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How to Make Money on Amazon in 2023 (for beginners) – Amazon FBA & Affiliate Tutorial 2023


hi and welcome to my channel my name is chris winter and in this video i’ll be going over exactly how you can start making money on amazon for this year you know everyone and their mum has used amazon in one way or the other it’s practically unheard of to know a person who hasn’t heard of amazon they’re one of the world’s most valuable brands after all however while you might have bought from amazon have you ever thought about making money from their platform and if you didn’t know i’m currently giving away five thousand dollars to my subscribers as a thanks for all the support over the last seven years you guys have allowed me to live my dream of traveling the world going on amazing adventures and honestly i can’t thank you enough youtube has changed my life look i know times are tough and a lot of people are struggling with money so if that’s you to enter all you need to do is obviously be a subscriber and comment on this video i’ll send a 100 paypal payment to what i think are the best comments on my videos now there are a ton of ways to make money on amazon and there are some entrepreneurs even making millions of dollars in revenue every single year if you’re looking to make some money easily through amazon well these are a few ways you can do it so before we go over the different ways you can make money with amazon why choose amazon anyway well for one amazon ranked number one of the best places to work in 2022 according to linkedin and cnbc amazon is the number one online marketplace even beating out the likes of walmart macy’s etsy and target in the online space each month more than 197 million people across the globe use amazon.com to buy and sell their products online amazon’s also got 300 million active users which is pretty crazy it’s actually twice the population of russia you know simply put there is an insane number of people in the whole amazon ecosphere not only that the power of online shopping has grown so much in the past few years that now 51 of people prefer online shopping i know for me i absolutely prefer online shopping and if that didn’t sell you on why amazon’s a great way of earning money well i don’t really know what is and with the sheer amount of users and organic traffic it’s no surprise that amazon is a platform millions of people are using not only to buy but also to sell and make heaps of money so if you’re ready to do that listen up okay so let’s talk about a couple of millionaires made from amazon so if you’re looking to be inspired then listen to this story michelle venton who wanted to escape the corporate life decided to try selling dresses on amazon while selling clothing had its problems like frequent size returns michelle pushed through and in nearly four years guess how much money she’s made 12 million dollars through amazon and the thing is this story isn’t even as uncommon as you think david stephen was already in the field of merchandise as a traveling salesman but you know what he found this too exciting because of all the traffic jams and traveling away from his family so his lovely wife suggested that david try selling on amazon where eventually he found a garden tools niche and he excelled in selling it soon enough david started making two million dollars a year only selling garden tools only on amazon if you want to join the list here are the things that i recommend you do pay attention all right so the first one is fba or fulfillment by amazon and it’s probably the first thing everyone has in mind and for good reason so if you have your product ready whether it’s say a diy product or a product you bought wholesale and you’re planning to sell in retail amazon will handle the shipping the tracking delivery and the customer service and this is why it’s such a good deal what’s even better is that they can get this done in as fast as two days this will leave you with happy and satisfied customers that’ll keep you coming back for your products amazon removes all the headaches and the hassle that’s involved with logistics on your end so you can focus on more of the important stuff like selling and you know marketing and and branding your product the next one’s one that i’ve been doing for nearly eight years and this is with affiliate links so if you don’t want to sell your products online but still want to earn money in the comfort of your own home amazon has something for you affiliate links are products that you promote via a special affiliate link and when a customer clicks on that link and they purchase that product you actually get a commission now i’ve been doing this for close to seven or eight years originally i was making videos on this channel about cameras and teaching people how to take photos and reviewing cameras and things so when i made a video about you know this brand new dslr what i would do is put my special affiliate link to towards amazon and if people wanted to check out that camera or they wanted to go and buy it once they’ve clicked that link and they bought it that day i’d get a commission now it was only around about you know four percent for cameras but what was great about it is that if a camera cost a thousand dollars i make forty dollars for each uh each commission and it’s so easy to do and let’s say you’re not just you don’t just have like one person buying a camera a day but you have 10 people buying a camera a day then you can make 400 a day but the best thing about the amazon program and a lot of people don’t even know this is that it’s not just the actual product that people end up buying that you get the commission on if say they’ve clicked on your link to go and see that camera if they end up buying a baby stroller that day or they end up buying a fake plant or they end up buying a pair of nike shoes you get commission on the whole cart which is absolutely incredible so imagine promoting a 1 000 bed and every time someone buys from your link you get like an affiliate commission that’s a hundred dollars each time someone purchases your link it’s as easy as that and this is definitely one that i would recommend if you want to get started making money with amazon alright for those of you with a passion for graphic design amazon has got you covered with merch by amazon this is also called mba now mba or merch by amazon is a program where you can submit your designs and patents to amazon and you get a royalty payment every time someone prints a design your design on merchandise like t-shirts hoodies pop sockets or phone cases so many stuff you don’t even have to worry about printing and shipping this is so easy you just have to come up with a design so amazon does it pretty much all for you all you do is churn out your designs that you love submit it wait for it to be approved then you set the price and your product is ready for purchase it’s as simple as that all right so if amazon has got something for the artist they’ve also got something for the writers so amazon’s kindle direct publishing is probably one of the easiest ways to publish your stories online and make some money out of it all you need to do is simply upload a word document to amazon no publisher fees no printing costs just you and your story amazon gives you about 70 of the price you set which i think is a great deal since you get to use their platform and their organic traffic to get a sale for any writer that’s ever dreamt of publishing a book i say go for it and have a catalog of books and start earning passive income for years to come go get those royalty checks alright so now i want you to get involved in this video let me know in the comments down below have you ever made any money out of amazon whether it’s doing the affiliate links like i said that i’ve been doing for seven years whether it’s doing fulfillment by amazon or merch by amazon or have you ever written a book and published it as a kindle kind of thing there are so many different ways to make money through amazon because it’s such a a massive ecosystem and if you’re only using amazon to buy things yeah it’s great we all do that but if you can make money through amazon it’s so much better it’s an incredible way of you know working from home but also you know taking advantage of this massive behavior which is amazon just quickly before i go i do want to touch a little bit more on this affiliate kind of program which i was working on before i have made some other videos in the past so if you go to my youtube channel you’ll be able to have a look at like i think one of my videos was the best affiliate programs or the other ones were how to do amazon affiliate programs or whatever like that but i do go into a lot more detail if you want to learn exactly how to do the affiliate programs because i think for the last seven or eight years i’ve been able to make something like 10 000 a month just through the amazon affiliate program now you need to do it in the right way you can’t just you know put up random links and think that’s gonna work well but like i said before i was i was uh reviewing cameras and kind of expensive products and this turned out to be a really good thing so if you are just jumping into the world of amazon and you’re kind of not sure which one you would do i’d probably recommend jumping on the affiliate program because that is going to be the best way to kind of get started in amazon without having basically any capital that is needed to be involved but that’s it amazon’s amazing i might make some more videos on amazon in the upcoming month so if you’re interested in that let me know drop a like on this video but good luck if you are going to use it and i’ll see you guys in the next video see ya you

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