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How I Made $4,000 In 1 Week On ClickBank In 2023


I’m applying Simon here in this video I’m going to share with you exactly how I made four thousand dollars in only one week on ClickBank in 2023 so in the first month of this year 2023 I made four thousand dollars in one single week on ClickBank through affiliate marketing promoting other people’s products so right here you can see if I reload the page or refresh the page this is real affiliate account here you can see ten thousand dollars in a revenue four thousand dollars in commissions and actually this is not all of the money that is still around four thousand dollars that have to be paid to me because some people have basically decided to purchase product in four different payments basically they will pay in four months uh the full amount of the cost of the product so there is still a lot of money to be paid to me so I’m going to click on the reporting and paychecks and you can see it right here almost four thousand dollars was already paid to me in the past two weeks from ClickBank now what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you step by step how I’m making money on ClickBank also here you can see I’m also promoting other products on ClickBank with another uh account on ClickBank and you can see here I received payment from ClickBank in one single week for seven thousand dollars from ClickBank paid to me in one week here another payment from ClickBank in one week three thousand one hundred and eighty six dollars uh another one here six thousand nine hundred and eighty four dollars paid to me here another one two thousand dollar payment from ClickBank another one here you can see 400 or 866 dollars and so on so some paychecks are smaller some are large but they are consistent I would like to show you also uh some of the members that are following my YouTube channel so if you’re not following my YouTube channel subscribe right now but those members are basically complete beginners on ClickBank and they are seeing incredible results so here this member made three thousand two hundred dollars in the past week another one made one thousand six hundred dollars in just one day this one is making hundreds of dollars per day in commissions this one is also happy five thousand dollars in a single Moon four thousand six hundred dollars in one month and so on so let’s talk about how I made four thousand dollars in one week on ClickBank in 2023.

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Number one I found a brand new product displaying High commission so I’m promoting products that are paying minimum 470 and 500 to a thousand dollar commission per sale or even more because if you can make huge commissions let’s say a thousand dollar commission per sale you will only need let’s say you want to make five thousand dollars per month only five sales it’s five sales would be a lot easier to basically get than 100 200 Sales if you’re earning small commissions so let’s go to ClickBank and I’m going to show you some products so click on Marketplace and if you click search button here you can see there are different products that are paying all kind of commissions this one is paying hundred and forty dollars hundred and twenty seven dollars 120 so we want to earn huge commissions so I’m going to share with you one product it is currently paying up to one thousand dollar commission per sale that product is named super affiliate systems if you go to Marketplace and here you will see this search box type in super affiliate system click search scroll down you will see John karestani this offer is basically a course on affiliate marketing that will show people how to make money so this product really have uh you know recurring payouts you can get paid again and again each and every month by doing or getting sale only one time they also have high converting funnel webinar funnel which is the best funnel to promote hyping offers so what you have to do is basically click on promote but button and you’re going to create your hop link or affiliate link first of all type in the account nickname Now tracking ID is optional you can skip this step it’s not important for now later on when we are scaling we will focus on tracking ID select default landing page click create hope link click copy button to copy your affiliate link and then when you have your link Step 2 will be for you to get 250 to 1000 high quality buyers traffic now I’m getting traffic high quality traffic from Google ads just Debbie spend 694 dollars on one campaign right here I got 1 500 clicks so what I would like to do is I would like to share with you my own campaign I would like to share with my own traffic so you can get a done for you campaign for ClickBank products if you click the link below the video right now first link under this video in the description it will be linked to one click on version this is a private traffic agency where you can tap into a done photo campaign so basically I’m already running campaigns I’m having results and I can share basically some of my own traffic with you to give you the taste of what does it mean you know to have this kind of traffic uh and hopefully you can make some sales so you can reinvest and scale with larger amount of traffic so when you click the link under the in the description first values introduction video now you can see here my results if you scroll down on this page you can simply select how many clicks you would like to get so right here you can see about this traffic Source this is from Google and YouTube ads we have also a retargeting email follow-up for six days with this product so basically all of that is included in this campaign on this page scroll down select how many clicks you want to purchase let’s say 500 clicks enter your basic informations first in their statement email address copy the ClickBank link here and simply paste your link in here enter your credit or debit card informations and complete your order now you can also get up to 1 000 bonus clicks on top of your purchase so if you watch bonus clicks video right here on this page and you send me email or message on WhatsApp say I want bonus clicks I’m going to send you a special payment link for a special payment method that you can pay with credit card or debit card and then you’ll be eligible to claim one extra package of bonus traffic on top of your purchase so you have to watch bonus clicks video right here send me email or message on WhatsApp all the informations are under the video also and I will give you a special link for special payment method to claim one extra package of therapy for free if you purchase 250 clicks you’ll get 500 clicks 500 clicks 1000 clicks you purchase two thousand one thousand clicks you will get 2000 clicks but you have to contact me because if you pay right here on this page there will be no extra bonus clicks available so a really simple process also if you need some investment if you need some money to start investing into your business start running some campaigns if you are resident of United States of America click second order link below the video and you can check if you are eligible to claim some cash basically to borrow some money you can just go to this simple process if you’re United States resident or citizen just go through this simple process few steps and see if you can get some cash to create some campaigns uh link is below the video also if you would like to work with me you can click the link below the video in the description and you can schedule a free call with me for 15 minutes where we can discuss further how you and I can work together you can select the date and the time and I’m going to give you a call so we can see if we can work together I can code show me interview and guide you and show you how to make money through affiliate marketing and ClickBank so give me big like subscribe to my YouTube channel check out my Facebook page link is below the video for more informations on what I’m doing my result thoughts and my progress through ClickBank and affiliate marketing

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