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7 Ways To Make $10,000/Month In 2023


so listen it is 2023 and it is time to stop messing around and get your life together and that’s why in this video I’m gonna run through the seven best ways to make ten thousand dollars a month in 2023 now you need to understand that picking the wrong model will absolutely obliterate your chances of any success and not only choosing the wrong model but choosing the wrong strategy that surrounds that model and this holds very very true with the first way that I’m going to suggest which is Drop Shipping now historically I have never been a fan of Drop Shipping over the years I for the most part I think it’s a dying model and I think 90 of the drop shippers are just gonna die this is just me this is my opinion you know I could be completely wrong and that is because when you were first starting out in business it is all about offense and defense it’s about choosing business models where the risk to reward ratio is in your favor and I’ve seen it time and time and time again over the past few years where people will spend two thousand dollars three thousand dollars five thousand dollars hell even ten thousand dollars on ads just putting more money into ads more money into ads trying to find a winning product and it just doesn’t work now the beauty is in 2023 you can use free traffic sources like Tick Tock reels even YouTube shorts and you can use these in order to validate your product when it comes to drop shipping the most important thing you know everyone thinks the most important thing is having a fancy headline or fancy creative or all of this one no the most important thing is product selection finding the right product and not only finding the right product but in the right timing because listen in the same way I think it was 2014 or 2015 fidget Spinners were the craze I remember all of my friends they all rocked up to school they all had fidget Spinners they all ended up getting confiscated because they would just play around with it in class and stuff like that so if you found that product back then well then you’ll be doing pretty well whereas these days that’s just no longer a winning product so it is totally okay to constantly shopping changing finding new winning products just as long as you are not pouring money down the drain with ads which is why in 2023 I would recommend it as a viable business model now before we get into the next method just a heads up I can’t really go that much into detail here I’m trying to keep this video short concise and compact but I actually released a video where I went through the seven to eight most popular business models and I basically locked myself in a room and compared the pros and cons and I used a formula and an equation to basically rank which one was the best so I’ll leave that as the first link in the description I strongly recommend you check out that video once you’re done with this one the next way to make ten thousand dollars a month in 2023 is not for everyone not everyone is born a natural salesperson so making it your full-time career and basically where you base your income off of isn’t the wisest move but if it doesn’t scare you or you have a natural propensity to it whether becoming a high ticket closer is a very very lucrative way to make money ladies and gentlemen there are solar companies out there that salespeople there are agencies out there that need sales people oh there’s even software companies out there that need sales people and my company agency flow we have sales reps making ten thousand dollars a month because they basically speak and sell to some of our Enterprise clients some of the clients that have the more expensive plans and in turn for representing our company and educating prospects on our solution and our offer to get paid a commission and the beauty of this is you can pretty much work from anywhere now I will say there are certain countries where you may be at a disadvantage for some companies for example I’ll be honest we don’t really like to look for remote sales people in Australia just because it’s a bit of a tough time zone but then again there’s plenty of sales roles within Australia New Zealand that sort of time zone that are specifically looking for people there so you can work from anywhere in the world and the beauty of it is the majority of the world’s billionaires actually started off in some form of sales and that makes sense and I truly believe sales is something that everyone should learn to some extent you don’t need to make a career out of it like I’m suggesting here becoming a closer but even if you get a rudimentary understanding of sales it is something that will feed you for the rest of your life the next way to make ten thousand dollars a month is by creating a YouTube channel now YouTube is not for everyone but if you do it right you can make a good living from AdSense but the main thing here is strategy just understand that these days Vlog channels don’t really work and you need to understand the CPM which is basically how much you’re getting paid for a thousand views is very very low in some Industries and a lot higher in other Industries so if you understand that if you set your strategy correctly if you understand how to make interesting engaging content have good titles good thumbnails keep the audience hooked keep them interested well then you can definitely make two thousand five thousand ten thousand I mean obviously there’s some people making even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on YouTube and even just a 5 to 10K a month income from YouTube is incredible and I can speak from experience it is more than possible now moving on we all have our unique skill sets we all have those things that we’ve just been we’ve been enamored we’ve been obsessed we’ve been reading and studying about for as long as we can remember and this is where online coaching becomes a very clear Avenue to make ten thousand dollars a month online you know there’s some of you that have had horrible crippling health issues and because of that you’ve had to learn about gut health and you’ve spent years studying everything you can about gut microbiome and understanding autoimmune conditions and stuff like that and if you’ve experienced that and you’ve helped yourself well then you can help other people too some of you guys are banging at Google Sheets and trust me when I tell you there are a lot of individuals and a lot of companies who are paying top dollar to get organizational help now maybe you geek out and you’re just really good at setting up home offices setting up lighting setting up you know Smart Systems in the house you know that’s something I recently had to deal with when I moved into a new Villa in Dubai I cleared out one room as an office I have to set up all the Hue Lights the Smart Systems the this that all of it and if I had someone who I could literally just pay send a photo of my room and they could say Hey you know to make the background look nice while you’re filming do this and that and that of course I’d pay for it if I could have someone who would consult me on hey use this smart system and attach it to this and this and that well then they would get paid very handsomely because it helps me reclaim a lot of my time so whatever it is that you have a keen interest in the thing that you’ve been studying and learning about just even in your free time never even expecting to make any money well then you can make a very good income from that by helping coach other people online in 2023.

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Now the next method I want to talk about is affiliate marketing some of you guys do not want to spend years and years and years developing a product building a company behind it you know risking your own money everything that comes with being sort of a traditional entrepreneur I’m not talking about you know sort of what I’m saying here an online business owner and stuff like that because that’s kind of the easy world and by the way I’m speaking from experience I started my first online business when I was 16. and I can tell you starting an online cash flow business is by far the best thing it’s the best quality of life it’s what I would recommend to absolutely everyone and for example it’s so much better than what I had to do later on in my journey when I was starting more sort of serious businesses spending hundreds of thousands sometimes even a million team plus to just get the business off the ground in investment having employees complicated corporate structures all of this stuff so point is if you want to avoid all that and instead you just want to focus on helping sell a product or service or whatever it may be with an affiliate marketing is for you pretty much every company out there has an affiliate marketing program even Amazon so as long as you can get traffic from blogs videos maybe you even have a free Facebook group or a free Discord group where you help people and then on the back end you recommend certain softwares well if that is the case well then you can make a very good income from affiliate marketing now I would definitely say out of all the affiliate offers out there the best ones are softwares you know there’s actually a software out there where I make twenty thousand dollars a week because I mentioned it in one YouTube video like two years ago I made a YouTube video reviewing the software platform so I used video as my medium to deliver that but let’s say I had a blog post reviewing it and every single year I made an updated review of that software well then once again the real beauty of becoming an affiliate for our software is that is monthly recurring income right the software company if they’re good and they have a good affiliate program should pay you month in and month out now moving on for some people they like to be alone they like to write they like to be in solace in peace in silence you know and they don’t want to be in front of a camera they don’t want to be in front of the public eye they just want to write and write and write and this is really where you can start to get paid handsomely so next thing I’m going to suggest to you is copywriting and copywriting is the ability to sell to many people through written word so rather than selling to just one person for example like being a high ticket sales closer instead you can sell to many many people through written word you’ve got e-commerce companies software companies education companies the list goes on and on all of these companies have a current existing customers or potential leads and they’ve spent money to acquire these and a lot of times they’re just sitting there doing nothing and if you can start doing email marketing for them or even for example some copywriting for their Twitter page or whatever it may be you can very easily if they already have all of these leads and these customers just sitting there waiting you can very easily bring them in an extra 20K in revenue from people who already know like and trust them and then you can structure a deal where you take 10 of that you know if you brought me a million dollars I would be very happy to give you a hundred thousand of that and that’s the exact same philosophy that these companies have now let’s say you brought in that company 20K and you took 10 you have 2K for yourself you know that’s cool that’s 2K still very very good side money but let’s say you get three or four of these clients now you’re making a very good sizable income in 2023 and the best part is you never need to make your face public in the same way you would need to with coaching or YouTube or you know being a high ticket sales closer now the last Model I’m going to suggest is my absolute favorite and it’s the business I ran for six years it was the first business to make me a millionaire and that allowed me the cash to eventually then go ahead and start my software company and that is starting an online boutique marketing agency in the first couple years when I started my agency I was basically a glorified contractor I was an agency owner but I was basically doing everything myself until one day I started to realize the biggest companies on Earth you know Uber Airbnb Expedia they focus on the experience and they have someone else deliver the actual thing for them and I looked at and that’s when I started to realize you need to apply the Expedia business model to an agency so basically what you do is you use contractor Arbitrage in a lot of countries making 300 500 you know eight hundred dollars per month per client is a lot of money and the beautiful thing is you can sell to clients in France England us and selling an actual business I’m not talking about a personal trainer or a violin coach I’m talking about like real actual businesses that have tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in expenses and are always looking for new ways to get customers whether that be through short form content email Marketing sales whatever it is you can very easily sell to proper businesses for fifteen hundred dollars a month two thousand dollars a month 2500 3K you know upwards and onwards depending on the size of the company and how you structure the deal but the point is there is an Arbitrage there because you a very skilled hungry dedicated talent for example in Brazil that will service that client for 600 and that Clan will very happily pay two thousand dollars and your main thing you need to do is just focus on getting clients and make sure that you’re giving them the best agency experience possible and if this sounds crazy to you you know those massive agencies that make 100 million dollars and have those Swanky offices do you know what they do they get cheap interns they get cheap people out of college they work for them and then they charge 10x to markup to their clients so you’re basically doing the same thing the big agencies do except you’re doing it lean you’re doing a remote and you’re using the entire Global landscape to find the best talent to service your clients and this is really the model where sky is the limit yes of course you should aim for 10K a month but you can hit the 20 30 50 you know really just however far you want to take that particular model and my only recommendation to you is don’t think the traditional just hey Facebook ads agency you know think about potentially your short form content agency and the reason I say that is because a couple months ago I was literally going to pay an agency twenty thousand dollars a month to do my short form content for me you’ve got Discord moderation agency a customer support agency whatever service you feel as though the market or your specific industry that you want to get into needs feel free to offer that you know don’t become fined from just a Google ads or Facebook ads agency you know you can really get very creative with it here so ladies and gentlemen those are seven ideas now once again I strongly recommend you watch the video down below because it’s basically going to zoom out and give you a much better picture of the current landscape but I’m gonna be honest with you I have given you many options here and you can basically choose any of them the most important thing is just pick one and do it no more procrastination and just understand that imperfect action is better than inaction and on that note I’m rooting for you and I’ll see in the next video

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