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Make Money With This Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step Tutorial (BEGINNER FRIENDLY)


in this video I’m going to show you how to do affiliate marketing using free traffic from Pinterest in order to gain you lots of commission and the best part is this method is completely free easy and only takes you about 10 minutes per day to complete if we head over to Pinterest right now you’ll notice there’s many pages like this with thousands of monthly views for example over here we have this page we have 237.7 000 monthly views that’s a lot of traffic and guess where they’re driving that traffic to a link in the description now if we click on this link and it opens up in this page you notice they’re driving all that traffic to the link in the description which holds the affiliate programs if you notice one thing about this Creator this is all different people this isn’t their original content if we head over to another popular page you’ll notice they’re doing the same thing 476.3 000 monthly views but if you take a look this is not their own content yet still they’re able to drive that amount of traffic to their affiliate link within the description and this is what I’m going to show you how to do in under 10 minutes a day now if you’re thinking oh one items up before I show you guys these methods I always try them out for myself as you can see the days over here it was the 26th of March to the 2nd of April so in one week I was able to generate as you could see 16.24 000 views on this page that traffic was being sent to an affiliate link within my description so this is what I’m trying to tell you guys this is extremely doable and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this in a step-by-step process so the first thing you want to do is figure out a niche now keep in mind that Pinterest has the demographic of mostly women so you want to pick a niche that revolves something around women as they use Pinterest the most and then once you’ve decided on a niche what you then need to do is find a product to promote so for this scenario we’re gonna get our product from ClickBank so for this I decided on a niche of astrology I feel like this is a good Niche to be in for Pinterest I could get lots of content from that so once I got onto ClickBank what I did was I came over here so it says the spirituality this section and I got astrology once I came to astrology first thing I did remember what I said you always have to search by gravity and this was the first one that popped up the first thing you always need to do is check out the product page so if we click here open in a new tab and then once it loads you need to see what your lead is going to land and make sure it’s good and it’s a jet so as you can see they choose their sign once they choose their sign it asks them a couple more questions so this one I like it’s interactive so once you’ve seen the product page got a feel for it and you like it the next thing you need to always read is the affiliate page because they give you lots of helpful information and as you can see they tell you all different aspects of this product they show you reviews of people promoting it and then you always need to look at the promotional guides because you never want to do something they say you cannot do so as you said cannot run any ads or brand campaigns etc etc so you know what not to do now once to decide on the products all you need to do is come back to ClickBank and you see why it says promotes you want to click promote once you click promotes it’s going to show you tracking ID you don’t need this and what you next need to do is Click create hot link now once it’s created a hot link you want to copy this and you want to save it in your notepad now the reason why I’m telling you to do this because if we head back over to this little link tree page from this Pinterest account if you’ve forgotten as you can notice they’re promoting multiple offers so you also want to get multiple affiliate offers to promote so you’ll just get a couple offers and save them within notepad so you have them for later now I know some of you said that you weren’t able to use ClickBank so I’m also going to show you how to do this using Digi store which is available worldwide so you do the same thing create a digital account it’s digistore24 and then you head over over here you see why it says spirituality click onto your Niche if I decided to promote for example this product so same thing you click promotes then as you see it’s going to generate your affiliate link you need to copy it and once you’ve copied it head over to notepad and you paste it in there and that’s the same process so we’re gonna head back over to ClickBank and find another product and then you’re going to paste it in there so now we have three affiliate offers to promote now once you have your affiliate buffers different modes you need to create your very own Pinterest account like this or like this depending on what Niche you’re in so that you can start driving thousands of thousands of monthly views so what you need to do first head to Pinterest and create an account once you’ve created an account what you need to do is push your account to a business account so you see over here where it says convert to business you’re going to convert your account to business accounts get the necessary features that owning a business account has so you click upgrade and you upgrade it’s completely free once it’s upgraded you could already see it’s asking you to build your account so for example I’ll call my account something like astrology sense I think that’s nice we don’t have a website yet so for now we’ll just put that as no and then put your country on any select next and then what are your goals and then hit next and then it’s going to show you this you just simply get X once you exercise it’s going to take you to your business Hub so if you click where it shows the letter it’s going to take you to your profile now once you have this profile you need to edit it and make it look pretty whatever Niche you’re in you need to make it look like it is your name Niche so you need to add a profile logo you need to add a banner I need to name your account to change the name you go over here and then go to settings and once you’re in settings here’s the name astrology sender and then change your username and if we head back to our homepage as you can see it says astrology sensor so now you need to add a profile photo so what you could do is you could go look at the other Pages for example it’s they seem to have an SF and then somebody in finance this person was also in manifestation this is what they have this is Urbana and then this is their description so you could just take a look at what other accounts have and you could simply mimic that not copy it but mimic it so to get a good logo I’m gonna head over to canva and I’m simply going to search logo I’m gonna go to logo it doesn’t really matter and then once you get to this page what you want to do is select the logo that resonates with you you want to design it and then you’re going to save it I will select this one and then I’m going to change the design a little bit and then we’re gonna see more what it looks like foreign now once you’ve designed your logo you’re going to head back over to Pinterest once you’re on Pinterest you see over here where it says settings you go to settings and then photo you change so now you go choose photo and then it’s going to open your file explorer and this is where you select the folder you see it from canva it’s going to take you a logo and as you can see it’s already there so then what you want to do is click save so now if we go look at your profile as you can see your logo is already there and it’s already looking better now for the background what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna head over to a page called pixels they can get free images what we want is a picture of the sky or space something that says astrology so we’re gonna do space now once we get a good picture of space like this one this one seems nice this one seems nice actually I think I’m going to take this one so just hit download then it’s gonna download your picture your image for free you’re gonna head back over to your Pinterest page and then you see where I chose this button over here you’re gonna click that plus button and then you’re gonna locate the file you just downloaded and then you’re gonna insert it so as you can see it’s red and now you’re gonna have to crop it right in the middle done there you go it’s looking good so in order to add your bio what you need to do is click edit profile tell your story so if you can’t really think of something maybe you could check out to see if there’s an astrology page so what we’re going to do we’re going to duplicate this stage and then we’re gonna see if we find any pages about specifically about astrology which we can then use their bio so you go over to the search bar and then I’m gonna search astrology so let’s take profiles so that we can get a better example of what we’re looking for there you go a bunch of profiles so let’s look at this on astrology answer answers guiding you to Unleash Your Inner potential through inspiring daily I like that so we could use something like that yep I think if you just keep it as that for now you don’t need to add your pronouns we’ll get to the website aspects soon and then for now you get so you hit save once you’ve had in a nice story then you click onto your profile again now once you have your page created in your notepad you have your affiliate links gathered now you actually need this link where you’re actually going to store your affiliate links because Pinterest is one of the sites that does not like when you just slap an affiliate Link in your bio also if you just slab a link you could only add a one link if you use something like a link tree you’re able to add as you can see six links so for this example we’re only going to use use feelings and what we’re going to use for this is a platform called direct me so what you want to do is head over to Google and simply search and direct me and you’re going to click the first one that pops up so you’re going to click register now once you get here it’s going to take you to this page where it asks you to create an account so at the bottom you’re going to click get started now and then here you’re going to add a name so we’re going to use the same name and then you’re going to add in your email address and password and just follow the steps on screen now once you’ve created your account verified your email it’s going to ask you to put a username you’re gonna use the same username you use for your Pinterest feed that’s our name we’re going to stick with that throughout everything you’re going to select an image again you’re going to click here where it says select and then you’re going to use the same image you use for your Pinterest logo and it’s going to be put right here then you’re gonna follow the other steps on screen till it takes you to the actual page now once you’ve completed this it’s going to show your welcome message and then from here you can add in the links so you’re going to click add items to your page and it’s going to open this we’re going to add a link okay so you’re gonna get the products this one copy see where it says link paste it in paste done and then you need to add a site so now the title is the name of the product okay so we didn’t save the names area but you could easily find that by head and back to ClickBank and then as you can see it’s Moon reading or if you can’t you would simply take the same link you have here you’re gonna paste the link you had into a new tab and as you can see it takes you the page in Moon reading so you know that’s what it is so you’re gonna simply add it as a title Okay click done and then that’s about it you can edit the image so if you want an icon you could take a little icon and then let’s see if we could see if we have any other move there you go Moon done and then once you have this done you click add and then there you go you can see it in the corner there now if you cannot really see it you could simply copy the link and then you could open it in a tab okay it’s going to load on yeah so you’re gonna do this for all the other links you’re going to add as many links as you want and then we’re gonna see how the page looks now once you’ve added all your links you could edit the appearance of your page by clicking appearance and then you see you can add in the buy you can switch the background the color the highlights Etc so same thing we’re gonna take our buy from Pinterest and then we’re gonna copy it and then we’re gonna paste it here into the bio so now we have a bio under here you’re going to click save and then it go back to my page okay we’re going to copy the link again right that’s the link we have pasted into here and then once we’ve pasted that link and then it’s gonna reload as you can see here’s our page so again you could edit this page to the best if you like and you can make the better text at different images it all depends on you now once you have this you’re going to copy that link as we did and you’re gonna head back over to Pinterest so now you’re going to click edit profile the website part you’re gonna get down to the spot and paste it in save now if you head back over to your page look at that now you have your Pinterest page which is ready to get traffic driven it looks professional you have your affiliate link because as you can see and once they click that affiliate link it’s gonna direct them to your page with all your links and then once if for example if they click the first link over here it’s going to take them directly to the page and this is the page you’re promoting so you’ll get commissions for this if they convert so now you need to get the content to drive people to your page don’t worry you’re not gonna have to create the content yourself or even have to think of all the ideas instead what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get all your content from tick tock now before you say anything if we take a look at these Pages these are all tick tocks we take a look at this page again it’s all tick tocks but the thing is there’s no take soft logo because here’s the thing about Pinterest if you repost tick tocks on Pinterest the algorithm is going to see The Tick Tock banner and they’re not gonna post your videos as much because again it’s gonna think you’re just reposting so there’s a way you need to do this so what you need to do is create a free Tick Tock account on your laptop once it comes to tick tock you need to search your Niche so for example our Niche is astrology so I’m gonna search astrology and just see what comes up okay you always want to select more viral videos so that way you know they already performed great on one app so it’s definitely gonna perform just as good on Pinterest right you look and they try to find videos under 60 seconds so then once you find The Tick Tock that’s under 60 seconds what you then need to do is over here where it says copy link you’re gonna click copy link once you copy the link what I want you to do is I need you to paste the link in your notepad and then you also need to get the person’s apps now the reason you want to also get their ads is because you need to give them credit that’s all it is you can repost as many tick tocks as you want as long as you give the original Creator credit so now what you want to do is head over to this website called ssstic.io and then what you’re going to do is over here you’re gonna paste in that link of The Tick Tock and you’re gonna hit download and then this is where it’s gonna show you the text off then what you’re gonna do without Watermark okay and then it’s gonna download The Tick Tock without the watermark so you could do this as much as you want after you found this Tick Tock you’re gonna head back over to tick tock and then you’re gonna look for more Yep under 60 seconds so you do the same thing copy the link paste it in hit download and you download it okay now once you’ve done that you’re gonna head back over to your Pinterest now you’re gonna post this as a idea pin because the thing about regular pins they’re not pushed out as much idea pins are pushed out heavily by Pinterest this is how I was able to get the 16 000 views within seven days so what you’re gonna do is Click create idea pin over here you’re gonna click create new then you’re gonna locate the file which was the video you just downloaded now once you’ve located it it’s gonna show up here as you can see there’s is no logo what I advise you do is Click Link in BIO whatever your Niche is you just want to add a little so that people know that there’s something in your description for them click right gonna make it very small so 13 10 around here is good and then what you want to do is you want to take it and you don’t want it to be you see if you put it too low they won’t see it so you’re going to want to put maybe somewhere like hair so then you’re gonna click next once you’ve done that you’re gonna give it aside so now with the title you want to put as many keywords as you can and then if you want you could create a board now for the tags you want to get relevant tags you could use up to five tags like people don’t see your tags so don’t worry too much about this so I use zodiac signs zodiac codes for zodiac tattoos so anybody looking for zodiac sign they should say this Tick Tock so then you click publish now once you click publish this is where you need to give the individual who created its credits so you’re gonna click comments you want to be the first to comments and then where you save that name you’re just gonna copy that so now once you’ve given them the credits you click done you comment that and that’s as easy as it takes if you’re going to your profile you can see your post is right there it’s taking a while to index okay so now you just keep getting tick tocks downloading the tick tocks writing the names of the individuals so you could credit them and then you head back over to Pinterest and then you go to create ideapin you do this process over and over and over and then you’re gonna be generating yourself traffic and then they’re gonna come to your page and go to the link in your description and then soon enough you could be like this page over here with 237 000 views on this page with 400 and thousand views or like my page with over 16 000 views in seven days I recommend it was at least one to three times per day and that will not take you more than 10 minutes try this method and leave a comment down below let me know if you’ve done this or if you are planning to do this and then I’ll respond to you guys if you need any assistance if you like this method of making money did you know that you could make money with affiliate marketing by answering questions on quora if not then you need to check out this video right here where I show you a step-by-step process of exactly how you could do it

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