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Affiliate Marketing 2023: ZERO to $12K Per Month (Step by Step Tutorial)


in this video i’m going to show you step by step how you can go from zero to earning over twelve thousand dollars per month from affiliate market based on how i’m actually doing and you do not want to miss this hi guys my name is lee and james k and if you’ve been following me for a while you will know that i’ve been affiliate marketing for years it’s been my main source of income i actually generated well over six figures in my very first year of affiliate marketing by starting from zero since then i’ve been the top affiliate for lots of different products i’ve won lots of awards i’m actually currently in the top five percent of affiliates on clickbank but if you’ve been watching some of my recent videos you would have seen that i’ve been sharing some epic strategies different ways of making money from affiliate marketing and just recently i shared a strategy where i generated over 17 000 just in one week using cpa affiliate marketing but in this video i just want to take it back because i totally get it i know that a lot of the people watching these videos are not in a position to be spending thousands of dollars on adverts every single month most people watching these videos might even be starting from zero you might have no money to get started with and i want to help you out and i want to show you how you can actually start from zero and build up to well over ten thousand dollars twelve thousand dollars even fifteen thousand dollars with affiliate marketing not based on some theories based on how i did it and how i’m actually making money from affiliate marketing to this very day so this is going to be a jam-packed super valuable video that you do not want to miss and you need to make sure you watch it until the end because i’m going to show you everything you need to know so i’m going to show you how to find these high converting products that you need to be focusing on at the start and i’m not just going to show you where to find them i’m going to show you an actual product that you can start promoting today i’m going to show you how to plug that in to a passive income generating system that’s going to start generating daily commissions then i’m going to show you free traffic sources and strategies that you can use to start earning commissions today without spending a single penny on adverts and then i’m going to actually show you some paid traffic strategies that you can start to reinvest your profits from the free traffic into to start upscaling your affiliate marketing business to 10k and beyond per month this is going to be the most valuable affiliate marketing video that you ever watch also i’m giving away free copies of my 5 000 affiliate marketing training course in this video so make sure you keep an eye out to find out how you can win a copy of that so step one it’s all about the product we need to find a product that we can promote as an affiliate now just in case you’ve got to this stage of the video and you don’t know what affiliate marketing is it’s just when we promote someone else’s product or a different businesses product and we earn commissions so we grab a unique affiliate link or referral link when we share that link someone clicks on it and purchases with our link we earn a commission now there’s lots of different ways of doing affiliate marketing if you head over to youtube and you search affiliate marketing you’ll see lots of different strategies out there now what i want you to do is ignore all of that forget about high ticket affiliate marketing for now forget about cpa affiliate marketing even forget about clickbank affiliate marketing for now because the only product that you should be focusing on at the start is membership based products that is it that has been the secret to my success over the years and the reason why this is so important is because they produce monthly cash flow and if you speak to any property investor or any other type of investor they will say cash flow is king and i’ve managed to build some epic cash flow generating assets just from affiliate marketing by focusing on membership based products that people stay signed up to so i can’t stress it enough before you start testing out high ticket affiliate marketing or testing out some risky adverts you really need to build up cash flow first by promoting these recurring based affiliate products so that means you can upscale it means you’ll never go broke it means you can try different strategies and if they don’t work it’s fine because you’ve still got money coming in next month and the month after and the month after now just to break it down what i mean by this is a membership based product is just a product that requires someone to pay a monthly fee to to use so for example a website builder or hosting or there’s lots of other types of products out there apps and different things might require someone to sign up and stay signed up and pay a monthly fee now the great thing about these products is that if you get someone to sign up on month one and they stay signed up you will learn commissions every single month that they stay signed up so i’ve been promoting lots of different products over the years and if you actually follow me like three or four or maybe even five years ago now you will know that i used to promote a product called builder which is a website builder and i’m still earning commissions from builder all to this day i’m going to show you a few little results from this now just to show you so this is my builder all account i’ll just refresh this up here so you might know that i’ve not promoted this at all for at least two or three years i’ve not touched it i’ve not promoted it one little tiny bit i’m still earning cash flow from this product i actually generated over 300 000 in commissions when i promoted it for the first few years and i’m still getting monthly commissions coming in without ever touching it which is the power of promoting a membership-based product and if we just scroll down here today’s date is the 7th of may and you can see commissions coming in today and 21 24 euros 78 brazilian money there 13 37 8 16 this is just today and they’re coming in every single day because i promoted this product years ago and people have stayed signed up to it and just quickly another product that i promoted as well i’ve rarely promoted this one as well i still get daily commissions from this product it’s another website sales funnel builder and i get commissions coming from that every single day nine dollars nine dollars 39.39 constantly every single day coming through and this is just two of them i actually promote lots of other tools and products and things that i generate daily passive income from because they’re membership based products so i really can’t stress it enough that the products you need to be focusing on definitely at the start our membership based products i’m actually going to show you our product in just a moment now i think you is a good one to promote and how to find other ones but something that’s really really important with this as well is that you want to find a product that’s got a free trial because think about it your job then is just to get someone to sign up for a free trial is to use a piece of software or a tool for free that’s going to help them out and then you haven’t got to do any selling there’s no high ticket messaging people asking him to sign up there’s no jumping on the phone there’s no hard sell for a thousand dollar product or a 97 product you’re just telling people to sign up for a free trial which they want to do anyway and then that tool is going to do this sell it for you they stay signed up to it because it solves their problem and most people if they build a website somewhere or they’ve used a certain tool they will stay signed up to it now there’s lots of ways of finding these products that you can promote so a good website is called catera it’s basically a database with lots of softwares on there you can look at the different products and browse all categories and then you can basically find one of them and then you just need to search the name of the product followed by affiliate program and you should be able to sign up to affiliate program for most of these products that’s one way another way is literally just going over to google and and searching for like recurring commission affiliate products 2022 and you’ll get lists and lists of them that you can sign up but a really good way to start off with is look what’s being advertised to you now this is how i find a lot of my products that other people don’t already know about so i have a look what’s being advertised to me on a daily basis i love clicking on adverts and seeing what’s at the end of the full and what they’re trying to sell so go over to youtube type in copywriting tips which might be something that i’m already searching for anyway click on one of these videos and see what’s going to be advertised and they’re selling random products and then you just kind of have a look what’s being sold to you and then try to potentially be an affiliate for that product a good product which has actually been advertised to me quite a lot which is i’m actually going to show you in today’s video i’m actually going to show you how we can actually promote this product as well is this one here called jasper.ai and basically what it is it’s a copywriting ai software for marketers and there’s a few different types of people that would use this and basically it will write blog posts for you you just input a few bits of information like the the subject and what kind of what you’re selling or what you want to talk about and it will write you a load of text whether that’s headlines titles literally everything so it’s a very good tool also i will leave my link to this product in the description because it is actually quite a good tool but i’m not promoting it to you guys i’m just i’m showing you the strategy but i’ve been advertising quite a lot and i was like well have they got an affiliate program so i headed over here and you can either search the name followed by affiliate program or most of them if you just scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see that they have an affiliate partners page where you can sign up to be an affiliate and they allow you to sign up and they actually pay you 30 recurring commission for life now if you get someone to sign up to this and they keep using it for six months or a year or five years or ten years you will still be getting commissions from those people and that’s very very important at the start for this cash flow generated business that we want and let’s just see how much they actually charge for this product i’ve already checked this out earlier but i’ve forgotten what they said so obviously starter starts at 49 per month so you’d be getting 30 of that but a lot of people the way it works the more you use it the more words you need so if you’re doing long blog posts or you’re doing like long youtube descriptions and stuff like that you might need to start upgrading to the other ones so like people could be paying up to 300 per month even more than that so you could get someone paying let’s say 300 per month you’re getting 30 of that which is 100 per month just off one person so the earning potential from these recurring based products is amazing this has a free trial as well so like i said before you’re just going to get someone to sign up for a free trial so once you’ve found your affiliate product you’ve signed up to the affiliate program you’ve got access to the affiliate dashboard and you can now grab your affiliate link here so you can share that and start earning commissions now what most people will do is they’ll just get that link and they’ll begin spamming it all over the internet they’ll post under youtube videos they’ll post it on the blog post they’ll post it all over in facebook groups hoping that someone’s going to click on it and sign up and if you do that strategy you won’t make any sales i mean you might make one sale if you’re really really lucky but it’s not going to work there’s no point doing it so what we need to we need to do a few things that’s going to help increase conversions so first of all what you need to do is actually go and sign up to the platform that you want to be an affiliate to so that’s why it’s always good to find a product with a free trial like this one’s going to give us a free trial you can sign up to it have a look inside the software or the product and see kind of what it is how it works and who the target audience might be so for example if we go over to jaspot you can see here it’s basically a copywriting tool which is mainly aimed at marketers it will write like um product descriptions store creative stories it does blog posts and all these kind of things so you think most people would probably try and target this towards marketers but if you actually delve a little bit deeper you can see that there’s some different things that you could maybe target towards people selling on amazon because it helps you write amazon descriptions and if you scroll down there’s lots of different things you kind of want to think of an angle that other people might not already be using so in this example um i see that they’ve actually got a lot of tools targeted towards youtubers like they’ll help you come up with video topic ideas and it’s quite an interesting piece of software you kind of just click on it and then you type in um like one idea and then it will start to spit out lots of different video ideas based on what you’re inputting into it so that’s kind of how the tool works or it can write you full scripts and stuff like that if you just import a few things but it’s very useful for people that are maybe getting into youtube and they can’t think of youtube video title ideas or they want to get really high click-through rate video title ideas or they want to come up with a good video script so that could be a really good angle that you could use to promote this product to people that want to get into youtube so once you’ve kind of found a target audience and an angle that you want to use we now need to kind of plug all this into a very simple sales funnel which is going to start earning us commissions on autopilot now i’m going to show you an example of one that i’ve created for this product in just a second i just want to show you this quick overview just to show you how it all works and kind of what what i’m talking about so if you don’t know a sales funnel is basically just a website it’s like a a very simplified website it’s going to take the customer through a few different steps so as you can see here we’re going to have free traffic coming to this website i’m going to show you all about the free traffic strategies and also paid traffic strategies a little bit later on but the free traffic comes to a very simple opt-in page and on that opt-in page we’re going to ask them to enter an email in order to watch a very simple video which is going to help them out they’re going to enter their email and they’re going to be redirected to a second page which i’m going to show you in a second the proper proper version of this and on that page it’s going to have a little video offering some value but it’s going to have a little affiliate link a little button underneath which leads through to this affiliate product and that’s when we’re going to start to earn these monthly commissions when they sign up with that link now something really important on this opt-in page we’re asking for an email address because a lot of people will not sign up to that product straight away they might click on it but they might not sign up straight away so by collecting their emails we can continue to email them on a daily basis sending them back to that affiliate link and that will definitely increase your conversions and when it’s really simple to set up i’m going to show you how you can actually set this up with a click of a button in just a second but another really important thing about this sales funnel is we don’t just have to focus on this one product because we’ve collected their email address here we can continue to promote down here later down the line other affiliate products that might help them with their youtube channel say for instance and that’s kind of an overview of how it works now if that doesn’t make sense i’m actually going to show you this working now in real life so this is the really simple sales funnel that i’ve created to promote this jasper ai tool and it’s targeted towards youtubers so as you can see it’s a very simple page literally nothing only apart from a headline an image and a button and the headline just says this secret free method will help skyrocket your youtube views must see so let’s target towards people that want to get more views on youtube we’re tapping into that target audience there’s an image which is going to grab attention with a high click-through rate and then there’s a button where they can click so we’re not selling anything we’re not telling them about any tools we’ll just ask telling them we’re going to give them a free way of increasing their youtube views so then they click on this button here because they want to watch the free video and it automatically shows them this box here which is saying if you want to watch the free video enter your email just like i showed you in that um the overview they they go well it’s a free video i’ll enter my email they click watch video now we’ve now got their email on file and we can continue to market to them then it’s going to redirect through to this page here that says watch this free video below with a video here and then a button down here now this video is something that you’re going to create it’s going to be a very simple video and you can just do this with screen record which most computers and laptops have now and you can just screen record this if you don’t want to get in front of the camera but a screen record will work better anyway and you just need to go and screen record and say hey if you’re struggling to um come up with ideas for youtube videos or you’re struggling to come up with really catchy high click-through rate titles this is something i’ve discovered that’s going to help explode your click-through rate and your views on youtube then all you do is you show them this tool and you walk them through how they actually do it and how they can do this in seconds then you say if you want to do this yourself for free you can access this tool totally for free just click the button below and they’re going to click the button below this video which is your affiliate link which leads through which is now my affiliate link which leads through to the tool and then they sign up for the free trial now all you’re doing is giving away some free value for free a free tool which is actually going to allow them rights just all right so high click through rate youtube titles for free we’re helping them out and if they do like this and they keep uploading to youtube and they need to use more and this more and more then they’re going to start paying for it and upgrading that’s how we make our commissions now i’ve got a lot more tips to share it’s not just about the sales funnel i’m going to show you loads of other strategies on how to actually upscale and make a lot of money from affiliate marketing but just by implementing this very simple two-step sales funnel into your affiliate marketing business you’re gonna explode your conversions because you’re increasing trust you’re building trust with the audience because it’s not just a random link that you’re sending out you’re actually saying here’s a little video on how to use this tool it’s totally free but also you’re collecting emails so you can continue to email them and build trust even more on a daily basis so they keep seeing your name pop up and they keep having little tips sent over to them so if you want to build one of these sales funnels yourself it’s actually very very simple today i’m going to show you how to do it just now there’s a lot of tools out there that offer this the one that i use is called kartra which is basically got the website builder in there but it’s also got the the email marketing software as well so you can send those automated emails and there’s a very quick way of setting this up with karcher because they have done for you campaigns so if you just come over to cartridge i’ll leave my affiliate link in the description for anyone that wants to sign up to cartridge so you come over to my campaigns inside of cartridge go to available campaigns and they have lots of done for you sales funnels in here which you can just go in and edit the text and it’s already all connected but if we scroll right down to this simple list builder and we click deploy and click import what that’s going to do it’s going to import the the opt-in page going to import the thank you page it’s going to import the email sequence already all connected so we can just go in and quickly edit it um but just to show you how this works really quickly we go over to pages and it will import the pages into pages and you can just go in and edit click on edit and then it’ll open up this this basic drag and drop editor so you can kind of edit the headlines and add the email opt-in box here and obviously i changed this so you would come here and just get rid of say that to make it so it’s a bit more of a middle of the page and it actually tells you how to like write the headlines and then we can just add this here i changed this to a button so they actually click the button to watch the video and then it pops up and you can play around with kind of the design for that they can go back to the other page and do the thank you page and edit that and you go to the communications tab and you’ll see your email sequence has been added here and we can just go in and edit that email sequence and it will load this email sequence um editor so every time someone enters that form on that page it’s already set up it will send you an email and then you can go in and edit this email and change it it’s already got the template in there like as promised here is the link to and then you link them back to your your jarvis affiliate link and give them some benefits and it kind of tells you how to write those emails a good little thing as well about this jasper tool is that they have a lot of down here in their affiliate dashboard a lot of different links so they have like recorded demos so you can set use these different links to send different content to your email list so say oh you’re still unsure about jarvis why don’t you check out this recorded demo and then you send them a demo and you can say um why don’t you join this this facebook group and send them a link to the facebook group and that’s actually an affiliate link so even if they click to join the facebook group and then decide to buy jarvis later down the line you’re still going to earn an affiliate commission from that so you just build out your email list and then maybe after maybe a week of sending emails about jarvis you can then look for other affiliate products that they might be interested in so for example there’s a youtube tool called tubebuddy which has got an affiliate program which pays around about 30 it says 50 there but it’s actually 30 they pay up to 30 recurring commissions it’s a tool which helps people with youtube so you built an email list of people that want to get more views on their youtube channel which is why they’ve actually signed up in the first place now you can start to email them about other tools and get commissions from that so don’t underestimate the power of having an email list it’s a very important asset for your affiliate marketing business i’ve been building an email list with very simple opt-in pages to this over the last five years and my email list is super valuable i actually did a video not long ago where just by sending out emails over a three day period i managed to make over forty thousand dollars from my email list so do not sleep on building an email list even in this 2022 day and age email is still a very good thing to be using to sell affiliate products now also if you can’t be bothered going into kartra and editing the templates to kind of make them look this way and stuff like that i do give away all of my sales funnel templates to anyone that signs up to catch you with my link so you can just import this done for you funnel into your cartridge account just to the same way with the other template but it will already be already done for you like this format so you can just change it up if you want to change it up depending on the product or angle that you’re going to go for so now you’ve got your product and you’ve found that angle for it and you’ve created a very simple sales funnel which is going to help increase your conversions and start earning your commission on autopilot but now we need to get people coming into that sales funnel so we can start earning some commissions which brings me to step three which is all about free traffic now the funny thing is when you talk about free traffic people hope that you’re gonna tell them about an ad network which you don’t need to enter credit card details for which isn’t the case but there is an unlimited amount of free traffic available if you just know how to use it and what to do to make this successful now there’s a few different ways of doing it i’m going to show you a way that you can do free traffic and get conversions without ever showing your face or without building any kind of personal brand but one of the main best free traffic strategies out there to promote products as an affiliate is social media so obviously we’re living in a day and age where tick tok is exploding where instagram reels is great and we’ve also got youtube shorts they’re all very good ways of getting crazy amounts of traffic 100 for free so you could be creating lots of short form content jumping on this trend of these short form content videos going viral and sending those people back to this little sales funnel that you’ve built where again you’re not selling anything you’re providing them free value that’s a very good way of doing it also another really good free traffic strategy is just standard youtube is a really good one people will be searching how to never run out of youtube video ideas on youtube and you could have a video that pops up giving away some tips and then linking them through to your little sales funnel that you created now obviously our angle is targeted towards youtubers but you could if you picked a different angle which could you could create a youtube video which is like how to write a blog post in five minutes and then you could say look at this really cool tool i’ve just discovered jasper.ai click this button and you’ve written a blog post all about the stuff that you need to write about so there’s definitely a lot of free traffic out there that you can tap into by jumping on social media and you don’t always need to have a personal brand or a following at the start because things are going viral now but i understand not a lot of people want to get in front of the camera or build a personal brand which is absolutely fine there is other ways of doing it so i just want to show you this other way of of getting a lot of traffic to your your sales funnel that you’ve just created and your affiliate links then i’m going to show you about paid traffic and how we can actually start to upscale this but a really good free traffic strategy i’ll just show you this if we go over here now to facebook just search the phrase small youtubers just to show you this as an example and then we go on to um groups down here and you’ll see there’s a lot of facebook groups targeted towards new youtubers not not small in size youtubers youtubers that are fresh and they’re new and they’re starting to get used to youtube there’s a lot of communities available out here and if you created an angle targeting small youtubers this is where you can target to them so the first strategy there’s two strategies to this the first strategy is literally going into these these facebook groups like this one here small youtuber boost and then you want to write something along the lines of this which just says hey everyone i’ve discovered an epic way of increasing your youtube video click through rate happy to share it if anyone’s interested now we’re not posting any links that’s really important because you’ll get banned from the group you’ll look like a spammer we’re not actually selling anything we’re not saying you want to sign up to my link you’re not saying inbox me for any more information you’re just doing a very casual post which doesn’t look spammy and you’re saying i’ve discovered something which is what most of these people want a high click-through rate on youtube happy to share if anyone’s interested and what people will do is they’ll comment comment under that post saying yes i’m interested let me know what’s this info info info first of all that’s going to help boost in the in the facebook algorithm because the more people engaging with the post the more people it’s going to show it to so it’s going to have a much bigger reach it’s going to be at the top of that facebook group it’s going to be showing on people’s timelines so more people are going to come along to it and then all you need to do is inbox these people privately and say hey if you want to know how to do that here’s the link to this then you send them the link to this sales funnel that you created again we’re not selling anything we’re just giving them a free video in exchange for their email and boom the rest is history and you can continue doing that and you’ll get a lot of leads i used to do this back in the day for builder all all the time some people might remember this was my number one strategy when i first started it still works to this day you just need to be a bit more clever and not look like you’re spamming and you can get leads from that and you’ll start to get some conversions coming in from this strategy now obviously that does have a limit because you can’t keep posting the same groups and there’s only a certain amount of facebook groups for small youtubers so the other strategy is actually create your own facebook group in that similar niche so for this example we’re targeting small youtubers you can create your own small youtuber facebook group and you might think well is anyone really going to join it well you can jump in these facebook groups add a few people as friends and then invite them to your facebook group to get their numbers coming in at the start but actually you find when people join groups they will click join group on all of these because that’s what i do when i join a group bam bam join all 10 groups that i can see down here and some of these groups are actually very very small like this one’s only got 234 members it’s brand new this one down here has only got 762 members there are potential people that might be interested in this product and then all you do inside that facebook group inside your very own facebook group you’ve got a bit more control you can pin your post you can write a post up here similar as anyone want to know how to increase their click-through rate pin it to the top and every time someone joins the facebook group they’re gonna see that pin post and that is another way of getting free traffic into that sales funnel at the start so you really can get leads coming in and conversions at the start 100 for free by utilizing these free social media platforms by doing short film content and youtube videos but also by jumping on facebook groups and using these two strategies now i’m gonna be honest these strategies are not gonna make you super super rich they’re gonna get you some conversions coming in they might help you get up to around about a thousand dollars per month coming in from promoting this product maybe even two thousand dollars per month but now we really need to use some of that profit and upscale by using page traffic which is gonna help us get to that ten thousand dollars twelve thousand dollars and beyond target that brings me to step four which is all about the paid traffic strategy i’m going to show you a page traffic strategy which is going to allow you to get high conversions with very low competition and you can get low price clicks with this strategy the strategy that i’m going to show you is based around google ads but it’s kind of different to what i’ve taught in the past so let’s just go over here to google to show you kind of how this works and what we’re going to be doing to promote our affiliate products so if we come over to google and type in youtube video ideas and search you will see that no one is running any adverts to youtube video ideas and then if we just go and quickly look at google keyword planner you can see that the keyword youtube video ideas is actually getting on average ten thousand to a hundred thousand searches every single month so there’s a lot of traffic but really interestingly the competition is low the reason why the competition is low is because people can’t really monetize that word the reason why there’s no adverts to that is because well how can anyone make money by telling someone some youtube video ideas it’s not really a converting keyword or a word with like high buyers intent but we can utilize this and leverage this to make sales for our product using a certain type of landing page so i’m just going to go over and show you the type of landing page that we’re going to be using to promote this product and this is it it’s a blog style page which i actually created by using one of the templates on kartra a drag and drop template it’s just a single page blog and then if you look at it it just says simple trick to never run out of youtube video ideas so if someone’s searching for youtube video ideas and we can run an advert towards this i’ll show you how to do that in a minute this is gonna pop up and it’s gonna say if you’re struggling to come up with youtube video ideas i feel your pain generating consistent content invaluable la la la la justbird.ai is an artificially intelligent app that’s gonna take your youtube channel to the next level blah blah blah bam sign up for a free trial to just spot and then we’ve got some more like um features and stuff like that and then another link for them to sign up behind that link is my affiliate link which leads through to the sales page of jasper so we can start to get commissions from that and this is a very good google ads strategy that really does work i’m going to show you how to set up this now very very easily and how we target certain keywords but i’ve actually talked about google ads quite a lot in the past i actually have a course all about google ads and i used to do a different strategy where i’d actually do direct linking with affiliate products where you direct link so if someone’s searching for jasper.ai i would have my affiliate link here and i will get them to sign directly up to that product now that doesn’t work so well now anymore because mainly because a lot of these products have cottoned onto it and they don’t allow you to use their keyword in google ads because you’re basically stealing um sales that they could be getting themselves but also you get a lot of competition if there is a product that does allow it loads of people are bidding for the same keywords and it becomes very very expensive but with this strategy we can still find a lot of people that would use this tool and we can still advertise it on google because we’re going after keywords that a lot of people probably wouldn’t think they could actually monetize with this certain type of blog post so all we need to do is create a simple blog post just like this with the angle um using karcher and then you need to go to google ads to create a campaign which i’m going to walk you through now we just come to ads.google.com and then click on new campaign there’s lots of options up here but we really just want clicks because we’re not going to be tracking conversions or anything like that in this campaign so you just click on website traffic click on continue it’s very simple to do click on search because we just want people that are searching for their problem to be solved and we’re going to solve that problem with that blog post and our affiliate link and then we just click continue here and then we’ll change this to clicks and we’re not going to be on the display network just the search network all countries is fine it’s all very very self-explanatory we go right through and this is the most important thing this is where you’re actually going to target the keywords that someone’s searching for so a lot of people use google ads and they just type in random words so they’ll probably something to do with youtube so they’ll just put in youtube they’ll probably just put in like youtube video views and they’ll just randomly put random keywords and what google will do is they’ll just go well anything associated to youtube or videos or views that someone’s searching for they’ll show your ad to them and you’ll end up with people clicking on them that will never even interested in the blog post or the product at all so what you want to do is you only want to search for the keyword that you’re focusing on so you uh to do that all we need to do is type in the keyword then we just need to put it inside of square brackets and then we will only ever show up our advert when someone is searching for youtube video ideas that is it that is how you save money you do not waste money um on loads of wasted keywords and stuff like that that you don’t want to target and then here is where you actually create the advert so you would add in your final url to your blog post that you created and then you’re just going to add in some headlines here just random headlines like that like and the headlines really need to have the keyword that you’re searching for so make sure you have like youtube video ideas or whatever angle you’re going for to promote your affiliate products you have that in the headline that’s really important for increasing click-through rate and that is it and someone will search for youtube video ideas your ads going to come up it’s going to be cheap because a lot of people are not advertising for this keyword and then they’ll click on your blog post and start to sign up to the affiliate program and then we just click next and that advert will go live now i actually have a google ads trading course which i actually i’m giving away for free to anyone that signs up to cartridge in the description box below if anyone wants to dive a bit deeper with this and know the strategies you’re bidding and things like that but yeah that is the page traffic strategy for this which is actually going to help you go from this trickle of like five leads every now and again from the facebook groups and the free traffic strategies to actually managing to get like 10 leads a day 10 sales a day maybe even more beyond that you can actually upscale a lot of a lot of sales by tapping into paid traffic like this and one really important thing to note is that paid traffic is not super easy it will require trial and error you might need to test new headlines or different keywords and especially because you’re promoting a free product a free trial it might take a little while for you to actually start to see some revenue coming in from the the promotions that you’re running which is why it’s super super important to actually be using free traffic as well at the start and not just dive straight into this paid traffic strategies but why it’s also really important to be promoting these membership-based products because that cash flow coming in is going to allow you to try google ads and try these paid traffic strategies and even if they don’t work in month one you’ve still got more money coming in in month two so you can test it out again start getting better at it and then you can start to up scaling up the scale to this ten thousand twelve thousand fifteen thousand dollars per month by doing all of these strategies together so that is the strategy i hope you liked it if you did please smash the like button now i’m gonna give away free copies of my native ads training program which actually cost five thousand dollars super valuable native ads trading program and also you get included with that a copy of my generic affiliate marketing program as well which teaches you all about affiliate marketing from start to finish super super valuable price if you want to win that all you need to do is somewhere in this video i’m going to hide the ghost emoji you need to go back through the video with a fine tooth comb try and find where that is once you find it you need to make sure you smash the like button you need to make sure you’ve commented something below the video then you just need to go to the description box under the video and place your entry there and tell me the time code in the video where you saw the ghost emoji and then i’ll pick the winners on my story very very soon live so you can see who’s won those copies that’s it thank you for watching i really appreciate it if you stayed here till the end until next time cheers guys you

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