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Make $42,553 Per Month WITHOUT Selling Your Own Product (Affiliate Marketing)


last month alone I made close to forty three thousand dollars in pure income without actually having to sell my own product by doing something called affiliate marketing and for the most part this is all passive income that I’m earning on top of other sources of income and in today’s video I’m gonna reveal to you the exact blueprint that I used to do this and how you can do it for yourself as well and by the end of this video you should be able to take what you’ve learned here go out there and start earning life-changing money so for starters what exactly is affiliate marketing very simply put affiliate marketing is when you promote or recommend someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission on a very basic level it looks like this you’ve got the company that’s selling the product or service and then you come along and you become an affiliate for that company and then you recommend or promote that company’s products or services using an affiliate link and then someone buys that company’s product or service using your affiliate link and as a result you get paid a commission folks this is a very simple concept and if you can do it the right way then you can truly start making life-changing money so in General there’s really only two different methods of affiliate marketing that you’ll use to make money first you’ve got what I like to call fast affiliate marketing and then the opposite of that which is slow affiliate marketing fast affiliate marketing is exactly what it sounds like it’s when you make money fast with affiliate marketing on the other hand slow affiliate marketing is when you make money slower now you’re probably wondering to yourself Joshua why would anybody want to use the slow method wouldn’t it just make a lot more sense to make money fast with the fast method and the answer is yes but also no it depends you see the biggest advantage of the fast method is that you could literally get done watching this video take what you’ve learned go out there and start making money within just a few days and if you stayed consistent with it then you would start making life-changing money however the biggest disadvantage of the fast method is that it will require you to have a little bit of money to start out with on the other hand the biggest advantage of the slow method is that you can basically start with close to no money but the biggest disadvantage of the slow method is that it is going to take a little bit longer for you to start making making money now there is no right or wrong approach here but what I’m going to do is show you how to do both methods step by step and then by the end of the video you can decide which method you prefer but before we actually talk about the methods there’s one very critical step that you have to take before starting behind every successful affiliate marketer is a system for organizing their affiliate links and your affiliate links are the Cornerstone of how you make money with affiliate marketing like without them you can’t make money like it’s literally impossible and so basically every time you sign up to become an affiliate for a company which we’ll talk more about later that company will give you a unique affiliate link but the problem though is that once you start becoming an affiliate for dozens or even hundreds of different companies managing all those affiliate links becomes really overwhelming and oftentimes these links look very suspicious like a scam or something and so what you’ll need to do first before you even think about starting is setting up some type of system to manage all of these links as well as make them look prettier for example this right here is the system that I use to organize my affiliate links for my Blog the investor post and as you can see I’ve got close to 150 affiliate links and they’re all organized and the system that I’m using makes the scammy looking affiliate links look a lot prettier here’s an example right so this is an affiliate link for a company called aspiration now if you saw this link How likely would you be to actually click on it probably very unlikely because it just looks weird but what this system does is it makes that link look prettier and so instead of looking like this it now looks like this or what about this company here Adam Finance again the link looks like a scam I personally would never click on that but the pretty version of this link that my system creates is this and this looks normal so let’s talk about exactly how to build this system because it’s actually very easy both methods need this system in place on the back end to be as efficient as possible and so the first thing you need is a website now the purpose of this website is not to actually build a website that people visit unless of course you’re creating a Blog but if you’re doing something like affiliate marketing through YouTube or Tick Tock or Pinterest this website will only serve as a place for you to build your affiliate link system you see in order to turn this unattractive link into something like this you need a website with a domain name and the best place to host your websites at an affordable price is hosting hostinger allows you to check for any domain name to see if it’s available and once you find the domain name you’re looking for we’ll host your websites on their servers you can host up to 100 websites with the premium and business plan get a free domain and SSL and all plans are optimized for WordPress now depending on how much storage how many monthly visits and other features that you need they offer several different packages once you purchase the plan it’s super easy to get your website online just select for who you’re creating the website how you’re doing it your website type and then your skill level if you’re completely new you can use the beginner friendly drag and drop simple but powerful website builder or you can select the most popular CMS in the world WordPress now if you choose WordPress you simply need to create your account and then hostinger will do everything else for you by installing it in the background you simply choose a template with which you’ll be able to work you can choose the free domain name that you can claim with the offer and after selecting your preferred domain name simply select the preferred server location and you’ll be all set to start working on your affiliate website if you select the longer plan period you get the best price per month and can save hundreds of dollars and use my code Joshua Mayo no spaces in this box here before you check out to get an additional 10 discount so again make sure to use my code Joshua mayo and use this limited time deal to get an additional discount for all yearly plans with my code or link down below but anyways once you’ve got your hostinger account set up you should see a page that looks like this if you have not done so already you’re going to want to click right here where it says manage under the hosting box and then click on auto installer and then select WordPress this box will pop up right here the name of the website doesn’t really matter you’ll choose an email username and password for the WordPress website and then click on next and then this box pops up right here and you can just leave all this as is and then click on install and then once the installation has been completed you’ll click right here where it says edit website it’ll then take you to the back end of your website site and you’ll just close out of that right here and then click up here at the top left hand corner on this little WordPress icon and then it’s going to bring you to your dashboard at which point you’ll click right here where it says plugins now there are several pre-installed plugins here that we won’t really need if you wanted to delete these you can but you don’t have to but you’ll click right here on this button that says add new and then search for a plugin called pretty links once it pops up click on install and then click on activate and from this point you should see a new Option appear on the sidebar over here called pretty links and if you click on that this is where your affiliate link system will live and so now every time you sign up for a new affiliate program which we’ll talk about soon you’ll receive an affiliate link you’ll then take that link and then click right here on the add new button type in the name of the company change the redirection from a 307 to a 301 redirect and then just copy your affiliate link into the target URL and then right here in this field that says pretty link you’ll change this to the name of the company and so for this example let’s say that you became an affiliate for or Nike right so you would simply type in Nike and then click on update and so now every time you share this link instead of this unattractive link showing your pretty link will show and also if you ever needed to update the target URL you could do that and all the places across the internet that you shared your pretty link will continue working because that link will always stay the same regardless of the target URL and now that we have our affiliate link system set up we’ll start first with talking about the slow affiliate marketing method now the slow method is going to involve you building some type of audience at the very beginning and this could be through a Blog Tick Tock YouTube Pinterest Twitter or any other place where you can reach a lot of people at once and there’s literally no reason to overthink this okay just focus on one platform at a time and just focus all your energy onto growing your audience on that one platform my recommendation is that you go with the platform that you’re already most familiar with and understand the best for example when I first started my blog the investor Post in 2020 I was already spending a lot of time reading other similar Finance blogs like like nerd wallet and Bankrate and so I was already familiar with that industry now one mistake that a lot of people are making is believing that you need to have a massive audience to make money with affiliate marketing and that’s simply not true I know YouTube channels that have close to 1 million subscribers but are making close to zero dollars in affiliate marketing and at the same time I know smaller channels that have made tens of thousands of dollars per month with it I’ve had videos that have had less than 10 000 views that have made over twenty thousand dollars wow as somebody who knows nothing about affiliate marketing like what would be the process that somebody could take to kind of get those same results what I would kind of say in the approach that I take is much more kind of search based so instead of kind of making videos that appeal to like a broader range of folks I make very targeted videos for a very specific use cases if someone’s trying to like fix something with their car and they go to YouTube and they’re like how to fix so and so on a 2002 Honda CRV so maybe on that Honda CRV there’s a certain part that they need that costs 500.

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And you can get a 100 commission by selling that part but you don’t need that many people to watch your video who have that problem who need that part to make a good amount of money it’s just kind of like you point people in the right direction and then you you get a check at the end of the day after you’ve decided what platform you’re going to use it’s now time to choose your topic what exactly are you going to be writing about or talking about on your platform of choice for example are you going to create a niche topic or review website where you review different products for a specific audience or perhaps you’ll provide value on platforms like Tick Tock and YouTube by creating helpful content for a specific audience that you can then monetize with affiliate links or maybe you just want to use a site like canva to create pins for Pinterest that you then have your affiliate links attached to so that when people click on your pins it leads directly to your affiliate product but the trick here with choosing your topic is that ideally you want to go with a topic that isn’t already heavily saturated and so the way that I was able to grow my channel was by finding subtopics within the personal finance Niche that weren’t as saturated for example early on I made a lot of content about ETFs and at the time ETF content was basically non-existent in the personal finance Niche basically everyone was making content about stocks or crypto because at the time those two topics were really exciting and because I found a subtopic within the personal finance Niche that wasn’t saturated I was able to quickly become an authority because there was basically no competition and so what you have to do is not try and reinvent the wheel but just figure out what your unique angle is going to be based on your platform and this will take some time to develop most of you watching won’t know exactly what this looks like when you first start but if you give up too soon then you’ll never actually know what it is and that’ll just be the end of it anyways after you’ve selected your topic it’s now time to actually find the products or services that you’ll become an affiliate for and there’s a few different ways that you can do this so let’s just say for example that your topic of choice is fashion and specifically shoes and sneakers and so you make videos on YouTube and Tick Tock reviewing different sneakers in this situation it would make sense for you to become an affiliate for popular shoe companies like Nike Adidas new balance Etc and so what you would do is simply go to Google type in the name of the brand and so Nike followed by the words affiliate program and for most popular brands you should immediately see links leading to their affiliate program and so for Nike we can see that they have an affiliate program that pays you an 11 Commission on every sale and so imagine for a second that you made a video comparing two different popular Nike sneakers both costing 150 well let’s just say that the video gets 10 000 views and out of those 10 000 views 100 people click on your affiliate link and then buy a pair of the shoes from your video you would earn 1650 in affiliate commission and obviously the more videos you made and the more views you got and the more clicks you got on your affiliate links the more money you would make and so depending on your specific topic of choice you would simply find popular products to talk about or review and make high quality content about those products and include affiliate links within the content and once again to find these affiliate programs you would simply go to Google type in the name of the company followed by affiliate program and just go go from there now one thing that you might notice about some of these affiliate programs is that they’re actually being hosted inside of what’s called affiliate networks for example Adidas doesn’t actually host their own affiliate program but instead uses affiliate networks such as DCM Network and Vig link to host their program for them and what you would do is simply join the affiliate program by signing up for it through the affiliate Network and there are a ton of these affiliate networks that you can join to then gain access to thousands of different affiliate programs from various companies in general though with a slow method of affiliate marketing it will require some time before you can start making money it took me almost a year to go from zero to where I’m at now making between 35 and 45 000 per month with affiliate marketing and it doesn’t really matter what platform you choose and what you talk about on that platform affiliate marketing has a learning curve that you have to get through before you can actually start making life-changing money but with all that being said there is a different and faster way of doing it and that’s by using the fast affiliate marketing method so with the fast method instead of you taking time to build an audience you would instead spend money on pay-per-click ads to advertise your affiliate product perhaps there was a popular pair of Nike sneakers that everybody was talking about what you could do is create for example a sponsored Instagram post and when people click on the link in that post that link is actually an affiliate link and so when people click on it and then proceed to buy the product from the advertisement you’ll get paid a commission now the trick here obviously is to make more money than you’re spending on ads and so it’s going to be critical that you spend time to research different markets to see what’s currently popular and then research the best platform to run pay-per-click ads on based on a specific product for example some products might sell better on platforms like Instagram and Tick Tock compared to Facebook and YouTube affiliate marketing is a very effective way to make life-changing money if it’s done the right way now I know there’s going to be a lot of unanswered questions that you guys have and so if you want me to make a more in-depth video about one of these methods the fast method or the slow method just drop a comment down below and tell me which method you want me to go more in depth on and I’ll make a separate video about that and also if you have any questions about affiliate marketing that you want me to answer in another future video also leave that question down below in the comments if you haven’t already dropped a like down below for the YT algo or subscribe to the channel I don’t know what you’re waiting on it would mean the world to me if you did both those things you guys are all amazing and I appreciate every single one of you watching I mean that and I hope that you have a beautiful rest of your day or night and as always I will see you again very soon take care

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