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IT TAKES EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT – Motivational Speech (ft. Kobe Bryant & Jordan’s Trainer Tim Grover)


winning is not about the trophy and the accolades it’s about the grind it’s about the obstacles it’s about the challenges it’s about the pain the reason I know so much about winning is because I’ve had to deal with so much losing everybody wants to win but in order to know how to win you got to know how to lose because you’re going to lose more than you’re going to win but what do you gain from it you’ve trained some of the greatest of the greatest Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Charles Barkley Dwyane Wade so you know something about winning you know something about sustained winning over time your mind has to immediately shift back because now you felt and tasted something that you can only get through winning are you willing to do it again and that was one of Kobe’s favorite words when it related to winning he says you have to be obsessed with whatever your win is be all in me three greatest lessons I learned from Michael competing accountability and then winning at all levels winning all levels what does that mean you just don’t win in one Arena win in your sports you went in business you went in your personal life other people went because you win it isn’t just about you it’s about being able to pull the team and show them what it feels like to win and this isn’t about playing basketball like Michael Jordan did like the lake great Kobe Bryant Dwyane Wade this is about having the mindset to win it when you fail your feelings give you excuses your mind makes you more resilient you look at when Colby his first playoff series he had this horrible game but he shot like four or five straight air balls now he could have came back next year and said I gotta pull everybody this man you’re too young why did you take me and he was just like you know what that’s on me I have to own that moment now I gotta prove to myself I can overcome this because now everybody else is doubting me but I can’t doubt myself everybody told MJ don’t go to North Carolina you’ll never play you shouldn’t be here and Michael went out he said I don’t need to prove to coach I don’t need to prove to buzz I need to prove to myself that I belong here I always say you can have fear but you can’t have doubt [Music] when I was working with my professional athletes it required me to do a lot of traveling and this story gets me every time so when people say it didn’t hurt it still hurts I was packing for a trip my daughter walks into her room [Music] she says Daddy why do you travel so much I said sweetheart this is I provide for the family this is how I take care of you and Mom is how I put food on the table she looks at me says Dad if I eat less will you stay home more now people would think in a fairy tale or most people were that I unpacked my suitcase I’m not going to take this trip I mean let’s go grab some ice cream or let’s go out I kept packing why I had to set an example for her early of what it meant to win the way you have to leave behind sometimes in order to pursue what’s unique to you I wanted her to understand this is who I am and I want to send an example for you I had a conversation with her later on they’re telling why I did all those things foreign conversation she stopped me she goes I get it I understand she saw the results she saw how it brought us closer together she understood my dedication to my craft and what it took to Excel and what it took to be different and what it took to stand by unpopular decisions knowing that every successful person that I’ve met every successful person that I know had to make those decisions over and over again there are things that are going to have to take a back seat you’re going to have to leave a lot of things behind the hardest thing with Kobe was getting him to stop yeah okay take a break rest yes take the day off that was the most challenging thing with him because over all the years that he had his success it was about go go go and then when I came on I was the complete icicle I got to get you to stop [Music] his 3 A.M workouts yeah crazy crazy you know having to keep the Staple Center open later because he wasn’t happy the way he performed at that game and I would not leave till he would leave really yeah so we would be we would be in the arena sometimes two three o’clock in the morning shut up all the lights are turned off except on the court and we just keep going we just keep going what is the mindset of winning they both had that so I look at it I look at it three ways so you have individuals that compete you know a lot of people that compete yeah you know every we all know how to compete everybody knows how to how to you don’t forget how to compete we just decide not to anymore but a lot of people compete just to finish then there’s individuals that win but they only win one time it’s easy to win and they never win again [Music] and then there’s people that win and winning you can come back the same cannot come back and saying you have to come back different you have to come back better women want you to be different winning requires you to do different things when he requires you to think in a different way winning speaks its own language winning has its own way of recognizing you [Music] winning wants you to write your own story stop looking for steps those steps are infinite find your own path to winning because as the late great Kobe Bryant said Winning is Everything [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music]

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