fighting
who continually trying to separate and fragment And accuse and debunk and all of these kinds
of things I think we have to clean up our Own house first you know before we can even
take on the common enemy the common enemy Knows this so they continually perpetuate
the age and provocateur you know a fifth columnist Agenda to make sure that we can’t get our
bows and arrows together and we can’t even Find you know it’s like the Three Stooges
running around here you know one of the one

Of the one of the cul-de-sacs of conspiracy
research is you get so focused on the Twigs You can’t see the forest it doesn’t matter
if they’re called the Illuminati or aren’t Ethel’s teapot it doesn’t matter what matters
is that they exist and what they’re trying To do and how they are manipulating us to
make it happen so you know we can talk about Names of organizations and I do but whether
they’re called the Illuminati or whether they’re Called something else really doesn’t matter
I mean you know we’ve got to get out of that And and into this and see how the things fit
together instead of getting so focused train Spotter Style on um fine bloody detail um
because I I see you know conspiracy research Is arguing over fine detail the house is on
Bloody fire and they’re arguing about you Know what what the name is of the door they
want to go through to try to call the fire Brigade you know I mean excuse me what we
have in this conversation before the house Is on fire what we gonna do about it kingship
is the coming together of all the nights coming Together of all the voices it’s a symposium
because no one person is ever going to have The right idea remember one single leader
can either be corrupted or threatened or compromised As well so it’s actually a vulnerable thing
to have a single leader because that’s that’s No threat whatsoever to you know to the to
the members of the Black Lodge at all well There’s two ways of facing a problem there’s
finding a solution and we’re bloody drowning In them and that’s removing the cause of the
problem there are many levels to the cause Of the problem but the the fundamental one
is most people are not conscious they’re in Mind they’re in computer body computer reality
so becoming conscious is vital because everything Comes from that people say what do I do what
do I do well become conscious and you’ll know What to do firstly you have to recognize that
it’s happening secondly you have to then protect The instance from it and by that I mean your
children around you and those people around You that you’re often careful that’s the first
place to start with these children we have To start with our children and so I teach
my children when I see something afoot I will Point it out but I will also teach them a
lot of good things too you know balance is All important um can we overcome the mass
manipulation that’s that’s ongoing we can If we all do that because our children will
grow up and we’ll say I’m not having that I’m not watching that and the figures the
viewing figures will go down and the products Won’t be bought etc etc as it is today it’s
obvious that we haven’t been teaching our Children it’s obvious that we’re allowing
the stupidity that’s within us to overcome The the wisdom that’s within us in a way the
idea of inevitability I find particularly Difficult because it disempowers people if
something’s inevitable then there’s nothing You can do about it I actually think it’s
beholden on every single person to do something

About this to do something about the future
for the children to fight for the hard one Civilization that we’ve got here in Britain
which is still a reasonably good civilization As a standard of living compared to other
parts of the world the solution for our movement Is you need to have preventative legislation
put into place for microchipping right that Is that is it is a lot harder to overturn
legislation than it is if it’s not there so That is the first goal because once one is
microchipped it’s it’s the end it’s like that That is just the final frontier I mean once
the human populace is microchipped it’s it’s Over it’s as simple as that so what I say
is you know fight the fight on different levels You know if you’re a 911 truth or whatever
you know it all it all helps right it’s all But the the point is is when man is reduced
to inventory right that the war is lost the War is lost you know what you need to do to
make a contribution to unraveling what’s going On in the world you don’t need to ask what
should I do you bloody know mind has to ask What shall I do because it’s bewildered he
doesn’t know what’s going on Consciousness Knows what to do so becoming conscious is
absolutely vital to everything that follows From it and therefore everything that is necessary
to bring down this house of cards which we Are currently holding up [Laughter] thank
you [Music] [Laughter] [Music]

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