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7 Best Affiliate Networks You NEED To Join in 2023 (To Make Money)


I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for the last three and a half years so I know the dozens of affiliate networks that bring that sweet stinky chatter so in this video I’m covering my seven favorite affiliate networks to help you grow your affiliate marketing business and make a lot of passive income starting at number seven we have share a sale so this affiliate network is popular because it’s the best all-around affiliate Network for beginners so while they do have some digital Partnerships a good amount of this is physical products so you could build out a fairly large online store with real tangible products in just about any Niche and what I like about them is you have access to over 4 500 different Merchants to choose from meaning it’s virtually impossible to not find something in your category that you can sell from your website and some of the biggest brands on here are things like Zen business Reebok minted bodybuilding.com and she in now finding products to promote is fairly easy all you do is search and you’ll likely find something in your Niche so for example I could search for something like camping and Hiking I get around 2 400 products in this category generally the commission rates are going to vary depending on the merchants but you’ll find anywhere from one to twenty percent commission per sale or higher next up at number six is Amazon Associates which is great because it’s accessible to nearly everyone so Amazon’s one of the most popular affiliate networks because you can find almost anything you want on their site technically it’s its own affiliate program it’s not a network but whatever it’s also one of the most popular apps people use to shop daily with over 98 million users every month and 150 million Prime subscribers now when you join Amazon’s affiliate program you earn a commission on just about anything that’s sold on Amazon try it yourself what’s even better is you can earn a commission on every new product that you refer a customer to within a 24-hour duration period also known as a cookie so a cookie is a piece of tracking data on a website used to monitor this user behavior and a cookie is associated with an IP address that helps you track the activity of somebody online for example if you link to something super cool like Spider-Man bed sheets and your link for the Spidey gear they click that but they end up purchasing a two thousand dollar TV instead you can get commissions on that too but the downfall of Amazon is that you get this cookie it only lasts sometimes on their browser over 24 hours so if they don’t purchase within that time frame then you don’t get credit for the sale this is a very short cookie duration compared to most affiliate programs The Only Exception is if they add that product to their cart within the 24 hour window it extends the cookie so for big purchases like that 2000 TV they might need to mold it over for a few days make sure it’s okay with the wife first check in make sure you can buy this stuff you what you check the Amazon bill but you can get a fat commission check from this there are some downsides to Amazon though so they’ve known to slash their commission rates to very little almost nothing virtually destroying people’s businesses overnight so for example in April 2020 Amazon decided to drop commission rates from like eight percent down to three percent in the furniture and Home Improvement categories so I wouldn’t recommend you know making Amazon your only option for an affiliate Network you start with it if you have a ton of physical products you join it but then you pivot to the individual brand affiliate programs outside of Amazon which is why it’s number six on our list now number five is flex offers I like this one because they assign every publisher a dedicated account manager which is pretty cool because it can help you you know make recommendations and tell you which affiliate programs to join based on your Niche they’ve also been around for 15 years so you don’t need to worry about them going out of business anytime soon they’ve got over 12 000 Merchants with both digital and physical products across a bunch of different niches and the minimum payout is 50 bucks which is nice because you don’t have to wait too long to get your first check so some of the top brands on here are Netflix super dry Marshalls Ulta the body shop and Sierra the cookie duration and commissions will vary depending on the particular Merchant you sign up with so next on the list is CJ or Commission Junction it’s one of the oldest networks one of the most popular so they’re similar to share of sale in that they have thousands of different Merchants to choose from so to get started you just sign up for a publisher account then go through your dashboard and you can apply to individual affiliate programs inside of there so while their user interface is definitely outdated and old somewhat difficult to use they do have Partnerships with some large Brands I think like Zappos Wayfair Walgreens VRBO Overstock Office Depot Nike lots of different things and by the way I teach you how to build an unkillable affiliate business in my free 60-minute Master Class click the link in the description below and sign up for that now if you’ve ever been interested in affiliate marketing you most likely also heard of ClickBank a bunch of people just all these little YouTubers talk about it that make no money but they say go on ClickBank it’s the easiest thing to make money overnight so it’s one of the oldest affiliate networks it started in 1998 and they offer mostly digital products like eBooks online courses and membership sites so the company Rose to popularity in the early 2000s when people really got into selling info products online so any type of information that could be monetized is likely on ClickBank anything from dog training to weight loss supplements to workout programs to how to make your Johnson bigger you know a lot of that cool stuff that some of us need okay now most information marketers love ClickBank because of the high commissions on info products and the easy checkout experience now number two on the list is partner stack now I love this affiliate Network because I’ve written dozens of software reviews and this is the network that lets me monetize those review articles easily so think of the best affiliate marketing platform you could imagine purely built for software and this is it so all the software affiliate programs I promote are in there in one convenient place a lot of them are and you can find a lot of opportunities on here to earn commissions from 20 to 30 40 or even 50 monthly recurring commissions for as long as the person who purchases the software continues to use it now what I love about partner stack 2 is the affiliate dashboard because it’s super easy to use you can easily track how many sales you know I’m getting where the sales are coming from and the total commissions I make every month you click one button it withdraws the money it’s easy to use and finally without further Ado number one on the list my number one affiliate Network I recommend is impact so impact also acts as a partnership Network meaning that big Brands can join to gain access to Affiliates and Publishers so impact is unique that you can work directly with Brands to set custom contracts link tracking and custom commission structures so a lot of popular companies you’ve seen are on this network like Shopify teachable Vistaprint hellofresh and crypto.com I also like impact because it’s a nice dashboard it’s easy to understand there’s good analytics tools and it makes it easy to track your campaigns now when it comes to affiliate networks you can join as many as you want I’m in every single one in this video and you should because you want some like diversity in case a network cuts a partnership with a company or an affiliate program you’re using suddenly slashes their commission rates diversification is key now when one goes away you can always have a backup to keep your income up and not going down now a lot of people worry they won’t get accepted to affiliate networks because they don’t have any traffic when starting out the solution then is to go build actual content and get some backlinks first so once you have a little bit of traffic it’s actually easy to sign up for these programs and generate sales don’t put the cart before the horse so everything is easier with an Engaged audience so learn more sign up for my free masterclass covers exactly how to do this and click the link below

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